Season 4 Episode 6

Tabula Rasa

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2009 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Powers update:

      Jeremy Greer: Jeremy is a teenager who has the power to either heal and revive or wound and kill with seemingly reversible effects, depending on his emotions.

  • Quotes

    • Samuel: A broken vessel. An empty shell. What is a man without a mind? Without memory? A ghost? A body in search of a soul? With no compass to guide us, how can we know if our destiny is to seek the good... or obey the demons that whisper in our ear? The blank slate hungers to be written upon. The body thrives when the heart has a mission.

    • Lydia: (watching Edgar and Sylar fight) Are you going to stop this?
      Samuel: Boys will be boys.

    • Hiro: Manifesting a power is a wondrous time. A hero never refuses a call.
      Emma: I'm deaf, I can't hear the call.

    • Noah: The Company was never what you would call a support group.
      Peter: Yeah, more about powers and less about the people.

    • Hiro: I have an ability, too. I am the master of time and space. Well, I was. Lately time and space have been the master of me.

    • Noah: Listen to me. My power is understanding people like you. That's what I do.

    • Samuel: (baptizing Sylar) Tonight we welcome a new brother into our family. He will live and work among us. And will be welcome here all the rest of our days.

    • Edgar: What use is he to us like this? What use is a lion who can't kill?
      Samuel: Maybe it's better this way. We'll just make a better Sylar. And when we do, he'll be ours forever.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: November 18, 2009 on 7TWO
      UK: February 6, 2010 on BBC2
      Latin America: February 16, 2010 on Universal Channel
      Germany: October 6, 2010 on RTL II
      Czech Republic: December 31, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Finland: February 23, 2011 on Sub

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