Season 3 Episode 2

The Butterfly Effect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • NBC - Stop hyping stuff that turns out to be crap. Thanks.

    For all the waiting and all the excitement that was built around this premiere, the results were much lower than what I expected. The clip show was not even really a clip show and was pretty much a waste of time. The episodes themselves (both of which I'm reviewing here) introduced a lot of questions, which could potentially be good ... but half the stuff is just so dumb I don't even care enough to find out the answers. At this point, I wish I could just pick and choose between storylines so I'd only have to watch what happens to the characters I like.

    We'll start with the worst - Parkman. Too bad the actor is all buddy-buddy with the creator or whatever, because the character needs to die. His storylines have always been crap, but somehow this season has outdone the past storylines and is even crappier. I think I'll start treating his scenes as commercials so I can walk away and get something to eat. I mean come on, a spiritual journey? That's worse than watching commercials. Stupid.

    On to Hiro/Ando. Hiro used to have good storylines, but his blast to the past last year lasted way too long, and now he acted all dumb and lost some important formula and on top of that is all freaking out about Ando because he kills him in the future. Except it could be a shapeshifter. Or he could have just stunned and not killed Hiro. Or Hiro could actually be the bad guy and not Ando. But Hiro is retarded and doesn't think things like that through. He instead just acts dumb and makes his storyline boring.

    Niki, or whatever she's called now, can randmoly freeze people. Great. Unless there's some really cool twist to what's going on with her I'm more than ready for her character to be gone too. But then again no one dies for good on Heroes so I don't think she'll ever go away. Claire on the other hand is someone I'd hate to see go away. The Sylar scene with her was great. Pretty intense stuff. The only dumb thing is that she randomly doesn't feel pain anymore and is being all annoying about it. Nathan/Linderman - what? Again, no one on Heroes ever dies for good apparently, which is a really bad move because it makes it pretty much impossible to feel sad when a character dies because they'll just be back again in the next episode. Lame. So yeah, Linderman is not really dead, but sort of? And he saved Nathan. Great, another dumb storyline I wish I could skip.

    Suresh and Maya. Maya is getting less annoying, and actually making sense, while Suresh has passed the point of being just retarded and is now just a waste of space (or airtime in this case I guess). I'd rather watch C-Span than this crap storyline. At least one storyline didn't disappont - HRG/Angela. They always seem to have great storylines and are always in good scenes. Angela is by far my favorite character on the show, and I love how she's so bad-***. They did a bad job revealing her power though, they should have made a bigger deal of it. It's cool though that she's still so vulnerable, but never gets scared. I love when she told Elle to go get a new life. Awesome. And she's Sylar's mom?! What?! Oh and HRG - also awesome as always. But he's gonna be paired with Sylar? Hmm...that's the only thing keeping me interested in the show so I guess I'll be back next week to find out how that all goes down.