Season 3 Episode 10

The Eclipse: Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • It wasn't bad at all, it was good even, but it was very obviously a lead in for episodes eleven and twelve. Which is fine and necessary even but it just makes me want to see episodes eleven a twelve that much more.

    Tracey is playing both sides, though I'm guessing as a double sided lady herself Angela won't be falling for it. HRG and Claire are finally back together, working through some of their issues with one another, but that might not last. Nathan and Peter are dealing with some world threatening and some personal problems (I have a theory about Peter's purpose) in Haiti while retrieving the Haitian, the only man who can help them stop Arthur. Makes sense, though if you ask me couldn't someone just go take him out now. I mean he has no powers, I realize no one else does either but still. Then again no one knew that this eclipse would be playing the wacky with their abilities so I suppose they didn't have time to prepare.

    I wasn't sure last week if Arthur was holding Mohinder at Pinehearst against his will but now I am. Mohinder may have been staying there voluntarily before because Arthur promised him help (and in part for Maya) but now that the eclipse has struck Arthur is insisting Mohinder keep at his work, even though Mohinder's abilities are temporarily gone.

    Hiro and Ando have teamed up with Matt to bring Arthur down but on the way little Hiro manages to teach Matt something. Over the years all the characters have become very reliant on their powers, even if they didn't realize it. In ways they didn't realize even. Hiro showed Matt that he's still powerful without actual powers and he can still find ways to solve things, to stop things, to help people. He just needs to do it in a different way (that's actually probably a reference to all the characters regarding their powers, one in particular). Turns out though that Daphne didn't exactly need saving from something. Something is happening to her, something physical. I thought maybe it was tied to her powers but when Mohinder's went away all the side effects, the physical manifestations went away so I'm not so sure anymore. I'm thinking she's sick, poor Matt he can't catch a break with love.

    Sylar is very eager to run after the tennis ball the moment his father throws it, strange I never pictured him as the whipped type but hey there's a first time for everything. In the beginning it seemed like Elle was generally worried about Gabriel, trying to show him that he shouldn't let his father control him. Then when they were at the car rental place it almost seemed like she was goading him into using his powers. But perhaps she was just trying to illustrate a point, he's powerful. More powerful that he knows and has been acting, which makes him a perfect target for people like Arthur and even Angela in some ways to use and manipulate into what they want. But what about him, what does he really want? Who is he really? Angela tells him he can be good, so he tries. Arthur says join him, so he does. Maybe he's a litlte more whipped then he first appears.

    Gabriel has shown he wants to be good person, whether he's allied with Arthur or Angela he does seem to genuinely be trying. But what about that car rental guy? Did he kill him? I want to know badly because that one moment could speak volumes about his personal choice vs. what people want him to chose, what they are essentially trying to make him chose.

    That end scene was intense. We've seen Gabriel without his powers a couple times. In season 1 one they went away, season 2 when he was infected by the virus but he's never actually been totally free of them. Both times they were just suppressed but this time they are completely gone, side effects and all. He's vulnerable to pain again now that he can no longer heal (Zach did a good job faking that injury, I mean wow he really looked like he was in pain with the screaming there). He's just human, no powers, no hunger. He's completely free. It's funny that in that moment Elle would show that she still feels very, very guilty about putting him on the path to becoming Sylar. We saw it in episode 8 (Villains) and she talked about it in the last episode (It's Coming) but I think the fact that it came up again shows that though she's forgiven herself for a lot she still feels guilty over a lot of the choices she made as 'a company girl'. Even with forgiveness, from herself and others, you can't just shrug those sort of things off. In the last episode we saw that she understands that Gabriel isn't responsible for the lives he took, if she can forgive him for killing her father then she could probably forgive him anything. And if he can forgive her...the more I think about it the more they seem like a perfect match in almost every way possible (I already love them of course). Apparently, Gabriel thinks so too. He wanted her before, when they first met, and he wants her now. He was free of his hunger and he went right for Elle. It was short (of course) but intense, then again that could have been HRG pointing a gun at them.

    My question is who was he aiming at did he want to 'finish' things with Sylar, or shoot the chick who shot his daughter?

    That being said that was a really, really good kiss. I'm already pretty much in love with Sylar/Elle. I'm not naive enough to think that it's going to end well, I mean come on but I already love them none the less. So when they blow up I'll have something to be devestated about, so I have that to look forward to. That'll be fun.

    Now a theory of mine. I have faith that Sylar will abandon Arthur (yes I am 100% biased because I adore Sylar and am rooting for him 100%), I completely believe in him and I think now that he has Elle (whether he gets to keep her or not) he just needs one more specific piece. One more specific person to help him make the final transition into Gabriel. Someone who is wondering about their purpose.
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