Season 3 Episode 11

The Eclipse: Part 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2008 on NBC
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The eclipse continues to create chaos. Sylar and Elle face HRG's wrath. Peter, Nathan and the Haitian go up against Baron Samedi. Ando, Sam, and Frack try to help Hiro with his memory loss.

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  • Heroes is pretty damned good, but could have been so much better

    Heroes is pretty damned good, but could have been so much better, if only the setups in Season 1 had been paid off much sooner, i.e., if the series had less padding.

    Season 3 pays off so many of the Season 1 setups so well. It shows how great Heroes would have been without the running in place in between.

    It's a dilemma for TV writers. To tell a great story they must payoff what they setup, without undue delay. But if they payoff what they setup as swiftly as they do in a feature film or TV miniseries, they run out of story too soon.

    On the other hand, if they stretch the material too thin, in an effort to make it go farther, the momentum may be lost, viewers may be alienated, and the series may be cancelled.moreless
  • The second part of an epic episode, only greatness can come from it.

    The second part of an epic episode, only greatness can come from it. Warning spoilers contained below.

    This episode continued the great story where it left off last episode, and in it we see the reality of having no powers. Sylar and Claire both die, just as the eclipse starts to go away, and we are left seeing Noah for what he is. He kills Sylar, slits his throat, and for what? Revenge. I guess he can't forgive, even Elle learned to forgive Sylar, but I guess it was easier for her since her father sort of played her all along. I found it kind of shocking when Noah tells Sylar he isn't Arthur's son, and that he is using him like a puppet. Now, I know, it was possible, but who is telling the truth? Noah could have just said that to save his life, I mean we know he is a good liar. But right as we think Noah is in deep trouble, in comes Hiro. He takes Sylar away, as well as Elle, and then he takes Claire. Not sure where he put Sylar and Elle, but we know where he is taking Claire. What I hated to see, but what I figured could happen, happed near the end of this episode. Sylar becomes evil again, and kills Elle. I guess he just couldn't control his hunger any longer, at least for now, but who knows about the future. I mean in one future, he was able to control it. What I can't understand now though, is Arthur, he took Peters powers, but seems to have no trouble controlling Sylar's ability, his hunger. I mean, we could guess he knows about it, and knows how to control it, but still, he shows no struggle whatsoever with it. At the end of the episode, we get a nice piece of information. Claire was Noah's assignment, probably because Hiro's dad knew she was the third piece of the equation. So what we now see, and what I figured a while back, is that Noah might have got attached to Claire but is probably protecting her for more than just love. This was a great episode, it's just too bad it ended so soon. Well I mean it was just as long as most episodes, but it felt short. Can't wait to see the next episode for sure.moreless
  • The eclipse drags on and so does the show, treading water in the advancement of the central storylines for the second week in a row.

    The eclipse drags on and so does the show, treading water in the advancement of the central storylines for the second week in a row and, in many aspects, failing to generate the weighty level of tension that 'It's Coming' seemed to promise us all. Everyone has a good run around again (apart from Hiro that is, who gets to have a few moments with Seth Green… nice geeky touch there, guys) and, for the most part, it all seems rather superfluous. I still don't care about Baron Samedi, even after the Haitian killed him in one of the most immensely cool ways possible. Sylar and Elle's transformation from the hunters to the hunted becomes tiresome after a while as, once again, it falls back on the somewhat beleaguered, well-worn 'conflict' between hero and villain. Shades of grey, yeah, we get it guys. Seriously. No need to beat us around the head with it anymore. The decision to have Gabriel murder his lover is also somewhat questionable: while one suspects the writers were attempting to illustrate how he straddles the line between black and white, they actually reveal to us all just how desperate they are to 'complicate' their characters. It's a forced narrative swerve and doesn't scan at all, feeling artificial rather than immersing you in the show's 'reality'. The same can be said of Nathan's completely unprecedented decision to side with Arthur: all because he saw how powers could help people in Haiti? Um, hasn't the guy been aware of that since season one? This is conflict created for conflict's sake and, therefore, the viewer simply cannot buy into it. One to watch on auto pilot, with the bare minimum of thought.moreless
  • Best Day Ever

    A comic store, seriously?

    Who are they fooling here? A bloody eclipse started this and this one just paused it?

    Heroes origin story? SERIOUSLY, Heroes origin story?? You mention that on the show??

    The Heroes know that they are enacting a comic book?? seriously??? Are they out of their already retarded minds??

    What sort of **** heroes are these? Even the comic store guy's friend knows about these people more than they themselves!

    I wish i understood that 2+2 = 2! only then this (now) good for nothing story would make any sense to me! And hell yeah im sensible! This show adds upto nothing!

    P.S: Im a big fan of Heroes and I cant stand watching it getting flushed down the drains! And im sure that this stupid episode (irrespective of the fact that its stupid) will give them a lot of directions to think of and make entertaining stuff in the future! But im still sad that Heroes has to come down to filth to actually get things moving! The show has lost its integrity! Its not my favorite show anymore!moreless
  • Step one has commenced and Heroes is back on track to being what it used to be...

    It took them all of season three to fix what the previous writers had screwed up with this show, but step one has happened, with the reveal that Angela and Arther are NOT Sylar's parents(of course we need official proof). What needs to happen now is the revival of Peter's powers, the death of Arther and the resurrection of Adam(one of my favorite characters).

    While these are all personal directions I feel the show needs to take in order to bring back hope to survive, realize that they are just that; Personal opinions. If these are your opinions then you should love this episode.

    If you have other ideas of where the show should go next, I still feel like this episode was a fantastic one. There were many intense moments, including Hiro jumping in to rescue Clair's family and Noah(HRG) chasing Sylar and Elle.

    However it wasn't a perfect episode as I found a few scenes out of place. I won't ruin it, but the final scene with Sylar seemed a little out of character for him, no matter how evil he may have been before. Either way every fan of Heroes should be happy for another week.moreless
Seth Green (I)

Seth Green (I)


Guest Star

Breckin Meyer

Breckin Meyer


Guest Star

Demetrius Grosse

Demetrius Grosse

Baron Samedi

Guest Star

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Elle Bishop

Recurring Role

Robert Forster

Robert Forster

Arthur Petrelli

Recurring Role

Brea Grant

Brea Grant

Daphne Millbrook

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Peter tells Nathan to leave him in Baron Samedi's camp, he hands his backpack to Nathan, who put its strap on. In the next shot, Peter is handing the pack to Nathan all over again.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Nathan: You saw what one man with unstoppable power almost did to this country.
      Peter: Yeah, but we stopped him.
      Nathan: We didn't do anything, he did… because he still had power. And that was just one village. The whole world… Somalia, Darfur, Bosnia, the Middle East… murder, genocide, don't we have an obligation to try and stop it?
      Peter: Yes we do, but not like this.
      Nathan: Then how? Pinehearst has a way, it's not perfect, not yet… but if we don't try to stop what's happening in the world, we're just as guilty as the people who are committing the crime.

    • Sylar: I think this game of cat and mouse is over.
      Bennet: They're not your parents.
      Sylar: What are you talking about?
      Bennet: They're manipulating you. Arthur and Angela. I've read your files, Gabriel. You're not their son. They're just leveraging your mommy issues to turn you into their weapon.

    • Sam: You gotta get him out of my bathroom, man. What is his problem?
      Ando: He doesn't want to grow up.
      Sam: Everyone has to grow up. Dude.
      Ando: (Japanese) You must grow up.
      Hiro: (Japanese) You guys didn't grow up.
      Ando: He says you guys didn't grow up.
      Hiro: (Japanese) You read comic books and eat junk food.

    • Elle: (to Sylar) With our abilities gone, Bennet is the powerful one. He's better trained and he will kill you.

    • Sylar: No one ever really changes.
      Elle: You did... I saw you.
      Sylar: That was temporary. And then I got my powers back. And I understand now -- I'm never going to change, and neither are you because we're both just damaged goods.

    • Sylar: You know, I've been thinking.
      Elle: About what?
      Sylar: About what you said about finding ourselves free of parents... of powers.
      Elle: What about it?
      Sylar: You were wrong.

    • Arthur: Are you ready to get back to work?
      Mohinder: Look at me. Where else could I go?
      Arthur: We'll find a cure. But that monster inside of you, that's something you're going to have to take care of all by yourself.

    • (Claire is reading Hiro's 9th Wonders comic while Hiro watches Noah and Kaito)
      Claire: (reading) "I don't think I'd be a very good father."
      Noah: (Japanese) I don't think I'd be a very good father.
      Claire: (reading) "Once again, not a request."
      Kaito: (Japanese) Once again, not a request.
      Claire: (reading) "Don't get too close."
      Kaito: (Japanese) Don't get too close.
      Claire: Holy sh--!

    • Elle: Do you think it's permanent?
      Sylar: What... our powers going away or us?
      Elle: Both, I guess.
      Sylar: I don't know anymore.
      Elle: What if it is... permanent.
      Sylar: Then you get exactly what you want.
      Elle: And what is it I want?
      Sylar: A chance to reinvent ourselves. Free of powers or perils.

    • (Hiro dumps out a box of 9th Wonders! back issues)
      Sam: Hey, this is not a library! You read, you buy.
      Hiro: (giving Sam a credit card) Then we buy. (grabbing one more comic) This one too, please.
      (Hiro pulls out all the comics and fans them in front of his face)
      Hiro: (Japanese) Best. Day. Ever.

    • The Haitian: Why did you come here, Peter?
      Peter: To find you. Take you back to stop my father.
      The Haitian: Do not lie to me.
      Peter: I needed to know I could be a hero without my powers.

    • Frack: This is really weird.
      Ando: Did you find something?
      Frack: Issue one of 9th Wonders!.
      Sam: Yeah, this is the issue where, uh, Hiro's dad gives the baby Claire to her father. Makes him swear to protect her. (to Hiro) You were there. That's the first and only time that Claire Bennet and Hiro Nakamura met.
      Hiro: (to Ando in Japanese) What's he saying?
      Frack: That's not the only time.
      Sam: No, no. Kirby Plaza doesn't count. They never actually even talked.
      Frack: Maybe they did. Look at this. In the greenhouse. That's Claire and that's Hiro hiding behind the ferns.
      Sam: And Hiro's wearing the same clothes he is now.
      Frack: I think Hiro has to take Claire here to get his memory back.
      Ando: (to Hiro in Japanese) You have to take Claire here to get your memory back.
      Hiro: (Japanese) How do I find Claire?
      Ando: How does he find Claire?
      Frack: Uh... (hands Hiro an issue of 9th Wonders!)
      Hiro: (Japanese) I must go there. Right now! (puts issue one is his jacket)
      Ando: Hiro! (Hiro teleports away) (Japanese) Wait-
      Sam: Best. Day. Ever.

    • (Hiro teleports into the Bennet home)
      Hiro: Save the Cheerleader...
      (Hiro grabs Claire's hand and both of them teleport away)

    • (Matt and Daphne walk into Sam's Comics)
      Matt: Hey. We got our abilities back. Where's Hiro?
      Ando: He's gone.
      Matt: Gone where?
      Ando: No one knows.
      Matt: Okay Uhh, let's look in one of your comic books.
      Sam: No, no. That well is dry. Isaac Mendez is dead. This is the last posthumous issue. But it's not the last story.
      Ando: What do you mean?
      Sam: There's a legend I heard from a guy at a convention who heard it from a dude who heard it from another dude that one more 9th Wonders! story exists.
      Ando: Where?
      Sam: The day that he died, Isaac Mendez bequeathed his sketch book to a humble bike messenger. You find that messenger, you find your story.

    • Arthur: I think this eclipse showed us all exactly who we are. Desperate, angry, and weak.

    • (Hiro teleports next to Sylar)
      Hiro: Bad man.

    • Ando: Good, we found out how to get your powers back! Now we just need to figure out how to get your brain back.

    • Flint: This gonna give me my powers back?
      Mohinder: It'll help track the changes your body is going through.
      Flint: You really think I'm that kind of stupid, doc?
      Mohinder: Honestly... yeah. I did.

    • Sandra: They are asking a lot of questions. They called the police. What am I supposed to tell them?
      Noah: Tell them what I would tell them.
      Sandra: You mean lie.

    • Elle: You're hurting me.
      Sylar: I know.

    • Arthur: Being powerless makes me vulnerable.
      Mohinder: You're paranoid.
      Arthur: Very much so.

    • Samedi: Others believe that names grant great strength.
      Nathan: Is that why you call yourself Baron Samedi? So people will worship you like a god?
      Samedi: Is that why you took the title Senator?

    • Noah: That's right, run! I want you to be scared! Just like Claire was! This ends today.

    • The Haitian: His followers think he is a god.
      Peter: Then I say we make him bleed

  • NOTES (2)

    • Power Developments: Daphne Millbrook: Daphne has a disease called cerebral palsy. Without her abilities her legs are weak and virtually unusable. She says that her powers allowed her to walk, then to run, then to run very fast. The Haitian: The Haitian showcased the ability to be able to knock people unconscious by simply grasping their skull for a few seconds. We have previously seen him use this power on Matt Parkman from a distance, but it happened more slowly and it seemed possible that Matt had merely been drugged. The Haitian also appears to have killed his brother (Baron Samedi) with a touch, but it is not clear exactly how this aspect of his power worked.

      Claire Bennet: Claire's regenerative powers are shown to have prevented her body from developing a natural immune system, creating the illusion that her gunshot wound occurred many hours ago when in reality it was mere minutes ago.

    • International Airdates:
      UK: December 10, 2008 on BBC2
      Australia: December 11, 2008 on Channel 7/Prime
      Thailand: January 8, 2009 on Star World
      New Zealand: February 4, 2009 on TV3
      Latin America: February 6, 2009 on Universal Channel
      Belgium: April 16, 2009 on VT4
      Germany: November 11, 2009 on RTL II
      Finland: April 17, 2010 on Sub
      Czech Republic: August 13, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 27, 2012 on Markiza


    • Daphne: (indicating a scarecrow) Just talking to Ray.
      This is a nod to actor Ray Bolger who played the character of Scarecrow in the classic film The Wizard of Oz.