Season 3 Episode 10

The Eclipse: Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Finally, a return to a surprising and unpredictable Heroes

    Even I have to admit, even Heroes has been. . .predictable lately. That all changes tonight. In a wonderful change of pace, there is a return to the surprising and unpredictable Heroes, where twisty revelations wait lurking in the corner. The episode breathes. And best of all, it puts the care back in the characters. The eclipse looms on the horizon and everyone from Pinehearst to Primatech preparing for battle with the other knows it. Even powerful Arthur is afraid of the eclipse. He pours page after page of visions, looking for answers, and he gets one he really won't like: Claire being held in Noah's arms, dying. Since she's supposed to be the catalyst, that doesn't sit well. He orders Sylar to go after Claire and Elle tags along. She wants to help Sylar and she's the one that finally confronts Sylar about how he's been yanked around this season and it's time to make a choice. Poor Sylar doesn't know which choice to make. A set-up by Elle to force a decision out of him makes a funny quirk how Sylar hates heroes. After all he's been through, yeah. Daphne and Matt are tasked to find Hiro but Hiro finds them, or rather, Ando did since Hiro's still "ten", following Issac's comics. Daphne acts spooked about facing Arthur over what he will take away from her, scared that Matt is hesitant about trusting her, and rather than fight, she flees to her home in Kansas. Matt, Ando, and Hiro follow her right during the eclipse. At Pinehearst, Mohinder is going through a rapid change into the ugly bug/lizard shown in the future but his change stopped during the eclipse. Part of me wanted to see the full change. Claire is ordered to hide with Noah but Claire is still mad over what happened with vortex guy and pissed she can't fight. Noah helps her through by teaching her how to fight, the right way, Claire vents how her father keeps leaving the family and Noah rightly reprimends her over being this brat towards him. Sylar and Elle storm in the house, Sylar correctly "guessing" where Noah is and Elle tries her powers, only to realize they're gone. A tense fight results between Sylar, Elle, and Noah, where Noah snaps Sylar's shoulder. Elle tries to shot Noah but Claire steps in, taking the bullet for her "daddy" but she faces the full blow. Noah drags Claire home, leaving Elle and Sylar. Nathan and Peter try to locate the Haitain to fight Arthur, and Nathan is forced to take a crash-landing. Peter finally confronts Nathan about their old brother issues, about how he's tired of being treated like the pesky little brother and how Nathan's been a tool, which Nathan argues over how many times he had to save Peter. Peter's reason is that he's worried about Nathan's future. Nathan reasons they have to get through the present. They find the Haitain but he's fighting his brother Baron who's scared the natives into doing his bidding. Baron's power: indestructable skin. Will have to wait some other time to see it. Unfortunately, Nathan is captured by Baron's troops, Arthur warned Baron his sons were coming, and to kill them, and it looks like Peter has to rescue his brother. Tracey is still negoiating to keep Nathan alive, and she is coldly powerhungry, but Arthur's not much in the mood. Noah returns Claire home to her shocked "mom". Claire is hurt but she's happy she can feel pain again and she forgives Noah. Noah isn't going to be so forgiving to Elle and Sylar. He races out to exact his revenge on both of them and it won't end well. In Kansas, Matt and Hiro reel in shock over losing their powers. Matt meets Daphne's father and tries to ask in but Daphne doesn't want to see him. Daphne's father notes how long Daphne's been gone. Hiro starts to get some of his old self back by helping Matt snap out of his shock and confront Daphne. Ando and Hiro go on their own to find the next comic installment. They reach a Sam's comic store looking for the next comic and they meet Sam and Frack, played by the incomparable and rightly placed Seth Green and Breckin Meyer. I hope they stay awhile in the show. Sam and Frack watch Hiro, amazed he is the same person as in the comic they're reading. Matt finally has the courage to confront Daphne and says he trusts her and finally, he tells her he doesn't care what secret she has, he loves her. Sweet. Daphne finally has the courage to show Matt her secret: she's crippled!!!! Wow. A reinvigorated Mohinder, cured of scales and slime, wants to find Maya to say he's changed and in some cases luckily, Arthur intervenes. He's pissed that he lost his powers and he wants Mohinder to fix it. Mohinder rightly says there's not much he can do but violent Flint assaults Mohinder, threatening worse violence if Mohinder won't cooperate. And finally, Elle and Sylar recover. Elle is still on the path to saving Sylar for nonselfish reasons but Sylar doesn't want to be saved. It's hard to say if he's a villain or a hero now. He's acting some of his old self but with more gentleness. Finally, Sylar and Elle kiss, I really wanted that to happen, right when Noah's placing a hit on them. Meanwhile, Claire's dying, this time maybe for real. There's still plenty of excitement left on Heroes and this episode proves that. It was exciting, thrilling, suspenseful, funny, touching, and unpredictable. That's the Heroes people want. That's the Heroes I love. Hopefully, the rest of the episodes will follow suit. The heroes will get their powers back, it's just a matter of time. It is nice for now to see them be regular human beings and think on their feet. There's only a few episodes left until the midseason finale. Based on this episode, it's bound to be exciting.
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