Season 3 Episode 2

The Butterfly Effect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Ok so was it just me or did Mohinder turned into Seth Brundle fromDavid Cronenberg's movie The Fly from 1986?

    Ok so was it just me or did Mohinder turned into Seth Brundle fromDavid Cronenberg's movie The Fly from 1986?
    Come ON!!! Anyone who has seen this movie MUST see the resemblance. First of all the look alike and they are both scientists who experimented on themselves. And OK, lets say these are both acceptable and NOT so unique situations. Many scientists have done that in movies or even, yes, in real life. And the fact they look SO much alike… the well trained mocha-shiny masculine body and the pitch black curly hair and the oriental chick bones and the black olive eyes …. OK lets say this is also a coincidence. BUT all the rest????? The fact that they had exactly the same effects AND side effects??? Seth was SUPER strong all of a sudden after he came out of the teleportation booth and so was Mohinder after he woke up. Seth was walking around his flat half naked with the same pair of soft pants like Mohinder's and he was walking and jumping on walls PLUS he was super horny all the time!!! Seth was crazy for sugar and Mohinder crazy for milk. Seth fought off some hoodlums with his new super powers and Mohinder did too. Then, when Seth's girlfriend found him climbing the ceiling (like Mohinder), he was talking fast and saying EXACTLY the same things Mohinder did. How better he can see, how STRONGER he is, how FASTER he is and so on. And then he grabbed her and they did … you know …. (exactly what Mohinder and the Mexican girl did) And later on when everything started going south and the side effects started kicking in, Seth started falling apart (literally) like a zombie. And there is a scene where he is standing in front of the bathroom mirror, removing gross pieces of flesh from his body, wandering what is happening to him! Exactly like the last scene with Mohinder … standing in front of the bathroom mirror removing pieces of flesh from his body wandering what was happening to him.
    I mean ok, everybody steals from other writers. EVERYBODY!!! But THIS, is preposterous!!! Come ON!!!
    Generally I enjoyed the first tow episodes. But this was too much to swallow. So just for the disgraceful theft I will give it a 6, otherwise it would get an easy 8.