Season 3 Episode 2

The Butterfly Effect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Getting better

    Now this is what we wanted with the premiere. Every minute I was glued to my seat wanting more. With yet another city at stake I was really hoping for something more exciting to look forward to. Enter the Level 5 disaster. So far each of the escapees seem to be your average run of the mill baddies, but lets hope they can flesh out their back story in the coming weeks as they did with Sylar and Adam.

    I do feel like some of the writing seems to be a little off though. Mohinder is a smart guy, yet here he is injecting himself, hoping to receive a power with which he'll avenge his father. For a scientist I just expect him to take his time with it rather than taking a huge risk.

    Hiro's storyline seemed pretty cool at first, but I'm starting to have second thoughts. I originally liked the idea of including the Speedster girl, thinking they could make a pretty cool pair, relationship wise. However his whole 'Destiny' thing is getting out of hand and it sounds like the writers just threw something together for him to do.

    Definitely a step up from the last episode, but I need to see a few more changes happen before I'm officially hooked on season three.
  • Nice improvement over the premiere.

    I liked this episode, but there were certain plot points that are still really weak. Especially Hiro's "quest" or whatever. It's just not intriguing at all. Same goes for Mohinder. How can such a smart man be so friggin STUPID????

    Ok, but lets put that aside, it was a good episode. Loved the start, the way the villains escaped was brilliant, really suspensful. I really liked Elle this episode , but what a shame they killed Bob. ALREADY! Bascially with him, season 2 died. Season 2 is now basically non existant, and you can ignore it. One thing I'm glad about is how they tricked us into thinking Linderman's back. I was happy that he turned out to be a vision for Nathan. Speaking of which.. Nikki.. or Tracey... whatever.... wow. So I didn't see that ice thingy coming and it was disturbing. However, It's getting really annoying that everyone seems to have powers. It's just not special anymore.

    Claire... /ignore . Not much happened. Her mother just can't excite me.

    Noah... hell yea. I can't wait to see him kick some villain butt. The ending, I can't say much. If Angela is really Sylar's mother, then, none can deny that a big part of Heroes is soap opera.


    + Elle
    + Noah
    + Level 5
    + Peter/Jessie twist

    - Hiro
    - Claire
    - Mohinder
  • Spider sense tingling!!!!

    OK, I will try to keep spoilers at the minimum; Sylar gets a new power, Hiro looks for his nemesis, but at the same time struggle with the whole trust thing towards his friend Ando, Nathan gets a big offer now that he's on the spotlight again, and just take a look of who is the messenger, although looks are deceiving.

    Park is still on the desert, and future Peter is still trying to sort the mess he made trying to avoid the other mess, that acording to his mom, he also made.

    Mohinder gets the Spidey special, there are risk on injecting yourself with super powered genes, and guess what? "with great power...." ok, you get the idea.

    We know that Sylar it's a powerful villain, specially on season one, but if he was on a Level Two floor on Primatech, what was on Level 5? We get the scoop today, and furthermore we see them escape...That should keep us busy for a while...

    It's clear so far that there will definitely a lot of changes in our favorites characters, including change in faces, names , powers and even bands, oh yes, get ready, we might even see the Petrelly family get a little big bigger and even more dysfunctional.

    So far so good, but still, to soon to tell.
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