Season 3 Episode 10

The Eclipse: Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • I've been a loyal fan from the beginning and heroes is in fact the first TV show that I have ever loyally watched on TV. This episode begins to reveal how the eclipse gave the heroes powers and now the eclipse can take them away as well.

    The pictures of the eclipse have been threaded through all the episodes and seasons and now we finally start to understand the significance. The first eclipse gave the heroes their powers and now the second eclipse has taken them away. We now get a glimpse of the Hatian's brother, who Peter, Nathan, and the Hatian are now trying to stop. As the heroes begin to lose their powers, I found Daphne's situation the most revealing; in fact it was a bit of a surprise to learn her condition before she gained her powers.

    A lot happens in this episode, and all the heroes becoming normal people again is an interesting plot twist. I believe this show had a major lull in season two, but I think it's making a comeback with episodes like this.

    This is by far my favorite series on TV, I have heard rumors they may cancel it because it costs 4 million and beyond per episode to produce. I really hope this show goes on for at least a few more seasons, in my opinion it is the best show on TV.