Season 3 Episode 2

The Butterfly Effect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Spider sense tingling!!!!

    OK, I will try to keep spoilers at the minimum; Sylar gets a new power, Hiro looks for his nemesis, but at the same time struggle with the whole trust thing towards his friend Ando, Nathan gets a big offer now that he's on the spotlight again, and just take a look of who is the messenger, although looks are deceiving.

    Park is still on the desert, and future Peter is still trying to sort the mess he made trying to avoid the other mess, that acording to his mom, he also made.

    Mohinder gets the Spidey special, there are risk on injecting yourself with super powered genes, and guess what? "with great power...." ok, you get the idea.

    We know that Sylar it's a powerful villain, specially on season one, but if he was on a Level Two floor on Primatech, what was on Level 5? We get the scoop today, and furthermore we see them escape...That should keep us busy for a while...

    It's clear so far that there will definitely a lot of changes in our favorites characters, including change in faces, names , powers and even bands, oh yes, get ready, we might even see the Petrelly family get a little big bigger and even more dysfunctional.

    So far so good, but still, to soon to tell.
  • Nice improvement over the premiere.

    I liked this episode, but there were certain plot points that are still really weak. Especially Hiro's "quest" or whatever. It's just not intriguing at all. Same goes for Mohinder. How can such a smart man be so friggin STUPID????

    Ok, but lets put that aside, it was a good episode. Loved the start, the way the villains escaped was brilliant, really suspensful. I really liked Elle this episode , but what a shame they killed Bob. ALREADY! Bascially with him, season 2 died. Season 2 is now basically non existant, and you can ignore it. One thing I'm glad about is how they tricked us into thinking Linderman's back. I was happy that he turned out to be a vision for Nathan. Speaking of which.. Nikki.. or Tracey... whatever.... wow. So I didn't see that ice thingy coming and it was disturbing. However, It's getting really annoying that everyone seems to have powers. It's just not special anymore.

    Claire... /ignore . Not much happened. Her mother just can't excite me.

    Noah... hell yea. I can't wait to see him kick some villain butt. The ending, I can't say much. If Angela is really Sylar's mother, then, none can deny that a big part of Heroes is soap opera.


    + Elle
    + Noah
    + Level 5
    + Peter/Jessie twist

    - Hiro
    - Claire
    - Mohinder
  • Getting better

    Now this is what we wanted with the premiere. Every minute I was glued to my seat wanting more. With yet another city at stake I was really hoping for something more exciting to look forward to. Enter the Level 5 disaster. So far each of the escapees seem to be your average run of the mill baddies, but lets hope they can flesh out their back story in the coming weeks as they did with Sylar and Adam.

    I do feel like some of the writing seems to be a little off though. Mohinder is a smart guy, yet here he is injecting himself, hoping to receive a power with which he'll avenge his father. For a scientist I just expect him to take his time with it rather than taking a huge risk.

    Hiro's storyline seemed pretty cool at first, but I'm starting to have second thoughts. I originally liked the idea of including the Speedster girl, thinking they could make a pretty cool pair, relationship wise. However his whole 'Destiny' thing is getting out of hand and it sounds like the writers just threw something together for him to do.

    Definitely a step up from the last episode, but I need to see a few more changes happen before I'm officially hooked on season three.
  • Well, that was...epically disappointing. I mean...wow.

    Well, that was...epically disappointing. I mean...wow. Who writes this garbage? It was so rushed and haphazardly put together that my head was spinning from the leaps of non-logic and the vain attempt to suspend disbelief. Nathan's rose-from-the-dead, hallucinating-Linderman, Jesus-freak storyline, Hiro's "I'm feeling bored and inadequate, so I will do something very stupid and rash and completely out of character and world-endangering" storyline, Mohinder's "I'm feeling bored and inadequate, so I will do something very stupid and rash and completely out of character and world-endangering" storyline (version Turning Into A Bug Or Something). Future!Peter's lame "Once more, travel through time and screw things up" plotline, Hiro's lame "Once more, travel through time and conveniently witness coming Apocalypse so as to try and avert it" plotline, and can't they figure out how to do anything in a world of superheroes and sordid past mysteries (still unsolved, by the way!) and infinite possibility **without making it about time travel** anymore? That plot device is so freaking old. Claire's lame "Angst some more about how I'm special and a freak" plotline, and lame "once more argue with HRG about getting involved in dangers things" plotline, Sylar's "inexplicably found out where Claire lived even though he should have had no idea" and "gets immortality and yet somehow gets captured by the Company yet again" plotline, and the painfully stupid "(Luke) Gabriel, I am your (father) mother!" plot twist. Why does everyone have to be related in this show? And Niki/Jessica/Tracy with ice-powers lady. God. Don't even get me started on that mess. Or Elle. Or Maya. Or MATT, the newest person on an "exiled off to some strange foreign land to find himself and be absent from the main storyline for ages and ages" adventure, oh yeah, we've seen how those work out. The utterly careless, pointless way they threw out Angela's "dreams the future" power, like that makes any sense from what we've seen of her and her manipulations, or what we saw of the times Peter used his first power. And still, what the hell was his Dad's power? He must've gotten that, too! The speedster was ridiculous. The new villains were ridiculous. Peter somehow being stuck in one of the new villains' body is ridiculous. The way Future!Peter is still in the past when the entire future is different, and the way that they're portraying time travel and its effects and the ability to see the future is ridiculous. That new African hero or whatever is--well, the character himself isn't ridiculous--YET--but how he's being used is ridiculous, and the "painting the future" shtick is tired. Way tired. And what, did Future!Peter know him or something and send Matt there for some reason? Bringing back Claire's mother at that point and the way they did was ridiculous. Future!Peter treating past!Claire the way he did was ridiculous. Future!Claire looked kind of nifty, but in the previews for the next episode she looked emo and angsty and ridiculous. There is no continuity to this show anymore, in character or in plot. There is no sense of pace, or of timing. It's season three, and still none of the characters have really gotten to KNOW each other, except for the ones who had already known each other all their lives. How about some real character interaction and development, the effects of which last more than one episode? How about answering obvious questions and dilemmas that the audience has already considered, instead of squirming around them with sorry plot devices? Why not stop retconning developments or information given in previous episodes and just stop glossing over it like it was always that way? Why not develop and improve from the last season instead of leapfrogging into the next *ginormous season plot* with zero time for reflection or development on anyone's part, characters or audience? **Why are the writers being so stupid?** They're leaping from the mistake of the last season, *way too slow and too little*, to the exact opposite, *way too fast and too much.* Happy medium, people!! I have absolutely no hope for the rest of the season.
  • Studio must have said "if you mess this up producers and writers (like season 2) we will blast you into the sun, if the fans dont get to you fist"

    After the then slow first half and then great second part of season 1, I was looking forward along with a just a few million peep over season 2!

    Pity despite the last ok/good episodes of season 2, I think alot of us were quite hacked off with the direction they went! Giving the big bad to a comic bad buy from Alias (no matter how good an actor he is) and having people tread similar ground (Nikki and Claire please stand up) were among the major crimes!

    But after what must have been much presure from the studio and us the fans, they have come up with season 3!

    The only thing i didnt like about this first two episodes and the idea, is that ANYONE can now get powers! It takes away the whole premise of the 'some special people in this world' but hay it already looks like its going south with poor ol Suresh!

    Saying that its good to give Ando and him both reasons to be something other than somebody's sidekick! Im sure the studio had a big influence in this occuring... probably!

    Im also on the fence with future evil Claire and it just feels too close to her whining and moaning of the first two seasons! From what is advertised in next episode, she hasnt gone away for long.

    Everything else about Villians; the 4 (out of the not all seen 12) naugties, Sylars new found abilities, Matts (funny he thought) conversation with a turtle, Spider Man clone Suresh before turning into the fly rip, Hiros future show, Speedster, Nikki's alter ego, Bobs death, Lindermans (he is real) return and a future arc which doesnt sound like it was pinched from 24!

    The twist between Sylar and Angela was great and its nice to finally find out what the old gals power is! Even if it came out very easily, after all the episodes of us trying to guess!

    Roll on the rest but god i hope they dont use the giving everyone powers crap too much.... its going to start sounding like Xmen (and it already is a nice rip of that show in the first place)!
  • Wow

    Like I said in my review for episode 1, this was just too much to grasp, I want to watch it all again, I love how much actually happened. Obviously there were mostly new questions, beginnings of new storylines, and very few answers, but it will keep people watching the rest of the season, I hope there will be some resolutions and answers shortly though. I don't want this to become the new Lost with more questions than answers. One resolution or two within the next few episodes for people to stay on the edge of their seats but not feeling unsatisfied.
  • wow

    I have to go back and rewatch cause I feel like U missed some important details but I was into the whole thing it was amazing.. I missed about 15 minutes while i was cooking so I need to make sure that wasn't important information i needed to know. I just started watching heroes I am very intrigued and in awe with direction they are going in . I like the unpredictability going on. Not many shows still have and edge of mystery in the plot .This is a very cool show that will always have a cult following like every great show that really spins teh imagination into reality
  • Review

    Mohinder started off this episode with a bang, literally. I still think he is going to have the best storyline for this season. Just the fact that he has always been there as a support for our Heroes and now he has the powers he has always told everything that he was going to try and isolate and control. I sense Mohinder using his new-found power to become a villan. I don't think he will be able to control it and in the end I think he will met his match and fall victim to one of the good Heroes. Very interested to still see Future Peter around, didn't think he would last this long. Present Peter is now out with the rest of Level 5, which should provide for some interesting drama. It seems he can't use his powers when in the body of another person, maybe something that Future Peter picked up along the way somehwere. The twist at the end of the epsisode was bad, to be honest. Didn't like that Syler is now the brother of Nathan/Peter. It throws off the whole dynamic of the show, for me. It was a twist that wasn't needed for any reaosn. It doesn't enhance any relaitonship, in my eyes. And if Sylar turns good...bad storywriting. He's evil.
  • A Talking Turtle! Exactly why I watch Heroes.

    Although Sylar was caught in this one, he killed off annoying whiny man and almost got the uber-irritating Elle too. Also: Who's his mummy? I cannot get enough of that woman. She is simply delicious in her evil role. So good that I think that if they join forces, the fans will never let them split ways again.

    Finally - some decent exploration on the Sci-Fi angle. The Butterfly Effect will make fascinating viewing - especially after the dream of the future.

    HRG is back! Need we say more?

    Hiro and Ando are having difficulties in their relationship. Oh - like I care if Ando lives or dies.

    Split personality as a politically powerful ice queen? Now *that* I can live with.

    Mohinder's gratuitous sex scene was sad. And so was his whining about his new powers. Grow up. Clare's "if I can't feel anything am I still human" tosh was pathetic and underlines exactly why the writers behind her story line should be replaced (at the very least). sob sob, I'm immortal, sob sob. Pathetic.

    And who can forget the promise of a talking turtle?
  • Thank you turtle, you saved my life. That was the best part, not that the episode itself wasn't great, but that part had me rolling. And ya know for a second I thought Matt was actually reading the turtles thoughts.

    Angela has dreams of the future, visions of the future. Nathan see's dead people...maybe, possibly. There's something more happening with the virus thing from last season, though they don't go into to much detail. Future Peter is running around fixing things, messing things up, changing tons of stuff, putting Matt in Africa (for some reason) and shooting his brother. Peter Peter, the one from this time line, is in the body of a baddie thanks to...himself. We got a glimpse of Adam, with a slew of other villains, attacking some of our beloved heroes. Werid part, Nikki was among them...the villains that is. Speaking of Nik she thinks or is someone else (not to clear on that). Tracey, an ice princess. Literally. Can't wait to see how that is explained. I jumped back when she revealed her shiny new power, I mean where the heck did she get that?

    New powers are going around, Mohinder through his own scientific skill pulled out a whopper of a power out of his...syringe. He's hulking out in a big way but it looks like there's going to be some side effects, no not a brand new smoking hot relationship with the always charming Maya, but some not so pleasant side effects. Hiro met his match but more importantly saw something very interesting, not only some serious badness going down in NYC (again) but Ando killing him with...get this a power! Courtesy of our friendly neighborhood cheerleader who, when she wasn't nearly getting run over by trains or trying to shoot Peter in the future, was getting her head sliced off by Sylar finally giving us a glimpse into what he actually does to peoples brains. Thanks goodness he doesn't eat them, that's disgusting. It still isn't exactly clear what he does but they'll get there I'm sure...it's not like they won't have time now. With Claire's power he can heal now but he will also live forever (unless there is something we don't know yet). At last count that's four now. Adam, Claire, Peter and now Sylar. Sidebar, loved the change in their dynamic. In the past when ever Sylar and Claire encountered one another it was very villain vs innocent unable to defend herself girl and while that's still the case, it's not all fear and tremendously dramatic backround music. They talked, they probably had what passes for a normal conversation by most standards, before and after he was poking around in her brain. And surprise, surprise he didn't kill her. Sylar may be a big time villain but the lad has brains too. No pun intended.

    But the big whopper of the episode, the moment many of us had suspected for some time now has come. Our own suspicion inducing Angela Petrelli, mother to Nathan and Peter, is Sylar's biological mother. And you thought Peter and Nathan had some brotherly rivalry! I KNEW IT! Just let that role around in your head for awhile, Sylar is Peter's big brother. Sylar's is Claire's...uncle. Excellent twist, man is Peter going to lose it when he finds out. In a weird way it makes sense though, Peter and Sylar have similar powers. I've said it before and I'll say it again they are two sides of the same coin, guess that really applies now. Or if you look at it another way. Peter is like the ultimate example of what good people do with their powers, even if they start out with good intentions but mess things up by accident. Nathan is kind of like the grey area that each person with powers faces, mistakes they make, choices that they regret. And Sylar is like the ultimate in evil, wrong and bad these ordinary people with extraordinary abilities can be. The three paths each person with an ability has possibility to take, all in one horrible-y dysfunctional family. Excellent, excellent twist!

    There's also one mysterious thing and though it's really only mentioned in passing I think it might have some big relevance, just going by a future episode title, what is this light that was mentioned? I want to know.

    I missed the epic feel this show gives, even when it has an episode that's not all fantastic and wonderful it still works somehow.
  • Will the real bad guys stand up?

    The Petrelli family just got a new member. I guess Sylar is going to be this family's black sheep. Can't wait to see what happens when he partners up with Claire's adopted Daddy. He doesn't look to thrilled. Maybe with his mother's love Sylar will be transformed in a hero. I'm not sure how long that would last, and even if I want it to last, but it might be nice to see Sylar struggle with being bad. Could you imagine dinner around that table. Sorry, niece Claire, didn't mean to take you pain away and cut off your head. I guess it's all good he didn't kill her.

    I still anxiously awaiting the return of Adam. I love the for some reason (To be fair I'm not having much love for this new breed for section 5)

    I wonder: who Sylar's bio daddy is? What is going to happen with Mohinder? I don't really like is new power or personality. I was excited for him to get a power, but I guess I was hoping for something that seemed to fit his scientific nature.
  • An exciting adventure filled with talking turtles, exploding ladies and mistaken identities.

    1. Maya and Mohinder were sizzling in this one, that's what I'm talking about! He was hot coming down from that ceiling, that's some awesome stuff right there plus he's turning into some kind of monster? I'm game.

    2. Angela Petrelli is such a dislikeable character, what she did to Elle, how she treats her future son… Future Peter was a bit clichéd in this one, it's like they don't know exactly in what direction they want to take him.

    3. Claire, doesn't feel human anymore, bu-hu… Now, I wont say I didn't enjoy the video/train scene taking her back to her teenage angst and who-am-I spiel, I mean that's as good as she gets, I just think she's a bit, you know, boring. But clearly her brain rape is a very important plot point so I guess she'll be around. A lot. Again.

    4. Nicky in new costume isn't interesting at all, as expected. Really, truly, I could not care less. Now, don't get me wrong, the freezing thing was pretty cool, but other than that it's pretty blah. Plus did she really have to drive it in that she's not a prostitute this time around?

    5. Linderman is 6! You better be doing something new with this one because if Linderman starts pretending he's an angel of God well… Just don't go there, please.

    6. Hiro is worrying me with this new behaviour, maybe he's the future villain? Also, Peter in Francis Capra's body! Awesome!

    7. New arrivals etc… Kirsten is back as Elle, and she exploded, cool! Though the return of Claire's birth mom was just horribly creepy… Mystical I-paint-the-future African guy was cool though, especially when we thought he was a turtle.

    8. The agents trying to capture Sylar shot from the car was tres fab, especially the music. But Angela Petrelli is Sylars mother? Give me a break silly plot twist, I will pretend it was just a dream if you will!

    For more reviews see http://nerdvana-annihilation.blogspot.com/
  • This was incredibly lame - lame dialogues, out of character behavior, lack of logic, lots of clihes and lots of things i've ALREADY SEEN BEFORE

    This was incredibly lame - lame dialogues, out of character behavior, lack of logic, lots of clihes and lots of things i've ALREADY SEEN BEFORE (mostly in comics and movies). Season 1 was entertaining, that was waste of time - if not for villains. C'mon, try harder, no sane studio exec should order full season after this crap
  • We find out who shot Nathan and the premise for series 3

    We finally find out who shot Nathan Petrelli and I must admit it was surprise to me.

    I've not given these first 2 episodes a 10 as some of the plot was a stretch but I'm banking on all the strings being brought together later on in the series - so a solid 9 will do for now. However, the new characters and their addition to the story is exciting. Can't wait to see exactly who turns out to be a villain. Even though we caught a glimpse of who may be the villains, I'm sure the writers have more up their sleeves on that score.

    A good, solid start in my opinion.
  • The Peters are starting to get to be a little bit confusing, don't you think?

    "The Butterfly Effect" was good, but falters slightly from the episode preceeding it. Hiro devises a plan with Ando to get the half of the paper back, Sylar takes a visit to Level 5 (and gets more than he bargained for), Mohinder finds that his superpowers may not be good, and Tracy (who was Nikki/Jessica) makes a deal with Nathan.

    The episode slows down a bit from the first hour. Although this may be true, I don't doubt for a second that this season will be amazing. Unfortunately, the creators have made a bad decision to bring a new character (Jesse) into the picture, but its a good thing his character is very low key at the moment. I look forward to the rest of this action packed season.
  • Exactly what we've been waiting for!

    Bejaysus, wasn't that episode exhausting?! I'm too tired to write up a full review so here are a few snippets:

    ~ Firstly, Maya is officially the hottest Hero on the show. She was absolutely stunning in the opening moments of the episode. Phwoar!

    ~ What a tantalizing, grisly dream sequence from mamma Petrelli. Seeing a skewered Hiro and a decapitated Claire sent a chill down my spine. It was masterfully handled and genuinely chilling.

    ~ Mohinder's scenes were unintentionally hilarious. A useless character given some cool abilities. Let's hope they mix and create a half-way interesting character in the future, eh?

    ~ Hurray! Elle is back! I really enjoyed her little dark phoenix outburst. So, she really can stop Sylar. Interesting.

    ~ ROFL @ the video footage of Sylar taking down two detectives!

    ~ There were quite a number of powers on display this episode, the budget must have been a big one. A wonderful FX shot of Peter saving Claire from becoming mashed patatos.

    ~ The biggest WTF moment had to be Tracey's shocking ability. It looked fantastic and there were definite shades of T2 here, I could almost here the same score during these scenes.

    ~ Hiro's storyline didn't quite click for me here, although his scenes with Ando, and their references galore, as always, proved to be entertaining.

    So, this was one wicked episode! It seemed to throw everything but the kitchen sink into one jam-packed hour! While the ending may not convince, this is the kind of stuff we've been waiting for from this series for two years now! Bring on the next episode!
  • A slight improvement over the premiere

    (Note: This review covers the second half of the two-hour season premiere event. The first half was covered in a previous review.)

    The season premiere was all about setting up the plot threads for this third volume ("Villains"), regardless of how ridiculous some of the required plot acrobatics might have been. But sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice one episode's credibility in the hopes of breathing new life into a concept. With a little cribbing from the best stories of comic book history, the writers might have done just that.

    Villains are always fun, and whenever a band of heroes is brought together, the bad guys follow suit. The Company's little dungeon, a fixture since the first season, is the site of a Sylar-induced breakout, and now some of the most powerful and socially repugnant metahumans are on the street, killing and pillaging without a care.

    It takes some time to get there, and the theme of the episode is "unintended consequences". Future Peter tried to do the right thing by killing Nathan, but his actions set events in motion. Angela Petrelli is more than happy to blame him for everything, but as noted in the review for the premiere, the coming apocalypse seems to be the result of a convergence of several issues.

    In particular, the breakout at the Company was the result of Elle's failure to stop Sylar. Sylar managed to get his hands on Claire, and subsequently, had the power to invade Level 5. Elle intervened, and the result was the breakout. That seems to be more an indictment of Elle's unusual upbringing and lack of judgment than anything Future Peter might have caused. And how exactly is Angela's decision to toss Elle out on her own going to work out well?

    In an interesting twist, Sylar does not get away during the breakout, and Angela seems to have plans for him. Not only that, but according to her, it's a family issue; Sylar is apparently another Petrelli brother. At this rate, the Petrellis are going to be as large and dysfunctional as the Summers family from the "X-Men" books.

    On the other hand, it's building up the rivalry and parity between Peter and Sylar more than ever, and the writers have once again set things up to delay that inevitable confrontation. The real Peter is stuck with the villains; if Sylar goes after them, and eventually he will, then the two will battle. Future Peter is the wild card, but if Sylar is pursuing the villains, it's possible they'll be allies rather than foes for a time.

    Claire, on the other hand, is well on her way to becoming a villain. Her ability to experience pain was a touchstone, however disturbing as that might sound. She could at least pretend, on some level, that she was human. One has to wonder if Sylar did something intentionally to set Claire on her current path. Whatever the case, she's losing perspective very, very quickly, and her descent seems assured.

    Mohinder appears on the same path, but the state of his transformation might delay any true villainy. One would also imagine that it would delay the release of the metahuman serum long enough for the villains to expose the presence of the metahumans on their own. Future Peter may have changed the precise circumstances, but as Angela, Hiro, and Magical African Minority Man can attest, the future is still looking dark and dreary.

    Speaking of Hiro, he's being ridiculous with Ando. Ando tosses out a few good explanations for what Hiro saw in the future, but Hiro is being rather stubborn with his own interpretation. Will it ever occur to him that his distrustful attitude might be the main reason why Ando eventually turns on him? It's a fairly old story, after all.

    Still confusing, however, is this business with "Tracy". Not only does she claim not to be Nikki (or Jessica, for that matter), but she also has this unexpected freezing power. That power seemed to be a bit of a shock to her as well, actually, which just adds to the confusion. The mystery is more annoying than intriguing, so the writers might want to shed light on this sooner rather than later.

    That would certainly fit into the theme of "unintended consequences", like much of this episode. Then again, the writers usually manage to throw some twists and turns in each arc, so the truth will likely be more complex. Whatever the case, this episode was a modest improvement on the premiere, and I can only hope that trend continues.
  • One son, two son, three sons, more?

    Well, this was a pretty revealing episode. It seems as though Mama Petrelli has been keeping pretty mum the last few seasons about her ability. The ability to see the future. It would have been more awesome if we didn't already have a junkie that could paint the future, however, her dreams are pretty detailed. Big shocker, we find out that Mama Petrelli has three sons one being Sylar. Awww I bet she's proud at how that one turned out. Anyway ... excellent twist there. Elle has never been my favorite character, too cocky and spoiled. She gets her life turned upside down when Syler kills her daddy and takes his Midus Touch power. She gets fired by the next in line. HAH ... Take that Elle. I love it that Elle is getting the boot and Mama Patrelli is taking over. Excellent touch, and terrific acting by Mama P. The only problem I have with the show thus far, is it seems to flip flop between how difficult it is to catch and hold Sylar, to incredibly lucky situations where he is captured. While Sylar isn't elusive, our happy scientist is, with his fly-like abilities that were created from the Maya injection juice. I think Mohinder is going to really freak us out this season. He's been so mild-mannered. I think we'll see him cut loose.Another absorbing episode, can't wait for next week!!!
  • The first episode of the series wasn't exactly great but at least with this episode the third season turns a little bit more interesting.

    So the first episode was kind of not that great. Future Peter makes a bonehead decision (probably better not to travel to the future? or use future storylines again) and shoots Nathan so he won't let their secret out. Now the one problem with this is that Peter has time travel abilities so why would he have to shoot Nathan? That's probably what the creators should have thought of before they made Peter Petrelli nearly invincible. Then there's Nathan who turns more spiritual and becomes a congressmen again and starts to pretend he's seeing Linderman. A talented villain wasted at the hand of one blow from D.L. To make matters worse, apparently Nikki is back as Traci who is an governor's assistant or something. Not really interesting, I think she should have been killed off last season. Bringing her back was not such a good idea. Then there's Super Mohinder who has a little thing with Maya and notices that he's beginning to change. I guess the Good doc made a bad decision? Claire's character gets more mature after having Sylar take her powers. Well HRG is pretty silent throughout the episode with very little to do which is kind of disappointing because Jack Coleman is a really good actor who deserves to be doing something better then this. So let's get back to the series shall we? Well apparently Sylar goes after Bob and tries to steal Elle's power and he does he gets a blast of lightning that knocks him out. Well the shock triggered a series of Heroes to escape from Level 5 and HRG tries to track them down. The episode ends with Sylar finding out that Mrs. Petrelli might be his real mother. I must admit that Heroes is in need of real writers, no Mr. Kring you aren't a really good writer and that's perhaps why this show seems to be suffering since it's Season 1 inception. I mean the idea in the beginning seemed good but by now shouldn't they be saving people instead of standing around and wasting time? The writing is poor and the drama is very week in the series, not to mention the action is very stale. Seriously one punch knockouts? This episode was interesting but Heroes still has a long way to dig out the hole they've set themselves in. The best thing at this point is hire a really good writer! and I'm sure the show will improve.
  • A massive season opener.

    I sat down to watch the new episodes with great antipation, hoping that we would be given some great new snippets of information to help bring it all together a bit more.

    Unfortunately I was left wanting with nothing but a ridiculous pile of questions about what's going on. I couldn't help but feel that the story was a bit all of the place and asked too many questions is too many sections of the story for me to keep up with.

    It may turn out that all the new developments are really intriguing but it just felt far to complicated for a season opener to me.

    At the very least I hope this show doesn't turn into "The Young And The Restless" where the whole cast repeatedly dies and comes back to life seemingly without reason. This week just off the top of my head Nathan died/came back, Lindeman has returned from the dead, Sylar is apparently not dead (although I think we all expected that).

    Either way I still love my Heroes and look foward to seeing where it's going to take us next.
  • Can't get weirder than that..

    In the future, Claire is alive and well but wants Peter's head on a plate so he goes back into the past to fix everything.. or at least try..

    So Sylar got back his power and pops out in Claire's house. He can push her into the wall but can't break her closet door?
    Ok, so now he's invincible. And after all this time trying to save the cheerleader.. Sylar gets her power easily and leaves without killing her. He says he can't kill her but cutting her head out of her body would do it, I think. So after all tha trouble of protecting her, she didn't really need to be saved, since she cannnot die...

    The future Peter can send others to different places including other people's bodies? Wow..

    Hmm, So Bob was killed by Sylar, Micah and her cousin have been written off and Nikki, now Tracy is doing "business" with the governor? And apparently her new personality, Tracy, has some kind of freezing ability..

    Linderman is a ghost and only Nathan can see him? And now he's some kind of God fanatic... oh man.. hope it doesn't last long.

    Claire is facing some major depression, now that she's not feeling pain anymore.
    She wanted future Peter to teach her to fight or something like it.. but she only got healing factor, she can't do more than that. Not like him anyways..

    Elle now has nowhere to go and since Angella didn't see her in her dreams as a super villain, I think the writters are gonna turn her into a good girl.. hmm..

    So the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse (lol) are free and Peter is among them.. not to mention that Angela Petrelli seems to be Sylar's real mom.. how nice..

    More weird things next...
  • Wow it just keeps getting more exciting

    I just can't get enough of this show. It's incredible the amount of twists we have seen in it and season 3 opener is not the difference.I like Hiro's nemesis I think there will be and interesting story there. And Sylar is just the best I love him as a villian and now it seems he is part of the Petrelli clan. He is related to Peter , Nathan even Claire.I wonder how a familly reunion would turn out . All Petrellis at the table eating dinner , umm probably not to good cause Sylar would probably be trying to eat his realtives brains. Anyway I also was very surprised by Bob's death I didn't see that coming it was quiet a shock. We are introduced to a new hero in Africa who helps Matt. Angela steps in as the Company leader after the massive escape of villians from level 5 kicking out Elle along the way. I wonder how will Elle act next since everything she had and worked so hard for is taken away from her. We also see an evil future Ando , Claire's biological mother returning to the show , a lady who looks a lot like Nikki Saunders but with different powers and personality , an invisible Linderman,and Mohinder suffering from his powers side effects . We didn't see nothing about Micah and Monica , Adam or Molly but there will be time for that for sure. All in all it was a great start and a rollercoaster of emotions expects us this season !
  • Another awesome episode!

    What a great start to the season, if this season continues like this i will a very happy man! I forgot to say in my last review how awesome it was when hiro had a look in the future and it did seem to be the end of the wolrd, it kooked fantastic! But this epi was awesome, mohinder has got spiderman abilities which looked great, we saw mamma petrelli power in use and tat was ace, sylar goes to level 5 to pick up some new abilities but has a bit of trouble, and peter is trapped in a villains body which the way they did that was amazin, hiro goes after dalpne which was really funny and great, and the cliffhanger was soo huge and aewsome it leaves u counting down the days till episode 3, and i cant wait cz it looks great as usual, so till then bye bye and heroes rocks.
  • To put a long story short: Too much, too fast. If that's all you need from this review, by all means move on.

    Before starting I should warn you that there are Season 3 spoilers (SPOILERS!) inside, so if you have yet to see Episodes 1 and 2 and don't want the surprises to be ruined, again, move on. Also, you should know that this is a review of both "The Second Coming" and "The Butterfly Effect," not just one or the other. Lazy, I know, but it saves me copying this all twice. Now don't get me wrong; the acting was still pretty good, the characters were still IC (For the most part) but there was too much going on too early in the new season, and it was all happening way too fast. In Season One and Two, the first few episodes told us who the characters were, where they were in their journey and gave us an idea of where they were headed. Now we already know who the characters are, so that's settled and since we start up again right after Nathan is shot, we pick up quickly how they're doing, but instead of just a few little pushes to where they're going, we are THRUST!

    Example: Sylar. At the end of Season Two he regained his abilities after ridding himself of the Shanti Virus and in a feat of inexplicable speed arrives at the Bennett/Butler residence to take Claire's ability. (How does one get from New York City to Costa Verde, California in a couple of hours without teleportation or superspeed anyway?) Then, accelerated regeneration now his, he heads BACK to New York just as quickly, kills Bob and is finally knocked out by Elle. This all happens in two episodes; that's an hour and half, plus commercials. (Oh, and did I mention that when Elle knocked out Sylar she also accidentally allowed 12 of the most deadly 'special people' to escape the Company's prison? No? Didn't think so.) This whole thing ends with what should have been the ultimate bombshell of the third season, like Adam Monroe's true identity in Season Two, with Angela Petrelli speaking to an incarcerated Sylar. Angela: I can give you what all boys crave from their mothers: inspiration and guidance, comfort. Isn't that right, Gabriel? Sylar: My name is Sylar…and you are not my mother. Angela: But I am, dear. I am…

    The whole reason the greatest surprise since "No, Luke, I am your father." was ruined was simply because there had been about twenty big surprises prior. With Nathan's shooter revealed, Ando possibly turning evil in the not too distant future (and shooting red lightning which I did think was very kickass), Mohinder injecting himself with a superpower serum, all the 'Villains' being released and the present Peter being trapped inside one of them, the impact of every other surprise was made almost meaningless. This isn't a soap opera where every scene has to end with a gasp from the audience. With 'Heroes' you got a chance to slow down a bit, especially at the beginning when everything was being set up. This felt like pressing the fast forward button. Okay, now that my main point is out there I'm going to lay down a few smaller ones and then let whoever is left reading this return to whatever it is they do on Tv.com. So Mohinder has artificially created superpowers now; good for him. One problem: It's totally out of character for him. You remember when I said that everyone was in character "for the most part"? Well, this was the little lesser part I was not referring to. As certain members of my family have pointed out, Mohinder's always been a straight arrow and without powers. In fact, my brother said that his being powerless was one of his endearing qualities, as powers would dilute his character. Well he was right, they certainly did that. This Mohinder was selfish, arrogant…and horny, which leads to my next point:

    Maya. I figured since the end of S2 that she and the Doc would hook up, but not at all like they did here. Maya may be many things, and may be achin' in the love organ after Sylar's betrayal and Alejandro's death, but she never struck me as 'easy.' But in just one minute of talking to a super-powered Suresh, her clothes are off and they're doing the mattress mambo. I swore that had to be a dream, it was too unreal, but no. I mean, sure, it's good for the hormones, but if we wanted that we'd watch "Emmanuelle's Erotic Escapades" or "Dirty College Tramps 14: The Trampening" on PPV, not on a show we've come to look for something more than a 'Who cares about the characters' personalities? Let's just make 'em do it all night. It'd work for me.' attitude. It was just sad, like they'd run out of good writers even worse than last year and had to resort to steamy sex scenes to give the characters something to do. That reminds me, any idea what happened to Caitlin from S2? You know, the Irish girl who Peter fell in love with and accidentally left stranded in a dying future? That Caitlin? Huh, apparently no one in the studios does. How odd…

    And now in closing, I'm done. I first watched 'Heroes on DVD the summer before S2 started and in a few weeks I was an avid fan. And until Episode 9 of S2, where everything went into poorly planned overdrive, I was glued to the TV there too. What we have before us now is not what we had been hoping to get back to after the Writer's Strike screwed us out of a good ending to S2/ What we have here is more of that aforementioned overdrive: Too much, too fast, and as much as it saddens me, it's the reason I can't watch any more of 'Heroes.' It was a fun ride with amazing powers that didn't destroy the storyline (cough, 'Smallville', cough, cough!), with characters that really could have been real people, and made their adventures so much more fantastic. But to do justice to that, I can't keep watching and see it devour itself like so many brains at a Sylar-Fest. Thank you, Mr. Kring and Mr. Loeb (and to the actors of my favourite guys: Mr. Lee, Mr. Oka and Mr. Quinto), and all the other people responsible for what I have been obsessed over for the past year. But oh well, life goes on sucking…and hey, there's always Superman. Always.
  • OMG.......( spoilers)

    This episode rly shows heroes is back on track.
    The best show ull ever see in ur life.
    I rly love this show cause it keeps u thinking thinking and thinking!!!!!
    Cant w8 for next week. I hope sylar stays bad ass as he is love his personality. And plz no more heroes the present heroes r enough. and the new power of niki rly suits her greatly. I rly also hope that jess will be a bad disaster to all as HRG said, cause he is in favorite character dept, PETER PETRELLIII!!!!!!!.
    CAnt w8 for the nxt episode cant!!! Heroes IS THE BEST.
  • While Part 1 of this third season premiere left me excited and amped for more, in no way did I expect the heightened intensity and shocking reveals of The Butterfly Effect.

    WARNING: Spoilers contained within

    While Part 1 of this third season premiere left me excited and amped for more, in no way did I expect the heightened intensity and shocking reveals of The Butterfly Effect. This episode gives us an even greater feel as to what this season will be about and who the key players will be. Volume 1 gave us the bomb and Volume 2 threatened the world with a deadly virus. Volume 3 takes the danger and complexity to a whole new level. Not only do we have the mysterious formula Hiro is trying to protect, but the added elements of the deadly escaped villains and Mohinder's discovery raise the tension to an unprecedented level for Heroes. Add to that mix future Peter's involvement and present Peter's plight and you have the perfect recipe for a season that is going to be mind blowing to say the least. Zachary Quinto (Sylar) is absolutely fantastic in these first two episodes bringing even more depth to this frightening yet captivating character. At the end of the episode we are left with the most shocking Heroes revelation yet, and it just might change everything we ever thought about Sylar and the direction of the whole series. If Angela is telling the truth (and I have no reason to believe she's not), then I am anticipating a good twin/bad twin scenario between Peter and Sylar with implications that I can't even begin to comprehend. There are also numerous other developments that once again left me wide-eyed. We still know nothing about Tracy Strauss, but her ability is really, really cool (haha). This whole Nathan and Linderman thing has a Hurly/ Dave sort of feel to it, and I'm really not sure what to make of it yet. Its obvious Nathan is imagining Linderman in his head, but why? We know Linderman is dead, but really..Has that ever mattered in this show before? I loved the scene where Sylar helps the villains escape and especially his confrontation with Elle. Poor, poor Elle. I am totally bummed that Bob is gone and I always felt his character brought so much to the show. Present Peter is now stuck in a villain's body and who knows what kind of craziness this will lead to in coming weeks. Hiro and Ando's relationship is suffering because of Hiro's short jaunt to the future where he witnessed future Ando strike future Hiro dead with red lightning. CRAZY!! I cannot wait to see where this story takes us. And let's not forget Matt Parkman who has been wandering aimlessly around Africa of all places. Matt's new acquaintance seems to be another painter of the future (like Isaac Mendez) and his introduction is both hilarious and eye-opening. Two episodes in and I already feel like Season 3 has given us more action, suspense, mystery, conspiracy, and character development than Season 2 ever dreamed of. Part 1 of this premiere exceeded my expectations, but Part 2 absolutely floored me. Two down and eleven to go before we reach the end of Volume 3. I can't even begin to imagine the insanity that awaits us with each new chapter. Monday can not come soon enough…
  • Feels like Heroes is back! This episode had the same story and direction which made you to keep looking at the tv without moving an inch from your seats.

    Feels like Heroes is back! This episode had the same story and direction which made you to keep looking at the tv without moving an inch from your seats. Never ever got this feeling while watching the season II episodes, and even the first episode of this season wasn't great. But this episode kind of changes it all. I feel the next few episodes are going to be good as with the introduction of four new baddies, things can only get exciting! I am glad the writers decided to get the story line back on track, instead of showing romances and what not as in the last season!
  • Elle loses her father as she lets lose every prisoner the Company had on level 5.

    In a most solid follow-up to the season premiere, armed with Claire's ability Sylar seeks revenge on the Company itself as he takes the life of one Bob Bishop and daughter Elle as well, unfortunately for him her power allows her last minute escape from certain death, unfortunately for the Company the pulse also allows the escape of evert major prisoner on level 5 of the Company and thus Elle is dismissed by none other than the new boss herself: Angela Petrelli.

    From the daughter without a father to the fathers without a daughter Mohinder's new power finally kicks-in as Matt finally makes contact with the only living being in the desert Peter put him in a desperate effort to prevent Claire from suffering a future than can't be worst than the one she's experiencing right now so, in order to help her cope, Noah brings in her firestarter mother to teach their daughter how to fight back.
  • Any Hero with the gift of creativity to help this show go back to glory days?

    This review is about both premiere episodes.

    First season was so refreshing.. almost perfect (till the finale anyway). I guess this is how far the creators of this show could go.
    I honestly hope I am wrong but I see no future in Heroes anymore. Same ol'same dejavu situations. An indication that the writers have no good ideas is that they simply dunno what to do with the show except recycling the same ideas with a different wrapping.

    They added a bit of more grossines effects to spice things up but I am afraid the stories, the characterization and the dialogues so far are AWFUL.
    This show is almost dead. Watching it is frustrating.
    I will watch episode 3 as well..but if things wont improve I am over with it. A good step forward would be to get rid of Mohinder, since season 2 he was turned into the most annoying tv character. And put Sylar out of his misery..a wonderfull villain suffering from poor writing for more than one season now..
  • The new season starts very well and altough somethings just don't make sense, screw it, it's Heroes!

    First of let me say that this review is for both episodes (The Second Coming and The Butterfly Effect), because I've seen them together so is hard to think of them apart.

    Let's recap: 'Future' Peter came back to the past to shoot his own brother to stop him from telling the world that there is ordinary people with extraordinary abilities, or something like that. Wouldn't it be easier to come back let's say 15 minutes earlier, before the press conference, and just explain to his brother why he shouldn't tell everyone he could fly, rather then trying to kill his own freaking brother? And how the hell did he manage to put 'present' Peter inside that other dude? I mean I give you that 'future' Peter is more powerful than God Himself, but shouldn't the 'present' Peter's abilities absorb all of his future power's and manage to not get stuck inside that guy that we conveniently 'don't wanna know what he is able to do'?

    How about Lindeman? Back from the dead and haunting Nathan, who turned out to be a religious freak. How the hell a ghost (or Nathan's imagination, I'm not sure yet) could have cured him?

    Meanwhile Sylar finally gets to Clair and brainrapes her to get her abilities. But after he let her live saying that she is special and she can't die... But I think that if he did a 'Will it blend?' skit with her head she would be very much dead!

    Hiro get's himself and his sidekick in a mess for being a child about everything... again!
    And we found out that Hiro can't actually stop time just really slow it down to a point where that super-speed chick move around like a regular person. Oh my god! How a guy that helped save the world twice, including one time when he put a freaking sword trough one powerful son of a b**** could face a regular girl? Oh yeah... he gets punched in the face...
    Now, the thing that really bothers me is that although he can't actually stop time he can still reverse it! He was doing exactly that when Ando first came in to his office, he was playing back and forward with time just to get by the day! So why the hell didn't he just reversed the time when the formula was stolen to before he opened the safe?
    By the way... Dude! Did Ando just do a hadouken on Hiro?

    Nikki... I mean Jessica... I mean Tracy... Tracy!? Who the hell is Tracy!? Apparently Ali Larter made a pact with the Devil and can't be cut off the show, so let's give her a brand new character with the brand new ability of freeze things (oh... Sylar could do that in the first season? Well, if you don't use it you loose it, so sorry Sylar, freezing is Ali's thing now). The only good thing about that crazy plot twist is that apparently Miccah was written off the show!

    Sylar is revealed to be Angela's Petrelli son and therefore Peter and Nathan's brother. I guess that makes sense, he had to be part of the most dysfunctional family on TV to be that screw up. [cliché alert: who else thinks that at some point we will find out that Sylar and Peter are twins?]

    Mohinder got laid and still found time to develop the 'super soldier serum' and of course he tries it on himself gaining the ability to turn himself into Jeff Goldblum in 'The Fly'.

    Parkman is lost in the desert. Man, that guy is a huge douchebag.

    And apparently Isaac Mendes is now black.
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