Season 4 Episode 6

Tabula Rasa

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sylar is at the carnival, studying himself in the mirror.

Nathan's office sits empty.

Peter watches over Hiro in the hospital.

Emma looks at the crack she created in her apartment wall using her newfound power.

Alone, Noah goes over his papers in his apartment.

Hiro is finally at a hospital after being brought there by Peter. Peter assures Hiro that he's going to try and help him if he can and wonders if that's why Hiro came to him. Hiro tells him that destiny has been saving him to different times and places to put things right, and suggests he's there to help Peter. Peter wonders if Hiro came there so he could be fixed. He mimics Hiro's ability but before he leaves, he sees Emma. She wonders who sent the cello to her apartment, and Peter says he didn't. He assures her that getting used to powers takes time and then introduces Hiro to Emma. When she turns away for a second, Peter telepots away.

Lydia notes to Samuel that Sylar isn't what he expected. Samuel wonders what happened to defeat Sylar so badly, and she says he has two sides at war within him. Samuel goes to Sylar and calls him by "Sylar." Sylar wonders what that name means and says the police told him that his name is Gabriel. He suggests that Sylar see if his memories return, and tells him to say the first name that comes to mind. Sylar replies Nathan. Samuel explains that Sylar has great powers and Sylar wonders what is wrong with him. The carnival owner explains that the carnival contains only evolved heroes. Samuel introduces Sylar to Lydia, and then Sylar has a flashback to when he was shaking hands with many people as if he were a politician.

Claire brings a bundle of dirty laundry home to wash, and she speaks to Noah for a little bit about his failure to find a job. Peter teleports in, accidentally arriving in the bathroom

Samuel tells Edgar to deliver carnival tickets to Captain Lubbock and his family. He explains that Sylar's memories are returning but they're the wrong ones. Edgar figures Samuel plans to jumpstart the real Sylar by exposing him to Lubbock.

Peter explains that Hiro is dying of a brain tumor and that he needs to find a healer. Claire offers to donate some of her regenerative blood but Noah stops her. The blood would just make Hiro's tumor grow even more aggressively. Noah suggests finding a boy named Jeremy Greer instead, whom he recalls having the power to heal. When the Company was hunting specials, Noah kidnapped and tested him, and then wiped his memories of the encounter. Jeremy lives in Cainan, Georgia, and Peter teleports away with Noah.

Lydia shows Sylar around the carnival and Sylar believes that he could actually stay there and work. As they work, Lydia flirts with him, angering Edgar. Edgar attacks Sylar to intimidate him, tossing a handful of knives at Sylar's shovel handle using his superspeed. Sylar sends them back telekinetically to hit a nearby post. Then he forces Edgar into a wheelbarrow of wet cement. Samuel interrupts the burgeoning fight and takes Sylar to see someone else. As they go, Sylar sees planes fly overhead and briefly morphs into Nathan, and then says he remembers piloting a jet plane in the Air Force. Samuel realizes that Sylar's memories won't return on their own and takes him to Damien, a carnival worker with the ability to unlock lost memories, and he urges Sylar to enter the House of Mirrors.

Emma goes to see Hiro and tells him that she doesn't want her powers and wants to get rid of them. So Hiro says it's a wondrous time and says that her power is who she is. She walks away when she realizes that Hiro won't help her get rid of the power.

Peter and Noah go to Jeremy's house and dead plants and animals surround the place. Noah explains that the Company studied Jeremy and then left him. They enter the house and discover two dead, decaying bodies: Jeremy's parents. Noah mentions that sometimes a healer's abilities go bad and the healer ends up taking lives instead of saving them. Jeremy, brandishing a shotgun, shoots at the two men.

Sylar enters the House of Mirrors with Damien. Damien places his hands on Sylar's head momentarily and then leaves. Sylar looks into the mirrors and recalls the incident where he killed his mother. Sylar is terrified of the memory and wants Damien to stop.

Hiro goes to find Emma and asks her about her ability. She shows him a brain scan of her own brain and explains that she sees sounds as colors. Hiro admits that a new ability can be frightening but she shouldn't turn away from it and leaves. He notices a talent show poster on Emma's desk.

Peter circles around the back while Noah puts down his gun and goes upstairs. Noah tries to talk to Jeremy, who confesses that he used to be able to cure people but now he only ends up killing them instead.

Samuel talks to Lubbock, who shows him a photo of Sylar. The carnival owner denies seeing Sylar but promises to call if he sees him.

In the house of mirrors, Sylar is confronted by every murder he's ever committed. He becomes overwhelmed and flees the mirrors, vomiting.

Jeremy explains that he killed his parents by mistake and everything else he touches will end up dead too. Noah says that he's met Jeremy before and that the boy is no killer. Peter teleports in and Jeremy, surprised, shoots him. Peter attempts to stop time before he's injured but he's not fast enough. Noah begs for Jeremy to cure Peter, but the boy hesitates. However, Jeremy and Noah are touching and Noah is still fine. Though he is still skeptical, Jeremy tries to save Peter and he succeeds.

Emma returns to her apartment and finds a poster declaring that Hiro is in the children's ward of the hospital performing "magic tricks" for the sick kids. Emma goes there and Hiro says that he's going to make Emma disappear. He holds a sheet in front of her and freezes time except for himself and Emma. She sees how beautiful the frozen colors from the children's clapping is, and Hiro continues to convince Emma that her ability is a gift. She hides behind a screen in the back Hiro starts time again, and she "magically" appears. Hiro encourages the kids to applaud Emma by signing applause instead of clapping.

Samuel goes to see Sylar, who can't believe he committed so many murders. The owner admits that he's sorry for his pain and the truth can be difficult, but tells Sylar to question what brought him there. He says that the normal people turned him into a monster, and Sylar can use his powers to protect the carnival. When Sylar wonders why they would accept him given what he's done, Samuel says that family forgives and family accepts. He then tells Sylar that Lubbock looking for Sylar is now at the House of Mirrors, and Sylar's presence puts the entire carnival in danger for harboring a fugitive. Sylar goes after him.

Nurse Hammer puts Hiro back in his bedroom and Emma points out that Hiro continually using his powers will eventually cause his death. Hiro counters that using his power is what is keeping him alive and happy, and remembers that his friend Charlie taught him about facing death with dignity. He pulls out his IV and adds Charlie to the list. However, Emma gets him to promise that he won't leave the hospital until Peter returns.

Peter mimics Jeremy's power and Noah sets him up with a quick flight back to New York City. He tells Peter that he's staying there to help Jeremy. Once Peter is gone, Noah tells Jeremy that he's made it look like his parents died in a carbon monoxide accident. When Jeremy wonders how long he's staying, Noah assures him he's going to stay until he knows the boy is all right. He admits that he lost his way and stopped watching out for people like Jeremy.

In the house of mirrors, Lubbock pulls his gun on Sylar, who tells him he needs to leave while it's still time. Lubbock dares him to resist arrest and give him an excuse to shoot. Sylar's hands spark and Lubbock fires. Sylar telekinetically stops the bullet in mid-flight. He electrifies Lubbock but hesitates before killing him. Edgar superspeeds in and kills Lubbock with his knives and tells Sylar to get a mop.

Later Emma is playing the piano and watching all the different colors the music brings to life. Hiro hears her playing and goes to watch her perform. Once she realizes Hiro and the rest of the staff are watching her, she stops and they applaud. As she goes to talk to Hiro, he disappears before she can stop him.

That night, Sylar is baptized and is welcomed as part of Samuel's family. Edgar wonders to Samuel whether there is room for a "lion that can't kill" in the carnival, but Samuel thinks that there is enough time to bring Sylar over to their way of thinking. He wonders if Sylar's growing relationship with Lydia is the key to bringing him in. Edgar watches as Lydia leads Sylar off to his trailer.

Peter goes back to the hospital, but Emma tells him that Hiro is gone. He left a note that reads: "Save Charlie."

Hiro appears at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland Texas, three years in the past, and spots Charlie through the front window of the diner.
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