Season 3 Episode 2

The Butterfly Effect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC

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  • Mohinder-man Mohinder-man does whatever...

    All right I don't know what Mohinder is morphing into after injecting himself with the Serum but at first it was spiderman but by the end your thinking that it could actually be Cronenberg's 'The Fly'. Serves himself right throwing caution to the wind - if he really wanted to win the Noble Prize he would have come up with a cure beforehand. You can tell I've been watching QI - sorry, I shouldn't be plugging other shows.

    Sticking with Spiderman references you have Sylar walking down the street like that awful scene from Spiderman 3 as well. Unlike that spidey scene I actually found the reference very funny though.

    With the speed that the first episode went this season we get a continuation of the pace and characterisation. This is good and the mood with Hiro back to his old cheery self and on an adventure to stop the spedster is great. I honestly miss Micah a little and with a Nicki Sanders lookalike about in the form of Tracey Strauss he is bound to show up sooner or later. With Nicki I don't know what's happening, maybe the explosion made manifest all her alter-egos but most likely that's not the case as Tracey Strauss seems to have been with President Sheridan, sorry I mean Governer Malden, for a while. Definitely creates something intriguing as we know she is literally an Ice Queen. I also like the fact that Nathan is back to working as he now has a grounding again but who didn't see the twist with Linderman. Matt Parkman becomes an interesting character again here as he treks across the desert (which he has been dumped in by future Peter) and we have the funny joke of him talking to a tortoise, well he thinks he is talking to the tortoise. Like Nathan this guy needs a bit of grounding, something he lost when he split from his job and his wife. Looks like the African desert might help.

    We now have Level 5 bad guys escaped, I wonder if Peter will stop them somehow being trapped in one of their bodies. Also I literally cheered when Bob showed up dead. I disliked the character and the actor was in my opinion totally miscast, the only good thing that came from him is Elle. Don't like the final twist with Angela and Sylar though, please don't be true.