Season 3 Episode 2

The Butterfly Effect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Future Peter realizes he did more damage that he thought to the present. Claire deals with the aftermath of Sylar's attack. Tracy is visited by a reporter who claims he knows something about her past. Mohinder gets closer to Maya but has more concerns.

    The title of the second chapter is full of meaning. The term ''butterfly effect'' has to do with a consequence that happens three years later for something you have done now. More specifically a butterfly's flappig of its wings could result in a whirlwind in the future.
    Sylar leaves from the Bennets and heads to the Company to collect more powers. Elle figures a plan to take down Sylar but she arrives too late as her father ends up dead by Sylar. Elle frees Noah to help her with Sylar. Sylar attacks her and Noah. In an attempt to kill Elle she has an electrical outburst and frees all 12 prisonerz in Level 5 while she knocks down Sylar. Noah puts Sylar in the cell while Elle is fired from the Company by the new head; Angela Petrelli. Angela takes some dangerous measures for the greater good; she reveals a deadly secret to Sylar.
    Claire deals with the fact that she can't feel pain anymore and attempts to stand before a running train to see if she can be killed. At that moment, Future Peter flies and saves Claire. Claire asks Peter to teach her how to use her ability offensively but he refuses and leaves. Returning home, she finds her father who has returned only for a while. He tells her he has to go away again because a group of dangerous superpower villains has escaped from Level 5 of the Company and he is the only one who can bring them back (we see some of the villains in this episode and Noah explains their abilities). In return, Noah introduces the person who will protect them if there is another unexpected visit; her biological mother Meredith Gordon (that we met in Chapter 14: Unexpected of volume 1).
    Future Peter is visited by Angela who explains to him that his visit to the present has dire consequences. Nathan's shot had as a consequence Sylar's attack to Claire (and thus the thing our Heroes tried to avoid the most; Sylar to gain Claire's regenerative power). When Peter visits Claire he witnesses her pain by himself. Trying to fix what he has done, he goes to Level 5 in the Company to save Peter but he is told that they have escaped.
    Hiro is still on his mission to retrieve the part pf the formula stolen by Daphne --the speedster-- and together with Ando they go to Paris. There, Hiro reveals to Ando the dark future he visited in the last chapter and how Ando killed Hiro. Meanwhile, Hiro tries to negotiate with Daphne but with not much luck. Daphne takes off to Berlin, Germany to retrieve the second part of the formula and Hiro has a tracker on her.
    Matt is in the desert and is rescued by a man. He tells him he is in Africa and that Matt has a spirit walk to go through before he returns to USA.
    Tracy convinces the Governor to count Nathan as the new Senator. She visits Nathan and after an intervention by Linderman and future Peter (who revealed his true identity) Nathan accepts Tracy's offer. Meanwhile, a reporter faces Tracy and reveals he has secrets about Tracy. Appearantly he has found a website with someone looking like her (Niki's stripping website seen in chapter 1: In his own image of volume 1) and a video of her and Nathan having sex (seen in chapter 4: collision of volume 1). In a moment of panic, Tracy exhibits her power of freezing and freezes the report who is shattered. Mohinder has tested his new formula and recognizes many differences. He has strength, stamina, speed and he is able to walk on walls. Maya is fascinated by this discovery but still has her doubts. Mohinder and Maya come closer together. In the end however Mohinder realizes that this power may come with some unexpected consequences; a strange affliction to his skin.
    Overall an excellent episode which is put smoothly together with the previous chapter. Key facts: Tracy's power which proves she is not in fact Niki Sanders. Linderman turns out to be only visible to Nathan for some reason. Sylar has acquired one more power and Angela reveals his "true identity" which won't be confirmed until the very end of this volume. Enjoy!
  • A big step up from the last episode.

    Well we learn a lot of things in this episode, it turns out Tracy isn't really Nikki, she really is Tracy. How would that work, I like her power too, amazing! Elle reprises her role which I didn't expect her doing, I like to see that peter still cares for Elle, when he goes over to her after she had a nervous breakdown with her powers. Nathan's plot was just annoying. Claire's plot was great & leaves a cliffhanger, her mother returns, Claire feels no pain! HRG returns. Matt is stuck in Africa, Ando & Hiro search for Daphne, I love her character by the way. Amazing episode! The Future Peter rocks!
  • Step on one butterfly today, kill hundreds of people in the future :)

    Angela Petrelli enters the Company's basement floor 5, where she sees Hiro Nakamura with his sword through his heart, Matt Parkman with his throat slit, Knox pulling Claire Bennet's head off, and Noah Bennet and Peter Petrelli also killed. She then sees Adam Monroe, a woman resembling Niki Sanders and Tracy Strauss, and Maury Parkman, when Sylar puts his hand on Angela's shoulder from behind. Angela wakes up to realize this was a dream.

    Claire Bennet realizes that she no longer feels pain when injured, which she felt was all that remained of her humanity. Claire films herself trying to be hit by a train, but Future Peter, masquerading as Present Peter, intervenes before the impact; he then says that she needs to be careful, but that he also has to be careful with what he says to her, and then teleports away.

    Meanwhile, two Company agents, Bianca Karina and Gael Cruz, attempt to capture Sylar. One fires a taser at him. He recovers and kills them both with a small hand gesture.

    Tracy enters Nathan's hospital room to offer him a seat on the Senate. Nathan believes that Tracy is Niki Sanders, but she insists that she is not. Tracy leaves, somewhat disturbed, and Linderman appears, confirming that Tracy is not Niki, and advising Nathan to accept Tracy's offer.

    At the Company, Elle Bishop finds her father, Bob's body with his brain removed. She then lets Noah out of his cell on Level 5, giving him a gun and telling him that Sylar is in the building. As Noah steps out of the room, Elle is telekinetically thrown down the hall by Sylar, so Noah shoots him several times. However, Sylar regenerates and explains that he's already taken Claire's power. After Sylar flings Noah away, he attempts to take Elle's power by cutting her head open. Elle screams and releases a large electrical discharge that knocks Sylar out and allows the Level 5 prisoners to escape their electronically locked cells.

    Future Peter explains to Nathan that he is actually from the future and came to the present to stop him from revealing their powers and prevent the future he came from. Nathan then decides to ask Future Peter if he should accept Tracy's offer, but Future Peter tells him only to make the decision himself. Nathan proceeds to call Tracy and accept her offer as Future Peter leaves.

    Tracy, walking to her car in the parking garage, is confronted by a reporter, (cameo by "Hero" William Katt), who tries to blackmail her to get her to admit she is Niki, a stripper from Las Vegas. An angry Tracy grabs him, and her emotions trigger her ability of cryokinesis. She accidentally freezes him solid, and he shatters on the ground, dead. Tracy, horrified, flees the scene as the reporter melts down a storm drain.

    Later, Nathan is playing a game of chess with Linderman when a nurse comes in to tell him it is time for lights out, and she comments that he can end a game of chess he's playing by himself. Linderman then reveals that only Nathan can see him.

    Hiro and Ando travel to Daphne's apartment in Paris, looking for the formula that she stole. Hiro notices an award of Daphne's for a track meet from when she was young. When Daphne arrives, Hiro offers her the award, which he has now stolen from her, in exchange for the formula. Daphne pretends to agree to the trade, but then attempts to take both items. Hiro stops time, but she holds a knife to Ando's throat, since Ando cannot move, and starts to make a cut. Hiro allows her to get away with both items, but when time resumes, he explains to Ando about the tracking device he had slipped into the award. Ando, however, is notices his neck is bleeding, and is astonished that Hiro let him get hurt.

    Maya returns to Mohinder's lab, and witnesses him hanging from the ceiling by his legs. She watches as he jumps down, unharmed, and climbs back up the wall, in an insect type of fashion, and after he explains his new powers, Maya expresses her excitement with the results of his new transformation. They then kiss passionately after Mohinder makes an uncharacteristically rash pass at her.

    With Bob's death, Angela becomes the new head of the Company, and her first act is to implement some changes, starting with firing Elle. Noah Bennet, now released, returns to his home and finds Claire, alive. Though relieved to see her, he tells her that he can't stay at home because of the escaped villains and prepares to deal with them, shooting down Claire's offer to partner up. When Claire mentions the possibility of being attacked at home, Noah tells her that he had considered that; to make sure Claire stays safe at home, Noah and Sandra reveal their enlistment of the aid of none other than Meredith Gordon, Claire's biological mother, to protect the family in Noah's absence.

    Future Peter teleports to Level 5, where Angela angrily informs him that the villains have escaped. Future Peter wonders how this happened different from his time, and also exclaims that he had trapped the present Peter in the body of one of the escaped villains specifically because this didn't occur in his timeline. Angela berates him about the butterfly Effect and blames him for the deviations he has caused from the future she has seen.

    Peter Petrelli, trapped in the body of Jesse Murphy, is forced to accompany the other villains in order not to compromise his true identity. As Flint burns a man alive, and Knox punches a man to death, Peter is forced to watch helplessly.

    Mohinder wakes up, next to Maya, and appears to be feeling unwell. He goes to the bathroom and washes his face, and we see a strange affliction to his skin, which appears to be forming amber-colored scales. He questions, "What's happening to me?", as this seems to be an effect of the injection he gave himself to give himself powers.

    Angela Petrelli ends the episode by going into the cell Sylar occupies and offers him the comforts that a mother should provide for a child. Sylar denies that Angela is his mother, but Angela persists that she is.
  • Heroes is back with a bang!

    This was the best episode of Heroes since Five Years gone I really enjoying Heroes and this episode was just awesome to watch. Poor Bob... not. Actually though Elle was going to die so glad she didnt I was about to go crazy if Sylar would have killed her I would have been mad. Like the new speedster shes fun. Really glad to see Linderman back and I like the twist with him being ghostly. Tracy (cough cough Niki) her power was such a shocker and so cool, best CGI I have seen on a show ever. The ending to this episode was crazy I was like Oh my god!!! cant wait to se more of this show. This is going to be the best season yet.
  • Sounds like a title of a bad movie.

    The fun continues into the third Epsiode. Syler opens Claire's head other than that she didn't want to kill her. Later, she tries to test her powers by trying to get hit by a train. Matt is still out in the desert looking at a California turtle until he meets someone who can change his life. Matt will be out there for a while. Meanwhile, Syler returns to the Company and as a result they released 12 criminals with super powers. With the first season sounds a Avenger comic book, the third season sounds more like "the X-Men" in dividing those with super powers into the good mutants and the evil mutants.
  • Oh My God!!!

    This was the best episode of Heroes since Five Years gone I really enjoying Heroes and this episode was just awesome to watch. Poor Bob... not. Actually though Elle was going to die so glad she didnt I was about to go crazy if Sylar would have killed her I would have been mad. Like the new speedster shes fun. Really glad to see Linderman back and I like the twist with him being ghostly. Tracy (cough cough Niki) her power was such a shocker and so cool, best CGI I have seen on a show ever. The ending to this episode was crazy I was like Oh my god!!! cant wait to se more of this show. This is going to be the best season yet.
  • Adventurous!

    This episode is really great! It's full of action and plot twists, exactly how I like it!
    I love that Tracy storyline, it's really great! So, she has powers too, she can freeze.. well seems like she can freeze people! The scene when she killed that reporter is really great! And seems like Nathan and Tracy will be spending a lot of time together on the show, that's really great!
    So, the villains escaped. I loved the scene where Elle exploded with all that lightning! Those villains look awesome! That one with blue flames is really a psycho, he burned that women on the gas station just like that. The German seems to have a cool power. And Knox too! And poor Matt is in Africa! :) And present Peter is in Jess's body. Will he do anything to stop those villains or will he stay put so he doesn't blow up his cover? Hm.. :)
    And Angela is Sylar's mom! Wow! And yeah.. Mohinder has a really cool power!
    I can't wait for another episode! :)
  • Elle loses her father as she lets lose every prisoner the Company had on level 5.

    In a most solid follow-up to the season premiere, armed with Claire's ability Sylar seeks revenge on the Company itself as he takes the life of one Bob Bishop and daughter Elle as well, unfortunately for him her power allows her last minute escape from certain death, unfortunately for the Company the pulse also allows the escape of evert major prisoner on level 5 of the Company and thus Elle is dismissed by none other than the new boss herself: Angela Petrelli.

    From the daughter without a father to the fathers without a daughter Mohinder's new power finally kicks-in as Matt finally makes contact with the only living being in the desert Peter put him in a desperate effort to prevent Claire from suffering a future than can't be worst than the one she's experiencing right now so, in order to help her cope, Noah brings in her firestarter mother to teach their daughter how to fight back.
  • While Part 1 of this third season premiere left me excited and amped for more, in no way did I expect the heightened intensity and shocking reveals of The Butterfly Effect.

    WARNING: Spoilers contained within

    While Part 1 of this third season premiere left me excited and amped for more, in no way did I expect the heightened intensity and shocking reveals of The Butterfly Effect. This episode gives us an even greater feel as to what this season will be about and who the key players will be. Volume 1 gave us the bomb and Volume 2 threatened the world with a deadly virus. Volume 3 takes the danger and complexity to a whole new level. Not only do we have the mysterious formula Hiro is trying to protect, but the added elements of the deadly escaped villains and Mohinder's discovery raise the tension to an unprecedented level for Heroes. Add to that mix future Peter's involvement and present Peter's plight and you have the perfect recipe for a season that is going to be mind blowing to say the least. Zachary Quinto (Sylar) is absolutely fantastic in these first two episodes bringing even more depth to this frightening yet captivating character. At the end of the episode we are left with the most shocking Heroes revelation yet, and it just might change everything we ever thought about Sylar and the direction of the whole series. If Angela is telling the truth (and I have no reason to believe she's not), then I am anticipating a good twin/bad twin scenario between Peter and Sylar with implications that I can't even begin to comprehend. There are also numerous other developments that once again left me wide-eyed. We still know nothing about Tracy Strauss, but her ability is really, really cool (haha). This whole Nathan and Linderman thing has a Hurly/ Dave sort of feel to it, and I'm really not sure what to make of it yet. Its obvious Nathan is imagining Linderman in his head, but why? We know Linderman is dead, but really..Has that ever mattered in this show before? I loved the scene where Sylar helps the villains escape and especially his confrontation with Elle. Poor, poor Elle. I am totally bummed that Bob is gone and I always felt his character brought so much to the show. Present Peter is now stuck in a villain's body and who knows what kind of craziness this will lead to in coming weeks. Hiro and Ando's relationship is suffering because of Hiro's short jaunt to the future where he witnessed future Ando strike future Hiro dead with red lightning. CRAZY!! I cannot wait to see where this story takes us. And let's not forget Matt Parkman who has been wandering aimlessly around Africa of all places. Matt's new acquaintance seems to be another painter of the future (like Isaac Mendez) and his introduction is both hilarious and eye-opening. Two episodes in and I already feel like Season 3 has given us more action, suspense, mystery, conspiracy, and character development than Season 2 ever dreamed of. Part 1 of this premiere exceeded my expectations, but Part 2 absolutely floored me. Two down and eleven to go before we reach the end of Volume 3. I can't even begin to imagine the insanity that awaits us with each new chapter. Monday can not come soon enough…
  • OMG.......( spoilers)

    This episode rly shows heroes is back on track.
    The best show ull ever see in ur life.
    I rly love this show cause it keeps u thinking thinking and thinking!!!!!
    Cant w8 for next week. I hope sylar stays bad ass as he is love his personality. And plz no more heroes the present heroes r enough. and the new power of niki rly suits her greatly. I rly also hope that jess will be a bad disaster to all as HRG said, cause he is in favorite character dept, PETER PETRELLIII!!!!!!!.
    CAnt w8 for the nxt episode cant!!! Heroes IS THE BEST.
  • Another awesome episode!

    What a great start to the season, if this season continues like this i will a very happy man! I forgot to say in my last review how awesome it was when hiro had a look in the future and it did seem to be the end of the wolrd, it kooked fantastic! But this epi was awesome, mohinder has got spiderman abilities which looked great, we saw mamma petrelli power in use and tat was ace, sylar goes to level 5 to pick up some new abilities but has a bit of trouble, and peter is trapped in a villains body which the way they did that was amazin, hiro goes after dalpne which was really funny and great, and the cliffhanger was soo huge and aewsome it leaves u counting down the days till episode 3, and i cant wait cz it looks great as usual, so till then bye bye and heroes rocks.
  • Wow it just keeps getting more exciting

    I just can't get enough of this show. It's incredible the amount of twists we have seen in it and season 3 opener is not the difference.I like Hiro's nemesis I think there will be and interesting story there. And Sylar is just the best I love him as a villian and now it seems he is part of the Petrelli clan. He is related to Peter , Nathan even Claire.I wonder how a familly reunion would turn out . All Petrellis at the table eating dinner , umm probably not to good cause Sylar would probably be trying to eat his realtives brains. Anyway I also was very surprised by Bob's death I didn't see that coming it was quiet a shock. We are introduced to a new hero in Africa who helps Matt. Angela steps in as the Company leader after the massive escape of villians from level 5 kicking out Elle along the way. I wonder how will Elle act next since everything she had and worked so hard for is taken away from her. We also see an evil future Ando , Claire's biological mother returning to the show , a lady who looks a lot like Nikki Saunders but with different powers and personality , an invisible Linderman,and Mohinder suffering from his powers side effects . We didn't see nothing about Micah and Monica , Adam or Molly but there will be time for that for sure. All in all it was a great start and a rollercoaster of emotions expects us this season !
  • One son, two son, three sons, more?

    Well, this was a pretty revealing episode. It seems as though Mama Petrelli has been keeping pretty mum the last few seasons about her ability. The ability to see the future. It would have been more awesome if we didn't already have a junkie that could paint the future, however, her dreams are pretty detailed. Big shocker, we find out that Mama Petrelli has three sons one being Sylar. Awww I bet she's proud at how that one turned out. Anyway ... excellent twist there. Elle has never been my favorite character, too cocky and spoiled. She gets her life turned upside down when Syler kills her daddy and takes his Midus Touch power. She gets fired by the next in line. HAH ... Take that Elle. I love it that Elle is getting the boot and Mama Patrelli is taking over. Excellent touch, and terrific acting by Mama P. The only problem I have with the show thus far, is it seems to flip flop between how difficult it is to catch and hold Sylar, to incredibly lucky situations where he is captured. While Sylar isn't elusive, our happy scientist is, with his fly-like abilities that were created from the Maya injection juice. I think Mohinder is going to really freak us out this season. He's been so mild-mannered. I think we'll see him cut loose.Another absorbing episode, can't wait for next week!!!
  • wow

    I have to go back and rewatch cause I feel like U missed some important details but I was into the whole thing it was amazing.. I missed about 15 minutes while i was cooking so I need to make sure that wasn't important information i needed to know. I just started watching heroes I am very intrigued and in awe with direction they are going in . I like the unpredictability going on. Not many shows still have and edge of mystery in the plot .This is a very cool show that will always have a cult following like every great show that really spins teh imagination into reality
  • Villians on Level Five are released. Starring: Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Ali Larter, James Kyson Lee, Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Christine Rose, and Milo Ventimiglia. Special Guest Star Kristen Bell

    One of the top episodes of the series. This was the second part to the premire episode. I really enjoyed the episode, and it was much better than the first part of the episode. I really loved that Elle (special guest star Kristen Bell) came back into this episode, and man does she have a lot more power than any of us actually realized. (Kristen please come back in regular status!) Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) going to Paris to stop Daphne (guest star Brea Grant) could maybe have done a little bit better, but a good job. Matt (Greg Grunberg) being stuck somewhere in Africa isn't a good storyline and i hope it gets resolved faster than Hiro in Japan did. The return of Meredith (guest star Jessalyn Gilsig) was awesome, and a great moment for HRG (Jack Coleman), Lyle (guest star Randall Bentley), Sandra (guest star Ashley Crow), and Claire (Hayden Panettiere). Now i only wonder what happened to Niki (Ali Larter), Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey), and Monica (Dana Davis)? I know that Tracy (Ali Larter) is here, but is she another Jessica or Gina?
  • Freakin' sweet!

    A whole lot better than "The Second Coming" which makes it all the better. More action, more powers, more excitement - I love it! But did we need a Maya/Mohinder sex scene? Very un-Heroes, anyway...

    I do not get the ratings struggle - if you call yourself a proper fan of a show but give up after 11 episodes because the storylines were not up to stracth is pathetic. Just ignore Season 2 just like how many "fans" ignore Season 3 of Prison Break and Season 2 of Desperate Housewives?? I know or Season 7 of Friends. It's just beyond me how people can be so critical - it was only 11 episodes of Season 2 and the criticism of Season 3 I don't get.
  • Just as fast paced as most of Season 1.

    Bashing Season 2 is one thing you will probably find on all my reviews. It was just that awful. It wonder if the number 2 is a curse for TV/Movies, as we so often have seen.

    Anyway, things get in motion again. Several storylines happening at the same time, with separate characters developing. We have the Hiro/Ando team again, with some interesting possibilities for the future. We also have Matt getting ready for some adventures. Another one who can paint the future (thankfully, it was an interesting pull of the first season).

    Sylar finally gets the power he coverts the most, and starts putting it to use. I'm curious to see how this will turn out. Either he will destroy himself at some point (explosion is ok too), turn into a good guy (maybe some kind of dark hero), or will be buried alive (Adam anyone ?). Turning Sylar into a dark hero definitively gets my vote. Very good actor, on a role with lots of possibilities.

    Tracy is a character that really draws my curiosity. Is she just another personality, or a completely different person ? Nicky did have a twin sister, so it is entirely possible their were triplets. Or maybe more ? Too soon to tell.

    All things considered, Season 3 holds some nice promises.
  • excellent

    Just in case the third season premiere wasn't enough, there's a double helping of Heroes in one night!!! It's never happened before but what do I care? It was exciting. And what can I say, it was so good, it's an example of what makes Heroes, Heroes. It's great for the show to be back. The Butterfly Effect takes place right after Second Coming. Future Peter is still mindlessly wandering the present, despite that Nathan surrendered giving the disasterous hero-reveal speech. Too bad he had no idea what he was doing and something his present Mom admonishes him over. Apparently, the Nathan speech was supposed to happen or it was a big enough event so that when Future Peter voided the event, it triggered a catacyclismic ripple so that an alternate and possibly deadlier future can happen. For instance, Sylar stealing Claire's power was never supposed to happen. Now that it did happen, Future Peter realizes how deadlier the game's gotten. And it also makes me realize that colder and ruthless Future Peter will stick around awhile while Real Peter's imprisoned in a body that's not his. Future Peter works to resolve his error by talking to Claire and Nathan and oddly, even after knowing it was Future Peter, Nathan never asked where his real brother was. The rest of the heroes aren't having a much better time. Angela Petrelli "dreams" of villains, including Adam/Kensei and Jessica? or Tracey?, joining together. Claire is still reeling from the aftermath of the Sylar attack and a bigger problem is that now, she's beginning to lose pain, the only thing, in her words, that made her know she's still human. Elle and Bob return (Yea!) with Elle asking why her father doesn't trust her. Too bad that's the last conversation she has with her dad. Sylar storms into the Company's Sector Five, where the top superpowered villains are, where Peter is still trapped inside Jesse's body, and where Noah (HRG) is imprisoned, as part of his deal with Bob that the company wouldn't go after his family. Sylar breaks in, murders Bob to Elle's shock (and in some ways, I will miss Bob as a villain), and Elle frees Noah to try and help her. Noah shoots Sylar only to find that yes, he stole Claire's power. Sylar incompasitates Elle and tries to slice open her brain to get to her powers, only to be severally electrocuted. Unfortunately, the blast knocks the power out and the Sector Five baddies, including Jesse/Real Peter, escape. Angela furthers her moral ambiguities by quickly becoming the new head of The Company and she does have old connections to it to have that taken into action, fires Elle to Elle's shock, and Elle is left seen storming out of the building. Hopefully, this isn't the last time we see Elle. Back in New York, Mohinder flaunts his newly aquired abilities in a scene oddly familiar to both Spiderman and the 1986 version of The Fly. And if anyone's seen that, they know how disgusting and messed up that played out. And Mohinder seems to be exhibiting similiar behaviors to Seth Brundle: super strength, super aerobics, and his inhibitions are disabled as he hits on Maya. The endscene with Mohinder, with his skin peeling off and in a normal tone asking what has he done, shows that of course he messed with something that shouldn't be messed with and it will end terribly. Matt makes his way through Africa and encounters a mysterious and sometimes quirky sage who has forseen Matt's arrival and knows what's going to happen. There's more detail into "Tracey" and apparently she's been in the game for some time and is her lover politician's advisor. She seems unaware of Nikki when anyone says she looks exactly like Nikki or when a shady reporter digs up a couple old photos of "Jessica". Is Tracey Nikki? It's hard to say. It only confuses matters when Tracey freezes the shady reporter into icy bits. Nikki never had that ability. A few theories is that she's not Nikki and Nikki is buried back in New Orleans or she is another split-personality of Nikki's and Nikki somehow acquired a new power, possibly a Company conspiracy involving the formula. Meanwhile in Paris, Hiro and Ando hope to trap Daphne to make her surrender the formula and Ando is confused as to why Hiro is giving him the cold shoulder after Hiro foresaw Ando zapping him to death. Nathan is offered a senatorial postion by Tracey and he ponders it over with a little help from Linderman. Or is it Linderman? It doesn't help when it's revealed that no one but Nathan can see him. Noah briefly returns home and warns Claire of the dangerous Sector Five criminals let loose and why he must stop them. Real Peter/Jesse is trapped hanging around Jesse's criminal friends and seeing the agregious things these people commit. Micah is still noticeably absent. A few revelations of the night: Daphne is working for someone, Linderman/Not Linderman is still in question, and probably the big revelation of the night or was it a revelation?, was Angela telling an incompacitated Sylar that she is his mother!!!! Is is true or was she psychologically messing with him? Hard to say but it is somewhat plausible because Angela has copped to an affair with Hiro's father and exactly how many more men did she sleep with? At best, Sylar is Peter and Nathan's half-brother. And Sylar does have the Petrelli dark hair. Personally, I'm hoping she's messing with him because the former option is just way too creepy and unnerving to think about. What can I say about the episode except it was awesome. Exactly what Heroes needs to be. There will be more hero/villain ambiguities as the season goes on and hopefully, many can come back and enjoy the series.
  • Feels like Heroes is back! This episode had the same story and direction which made you to keep looking at the tv without moving an inch from your seats.

    Feels like Heroes is back! This episode had the same story and direction which made you to keep looking at the tv without moving an inch from your seats. Never ever got this feeling while watching the season II episodes, and even the first episode of this season wasn't great. But this episode kind of changes it all. I feel the next few episodes are going to be good as with the introduction of four new baddies, things can only get exciting! I am glad the writers decided to get the story line back on track, instead of showing romances and what not as in the last season!
  • Can't get weirder than that..

    In the future, Claire is alive and well but wants Peter's head on a plate so he goes back into the past to fix everything.. or at least try..

    So Sylar got back his power and pops out in Claire's house. He can push her into the wall but can't break her closet door?
    Ok, so now he's invincible. And after all this time trying to save the cheerleader.. Sylar gets her power easily and leaves without killing her. He says he can't kill her but cutting her head out of her body would do it, I think. So after all tha trouble of protecting her, she didn't really need to be saved, since she cannnot die...

    The future Peter can send others to different places including other people's bodies? Wow..

    Hmm, So Bob was killed by Sylar, Micah and her cousin have been written off and Nikki, now Tracy is doing "business" with the governor? And apparently her new personality, Tracy, has some kind of freezing ability..

    Linderman is a ghost and only Nathan can see him? And now he's some kind of God fanatic... oh man.. hope it doesn't last long.

    Claire is facing some major depression, now that she's not feeling pain anymore.
    She wanted future Peter to teach her to fight or something like it.. but she only got healing factor, she can't do more than that. Not like him anyways..

    Elle now has nowhere to go and since Angella didn't see her in her dreams as a super villain, I think the writters are gonna turn her into a good girl.. hmm..

    So the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse (lol) are free and Peter is among them.. not to mention that Angela Petrelli seems to be Sylar's real mom.. how nice..

    More weird things next...
  • Exactly what we've been waiting for!

    Bejaysus, wasn't that episode exhausting?! I'm too tired to write up a full review so here are a few snippets:

    ~ Firstly, Maya is officially the hottest Hero on the show. She was absolutely stunning in the opening moments of the episode. Phwoar!

    ~ What a tantalizing, grisly dream sequence from mamma Petrelli. Seeing a skewered Hiro and a decapitated Claire sent a chill down my spine. It was masterfully handled and genuinely chilling.

    ~ Mohinder's scenes were unintentionally hilarious. A useless character given some cool abilities. Let's hope they mix and create a half-way interesting character in the future, eh?

    ~ Hurray! Elle is back! I really enjoyed her little dark phoenix outburst. So, she really can stop Sylar. Interesting.

    ~ ROFL @ the video footage of Sylar taking down two detectives!

    ~ There were quite a number of powers on display this episode, the budget must have been a big one. A wonderful FX shot of Peter saving Claire from becoming mashed patatos.

    ~ The biggest WTF moment had to be Tracey's shocking ability. It looked fantastic and there were definite shades of T2 here, I could almost here the same score during these scenes.

    ~ Hiro's storyline didn't quite click for me here, although his scenes with Ando, and their references galore, as always, proved to be entertaining.

    So, this was one wicked episode! It seemed to throw everything but the kitchen sink into one jam-packed hour! While the ending may not convince, this is the kind of stuff we've been waiting for from this series for two years now! Bring on the next episode!
  • Review

    Mohinder started off this episode with a bang, literally. I still think he is going to have the best storyline for this season. Just the fact that he has always been there as a support for our Heroes and now he has the powers he has always told everything that he was going to try and isolate and control. I sense Mohinder using his new-found power to become a villan. I don't think he will be able to control it and in the end I think he will met his match and fall victim to one of the good Heroes. Very interested to still see Future Peter around, didn't think he would last this long. Present Peter is now out with the rest of Level 5, which should provide for some interesting drama. It seems he can't use his powers when in the body of another person, maybe something that Future Peter picked up along the way somehwere. The twist at the end of the epsisode was bad, to be honest. Didn't like that Syler is now the brother of Nathan/Peter. It throws off the whole dynamic of the show, for me. It was a twist that wasn't needed for any reaosn. It doesn't enhance any relaitonship, in my eyes. And if Sylar turns good...bad storywriting. He's evil.
  • Spider sense tingling!!!!

    OK, I will try to keep spoilers at the minimum; Sylar gets a new power, Hiro looks for his nemesis, but at the same time struggle with the whole trust thing towards his friend Ando, Nathan gets a big offer now that he's on the spotlight again, and just take a look of who is the messenger, although looks are deceiving.

    Park is still on the desert, and future Peter is still trying to sort the mess he made trying to avoid the other mess, that acording to his mom, he also made.

    Mohinder gets the Spidey special, there are risk on injecting yourself with super powered genes, and guess what? "with great power...." ok, you get the idea.

    We know that Sylar it's a powerful villain, specially on season one, but if he was on a Level Two floor on Primatech, what was on Level 5? We get the scoop today, and furthermore we see them escape...That should keep us busy for a while...

    It's clear so far that there will definitely a lot of changes in our favorites characters, including change in faces, names , powers and even bands, oh yes, get ready, we might even see the Petrelly family get a little big bigger and even more dysfunctional.

    So far so good, but still, to soon to tell.
  • So we are back with another episode, and darker future then we had before.

    So we are back with another episode, and darker future then we had before. Warning spoilers ahead. Last episode Mohinder injected himself with the serum he got from Maya, which gave him abilities. But what we find out about them this episode is that they are very different from what Maya has. It seems as if Mohinder has gone a bit mad with power from the get go, I hope that he doesn't, because he might have found the only way to reverse the powers. What I really want to know is who the heck Tracy is and why does she look exactly like Niki? Tracy seem's to have the power to freeze people, Niki never had that power. Mohinder seems to have some problems ahead of him as he starts to have some weird side effects. I was a bit happy to see that, because I think it will teach him that what he discovered is dangerous and he should work on finding a cure instead. I just hope whatever it is that is happening to him, he is able to survive. What was really strange to see was the present time Peter in the body of a very dangerous criminal, while the future Peter runs around messing things up worse than they were before. This episode really explains the name of this volume, as a whole ton of villains worse than Sylar are released on the world who were once contained. And at the end of the episode, we are given yet another huge shock, as Angela tell Sylar that she is his mother. I really enjoyed this episode, but it's almost as if there is not enough time in one episode to contain all the different side stories taking place. There are just so many unanswered questions, I think the best thing for this show would be to answer some of the questions and kill off some characters, as it is getting pretty hard to keep track of them all. Not only kill off some characters, but not bring them back as well.
  • A good episode but not a very enjoyable one.

    A considerably weaker episode than 'Second Coming' but full of information and even a shocking revelation.

    Claire's encounter with Sylar has a strange side-effect: she no longer feels pain. This didn't happen originally so it's not what made her scary-Claire from the future, something else obviously did that.

    Angela has a disturbing vision: Hiro stabbed with his own sword, Matt, Peter, Claire being attacked and decapitated. Then a group, one can only assume an alliance of bad guys, Niki (or whoever she is now), Kensei, Parkman and a mysterious black man. Then Sylar comes up behind Angela.

    Angela pays a visit to Future Peter who is doing the whole string-timeline thing that Hiro did. He's definitely not our Peter, both sarcastic and formal - 'mother'. Angela lectures Peter on his actions causing a 'butterfly effect' – he told Claire not to go to Odessa which led to her encounter with Sylar. Which confirms that Future Peter switched with Peter before he even got in the ambulance with Nathan, probably when he 'found' the hat and jacket in the bathroom.

    Mohinder's powers don't end with super strength, he can defy gravity too! Not to mention sex mad! The Mohinder we know and love is gone without a trace. He learns the side-effect of his untested serum – horrific lesions.

    Bob and Elle review a tape of their agents going after Sylar, didn't end well. To say that Bob is an awful father is such an understatement! He uses emotional abuse as his weapon to control Elle and she allows it, he dominates her completely.

    I always loved the friendship between Hiro and Ando, and it's terrible to see Hiro being paranoid around Ando. Daphne seems to be quite the thief – what looks suspiciously like the Mona Lisa, golden Egyptian statues etc. Hiro finally tells Ando about his future self.

    Finally get a name for both Niki and her mystery politician: her name is 'Tracy Strauss' and he's Governor Malden. Is this really Niki? She's not acting like some temporary personality, she's acting like a real person and seems to have established herself with Malden. Malden tells her to contact Nathan, so we'll soon find out who she is. Then a reporter confronts Tracy with a photo of Niki. Nathan's reaction on seeing Tracy is hilarious! "Speaking of sin…" ; "The word 'biblically' comes to mind." According to Linderman, she really isn't Niki.

    Claire goes all 'why am I here?' and tries to get hit by a train. She obviously does mean a lot to Peter because he (literally) swoops in to save her. Guess someone's feeling guilty. Claire's realized the obvious – she needs to learn to defend herself and who better than her uncle to teach her, he's stopped Sylar before. Peter refuses, having already changed the past.

    Sylar arrives at the Company's facility and wastes no time – he takes Bob's power – turn objects into gold! Elle goes to the most obvious ally in the building – Bennet. Problem is: Sylar is now unstoppable. But seems Elle's power really is as unstable as it looks – Sylar's attempt to cut her head open releases an explosion! Peter (trapped inside prisoner 'Jesse's body) checks on Elle then escapes with the others. Elle's blast actually knocked Sylar out so he's a prisoner again. With Bob dead, Angela's in charge. A dozen prisoners escaped including Bennet. Elle's fired!

    I would have thought that if anyone could tell this wasn't our Peter, it would be Nathan – he's Peter's best friend, not just his brother! Peter comes clean about shooting Nathan. After talking to Peter, Nathan takes the position of Junior Senator for New York. Linderman is invisible?! Is he dead? Or immortal like Claire and Kensei?

    And moments later, the dogged reporter shows Tracy the tape of Niki/Jessica having sex with Nathan… which will explain a lot of Nathan's reaction to her. Any doubt that this isn't Niki is gone – she can control ice! And what's even more interesting – she obviously doesn't know about her powers! She's must be related to Niki somehow, this isn't just a resemblance, she's Special too. Sister, cousin?? Where's Niki?!

    Poor Matt is in Africa! And he meets a guy who also paints the future and knows his name.

    Bennet goes home to Claire but has a new mission – the prisoners who escaped. And he's assigning a surprise bodyguard – Claire's mother! Never thought we'd see her again, wonder how much they had to pay her to do it?

    Future Peter comes to restore Peter only to find Sylar captured and 'Jesse' missing. Our Peter is running with an incredibly dangerous crowd who kill people for fun. Does he still have his powers or is he limited to the powers that Jesse has? Peter did leave a message for Nathan, hopefully Nathan gets it and does something!

    Most shocking reveal? Angela is Sylar's mother!!! Which means he is either brother or half-brother to both Peter and Nathan!! Certainly explains why his mother didn't have powers when everyone else's parents did. It's obvious where this is going: "Brother vs Brother… it's almost biblical."

    The biggest problem with this episode is that it doesn't really drive the 'future' storyline like the previous two seasons did. This episode feels isolated, more filling in gaps and characters than being important to the overall story. Plus, don't like where the stories are headed right now, there's not a single one that feels right. Hopefully this is early season teething problems and it will sort itself out.
  • One of the best Heroes episodes ever, in my book.

    One of the best Heroes episodes ever, in my book.

    I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and even afterwards when I kept saying to myself how good this premiere was. We got Future Peter, Future Ando, Future Hiro and Future Claire. We got new abilities and abilities we've seen before, only in a different way. We saw characters return, including Linderman, whose first line in the episode made me grin.

    It had a lot of nods to the first season and I loved them. Heroes made a great return with this episode, tying up several storylines such as what Sylar does with the brains and some of the small things seen at the end of season two.
  • Great episode

    I love this show. This was a fun episode. The new power of Nikki/Jessica/Tracy is cool (pun intended). I still can't believe that Ando would betray Hiro. And it was funny that Mohinder's new power, in addition to the strength and athleticism, is superpowered horniness. Let's see him get laid when he's oozing.

    Future Peter seems to have mastered a number of powers. I would love to see a showdown between him and Sylar again. We saw a foreshadow of their power last season, but Future Peter seems like he's even better now.

    I'm severely hooked on this show and I don't care who knows it.
  • We find out who shot Nathan and the premise for series 3

    We finally find out who shot Nathan Petrelli and I must admit it was surprise to me.

    I've not given these first 2 episodes a 10 as some of the plot was a stretch but I'm banking on all the strings being brought together later on in the series - so a solid 9 will do for now. However, the new characters and their addition to the story is exciting. Can't wait to see exactly who turns out to be a villain. Even though we caught a glimpse of who may be the villains, I'm sure the writers have more up their sleeves on that score.

    A good, solid start in my opinion.
  • A Talking Turtle! Exactly why I watch Heroes.

    Although Sylar was caught in this one, he killed off annoying whiny man and almost got the uber-irritating Elle too. Also: Who's his mummy? I cannot get enough of that woman. She is simply delicious in her evil role. So good that I think that if they join forces, the fans will never let them split ways again.

    Finally - some decent exploration on the Sci-Fi angle. The Butterfly Effect will make fascinating viewing - especially after the dream of the future.

    HRG is back! Need we say more?

    Hiro and Ando are having difficulties in their relationship. Oh - like I care if Ando lives or dies.

    Split personality as a politically powerful ice queen? Now *that* I can live with.

    Mohinder's gratuitous sex scene was sad. And so was his whining about his new powers. Grow up. Clare's "if I can't feel anything am I still human" tosh was pathetic and underlines exactly why the writers behind her story line should be replaced (at the very least). sob sob, I'm immortal, sob sob. Pathetic.

    And who can forget the promise of a talking turtle?
  • Studio must have said "if you mess this up producers and writers (like season 2) we will blast you into the sun, if the fans dont get to you fist"

    After the then slow first half and then great second part of season 1, I was looking forward along with a just a few million peep over season 2!

    Pity despite the last ok/good episodes of season 2, I think alot of us were quite hacked off with the direction they went! Giving the big bad to a comic bad buy from Alias (no matter how good an actor he is) and having people tread similar ground (Nikki and Claire please stand up) were among the major crimes!

    But after what must have been much presure from the studio and us the fans, they have come up with season 3!

    The only thing i didnt like about this first two episodes and the idea, is that ANYONE can now get powers! It takes away the whole premise of the 'some special people in this world' but hay it already looks like its going south with poor ol Suresh!

    Saying that its good to give Ando and him both reasons to be something other than somebody's sidekick! Im sure the studio had a big influence in this occuring... probably!

    Im also on the fence with future evil Claire and it just feels too close to her whining and moaning of the first two seasons! From what is advertised in next episode, she hasnt gone away for long.

    Everything else about Villians; the 4 (out of the not all seen 12) naugties, Sylars new found abilities, Matts (funny he thought) conversation with a turtle, Spider Man clone Suresh before turning into the fly rip, Hiros future show, Speedster, Nikki's alter ego, Bobs death, Lindermans (he is real) return and a future arc which doesnt sound like it was pinched from 24!

    The twist between Sylar and Angela was great and its nice to finally find out what the old gals power is! Even if it came out very easily, after all the episodes of us trying to guess!

    Roll on the rest but god i hope they dont use the giving everyone powers crap too much.... its going to start sounding like Xmen (and it already is a nice rip of that show in the first place)!
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