Season 4 Episode 17

The Art of Deception

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2010 on NBC

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  • Peter as a hero? worst jk ever

    What kind of moron saves a villain? Oh yup, Peter Petrelli! He must be either re/tarded or something.

    I know he killed countless innocent lives, and I know he killed me in the past, but lucky for me my niece saved me, whose head was cut open by him by the way, oh and he killed my father, and brother, and myself a few more times. Threatened so many people I love and put so many people in danger. But I got this new ability to dream about the future, I am not sure because the dream is all ambiguous, but I heard him saying "I will help you Emma" So I will trust his good intent and try to find Syler and tell him go Straight to Emma and tell her "Hey Sylar, I know you are a good person, so you will save thousands of people by helping Emma! Come follow me"

    Hmm.. where do I find Syler? Oh yeah, I will go find Matt Parkman, I dont know why but I think I need to see Matt, Conveniently He is at home after knocking on his door for minutes! Oh I got the Matt's ability now, jeez, he is inside his house, and he is trapped! I must save him, and release him out of his misery to go lunatic again Because He is the Best Hero Ever and He deserves to live based on my dream that I don't know I have interpreted it right!
  • Now I know why the show ended (spoilers)

    This is the worst episode ever! Not only the carnival act has taken over the main story-line (for the whole last season, true), but the characters act like morons. Why didn't Noah bring the Haitian in? Why did they let Samuel make such a long speech? Why hasn't anyone exposed him for his brother's murder? This show has jumped the shark a long time ago, I just wanted to see how it ended, the 'vintage' characters, that is.
  • The art of SUCK

    Ok. Let me give the writers a bit of advice.

    "You're Syler, the strongest person I have seen who has killed countless people. You are sitting here in my house with my wife whom you can kill with a flick of the wrist. I'm not afraid of you! I'll never help you!"

    "help me our I kill your family."

    "ok. I'll help you. but you gotta let them go."

    do you see how unintentionally comical this has become? And it happens now in every episode. If you wanted to be interesting, you would let Samuel go with Benet then go from there. I donno. Matt locks Syler off from the world, 5 minutes later, Peter comes to get him. um, why?

    the timing on this show is just so ... goofy.
  • Claire ruins a lot of things (caution: spoilers)...

    But I suppose getting rid of her wouldn't be the answer... After all, we all saw what become of the O.C. after Mischa Barton left.

    Anyways, even though Claire tends to ruin everything by being a self-absorbed brat, Heroes came through with another fantastic episode! My faith in Heroes has been officially restored as of last night. I have no idea what's gonna happen next and yet I can't stop thinking about it! An interesting twist with Peter at the end, that was cool. Plus, Matt was clearly not thinking because obviously his power has backfired on him before when using it on Sylar.

    Plus I still don't know what's up with Hiro, I can't wait until the next episode!!!
  • Another fantastic episode, (caution spoilers)heading towards a great season finale. Things heat up at the Carnival when one of the carnies gets shot.

    Samuel, the evil puppet master turns a bad situation back in his favour. Everyone at the Carnival is terrified of Samuel after he destroys a whole city with his bad temper. He then frames HRG with the murder of Lydia to get everyone back on his side.
    Sylar seeks Parkmans help in turning over a new leaf but gets more than he bargained for. Parkman traps Sylar in his worst nightmare, Alone forever. Peter thinks Sylar is the only one who can help Emma and will stop at nothing to get his help.
    Can Tracey stop Samuel, tune in next week to find out as Lauren calls her as HRG's backup plan.
  • Very interesting Samuel episode.

    How sweet! Sylar wants to be good… we know how that ended the first time around. Then again, both Peter and Angela had a vision of Sylar trying to help Emma. Sylar's darkness comes from his primary power – the need to consume power, remove his powers and he might stop. Matt didn't take that chance – he used that trick he learned from his father. Bricking an immortal Sylar up in a wall is very Poe.

    I like the symmetry of Peter saving Sylar – I always liked the brief time when we thought Peter and Sylar were brothers. They'd make a formidable team, much like Peter and Nathan at their best.

    Samuel's plan is brilliant – make it look like Noah went back on his word, making himself a martyr (giving them something new to be afraid of), make his people even more afraid of persecution and getting rid of Lydia. He can feed their anger and make them an army.
  • 'The Art of Deception' benefits greatly from its distinct concentration on the Carnival storyline.

    'The Art of Deception' benefits greatly from its distinct concentration on the Carnival storyline. Finally, the writers offer some substantial progression and hint towards our final destination as the season draws to a close. The sequences involving Claire, Samuel and HRG are all very well executed, exhibiting just the right level of tension to keep everyone on the edge of their seat. The scenes are well structured too, with the decision to counterpoint father and daughter proving decidedly interesting. It's certainly refreshing to see Claire taking charge and actually doing something with the information she's been given; it's never exactly clear how all of this will play out, and the level of uncertainty ensures that intrigue levels remain high. Furthermore, Lydia's death comes as a genuine surprise, the first that Heroes has really managed in a long time. Thankfully, we don't spend an entire episode learning about her past just so that we can 'care' when she's murdered. Instead, she becomes an unfortunate victim which, frankly, is far more believable. This all feels like the right pay-off for her character and it works well to cement Samuel's new-found sinisterness. Robert Knepper is clearly having the time of his life with his duplicitous role, relishing every twist and turn in the dialogue and out-performing just about everyone in his goodbye scene with Tattoo Girl. Of course, it is rather questionable whether the whole Carnival would rather believe the mass-murdering lunatic who'd just laid waste to an entire town than the sane college gal, but what the hey, we get some nice gore to help us forget about these pesky details.

    Elsewhere, Emma's storyline continues to intrigue. This really is a great place to go with the character, and the question mark that now hangs over her allegiances and future role gives the story an extra shot of pizazz. The Matt/Sylar narrative is at least remotely interesting too, Grunberg and Quinto reminding us all that they were the reason that we all tuned in during the early days of season four. It's a shame that Matt's bold moves seem a little sudden and extreme, even for this poor tortured soul. And what's more, any metaphorical closure or development that may have been granted to Sylar is rendered moot by Peter showing up ten minutes later to reverse pretty much everything that the story's worked towards in the past forty minutes. Heroes hasn't been quite as guilty of wheeling out the old 'bait and switch' this season but sadly, this is exactly the sort of thing that hindered the show last year. Still, on the whole, this is certainly one of the better offerings of the season, feeling far better paced and much more coherent than a great many episodes.
  • Slippery slope into mediocrity

    I didn't think it was possible to dislike so many characters in one show. The decisions they make aren't just unwise, they are outright ridiculous and to make it worse they've made the same mistakes 4 or 5 times already. I thought it was weird when Peter took powers from the Haitian ( hows he done that then ) but now he's waking up the serial killer who butchered his brother because he saw him tell a deaf girl he was going to help her... in a dream!
    I understand that this is sci-fi but the human behaviour needs to remain somewhat realistic and believable. I just found this episode to be frustrating and unpleasant to watch. I think it's time for me to give up on Heroes
  • Leading to something, but will it be worth it?

    With the season rapidly coming to a close, this is really the first part of the three-part finale. A number of plot threads are left dangling by the end of the hour, and as a result, this episode lacks a sense of internal closure. On the one hand, this is understandable, given the serialized nature of the series and the intentions of the episode itself. But in light of some of the shortcomings of the season thus far, it also magnifies some of the issues.

    Unlike the bulk of the season, where an effort was made to keep each episode down to a handful of major plot threads, the writers had to start pulling things together. The result is an episode that seems to be more scattershot than organized. The Samuel plot thread does dominate the landscape somewhat, which does provide the right kind of perspective. Nearly every other plot and subplot is designed to feed into some kind of final showdown at the carnival.

    Unfortunately, perhaps as a function of budget, Samuel didn't launch into some massive scheme to enforce the sanctity of his newly staked territory. He's completely unstable, as has been evident for quite some time, but he seems to take his time to drive home the notion of war against the mundanes. To a certain extent, I understand the thought process. If Samuel is embracing his darkest impulses, and he knows that keeping his "family" close is vital to amplifying his power, then he has to ensure that they still see him as their leader.

    That means making the vague idea of the external threat of the mundane majority and making it real and personal. Noah's little plan played right into Samuel's hands, but it's likely that Samuel would have thought of something similar without that sort of convenience. Beyond giving his people a reason to support his anti-mundane crusade, it also gave him the perfect means of eliminating dissention.

    As much as I liked the concept, and the fact that this episode underplays the role of Vanessa in Samuel's overall psychosis, there are definitely some flaws. Two things come to mind. While the carnies had little reason to listen to Claire, she might have mentioned the little fact that her father probably wouldn't have shot her in the neck. Sure, they probably would have rationalized it anyway, but it bugs me when something that seems to be tagged as important is just dismissed.

    The second issue is more a sense of where the story is going. Samuel has now aligned his flock behind him in a scheme to strike back at the mundanes. It's been established that his power gets amplified in a major way when surrounded by fellow metahumans. So, with all that power, and the will to use it, Samuel appears to be preparing to…stage a concert where Anna will be duped into using her power to kill thousands.

    At least, that seems to be the direction that this plot thread and the Peter/Sylar plot threads are heading, and if so, that is a rather disappointing way to end Samuel's story arc. And this is especially true when one considers that Peter and Sylar seem no closer to that oft-delayed on-screen throwdown that was all but promised in the first season. If anything, the whole confrontation between Matt and Sylar seems to have been designed to allow Sylar to jump into Peter's body.

    It's all just speculation, but after everything that has happened this season, it seems pretty obvious that Peter has switched places with Sylar, and is now trapped in the mental prison that Matt created. Sylar, armed with Peter's body (complete with the built-in compass to lead him back to the carnival), will decide that maybe the carnival is the only place for him to be, so he won't be alone. Matt will release Peter, who trapped in Sylar's body, will be the one to try to save Anna, as seen in the visions.

    But if that's the case (and there's nothing revealed to this point to suggest otherwise), then what is the point of Samuel's ability? Is it just to make it that much harder for the "heroes" to take down Samuel once the Concert of Doom is foiled? Is it so that Samuel is so powerful that only someone like Sylar could take him down, leading to a "redeeming" sacrifice by Sylar? That would eliminate two problems at once, leaving Peter to take up the mantle of leadership. It just feels like the familiar "Heroes" shortcoming: a fairly interesting build-up that escalates into a drab, scaled-down resolution.

    There is some hope that it could get more complicated and interesting. After all, there's still the small matter of Hiro and his friends, and it's not yet clear how they will factor into the equation. Considering how weak that character arc has been, however, I'm not sure I want to know. With only two episodes left in the season, that's probably not the kind of attitude the producers are looking for from their loyal audience members.
  • the end begins for the season and possibly the show

    The end is nigh for Season Four and possibly the show. In this episode, Heroes makes a welcome return back to form, back to when an episode actually moves, to an episode where the characters actually DO something and not just sit back and bemoan their poor, poor unfortunate fates, but after three previous filler(less) episodes that slowly but cohesively eroded the promising set-up from last year, it may be too late to completely salvage what was lost. This episode definitely picks up a lot of the pieces but the pieces never should have shattered in the first place. After Samuel's little hissy fit over his lost queen for the new world order swallowed the nearby village, his "family" starts doubting his plan and possibly his sanity. Indeed, Samuel is very much emotionally splintered but that doesn't mean he'll lose control of his group and hatches an insidious plan to seal his family's devotion. Claire takes time off from making goo-goo eyes with lovebird Gretchen to find out Noah's planning on overtaking Samuel. She runs to Lydia to warn of the deadly invasion and the two try to convince Samuel to surrender peacefully to Noah, neither realizing what Samuel intends to do. Meanwhile, Sylar goes to Matt, begging him to remove his powers so he can be human again while Peter looks to find Sylar so he can save Emma. Long story short: Samuel has Eli shoot at the carnies and Claire, finally ridding himself of Lydia, sets Noah up for the fall, drags Claire away screaming her dad is innocent, Lauren wounded by a stray bullet, where she calls a finally present Tracey, begging for her help. To get rid of Sylar, Matt uses his illusion-casting to place Sylar in his worst nightmare. Peter finds where Sylar is and ignoring Matt's protests, goes into Sylar's mind to retrieve him. Lydia: Typical. Just when I expressed interest in wanting Lydia to return for Season Five, Heroes goes and kills her off. However, her curtain call was no less shocking and tragic. Shocking because she was an interesting character with a wealth of potential and an awesome power. Shocking because it was an honestly gutsy move by the writers killing off someone like Lydia in such cold fashion where they've constantly dithered over doing such things. Shocking that Samuel would do that to a member of his own "family" and establishes how far he'd go to keep his power. Tragic because her daughter is without a mother. Tragic because she realizes in her dying breath Samuel's true intentions, administered by Samuel's cruel final kiss, and understanding the depths of depravity Samuel put her and her "family" through. Lydia always believed that though Samuel was misguided, he had good intentions. Too late, she saw the monster Samuel truly is. RIP Lydia. You will be missed.

    Edgar: Yeah, Edgar's back!!!! Unfortunately, on Samuel's side since he believes Noah murdered Lydia. At least maybe he can reclaim his old title from the annoying Eli.
    Claire: As usual, Claire continued to be the nadir of the episode and as usual, took up the most screen time to do nothing but whine, pout, bicker with her girlfriend, and cause more trouble than she needed to. At least there was one clever burst of intelligence of Claire and that was realizing that when the sniper shot her, Noah wasn't responsible. When she got shot, she knew that it couldn't be dad, because no matter how pissed off, no matter how obsessive Noah gets in his hunts, he would never compromise or hurt her like that. Gretchen: After all the uproar caused (of which I contributed a healthy portion) over Cretchen, it's not a big deal they're together. In fact, I found the innuendo-laden girl-chats and semi-erotic situations (two girls trapped together in a car trunk, proar!) of Season Four Part One more insulting than the actual romance, which for now just consists of Cretchen holding hands and throwing wistful doe-eyed glances. Doesn't mean it's not a tired knock-off of Buffy but I'll deal with it. Gretchen however, has already reverted to the whiny, clingy girlfriend, moaning why Claire can't get past the carnies and her father and just enjoy their normal lives. She already knew Claire was like this before, why can't she accept that now? I have a feeling Cretchen may be over just when it started. Yawn.
    Lauren: What happened to the independent, feisty CIA chick from a few episodes ago? Now, she seems to be an active participant in feeding Noah's trigger-joy, only putting up minor fuzz, not slapping him some common sense over his old gung-ho attitude like she would have even done in Let it Bleed. Seems Noah already wore her down.

    Matt: Finally, Matt grew some stones and dispatched Sylar in surprising but rather cruel fashion. It's reasonable. Sylar yanked him around like a dancing marionette, crippled Matt's sanity, slept with Janice, and threatened his family. There's only so much even a mild-mannered guy like Matt can take. In order to fight the monster, Matt learned how to be the monster. Perhaps Matt's right. Maybe there is still a piece of Sylar inside him.
    Tracey-Finally, Tracey returns from a long, unexplained absence (unless you are such a die-hard fan, you read the graphic novels), inexplicably changing her allegiances to the good guys. Yea? At least with "Nathan", you knew where he was. As is usual, the best part of the episode came from Sylar's quest for redemption and Peter's move to save his nemesis in order to save a loved-one and the episode was not without some interesting character insights into Sylar, Peter, and Samuel.

    Peter: There is a subtle, heartbreaking moment between Peter and Angela where Angela observes Nathan's portrait and marvels that Sylar is never far from her thoughts. Nor would it seem Peter. He has neither forgotten nor forgiven Sylar for what he did, something Peter will never completely recover from. Yet he knows that if there is a chance Sylar can save Emma, save thousands of lives, he should do whatever he can to ensure that. I have a feeling that while Peter only wishes to save Sylar out of necessity, for his own selfish reasons, Peter will have a part to play in Sylar's overall redemption.

    Samuel: In spite of, or including, Samuel's obsessive stalking of Vanessa, I think I've finally uncovered Samuel's underlying motivations for what he does: self-worth. All his life, he's wanted to prove to everyone, including himself, that he was someone important, someone capable, powerful, always needing the company of another to assuage it. It is implied he worked hard to prove to Joseph that he was important but then grew angry when he figured out Joseph, his own brother, was intentionally holding him back from his true potential. He always knew he was capable of greatness and to find out Joseph kept him from that his whole life made Samuel driven enough to murder. He tried proving his worth to Vanessa only for her to shoot him down. And the minute his "family" started breaking apart from him, questioning his motives, his competency, with Lydia spreading the seeds of discontentment, he wasn't going to surrender his control over them for anyone. If he had to kill Lydia in order to seal his "rightful" place as the head of the "family", so be it.

    Sylar: Like I Am Sylar of last year, this episode served as a turning point for our tormented villain. This Sylar was one I waited the whole season to see and now it's come up very late in the game, maybe too late to make an overwhelming impact. Oh well, you take what is given. Over the years, many fans have stated their preference for the skull-slicing serial killer Sylar, inherently put off by the "emo" Sylar, the "angsty" Sylar, the "I need love" Sylar and that's perfectly fine. For me, the Gabriel part of Sylar, the latent good side of him that was always there, was what made Sylar such an interesting villain beyond the skull-slicing, made him an actual human being. Not unlike Samuel, Sylar is torn between a combination of self-worth issues and loneliness. Gabriel grew up with two sets of surrogate/biological parents that abandoned him in one form or the other, stuck in a life he didn't want, wishing he could be special, someone powerful, important. When his abilities first started manifesting, his wish was granted in the darkest way possible. He could be special; he could have all the power in the world, by stealing other people's power, by sacrificing his humanity in order to do so. For awhile, he willing to take that trade-off, swallowing any pity or self-doubt by convincing himself he was only furthering evolution, that the people he killed didn't deserve these gifts, adopting Sylar as an identity, no longer the weak, miserable Gabriel. Finally, he was somebody. Too late he realized the cost he had to pay for his new life. For not only did his ability rob him of his humanity, it robbed him of any human connection, destroying the even few fragile connections he did have. He kept going because his powers were the only thing he knew, the only thing that ever made him feel like someone. When he believed there was someone that actually loved him as him (Angela) that he could have a family, to belong for the first time in his life, he tried to stop his murderous ways. The minute he found out Angela was manipulating him, he fell back on old habits. He tried again with the human connection with his real father, only for Daddy to inform him that with his power, he'll never have the connection he longed for. Sylar gave up hope and once again fell back on the other thing that he felt made him important. Throughout the end of Volume 4 and the first part of Volume 5, he was just content to be Sylar, willing to do anything and everything to be returned to his body, to his old life.

    Everything changed with "Nathan". Through "Nathan", Sylar experienced Peter's unconditional love for his "brother". Sylar experienced all of Nathan's memories, Nathan's life, a life that eluded Sylar, a life he desperately wanted but could never have. "Nathan" had a family, "Nathan" had a brother, a mother, a daughter who loved him. Sylar realized what was Nathan's wasn't his and he fought his way to get back to where he wanted to be. But just because "Nathan" "died" didn't mean a piece of the persona left Sylar for he still had all of Nathan's memories and the memory of a brother that loved his own enough to sacrifice for him. That, combined with Hiro's warning that he'd die alone, Sylar reevaluated his life and realized without his powers, he had nothing. That the same abilities that kept him powerful robbed him of anything worthwhile. From then on, he worked tirelessly to make amends, helping the same girl he once tormented avoid the same errors that made him and begged Matt to rid him of his powers. For he believed that if his powers were gone, he could finally be human, he could finally belong somewhere. Doesn't mean he wouldn't fall back on bad habits to get what he wanted for his abilities encompass a lot of what makes Sylar Sylar. It's so much a part of him he won't be able to separate himself from them. Which also makes why he came to Matt so powerful. Because Matt has the powerful ability but he have a normal life. He has a wife, a job, a baby, normal things Sylar craves. Unfortunately, Matt was unwilling, incapable, and too unforgiving to help him.

    Before the Volume began, I expressed interest that I wanted to see Peter save Sylar. It seems like my wish may just play out. For Peter has struggled similarly to Sylar over controlling his ability. Not to mention their strange polar opposite, yin-yang nemesis relationship Heroes never fully utilized to its advantage. As enemies, Sylar was the unstoppable force between the immovable object. (Yes, Dark Knight!) But as allies, however briefly between the next two weeks, they can utilize each other's strengths and learn more about themselves. Maybe a lot of wishful thinking but it helps to be optimistic sometimes.

    Overall, the most solid episode of this year. If more time was spent on Sylar, Matt, and Peter instead of Claire whining and making a stupid mess of things, it might have been great, but that is not going to change anytime in the near future. Maybe next season, if there is one. It may be too late for anything to matter for a next season. In the meantime, I will await the final? two episodes and wait with trepidation for the end of the season and maybe the series. If it ends, it ends. I do hope for one more season but if this is the end, it was a good run.
  • finally something happens.. war is coming

    finally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is comingfinally something happens.. war is coming
  • Is no on else annoyed?

    I think the writers are redeeming themselves, enough predictability to keep us feeling knowledgable and not completely confused *cough*lost*cough* yet not so much that we just say "why am i even watching this" and put on something else.

    That all i'm happy about, as usual though mine like a lot of viewers out there are the choices people are making and the lack of thought people are putting into their actions. Though one would expect after all thats happened to most of these characters.

    Peter oddly enough I think is on a semi right track for now (very unusual for him), although trapping yourself in someone elses mind may not have been the best move, it was a necessary risk i'd say.

    Claire, now did she really REALLY believe samuel was good, he just sank a town out of the COMPLETE blue & and yet because the people he's around are MOSTLY not evil and because she herself is a very self righteous & self centered person she chose to not wait to talk to her father beforehand and simply chose to run off and go see the bad guy.

    Matt, it's not endearing anymore he's just an idiot now. He doesn't learn from his mistakes, he does what people who shouldn't be listened to tell him (his wife in this case) without a moments pause to think and then doesn't listen to the people who can actually affect things to come or simply might be right. He's almost as bad as suresh..

    Sylar..the only critism i have for his character is attempting to trust matt, he's too stupid to make the good choice (matt not sylar). Though i understand that whilst in the confused and to an extent desperate mind state sylar seems to be in he's not gonna be able to make the best choices himself.

    As a whole, Season 4 has been good. I lol at the disregarding of Season 2 almost as a whole but we can just blame that on the problem with the writers at the time, simply timing.
    I look forward to the rest of this season and hope for a season 5 in which hiro gets kool (still holding on to the dream) especially after he was holding the sword at the end of last weeks ep =).

    Random thoughts:

    1. Wonder if any of the carni's have considered how unlikely it is Noah would shoot his own daughter or MISS the shot on samuel. Insult to carni intelligence levels.

    2. Emma. Thought process? Samuel gave me a cello, he must be good. Peter helped me to understand my powers first, as well as befriended me, but he broke the random guys present for me so i cant trust him really. (sorry but since her dismissal of 'dreams' possibly having some significance after peter tells her and after she broke her wall with some pretty sound wave light, u'd think she'd be a LITTLE open minded)

    3.This was a rant...sorry.
  • Sucks so bad, even Claire wouldnt be able to heal from this crap

    Sylar apparently wants to be good again, and has fatty parkman to help him. We all know that is never going to work. Goody two shoes Peter comes to help Sylar forgetting that this very person murdered his brother Nathan and tore apart his family. Samuel buries an entire village, and his all whole carny is scared of him yet stupid Claire still cannot believe that Samuel is bad and goes to warn him again betraying her Father. Samuel arranges for the multiplying dude to shoot his own people and then just blame it on HRG. This show had become a waste of time and no wonder the number of people watching it is growing smaller and smaller every week. I think heroes should gracefully exit the scene with a series finale or risk being cancelled.
  • Hopeless

    What is the first sign of bad writing? When all the characters are complete idiots. When they continually make stupid decisions just to advance the plot.

    Peter - I would never ever ever rescue my brother's murderer then ask him a favor to save someone I love. I'd rather just save her myself and have faith in my abilities.

    Sylar - I wouldn't ask the help of someone I tormented for the longest time and even made him kill a highway patrol. He might just betray me and seek revenge.

    Matt - I wouldn't wall up a serial killer in my basement, let alone a serial killer with super powers. The last time I tried to trap him inside his head he came back to torment me. I'm not gonna try that same act again.

    Claire - I wouldn't expect that someone who just murdered an entire town would suddenly surrender peacefully thus putting the life of my father in vain.
  • The new and different Sylar pays Matt a visit, while Peter tries to warn Emma that Samuel isn't what he seems. Meanwhile, Noah begins his plan to infiltrate the carnival and capture Samuel.

    Finally A good episode this time I am more than happy to say that Heroes delivered, I think that Parkman trapping Sylar in his biggest nightmare was nice, the idea of burring him on his basement not so much, I look at it this way Sylar gave Matt a second change and he blew it now the next time they confront won't be to have a late Lunch again. Peter been able to take Matt Abilities Awesome loved that part.
    I can understand Peter hate Sylar for killing his brother, but if this person can save many other lives why not let him.
    I was glad that Tracy was included in this episode looks like she will be on the next one as well where was Hiro and Ando missed them? Over all I enjoy this episode however I do agree with some people here this could have happened way earlier in the season and then the show would have been NICER!!!! I feel like this season dragged from beginning till now.
  • Much better

    I enjoyed this episode much more than last week, although to be fair it was because I finally feel we will get an interesting show down. Samuel and his buddies ready to unleash themselves on the world, Peter trapped in Sylar's mind, Tracy back in the fray and let's not forget Hiro and Ando. This final has the potential to be very very good. And trust me, Heroes needs it.

    With tiresome regularity, the three best charactors of volume 5 have been Peter, Sylar and Samuel. So when an episode features all 3, you know its going to be good. The Sylar plot, however, requires the big fan to forget about the inconsistant writing. It is my conclusion that the writers want to forget volume 2 ever happened. That would explain how Hiro's charactor development was forgotten, how Maya and Monica were quickly axed, how Claire's blood was never used again and most importantly how losing his powers did not make Sylar normal. It, if anything, made him worse. Desperate for his powers back, prepared to do anything to get them. One thing this episode did touch on was that its not his powers which are his problem, its his mind. Look past the tedious and done before, "I'm going to threaten your family now do it!" scenario and you're left with a pretty decent explanation. Matt's plan for Sylar was horrific not to mention creepy; would you like the idea of that being down in your basement? Me neither.

    The in walks Peter. The whole Angela thing confuses me. If she knows where Sylar is all the time why is she not sending the Haition to kill him? But still... Peter is trapped in Sylar's mind. Anyone else hoping he gets all his powers? Where else are they going to go with this? Wow!! Claire is annoying but once again a good episode for her. Samuel's plan to make it look like HRG killed Lydia was predictable but still good. And it made way for the cliffhanger. He's not all bad. But nothing will stand in his way of what he wants. They better not kill him off. He's one charactor that definately needs to hang around.

    Which is another point. Where can the show possibly go from here?' They have had a super-powered maniac more powerful than Sylar, had the government after them and now the Carnival storyline. Things like Peter's scar and Ando's killing of Hiro have never been explained. Ultimately I think Heroes has got another season in it although it should probably be its last. It needs to build itself up to a good ending. All in all, however, I'm very much looking forward to next week.
  • heroes has been taking some interesting turns :P

    Lately this show has been pretty unpredictable.. i say this in a good way. Usually when i watch heroes its only because i love the concept and the actors enough that even through the flaws the shows stays interesting enough. But the last few episodes have left me puzzled and questioning what will happen. How/when it will happen. Who's telling the truth. etc etc. This episode in particular left me on the edge of my seat excited for next week. Once again sylar is in the spotlight and Zachary Quinto delivers a great performance as usual. It was very interesting to see matt actually have control over sylar in a way we havent seen before. Trapping sylar in his own mind (basically a comatose state) was in a way creepy and at the same time justifying for the killer. But you also cant help but feel sympathy for him as he honestly wants to change and be purged of his abilities. At the end of this episode i was left with 2 possible ideas of what may happen in the next couple episodes. Either Sylar will have a long talk with peter and change his ways (if he hasnt already) and help the other special people. Or he will find a way to get inside peters head and continue his killing spree in the body of the man who used to be even more powerful then sylar (maybe will be again). Im still awaiting the day we get to see peter back with multiple powers :D . I really hope others have been enjoying this season aswell because i want to see heroes come back for a season 5
  • There is no escape, I've tried for three years.

    I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew there was still a Gabriel and I know that a part of that was going to (or will) be connected to Peter. Over the past few episodes, since Sylathan was cast aside, Sylar sort of picked up where he left off. Last season we saw him struggle with his shape shifting ability in the form of an identity crisis. Now it's not so much about the ability but that piece of heart that still exists. Murderer, yes. Insane, maybe. But is that him? Wasn't always. He's had tastes of being different over the years both in terms of his own choice, small glimpses into the man he was and those pieces of that person who didn't cease to exist the moment his powers manifested, and more recently experiencing the lives of other specials. I knew he'd come back to that and I'm so glad the show has and they've done it in a somewhat uncohesive choppy way which sounds bad I know but it's very character appropriate especially considering that's how they've been treating his character since the start. The first half of the volume had in essence his body seperated from his mind, I'm not saying he's two different people but in some sense two people exist in him. The man he was, the calm sweet watch maker who just wanted to be more and the power hunger mind of hunger killer he became when his powers were born. But again I ask is that really him? Either way, does it matter? Doesn't change any of the things he did or the fact that some part of him, all or not is irrelevant, surrendered to it all even if he was partly pushed.

    The last half of this volume is as always representative of that, they do very well him and they aren't afraid not to spoon feed it all to you and leave some of up strictly up to opinion. Through these few episode he's attacked Peter with great menace, he's saught answers with Samuel (a favorite past time of his though he doesn't like to admit it), in a somewhat disturbing yet emotional way related to Claire and had another one of their mysterious and creepy conversations, went back to Matt to seek solice and freedom. He wanted to be rid of powers, maybe he didn't even realize that's what he wanted till he was in the thick of it but you could hear it in him that this want to be free of his ability has always been there but he's never really listened. Matt saw it was truth when he looked into his mind. You could hear it in his voice when screamed at Matt you're lying. It's almost as though he's split in two again. Not in the literal Jekyll/Hyde way that's never been Sylar, he's so wrapped in his ability that it's hard to know where it ends or begin let alone the amount of blame and self responsibility involved, but there is some part of him that as always is enveloped in his power and some part of him that is seperate. He went a little the mirror has two faces during his coversation with Matt while Janet was the bargaining chip. Now comes the hard part, the issue that's been hanging over his character from the start. Does any of it matter? Forgetting the question of if he can change, be saved, or however you want to phrase it the bigger problem is he did kill so many. So let's say he is saved in some form or one another that will always be a part of him powers or no powers, hunger or no hunger. Sylar is forever with him and nothing in the world can erase that as we've seen even if he's somehow cast aside.

    That's where I believe Peter (and perhaps Claire and even Matt, possibly amoung others) come in. In the mind of mad man is a great start. Peter has had his bad moments and good moments with Sylar over the years, they have connected. Sylar has saved him, trotured him, and killed his brother but now for the first time I believe Peter will actually get a chance to hear Sylar. They connected briefly when they thought they were brothers and in some small way Sylar reached Peter but it's not like they talked. Now here they are alone without abilities between them. Sylar is and has been in a very emotional/vulnerable/confused place for some time and he's got the biggest hero on the show there in his mind where he can't hide that anymore. If he ever had a real chance of truly being seen for what he really is it's now with Peter whether he likes it or not. In the preview for the next episode he says 'there is no escape, I've been trying for three years'. That's a reference to the moment he became Sylar if I ever heard one!

    I do however have a couple questions. One, Matt trapped Sylar in his own mind (clearly a vehicle to get Pylaire together but I'll take it) why oh why didn't Matt just do this in the season 3 finale? I know that the whole Nathan government operation thing was on the line but still that's a small thorn in my side.

    Two, Angela said Sylar is never far from her thoughts. Now I don't know if that's specific to what he did to Nathan. Something about the Emma dream or something else. I mean it was never totally explained why she tried to convince Sylar he was her son. Yes he was a weapon the company could wield, yes she's infamous for making bad choices not to mention evil choices (a lot of them involving Sylar), yes I think she wanted to keep Arthur/Pinehearst from using him for evil, yes it kept him from evil but I was never really convinced those were really the only reasons. I think there's something else she knows about him, another piece missing. Perhaps a future (possibly related or somewhat like the future in the beginning of season 3 though it would obviously be a lot different by now). If you looked up the Sylar puzzle it would say incomplete and that's purposeful but I still think there's pieces they will reveal. Maybe he will save Emma, maybe he'll do so by killing her. Maybe he and Peter will connect, maybe neither of them will care. Maybe he could be free of powers, maybe it'll actually happen. But he just said, though not in so many words, that he does want to free and he does want to be human even if he only just admitted it to himself but does that change his outcome? Even if he leaves the killer behind the bodies are with him forever.