Season 3 Episode 10

The Eclipse: Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC
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The eclipse plays havoc with the heroes' powers. Arthur orders Elle and Sylar to bring in Claire. Hiro, Ando, and Matt follow Daphne to her hometown to learn what hold Arthur has on her, and Peter and Nathan travel to the Haitian's hometown to recruit him for the war with Pinehearst.moreless

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  • The reverse of the Pilot

    No wonder this episode is split into two episodes because not a lot happened but there was room for potential to end this tiny story-arc. The ending felt too much like someone would either interrupt Noah or the heroes would get their powers' back! Overall it was entertaining viewing especially this part: Matt: Why don't you just let me inside? (tries to use his abilities)

    Mr. Millbrook: Are you threatening me?

    Matt: Uh, I said... let me in. (tries again to use his abilities)

    Mr. Millbrook: Why are you turning your head sideways? What's your problem, son? LMAO so funny

    But is it was also interesting to know "The Speedster" is not so fast without her powers! If you know what I mean...and there's never a dull moment with 10-year old Hiro and the squabbling Petrelli brothers! Look out for the Haitains, boys!moreless
  • The first of a two parter building things up nicely for next episode.

    Heroes still seems to divide people between whether they love it or hate it and this episode seems to have split people's opinions just as much. It may be accused of being where nothing happens but actually there was quite a lot of build up, presumable to be resolved in part 2. I know the eclipse thing doesn't follow the rules of physics but in many ways that's not the point of the episode. It was interesting to see who could carry on without their powers and who fell apart. Mohinder appears to be back on track with his character, I was glad to see. It should be interesting to see what happens in part 2.moreless
  • Loved it. Didn't expect all those events, but loved it.

    Now this episode was awesome. I loved it so much.. Everything was so unexpected.. Everybody lost their powers and I sure hope they will get them back. At least the good guys. Arthur kept on getting stronger and stronger with every minute and now he is as powerless as an ordinary old man. Hiro thinks he is ten years old and Daphne can't walk normally. Syler showed his 'human' side. Claire can't heal and even after she got her first aid done, she started bleeding again.. Can't wait for the next episode. Who knows, what is going to happening. Stay tuned, cause I think it's just going to get better and better.moreless
  • The eclipse has begun and our Heroes find themselves without their abilities. Elle and Sylar go after Claire who is protected by Noah. Hiro, Ando and Matt go after Daphne to find what Arthur has against her. And Peter and Nathan try to recruit the Haitianmoreless

    The first part of the eclipse is action packed indeed. Ever since the show begun I always wanted to see an episode where our characters wouldn't have their abilties. And the way they did it was awesome.

    After the events of the previous chapter where we found out about the existence of the catalyst (and we know it's Claire) Angela's side is trying to protect Claire while Arthur's side is trying to capture her. Claire is given under the protection of Noah. He decides to train Claire (since she has been wanting it since the first chapter of this volume). While training, Claire lets it slip that she was missing her father everytime she was gone, something which makes Noah think that he may not have known everything about his daughter's feelings. Elle and Sylar arrive at the same place, following the instructions of Arthur, to capture Claire. In the ensuing fight, everyone realizes they don't have their abilities (as the eclipse has started). Noah breaks Sylar's arm, Elle is knocked out and Claire, trying to protect Noah, is shot by Elle but doesn't heal. Taken back to their house, Noah attends Claire urging his wife not to call the hospital in case her ability manifests. When the bullet is removed and her temperature is normal, Noah leaves and goes after Elle and Sylar while Claire's wound gets worse in front of Sandra's eyes. Sylar and Elle get closer together but an angry Noah aims at them from the opposite terrance.

    Elsewhere, Mohinder discovers he is nowhere near finding a cure for his power but when he looks at some of Arthur's sketches he realizes that there may be an answer in the eclipse. When the eclipse is total, Mohinder is reborn inside a cocoon and wakes up without any scales and completely normal. At that point he thinks he can finally come closer with Maya but Arthur stops him, with Flint's help, saying that Mohinder should work on the formula now more than ever.

    Peter is with Nathan in Haiti trying to recruit the Haitian for the fight against Pinehearst. While there, Nathan's powers are gone. The two brother get into a fight when the biggest truths about each other surface at a time when their powers are gone. Peter claims that Nathan has always been Arthur's puppet and hasn't followed his dreams while Nathan reveals to Peter that he always needed someone to save him (reminding him of two times he saved him in volume 1) and that he was always weak. At that moment the Haitian appears and reveals he is after his brother Samedi (who has a power of his own - impenetrable skin) as he is a Level 5 escapee. He reveals he didn't know Arthur was alive and Peter urges Nathan to help the Haitian with his mission so he can come with them. Before he has time to argue with Peter, they are being shot and so they run. Peter and the Haitian manage to escape while Nathan is captured by Samedi who reveals to him he has known from Arthur that Nathan would come after him and he has been waiting.

    Tracy calls Arthur who tells her that Nathan may be expendable and Tracy reminds him of their deal; to help him get Nathan on their side so Nathan would one day become President of the USA. Tracy is ordered by Arthur to go to Parris Island and create an army for the war that is coming.

    Finally, Hiro still thinks he is a 10 year old boy and arrives at Matt's house. Realizing both Matt and Daphne that Hiro in fact has the memory of a 10 year old, Daphne runs away thinking that Matt doesn't trust her and that he wouldn't love her if he knew her secret. Hiro, Ando and Matt teleport to Lawrence, Kansas at Daphne's homeplace in order to find what Arthur has against her and she is so terrified. At that moment, Hiro's and Matt's powers are gone (as well as Daphne's) due to the eclipse and Matt realizes there is no easy way for him to get in as Daphne doesn't want him there neither does her father. Hiro convinces Matt not to give up his mission while he and Ando go to the nearest comic book store (Sam's comics) to find the next issue of 9th Wonders. There they meet Sam (Seth Green) and the comic book's co-owner Frack (Breckin Meyer) who are shocked to find out that the new comic book 9th Wonders has come to life. Meanwhile, when Daphne's father leaves, Matt seizes the opportunity to go inside Daphne's house where she reveals her secret; without her power she has braces at her legs in order for her to walk. Overall, it is a great episode that of course seems to be incomplete without its second part. All of the main characters are present in this one as we see our Heroes lives without their heroic powers. Matt and Hiro's chemistry is amazing as they are both funny actors. Kristen Bell (Elle) and Zachary Quinto (Sylar) also go great together. Finally I like the dynamic between Peter and Nathan as this was about to happen and I believe it did at the most perfect time. Key facts: Daphne's background story which is further expanded in the next chapter as well as in the graphic novels. Elle and Sylar come closer and closer together and they make a great couple indeed. Also the Haitian's background story is expanded (no we still don't know his real name). Tracy's story is important for the events after the eclipse and for the end of this volume. Enjoy!moreless
  • Every episode keeps getting better!!

    I've been waiting for this episode ever since I saw the promo on youtube. I mean every Hero's power are lost. That's just crazy but I like it. And Why are those critics bad mouthing this show. This and Supernatural and Prison Break is the best shows right now. Peter has changed so much during these 3 seasons. The first he was kind and cared about people. The seacond season he didn't know who he was, good or bad. The third his gone good but How long will it last and when will he turn to future Peter. HURRY HEROES!moreless
Seth Green (I)

Seth Green (I)


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Breckin Meyer

Breckin Meyer


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Ray Baker

Ray Baker

Mr. Millbrook

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Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Elle Bishop

Recurring Role

Jimmy Jean-Louis

Jimmy Jean-Louis

The Haitian

Recurring Role

Robert Forster

Robert Forster

Arthur Petrelli

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The Heroes title sequence begins a little differently in this episode; Mohinder and Arthur view the eclipse through a window, the camera zooms quickly towards the eclipse and the scene changes to the Heroes title sequence.

    • A total solar eclipse can be seen within a stripe of a maximum width of 273km only. There is no way, the (total) eclipse can be seen in Kansas and Haiti at the same time.

    • Several times in this episode we see a solar eclipse about to happen, and can clearly see both the sun and the moon. However, before a solar eclipse the sun is behind the moon and is much brighter, so you can not actually see the moon.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Peter: I don't need your pity.
      Nathan: No, but you know what you do need? My help. I've been saving your ass my entire life.
      Peter: Is that so?
      Nathan: That's right. When you jumped off that roof like a moron? Who caught you? Who pulled you out of Kirby Plaza when you were about to blow up? You want my respect? You want my approval? Earn it!
      Peter: Why would I want your respect?! You're a puppet!
      Nathan: Excuse me?
      Peter: You've no spine.
      Nathan: I'm a U.S. senator, you're a nurse...
      Peter: No, you're everything Dad ever wanted you to be, his dreams, his goals. He'd always find a way to get under your skin and manipulate you, use you!
      Nathan: Where's this coming from?
      Peter: In the future, you choose him... you choose Dad, Nathan.
      Nathan: Well, I'm here right now, Pete... and I'm trying to stop him. Want to help me?

    • Peter: (about the Haitian) Think about it Nathan. The only way to get this guy to come back home with us is if we help him stop his brother. Look, if you're not going to do this for the right reasons, at least do it for the selfish ones.

    • Ando: This is your plan? She was right. We're all going to die.
      Hiro: No we're not. It's Wednesday.
      Ando: So?
      Hiro: New comic book day!

    • Ando: (about Hiro) He says this is part of the Hero's Quest. Can you triumph without powers?

    • (opening narration)
      Mohinder: There is a moment in every war where everything changes. A moment when the road bends. Alliances and battle lines shift. And the rules of engagement are rewritten. Moments like these can change the nature of the battle, and turn the tide for either side. So we do what we can to understand them. To be ready for change, we steady our hearts, curb our fears, muster our forces, and look for signs in the stars. But these moments, these game changes, remain a mystery. Destiny's invisible hand, moving pieces on a chessboard. No matter how much we prepare for them - how much we resist the change, anticipate the moment, fight the inevitable outcome - in the end, we are never truly ready when it strikes.

    • (after finding out that Arthur erased Hiro's memory)
      Daphne: We're all gonna die.

    • Arthur: Everything is going to change today. Everything.

    • Ando: We need your help. You have to fix Hiro. Look!
      (Ando shows Matt the comic, which is written in Japanese)
      Matt: What does this say?
      Ando: It says you have to fix Hiro!

    • Matt: Why don't you just let me inside? (tries to use his abilities)
      Mr. Millbrook: Are you threatening me?
      Matt: Uh, I said... let me in. (tries again to use his abilities)
      Mr. Millbrook: Why are you turning your head sideways? What's your problem, son?

    • The Haitian: The universe has decided our fate.
      Nathan: Can the universe get me a phone?

    • Hiro: Every town and city around the world has a place where the wise men gather. The Greek oracle of Delphi. The Library at Alexandria. The Hall of Justice.

    • Claire: It hurts. I never thought I'd be able to hurt again. Uhh, it sucks. But it's wonderful.

    • Flint: Without abilities, I'm nobody. I already been nobody.

    • (Elle is trying to put Sylar's arm back in place.)
      Sylar: Ahh! Oh God! Oh, it hurts!
      Elle: Well it's gonna hurt if I can't set it. Stop being such a baby!

    • Tracy: I guess there's no rest for the wicked.
      Angela: Obviously not.

    • Mr. Bennet: The good news is, you've certainly got the strength. The bad news is you're clumsy, slow, and obvious.
      Claire: Thanks.

    • Sylar: I hate heroes.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      UK: Decemeber 3, 2008 on BBC2
      Australia: December 4, 2008 on Channel 7/Prime
      Thailand: January 1, 2009 on Star World
      New Zealand: January 28, 2009 on TV3
      Latin America: January 30, 2009 on Universal Channel
      Belgium: April 9, 2009 on VT4
      Germany: November 4, 2009 on RTL II
      Finland: April 10, 2010 on Sub
      Czech Republic: August 6, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 26, 2012 on Markiza

    • In the online graphic novel "Partners", Noah and Meredith track and capture another Level 5 escapee, Danny Pine - previously seen in the episode Vilains - and end their partnership, which explains why Noah is no longer teamed with Meredith in this episode.