Season 4 Episode 7

Strange Attractors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • I just don't know

    I am torn... very torn about this one. I'm going to put it into three groups: the amazing, the okay and the crap.
    Sylar/Matt and Samuel: amazing. Okay... not as brilliant but this was definately the most interesting part of the episode. Sylar now has control of Matt's body. He's definately had the most to do this season. Nasty trick their... Matt getting s**t faced and thinking that would finally get rid of Sylar was brilliant. This part gets 10, as does Samuel. More intriguing every week and the end scene was subline. He's one powerful dude and mysterious... a perfect villian. Or is he? He acted out of revenge. Obviously a guy not to cross. I'm starting to wonder who would win in a fight... Sylar or Samuel. Surley there needs to be someone who can beat him now Peter has gone all whimpy (oh why won't he become all powerful Peter again? Damn you Arthur Petrelli!)
    Noah Tracy and the kid... okay. Not overley interesting... a desperate grasp by the writers to try and give Noah and Tracy something to do. Poor dears. Tracy especially is very expendable now... she adds nothing to the overall plot. At least their story shed some more light on Samuel... looks like his sanctuary is for protection. Claire, the roomy and the chicks...crap. Utter dross. Kidnapped and sent to such a Saw reject building I half expected Jigsaw to come on TV saying "I want to play a game." Haha... Claire in Saw would be funny... something for Saw 7 to do. Boring. Is this the best they can do? It added nothing to the plot apart from revealing the black girl as the killer (her name escapes me). As a fan I don't want to see Claire doing regular stupid college things (what the hell do Americans get up to??) but out doing something interesting! At least in the otherwise despressing volume 4 she had something to do.
    Sylar, Samuel, Peter, Hiro and Matt. They are the only ones left who are interesting now. They are enough for the time being. Let's see how they do next week. Looks like Mohinder's absence is for a reason... he's not gone for good. I have missed him.

    Haha... Tv.com really need to figure out what words are swearing and what are not.