Season 4 Episode 7

Strange Attractors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • Matt looks for a way to get rid of Sylar after he learns to take control of his body. Noah enlists the help of Tracy in order to help free Jeremy from the police. Claire is concerned that someone wants to eliminate Gretchen during a treasure hunt.

    The way Jeremy died was a wake-up call for the paranormals. This will probably go the way of the X-Men and Prof. X. Hated and reviled by humans. A sanctuary (isn't there already another show that does this) for the gifted and bizarre. I think the whole Star Trek III thing with Sylar's "katra" (ironic that it had to the new Spock huh?) in Parkman and his body at the fair is very interesting. Well not so much the fair thing, since Nathan is a bore.

    I do actually like this season after the Genosha series last season. Not enough hunters. Her is hoping that they lift their game next week and the weeks to come.