Season 3 Episode 10

The Eclipse: Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • I'm just so giddy about Seth Green and Breckin Meyer and CLAIRE GETTING SHOT that I almost can't take it!

    AHAHA! YES! YES! I cannot WAIT for next week!!!! DIE CLAIRE DIEE~

    God, I'm in such a good mood. Why? Let's see... Sylar and Elle kissed, Claire got shot (oh, happy days…), Suresh isn't being stupid anymore, I swear to God there was eclipse foreshadowing with everyone's favorite Japanese sidekick and oh, wait, I must think… oh yes. Breckin Meyer and Seth Green. The cute little comic book shop keepers. Perhaps that is why I'm so ecstatic. Yes. I believe that's why. –giggles manically- It's gotta be because of Green and Meyer finally being added to the cast that I've really got nothing bad to say about this episode. The thing about Daphne: Holy crap. Wasn't expecting that at all. And fyi, the next time my friend's in a moral dilemma I'm totally throwing corn at him. It seems to work. And Hiro bobbing his head with the turtle? Oh good God, I nearly died. I couldn't help it; Nathan and Peter were trying just so hard to be mad at each other that I started voicing over what they were saying, particularly when the Haitian showed up. Ahaa… Something about how super-totally-awesome Big Brother Haitian was and Nathan using his shirt as a surrender flag. Wait, what? I must be high… ON GOOD-QUALITY EPISODE!

    For those of you who've read my past reviews, you're probably thinking, "Who are you, and how did you highjack ginaneko's account?" Anyways, I laughed when Flint smacked Suresh into the glass window. Mua ha ha. It was funny. I've always liked Flint… Oh, and sticky, slimy, naked Suresh? Um, ew. No please. Sweaty, shirtless, not talking Suresh I can deal with, again, as long as his mouth is shut. Naked and slimy draws the line. And it's not a fine line.

    My line of the week directed at Claire that my mom laughed at (I talk to the TV on occasion…): "Well, of course it hurts you dumbass. You got shot. What the hell is wrong with you? Even someone who could heal would know being SHOT hurts! Just… stop talking. Stop it. I hate it when your lips move and words come out."

    Unfortunately, because they spent the entire preview on Claire-bear (dieeeee), I have nothing to say other than "MUA HA HA! YAY!" Til next week, folks. –crosses fingers and chants the words 'red-freaking-lightning' over and over-
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