Season 3 Episode 10

The Eclipse: Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

In the beginning we see Arthur in Precog mode sketching some future events. We see the eclipse, Noah carrying Claire, Sylar and Elle kissing, Mohinder covered with something, Hiro and Ando in a corn field, and Peter and Nathan in a jungle. He wakes up from his trance and is not pleased with what he has drawn.

Angela and Claire are back at Primatech having a conversation. Angela explains that everyone has a part to play. Nathan is to go to Haiti and bring back the Haitian, and Matt and Daphne are to get Hiro. Claire has the biggest assignment; she is to stay "underground and off the grid". Angela releases Noah from his Level 5 holding cell.

Noah takes Claire to Stephen's (the Level 5 escapee that could create vortex's) house telling her that it's set up to be a good hiding place. Once inside Noah orders Claire to hit him with a piece of floor wood as part of training. She takes a whack at him and he blocks it well. He tells her that she is stupid and clumsy and that she needs to throw all her weight into the swing so the wood has all the power to knock someone out. She does not seem to understand why he is doing all this. He is trying to train her because that is what she wants to do so bad. He insults her in that she is being careless just because she heals. After she tires out from the training, he tells her to whack him again. She doesn't want to but she starts to get mad from all the times he has left her. She knocks him down, hence she has completed her training pretty well.

Arthur had ordered Sylar to capture Claire and bring her back to Pinehearst. Elle decides to join Sylar under the assumption that because she is a company girl she can help. Arthur calls their pairing a good thing. Elle senses that Sylar is trying to following orders in order to fall into good graces. She tries to make him realize that he is being used. They make their way to Claire's hideout. Elle walks in through the door and Noah is about to shoot her when Sylar comes from behind. He is about to use his telekinetic power but discovers he can't. This being because the eclipse has already started. Noah and Sylar scuffle on the floor and Noah pops Sylar's arm out of the socket. Elle grabs the gun and is about to shoot Noah when Claire jumps in front of the bullet. Noah smacks Elle with a piece of wood and carries Claire out of the house. He takes her home and Sandra tries to call the cops but Noah stops her. He patches Claire up and leaves again. Sandra tries to stop him but he says he has to finish something. We last see him with a rifle outside Stephen's house looking at Sylar and Elle kissing. This was after Elle helped Sylar pop his arm back in.

In Haiti we see Nathan and Peter crash land in the water. The eclipse took Nathan's powers just as they made it to Haiti. They argue because Nathan blames Peter for wanting his respect when Nathan has been the one to save Peter all the time. Peter calls Nathan a puppet and then tells him that in the future Nathan takes Arthur's side. The Haitian finds them and Nathan thinks that he is responsible for their powers being gone, but he has lost his also. The Haitian is there to get his brother Baron Samedi, a Level 5 escapee whose power is that his skin is impenetrable and has an army. Baron Samedi finds them and Nathan turns himself in. Samedi was already tipped off by Tracy, under the orders of Arthur.

Daphne leaves Matt and goes back to Lawrence, Kansas. She can't understand why he trusts her so much while she has been so bad. Ando and Hiro arrive at his place thinking Matt can help Hiro regain his memory. Matt tries but can't because Hiro is thinking in Japanese. Daphne leaves and Matt tells Hiro to teleport them to Kansas. They arrive and Matt tries hard to convince Daphne to speak to him. He tells her that he has fallen in love with her. She lets him in and we learn that without her power she can walk with the aide of crutches and leg braces.

Back at the lab even Mohinder is effected by the eclipse, he seems to be getting sick. He makes himself into a cocoon and when he comes out he is healed. He believes he has lost his power. He tries to leave but Arthur and Flint stop him. Arthur wants him to work on that formula now.

The episode ends with Noah getting ready to shoot Sylar and Elle.