Season 3 Episode 10

The Eclipse: Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Heroes without powers are fun! Except not really! Nathan and Peter become the Bickersons, Elle and Sylar team up, but not sexually, so that's no fun. But one glorious bullet makes up for a lot of things.

    After reuniting Sylar and Elle, Arthur (guest star Robert Forster) orders them to find Claire and bring her to him. They're all flirty with each other, and then Elle manipulates Sylar into killing someone (confused? Does Elle want Sylar to be good or evil?). Anyhoo, they go to vortex guy's house, where HRG and Claire are to get Claire, their powers go out, but HRG still has a gun. A scuffle ensues, Elle gets the gun, tries to shoot HRG, Clair gets shot (woot), HRG flees with Claire back to their home. He leaves her to seek out Elle and Sylar for revenge.

    Matt, Hiro and Ando team up together and follow Daphne (guest star Brea Grant) to her hometown of Lawrence, Kansas to discover what she's been hiding, which is that without her powers she can't walk. Hiro and Ando go to a comic book shop owned by Seth Green and Breckin Myers.

    Meanwhile, Nathan and Peter Petrelli travel together to Haiti in search of the only man that can stop their father from destroying the world, the Haitian. The Haitian is however busy trying to stop his evil brother Samedi (who has impenetrable skin)

    Of course the eclipse removes all of their powers, leaving the heroes to deal with all their emotional baggage. Mohinder likes not having his powers, tries to go find Maya, but Arthur has Meredith's brother put a stop to that. Papa Petrelli and Tracy continue to plot and plan, and draw ominous futures, while Mama Petrelli catches wind of some of these plans. Random Thoughts:

    - Parkman and Daphne's romance continues to defy logic.

    - "I hate heroes"– Sylar (Maybe I should follow his lead)

    - Claire getting shot! It's like the writers are trying to bribe me with small snippets of goodness.

    - The Mohinder scenes were just plain awful.

    - Why won't the writers decide whether Sylar and Elle are good or evil.

    Bottom line: Other than Claire getting shot and the Haitian, nothing really interested me in this episode.