Season 4 Episode 6

Tabula Rasa

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on NBC
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Sylar starts to find his true identity. Peter and HRG go on a quest to find someone that can save Hiro.

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  • The show continues to impress

    Last week's episode had me wanting more... and this episode gave me more. Once again I am very impressed. I think Heroes is finally back on track and about time too. It's made me realize that despite my complaints about the show in the past I would be sad to loose it. My least favourite volume thus far was volume 4, so the fact that Heroes has stepped up its game so much to improve to near volume 1 standards is superb.

    Peter got to have a grand total of 2 powers this week... always good to see. And I loved the Noah/Peter interaction. Interesting development for Hiro as well; I really like what they are doing with his powers. So we are going to see Charlie again? The problem there is if Hiro does save her then it will create the biggest paradox ever... Sylar will never kill her so Hiro will never travel back in time 6 months, meaning he'll make it to the homecoming and so maybe prevent... Yeah confusing stuff. They do need to be very careful here. Speaking of Sylar... it seems there is only one thing that will heal him and that is Matt. Where has Matt been? I think we need to see him again! Kudos to the writers for this; they are always finding new exciting ways to take Sylar's charactor. Let's hope they don't screw it up, like they have done before...

    All in all another impressive episode. If Heroes keeps this up then their may well be a future for it yet. It seems the turnaround they have wanted to accomplish since season 3 has finally happened. Well done!moreless
  • Not an amazing episode, but some clean slates for several characters.

    Clean slates were certainly the theme this week, looking at Sylar, Noah and Emma/Hiro. Starting with the latter, Hiro helped Emma come to accept that her power can be a gift. This is ironically optomistic looking at how Hiro's own power has been and is killing him. Hiro popping in on Peter at the end of last week was a huge fart-bomb on what was a truly great episode- I wasn't looking forward to more of his lame story, but I'm happy to say that he was handled well this week. The writers managed to make the hospitalized Hiro say insightful and smart things, while also maintaining his childish charm. It makes you wonder why they haven't been doing this all along.

    Emma and Hiro shared a nice moment with the children's magic show (Emma and her power have been a great new element to the series) and I am very excited to see if he can save Charlie (currently on Glee), who I think we can all agree was an instant favorite back in S1. I'm glad Hiro disappeared before Peter could come back and quick-fix him.

    I liked that they explained how they couldn't just use Claire's blood, (but not how they ignored Claire's reaction to the girl-girl kiss) so Peter and Noah trek off to find a boy who can heal. Maybe I watch a lot of genre shows, but the "everything I touch dies" angle felt a little familiar to me. His healing became a curse, and it was up to Noah and Peter to help him gain confidence again. A teenage boy wielding a shotgun doesn't sit well with me, no matter what the reason, and despite the cool freezing effect, I thought overall this material was handled rather weakly. Peter can teleport, AND freeze time. Why would he stand in front of the barrel and NOT do anything (like point the gun up, or simply take it out of this kid's hands) but let himself get shot? Oh, because the writers needed a plot device to get the kid to heal someone again. Despite me not liking how the scene in the house played out, I'm glad Noah is starting to care about other people. Finally, we have Sylar at the circus. As promising as all this was starting out, this isn't quite playing out as I expected either. It's still interesting though. Sly's memories are returning, but they are Nathan's memories (Parkman's more powerful than I thought) and Samuel is getting impatient. He needs Sylar to be the famed killer he's heard about. Why? This seems foolish and reckless of him- we all know this will end badly for Sam and his "family". In S2, they took his powers away, in S3 they tried to make him good, now he thinks he's someone else. Heroes' constant need of 'taming' down Sylar just doesn't work for me. He needs to be a killer, or they should cut back on the character a bit.

    Darth Maul, or Edgar, is getting jealous of how close Sylar's getting to canvas girl, and I'm always a sucker for a good love triangle. I'm disappointed Winston Zedmore was killed off, but the use of the house of mirrors, both for that scene and for the Sylar murder montage was nicely done. The episode nicely moves the plots forward, but nothing to write home about this week. A few writing annoyances popped up to keep me from giving this a sold 8.moreless
  • Best episode i've seen in a long time. Real progress made by the characters in this one.

    Finally an episode with some direction and visible progress, i actually watched and enjoyed all of the episode for a change and not just certain parts. I like how they brought back some of the elements that made season one so good, like HRG and Peter tracking down a person with abilities and HRG using his experience / knowledge to everyones advantage.

    It may annoy some people but the characters/storylines told in this episode were definitely the ones to watch and in a way the focus on a few of the characters were also reminiscent of season 1.

    One of the things i go on and on about in watching heroes is why Peter didn't get his original powers back after taking the injection and will he ever? maybe we can see his original power back now hes been healed / altered (claires healing ability is different to jeremys). maybe im just looking to much into the science of the abilities and especially the nature of Sylars/arthurs/peters abilities.moreless
  • Keeps getting better and better.

    I think the most touching and moving moment in the show was when Hiro tried to help Emma understand her new ability and not to fear it but to embrace and use it for good. I really enjoyed his magic show. I feel that it was done for two reasons. One to entertain the patients, but also to show Emma how wonderful being special can be. When he teleported back three years to visit Charlie, I wonder what he forgot to do. We saw her back. I wonder if Hiro is in for a not too pleasant surprise.

    When Noah and Peter visited Jeremy Greer, due to the fact he has the ability to heal, I felt Peter allowed himself to be shot so that Jeremy would think he got his healing ability back. I forgot peter can absorb powers. Hopefully they will be able to help Hiro before it is too late.

    Robert Knepper makes the perfect villain in Heroes. He wants to help Sylar for his own evil purpose. Also, to get others to join him. For what purpose? Perhaps to take over the world. From the preview of next weeks Heroes. Sylar is still with Matt, but slowly taking him over. Sylar will never be whole until the two parts are reunited. If you cannot bring Sylar's memory back, the next best thing is to make a better Sylar. He was Baptized and now part of the Carnival. It would be interesting to see who the most powerful villain will be. Sylar vs. Samuel Sullivan. I think that would be one awesome showdown. I am very excited over the direction Heroes has taken.moreless
  • Sylar begins to learn who he truly is, although he hates it and tries to stay away from this past. Meanwhile, Peter tries to find a way to save Hiro from his sickness.moreless

    This season is getting a lot better, and even though the show is slow paced at this point, I get the feeling it's just revving up for a release.

    We clearly see Sylar becoming more lovey dovey, which is obviously attained from the Nathan in his personality. More emotion is good, it leads to more hatred which will be seen hopefully later on in the show.

    One thing that should be greatly considered is the fact that Charlie can't even be healed by Hiro. How else is he going to fix this mistake unless he takes her with him to Peter and he heals them both?

    Very predictable, but, oh well. I can't honestly predict the Sylar plotline at this point, but my hopes are high.

    This season is being quite promising and hopefully we'll see some action here soon.moreless
Mark L. Young

Mark L. Young

Jeremy Greer

Guest Star

Carlease Burke

Carlease Burke

Nurse Hammer

Guest Star

Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson

Captain Lubbock

Guest Star

Deanne Bray

Deanne Bray

Emma Coolidge

Recurring Role

Dawn Olivieri

Dawn Olivieri


Recurring Role

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Samuel Sullivan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Powers update:

      Jeremy Greer: Jeremy is a teenager who has the power to either heal and revive or wound and kill with seemingly reversible effects, depending on his emotions.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Samuel: A broken vessel. An empty shell. What is a man without a mind? Without memory? A ghost? A body in search of a soul? With no compass to guide us, how can we know if our destiny is to seek the good... or obey the demons that whisper in our ear? The blank slate hungers to be written upon. The body thrives when the heart has a mission.

    • Lydia: (watching Edgar and Sylar fight) Are you going to stop this?
      Samuel: Boys will be boys.

    • Hiro: Manifesting a power is a wondrous time. A hero never refuses a call.
      Emma: I'm deaf, I can't hear the call.

    • Noah: The Company was never what you would call a support group.
      Peter: Yeah, more about powers and less about the people.

    • Hiro: I have an ability, too. I am the master of time and space. Well, I was. Lately time and space have been the master of me.

    • Noah: Listen to me. My power is understanding people like you. That's what I do.

    • Samuel: (baptizing Sylar) Tonight we welcome a new brother into our family. He will live and work among us. And will be welcome here all the rest of our days.

    • Edgar: What use is he to us like this? What use is a lion who can't kill?
      Samuel: Maybe it's better this way. We'll just make a better Sylar. And when we do, he'll be ours forever.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: November 18, 2009 on 7TWO
      UK: February 6, 2010 on BBC2
      Latin America: February 16, 2010 on Universal Channel
      Germany: October 6, 2010 on RTL II
      Czech Republic: December 31, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Finland: February 23, 2011 on Sub