Season 4 Episode 7

Strange Attractors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • Sylar continues to torment Matt. HRG and Tracy help a young boy who has suffered many hardships in his life. Claire and Gretchen have a problem with their new sorority sisters hazing them.

    Don't know what went wrong w/ my other review there so here's an easier to read version:

    I gotta say that I just don't know about these various story arcs Heroes has decided to go with...the main ones seem to be Hiro's health, Matt vs. Sylar brain war, and Claire's college adventures linked to the main story arc about the carnival. I just can't see where they will go with any of these in the end and so far none of them are capable of producing any real tension at all.

    Sylar is mixing with Matt's mind so bad that it is him mentally having sex with Matt's wife while wakes up the next morning without a clue of what happened. Matt decides to take on Sylar by drinking alcohol once he sees that the first incidental drink seemed to had affected Sylar. My fear was that this was just a ploy by Sylar and it was no surprise that it was. This is the sad thing that Heroes lack, it has no ability to hide its poker hand whatsoever. In are other micro-arc we have the "Rescue Jeremy" plan going horribly wrong. This all goes to hell quickly, once they show the crowd outside that has gathered to confront Jeremy you can tell right away from there where the plot was heading next. Of course some idiot was going to break from the crowd to confront Jeremy which would of course force his hand to kill yet again...no surprise. A little surprising but dumb was Jeremy being taken out not by some backyard mullet wearing moron but by a police officer. The last plot stirring in this episode is the mini-movie, "Claire's Strange Adventures In Collegeland" In the adventures we find Clarie and Gretchen thrown into a hazing situation. Eventually we see the Rebecca setting this up all along to kill Gretchen to follow the Carnival's plans to alienate Claire. I can't wait to see how the eyewitnesses are dealt with by the writers. All in all the college adventures are nice for the writers/producers to fill in minutes but horrible for entertainment volume. Samuel destroying the police station in the end was at least halfway decent but seemed convoluted a bit. I'm afraid it is indeed a slight glimpse into a X-Man style plot; I won't be surprise if Heroes goes that route but I hope they don't attempt a "Heroes" version of the X-Man theme.

    Heroes needs to lighten up on the obvious telegraphed plots and actions, get to the point, and build up the tension that was always present in S1.

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