Season 4 Episode 6

Tabula Rasa

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on NBC

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  • The show continues to impress

    Last week's episode had me wanting more... and this episode gave me more. Once again I am very impressed. I think Heroes is finally back on track and about time too. It's made me realize that despite my complaints about the show in the past I would be sad to loose it. My least favourite volume thus far was volume 4, so the fact that Heroes has stepped up its game so much to improve to near volume 1 standards is superb.

    Peter got to have a grand total of 2 powers this week... always good to see. And I loved the Noah/Peter interaction. Interesting development for Hiro as well; I really like what they are doing with his powers. So we are going to see Charlie again? The problem there is if Hiro does save her then it will create the biggest paradox ever... Sylar will never kill her so Hiro will never travel back in time 6 months, meaning he'll make it to the homecoming and so maybe prevent... Yeah confusing stuff. They do need to be very careful here. Speaking of Sylar... it seems there is only one thing that will heal him and that is Matt. Where has Matt been? I think we need to see him again! Kudos to the writers for this; they are always finding new exciting ways to take Sylar's charactor. Let's hope they don't screw it up, like they have done before...

    All in all another impressive episode. If Heroes keeps this up then their may well be a future for it yet. It seems the turnaround they have wanted to accomplish since season 3 has finally happened. Well done!
  • Not an amazing episode, but some clean slates for several characters.

    Clean slates were certainly the theme this week, looking at Sylar, Noah and Emma/Hiro. Starting with the latter, Hiro helped Emma come to accept that her power can be a gift. This is ironically optomistic looking at how Hiro's own power has been and is killing him. Hiro popping in on Peter at the end of last week was a huge fart-bomb on what was a truly great episode- I wasn't looking forward to more of his lame story, but I'm happy to say that he was handled well this week. The writers managed to make the hospitalized Hiro say insightful and smart things, while also maintaining his childish charm. It makes you wonder why they haven't been doing this all along.
    Emma and Hiro shared a nice moment with the children's magic show (Emma and her power have been a great new element to the series) and I am very excited to see if he can save Charlie (currently on Glee), who I think we can all agree was an instant favorite back in S1. I'm glad Hiro disappeared before Peter could come back and quick-fix him.

    I liked that they explained how they couldn't just use Claire's blood, (but not how they ignored Claire's reaction to the girl-girl kiss) so Peter and Noah trek off to find a boy who can heal. Maybe I watch a lot of genre shows, but the "everything I touch dies" angle felt a little familiar to me. His healing became a curse, and it was up to Noah and Peter to help him gain confidence again. A teenage boy wielding a shotgun doesn't sit well with me, no matter what the reason, and despite the cool freezing effect, I thought overall this material was handled rather weakly. Peter can teleport, AND freeze time. Why would he stand in front of the barrel and NOT do anything (like point the gun up, or simply take it out of this kid's hands) but let himself get shot? Oh, because the writers needed a plot device to get the kid to heal someone again. Despite me not liking how the scene in the house played out, I'm glad Noah is starting to care about other people. Finally, we have Sylar at the circus. As promising as all this was starting out, this isn't quite playing out as I expected either. It's still interesting though. Sly's memories are returning, but they are Nathan's memories (Parkman's more powerful than I thought) and Samuel is getting impatient. He needs Sylar to be the famed killer he's heard about. Why? This seems foolish and reckless of him- we all know this will end badly for Sam and his "family". In S2, they took his powers away, in S3 they tried to make him good, now he thinks he's someone else. Heroes' constant need of 'taming' down Sylar just doesn't work for me. He needs to be a killer, or they should cut back on the character a bit.
    Darth Maul, or Edgar, is getting jealous of how close Sylar's getting to canvas girl, and I'm always a sucker for a good love triangle. I'm disappointed Winston Zedmore was killed off, but the use of the house of mirrors, both for that scene and for the Sylar murder montage was nicely done. The episode nicely moves the plots forward, but nothing to write home about this week. A few writing annoyances popped up to keep me from giving this a sold 8.
  • Best episode i've seen in a long time. Real progress made by the characters in this one.

    Finally an episode with some direction and visible progress, i actually watched and enjoyed all of the episode for a change and not just certain parts. I like how they brought back some of the elements that made season one so good, like HRG and Peter tracking down a person with abilities and HRG using his experience / knowledge to everyones advantage.
    It may annoy some people but the characters/storylines told in this episode were definitely the ones to watch and in a way the focus on a few of the characters were also reminiscent of season 1.
    One of the things i go on and on about in watching heroes is why Peter didn't get his original powers back after taking the injection and will he ever? maybe we can see his original power back now hes been healed / altered (claires healing ability is different to jeremys). maybe im just looking to much into the science of the abilities and especially the nature of Sylars/arthurs/peters abilities.
  • Keeps getting better and better.

    I think the most touching and moving moment in the show was when Hiro tried to help Emma understand her new ability and not to fear it but to embrace and use it for good. I really enjoyed his magic show. I feel that it was done for two reasons. One to entertain the patients, but also to show Emma how wonderful being special can be. When he teleported back three years to visit Charlie, I wonder what he forgot to do. We saw her back. I wonder if Hiro is in for a not too pleasant surprise.

    When Noah and Peter visited Jeremy Greer, due to the fact he has the ability to heal, I felt Peter allowed himself to be shot so that Jeremy would think he got his healing ability back. I forgot peter can absorb powers. Hopefully they will be able to help Hiro before it is too late.

    Robert Knepper makes the perfect villain in Heroes. He wants to help Sylar for his own evil purpose. Also, to get others to join him. For what purpose? Perhaps to take over the world. From the preview of next weeks Heroes. Sylar is still with Matt, but slowly taking him over. Sylar will never be whole until the two parts are reunited. If you cannot bring Sylar's memory back, the next best thing is to make a better Sylar. He was Baptized and now part of the Carnival. It would be interesting to see who the most powerful villain will be. Sylar vs. Samuel Sullivan. I think that would be one awesome showdown. I am very excited over the direction Heroes has taken.
  • Sylar begins to learn who he truly is, although he hates it and tries to stay away from this past. Meanwhile, Peter tries to find a way to save Hiro from his sickness.

    This season is getting a lot better, and even though the show is slow paced at this point, I get the feeling it's just revving up for a release.
    We clearly see Sylar becoming more lovey dovey, which is obviously attained from the Nathan in his personality. More emotion is good, it leads to more hatred which will be seen hopefully later on in the show.

    One thing that should be greatly considered is the fact that Charlie can't even be healed by Hiro. How else is he going to fix this mistake unless he takes her with him to Peter and he heals them both?

    Very predictable, but, oh well. I can't honestly predict the Sylar plotline at this point, but my hopes are high.

    This season is being quite promising and hopefully we'll see some action here soon.
  • Oh, yeah, Heroes is back. I would pass a lie-detector saying that!

    Why this episode (Tabula Rasa) worked based by characters:

    1. Claire - Claire, gasp why is she in the list you ask? Becuase she remembered her blood could heal Hiro, which in fact it couldn't (Brain Tumor would only grow larger, which is actually accurate). No plot hole!!!

    2. Hiro and Emma - Hiro's scenes with Emma were cool. She hates her power and he showed them to her under a new light. He also remember his once love interest Charlie. He realized he wants to help her on his bucket list only to be teleported back into Texas to see her.

    3. Peter and HRG - They were off to find someone that could heal Hiro. They found out that the boy kills people under stress, he accidently killed his parents. Peter gets shot trying to protect Noah from his shot gun, and the boy heals him with the power of all that is good! Noah covered up his parents death as death from CO2.

    4. Sylar and Samuel - One word: Manipulation!

    5. Sylar and Edgar - One word: Jealousy!

    6. Sylar and Lydia - One word: Flirting!

    7. Sylar and Sylar - Two words: Messed up. He was disgusted by visions of his past kills. Deep down, he's not evil yet. I also enjoyed seeing him slowly become Nathan again (In memory)!

    Overall, this was a great episode, but alas, next weeks looks kinda boring....
  • Still struggling..

    Heroes may have huge problems when it comes to viewership numbers, but I don't see it getting canceled as it still ranks as one of NBC's top shows. I don't think we need more reasons to understand why ratings don't rise despite some creepy publicity stunts. Clearly, the story isn't moving anywhere. We are on episode 5 and we still do not know what this season is about. The characters are still dwelling in their own worlds, some are trying to figure out their powers and some just don't want to use it.

    Well there were some positive aspects of this episode. We meet another hero Jeremy Greer, who has healing powers just like Lindermann. Sylar rediscovery track was well done, although I don't really see him working as a team with the carnival guys. Sylar is solo performer and never a team man. Lets see where things go.
  • Sylar meets his new family. Peter and HRG try to save Hiro's life while Hiro tries to save someone else.

    I liked this episode less than last week's episode. The storyline with Peter, HRG and the healer was kind of predictable. The Sylar storyline is turning out to be a hit and miss. Zachary Quinto's acting has been great the last couple of episodes but in this episode he was convincing but at times it seemed like overacting. On the positive side Hiro wasn't annoying this episode. I have like the deaf girl from the start and I liked the scenes she and Hiro had together. I am also excited about Hiro trying to save Charlie. Overall the episode felt like a filler episode which is bad considering the ratings. But there still was enough to like about this episode but if Heroes is to ever make it to a fifth season (which seems all but impossible), the episodes need to be better and the ratings need to be higher.
  • Meh

    Sylar starts to find his true identity. Peter and HRG go on a quest to find someone that can save Hiro. The acting doesnt seem to be getting better like most shows tend to show when they are into the fourth season. I still don't like jumping around from character to character each show. That gets anoying. I have a feeling next episode we will see lots of Claire and No Hiro. That's just not a show that you can get into anything for very long. I'm sure we will continue to see good things from Sylar and the Carnival gang - even though the storyline in this episode seemed to drag on forever. Overall - Heroes will never be what it was in season 1 - and I've said that many times since the end of season 1.
  • Zachary Quinto's tour de force continues apace with 'Tabula Rasa', which essentially acts as a vehicle for his considerable talents.

    Zachary Quinto's tour de force continues apace with 'Tabula Rasa', which essentially acts as a vehicle for his considerable talents. The young Spock proves exactly how much he can do by effectively playing a different character - he gets the chance to be the thoroughly good guy, not just the rabbit in the headlights that he was last week, by depicting Nathan in Sylar's body and you buy it completely. Hell, it's as if the writing staff took one look at his performance in Star Trek and realised what a commodity that had. Quinto seems to excel at being taken out of his comfort zone, first with his entrapment in Parkman's head and now with this, and it helps to produce some absolutely stellar scenes. His introspective moment with Knepper is of particular note, but even the moments in the hall of mirrors succeed when they could so easily have been mawkish. The reappearance of the cop is certainly commendable, a nod to the attention to detail that has characterised this season. It's also good to see the writers throwing a curveball at us by not having Sylar automatically revert back to his former self... the process of development is no longer as easy as metaphorically flipping a switch. The show takes its time with such things and it's all the better for it.

    The other narratives, despite being intriguing enough, don't quite reach the giddy heights of the Sylar stuff. Hiro's tet a tet with Emma drags somewhat, especially as it just seems to play out the same beats that we've been treated to for the last three episodes, but at least we have an actually likeable new character in the woman (and yeah, that 'magic' scene is damn cute.) Peter and HRG's encounter with Jeremy Greer, meanwhile, works fairly well for what it is but again, it seems like an excuse to pad out the season rather than a naturally grafted plot element. HRG wants to save those he may sort of have wronged in the past? Well... okay. Just play us a new record. Mind, the kid's sorta hot and at least his power is remotely interesting.

    Another fairly solid episode then, just not one to get overly excited about. Which pretty much encapsulates the season at this point.
  • A great Sylar episode – this version of Sylar is adorable.

    Samuel is already trying to manipulate Sylar – what's interesting is that Sylar's still connecting to Nathan's memories. This clueless version is adorable and sweet but after a while, we need the old bad boy back. It's not working – Sylar is half Nathan and couldn't kill, much to Samuel's disappointment. Samuel makes lemonade out of lemons – this Sylar can be manipulated where the old Sylar couldn't. Bonus is access to all those powers.

    Peter's introducing Hiro to Emma is genius – Hiro is adorable and persistent and he will get through to Emma, she may as well just give in now!

    Peter's got the talent of being in the right place at the right time with the right people – it's almost an ability in itself, it's certainly not coincidence. This is just another example of it – for Peter to appear just as the gun went off forcing Jeremy to learn control of his power.

    Noah's redemption is in full swing – erasing Jeremy's memories originally might have been what made him lose control of his powers to begin with. I like that he's trying to right that wrong. If anyone can help someone learn their power, it's Noah. His experience is unique and extensive.
  • Good episode

    Under Samuel's guidance, Sylar starts on a path to rediscover his true identity. Hiro helps Emma accept and understand the great possibilities that go along with having an ability. Meanwhile, Peter enlists HRG to help him find a healer who can save Hiro's life.

    This was another good episode of the show, I am really enjoying the season so far it hasn't been mind blowing but its still enjoyable to watch with some stories that are really intresting like Hiro's health and Sylar getting his memory back. Hiro was good in this episode he was funny which is rare these days and I liked his scenes with Emma. Peter abnd Noah's story was good as well thought Peter was about to die for a second with the rumour of a character being killed off soon but now looking at the way things are going it could be Hiro. The scenes at the carnival were the best all the new characters got plenty of screentime and we learnt a few things about them. I like the new rivalry between Sylar and Ray Park's charater. Also it was nice to see Ernie Hudson again.
    All in all another good episode of the season.
  • The excitement is coming back!

    The excitement is coming back because the past two season was a bit boring. Sylar is in a delema of being good or bad. Thats a interesting. And this episode is less-Hayden so its good. Because most of her scenes is no relation to the story.. its just stretching the time of the episode. And I will just comment about Peter teleporting in front of the gunman.. what are you thinking man? I thought your more wiser than that.. The show make Peter stupid for just to show the power of the other character... uhh lame.. And please make Hiro cool again, he is becoming lame character. He is like a 12 year old boy in his acting. Bring back the samurai wielding Hiro.
  • Slow but steady, or slow and plodding?

    So far this season, the writers seem to be struggling. They've made a few very good choices that should have helped to eliminate many of the missteps of the third season: they introduced a compelling new group of characters, and they reduced the number of plot threads captured in a single episode. On the other hand, they still insist on focusing on the same old cast of characters, and as a result, there is a feeling that the story has been there and don that already.

    Samuel and the carnies continue to be among the best elements of the season thus far. Samuel's motivations may be mysterious, but he has emerged as a very distinct personality, right down to his variable pseudo-Irish accent. I said in previous reviews that he reminded me somewhat of Magneto, and that's still very much the case.

    It's clear that Samuel is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his "family" safe, and that he expects the same level of dedication and service of his people. It's interesting to note that Lydia (who is captivating in this episode) is willing to sleep with Sylar to make him feel more at home. If she is disgusted by serving in such a capacity, she doesn't show it. Clearly Edgar takes much more exception to Samuel's expectations.

    Trying to restore Sylar seems like a remarkably stupid thing to do. Samuel might be thinking ahead to a time when Edgar might challenge him for control of the "family", and Edgar has already expressed a desire to stop playing hitman. Sylar is rather good at killing when he's on top of his game, but Samuel might want to consider that a psychopath with an addiction to adding abilities to his arsenal through murder may not be the best addition to his metahuman commune.

    Of course, the side of Sylar that is malicious and evil may be stuck in Matt Parkman's head. Sylar's body may remember what it means to be a killer and how to use his abilities, but Sylar himself is still operating with the wrong software. The combination of Nathan, residual Sylar, and whatever Samuel tries to fill into those psychological gaps may not be dangerous until Matt is subsumed by Sylar's personality and goes on a hunt for his true hardware. That direction for the plot seems almost inevitable at this point.

    Hiro's subplot with Emma did much to bring her character into a better understanding of her gift, which should reap rewards in the future, but it didn't seem to do much for Hiro. Hiro was pretty much the same as he ever is, and still dedicated to his mission to change the past for the better (despite all the evidence in earlier seasons that it's not possible to do that). Either they are stringing out his fate as long as possible, or they are doing what they have always done: using some excuse to keep the most powerful metahumans in check until the conflict comes to a head.

    Noah and Peter end up on a bit of a side mission to find Peter some healing powers (which ought to come in handy until he can find Hiro), and this supposedly gives Noah a better sense of purpose. That would be nice, because his search for personal direction has been getting old. It also doesn't help that putting a limitation on the use of Claire's blood (and one that doesn't quite make sense) means introducing a character that is ripped right out of "The 4400".

    The biggest problem is that the show currently has very little in the way of momentum. The cast is still way too big, and the story is still too spread out. The writers would be much better served to gut the cast, streamline the story, and find a way to give the overall series a rousing climax. Instead, the pace is slower than it's been in a very long time. I still like a lot of things about this show, but it continues to be one of the most frustrating.
  • Sylar is introduced to the Carnival community, Hiro and Peter meet up and HRG revisits his past. Some spoliers.

    Sylar is introduced to the Carnival community, Hiro and Peter meet up and HRG revisits his past, and oh yeah, Clare does some laundry. Things have started looking up for Heroes again. The Matt Parkman/Sylar storyline is strong and utilises both actors well. Not present in this eisode sadly but there were still many pleasures to be found.

    HRG has been doing some soul searching and seems to now have a purpose if not yet an identifiable goal. To this end the writers this week took him back to see how his past decisions have impacted on others.

    Sylar, in a very well filmed sequence in a Hall of Mirrors, gets to see the impact he has had on others as well. And it looks as if both will get the chance to do differently this time out. I'm not in love with the Carnival folk just yet as characters, so felt this plot was a bit blocky at times, conversations cropping up for information sharing purposes rather than happening naturally I feel. Samuel's heavy handed attempt at provoking Sylar into killing Ernie Hudson was just dreadful. As a villain he's just shown us his skill as a manipulatator is beyond weak. Far better to have engineered a meeting between the two that was unexpected for both without having been seen to be doing so surely? Having said that, the actual confrontation between the two actors was great stuff. Mr Hudson really selling me the fear and horror of not being able to comprehend what he was facing.

    And his death was moving. So too was the scene with HRG and the young healer on the porch after the action. The tears in the young boys eyes and HRG's paternal reassurance was a touching coda to yet another overwritten mess with Peter gaining the presumed ability to heal Hiro.

    As for the Hiro stuff, big sigh, watching him with Emma was a joy, this has been a huge relief, as recently his storylines have just bugged me so intensely. There was a naturalness about the two of them which made the scenes fun and meaningful simutaneously. Of course, it could be the Halo effect as I think any scenes with Emma have fast become my favorites, the actress is spellbinding, so I hope she sticks around and becomes a major feature. I feel she has helped the show recover some of it's heart and soul.

    I did get a little irked by Hiro's disppearance at the end until I saw where he went. He literally went right back to when the show was great. This is what the shows needs right now. A real sense of time and place. Characters making decisions for maybe the wrong reasons but at least with a sense of their own history.

    I also got excited over that little quiver on Sylar's face as the jets made him become Nathan for a moment. There's the clever sense of wonder and utilising of special effects that had me in the first place.

    Last weeks ep really made me look forward to this weeks and I was left a little less enthused this time, despite, the ending. I'm sure when Darth Maul first turned up he seemed like a sensitive chappy unhappy over Samuel using his skill for murder and yet now he just seems like a thug. That bothers me. And it holds less interest for me. And does anybody have the skinny on next weeks ep? Because I just have to know if Clare had enough quarters for her laundry. I can't see myself sleeping for the next week without knowing. Overall tons of the good stuff but still some whiffyness hanging around. I'm certain as the pace picks up this will prove to have been a strong season.

    Thanks for popping by.
  • Sylar starts to find his true identity. Peter and HRG go on a quest to find someone that can save Hiro.

    I know I'll be persecuted in the vote counts for this but that's okay. I'm willing to torture mysef to write about a show I once loved and had faith in given the cancellation of 4400 (a much better show about people with abilities).

    It is all assured that Heroes will never find the chemistry to pull off the tension, excitement, and edge of your seat magic that they had in S1. If by mid season or by the end they can pull it off I will once again believe in television miracles.

    All of the characters are boring and it seems they have been used up any excitement that they can bring to the screen. I won't repeat how I believe Heroes shot itself in the foot in regards to character usage. Even S2 and S3 managed to bring about new and interesting characters that Heroes decided to axe so easily. The new character doesn't help this show whatsoever.

    Though I'll say Emma's scenes have all been cute and full of Disney light magic; I can't see how'll they'll use her to bring about anything special compared to other characters that made too quick of an exit from this show.

    The Jeremiah situation made little sense and had little tension to it. During Noah's successful conversation with Jeremiah, Peter interrupts the scene via teleportation which leads to him being shot. Of course this forces the scene where Jeremiah rediscovers his ability to heal instead of kill. Heroes seems to have unfortunately lost its ability to write anything that isn't horribly telegraphed. Like a bad horror flick (which is pretty much any horror flick nowadays) you can tell what is coming next. There's no shocking moments left in the writing material and that kills tension. Even Hiro's non-voluntary departure before Peter could get to him was no shocker.

    Samuel easily manipulates Sylar and we of course see the other problem with Heroes. The poor and lost puppy Sylar is lead about via each season by a new puppet master. YES, the dark and powerful villian of S1 (who should have been dead after S1) is now nothing more than a character thrown from one awful plot to another

    Of course at the end we see the obvious jealousy building within Edgar. I have to wonder if this will succeed in bringing any tension to this dead fairytale? Compared to its former glory, Heroes for now remains nothing more than a cute bedtime story unfortunately!

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