Season 4 Episode 7

Strange Attractors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • If the three storylines didn't end well, the episode would've been kinda lame, but I feel they were worth it.

    This episode was alright. I rated it a 9 because:
    -Claire's powers get exposed to two girls
    -Gretchen's out to be killed
    -Samuel was awesome destroying a police department
    -A character actually died? In MY Heroes? That's preposterous.
    -Sylar (though it was way predictable) takes over Matt's body.

    My favorite moment was Samuel's revenge on the police. He obviously wanted the teen to join his circus, and he may not be such a bad guy after all.

    Okay here are the bad parts:
    -Claire and Gretchen got tedious
    -Tracy and Noah got tedious
    -Matt's story (although the drinking was a twist) the way it ended was predictable. I still love Heroes anyway.