Season 3 Episode 2

The Butterfly Effect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Not the best Heroes episode I've seen, but definitely better than the entire season 2 combined.

    In this second hour of the premiere, the stage has been set for what seems to be a pretty good season. Meredith comes back, level 5 villains breakout, and Angela reveals that she's Sylar's real mother. Ok, on with my critique:

    Saves the day (pros):
    I really enjoy the fact that Hiro has came back to his comic-relief roots, and to be frank, he is hands down the best character in the series. Moreover, I enjoy seeing the conflict Present Peter is facing inside a level 5 prisoner's body. With such conflicts, the show can truly be smart fun again. Also, Sylar has became an awesome villain again and newcomers Daphne and Tracy have really set the bar high on new characters. Also, Mohinder's new powers are trippy and its fun to see a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style backstory on his character. Finally, there's no West in sight, which is just awesome.

    Ruins the Party (cons):
    Some scenes were a little too weird, such as when Matt is in Africa and thinks a turtle is talking to him (?). There's also a little bit of ambiguities, such as how HRG landed on Level 5 or if Future Peter really is an anti-hero or a villain. Finally, I have no idea how the writers came up with the line "You should've gotten Sprint." All in all though, just because this episode was not as good as Season 1 does not mean it is worse than season two. So despite it's flaws...

    Bottom Line:
    I'm honored to say Heroes is back in business.