Season 3 Episode 11

The Eclipse: Part 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2008 on NBC

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  • Heroes is pretty damned good, but could have been so much better

    Heroes is pretty damned good, but could have been so much better, if only the setups in Season 1 had been paid off much sooner, i.e., if the series had less padding.

    Season 3 pays off so many of the Season 1 setups so well. It shows how great Heroes would have been without the running in place in between.

    It's a dilemma for TV writers. To tell a great story they must payoff what they setup, without undue delay. But if they payoff what they setup as swiftly as they do in a feature film or TV miniseries, they run out of story too soon.

    On the other hand, if they stretch the material too thin, in an effort to make it go farther, the momentum may be lost, viewers may be alienated, and the series may be cancelled.
  • The second part of an epic episode, only greatness can come from it.

    The second part of an epic episode, only greatness can come from it. Warning spoilers contained below.

    This episode continued the great story where it left off last episode, and in it we see the reality of having no powers. Sylar and Claire both die, just as the eclipse starts to go away, and we are left seeing Noah for what he is. He kills Sylar, slits his throat, and for what? Revenge. I guess he can't forgive, even Elle learned to forgive Sylar, but I guess it was easier for her since her father sort of played her all along. I found it kind of shocking when Noah tells Sylar he isn't Arthur's son, and that he is using him like a puppet. Now, I know, it was possible, but who is telling the truth? Noah could have just said that to save his life, I mean we know he is a good liar. But right as we think Noah is in deep trouble, in comes Hiro. He takes Sylar away, as well as Elle, and then he takes Claire. Not sure where he put Sylar and Elle, but we know where he is taking Claire. What I hated to see, but what I figured could happen, happed near the end of this episode. Sylar becomes evil again, and kills Elle. I guess he just couldn't control his hunger any longer, at least for now, but who knows about the future. I mean in one future, he was able to control it. What I can't understand now though, is Arthur, he took Peters powers, but seems to have no trouble controlling Sylar's ability, his hunger. I mean, we could guess he knows about it, and knows how to control it, but still, he shows no struggle whatsoever with it. At the end of the episode, we get a nice piece of information. Claire was Noah's assignment, probably because Hiro's dad knew she was the third piece of the equation. So what we now see, and what I figured a while back, is that Noah might have got attached to Claire but is probably protecting her for more than just love. This was a great episode, it's just too bad it ended so soon. Well I mean it was just as long as most episodes, but it felt short. Can't wait to see the next episode for sure.
  • The eclipse drags on and so does the show, treading water in the advancement of the central storylines for the second week in a row.

    The eclipse drags on and so does the show, treading water in the advancement of the central storylines for the second week in a row and, in many aspects, failing to generate the weighty level of tension that 'It's Coming' seemed to promise us all. Everyone has a good run around again (apart from Hiro that is, who gets to have a few moments with Seth Green… nice geeky touch there, guys) and, for the most part, it all seems rather superfluous. I still don't care about Baron Samedi, even after the Haitian killed him in one of the most immensely cool ways possible. Sylar and Elle's transformation from the hunters to the hunted becomes tiresome after a while as, once again, it falls back on the somewhat beleaguered, well-worn 'conflict' between hero and villain. Shades of grey, yeah, we get it guys. Seriously. No need to beat us around the head with it anymore. The decision to have Gabriel murder his lover is also somewhat questionable: while one suspects the writers were attempting to illustrate how he straddles the line between black and white, they actually reveal to us all just how desperate they are to 'complicate' their characters. It's a forced narrative swerve and doesn't scan at all, feeling artificial rather than immersing you in the show's 'reality'. The same can be said of Nathan's completely unprecedented decision to side with Arthur: all because he saw how powers could help people in Haiti? Um, hasn't the guy been aware of that since season one? This is conflict created for conflict's sake and, therefore, the viewer simply cannot buy into it. One to watch on auto pilot, with the bare minimum of thought.
  • Best Day Ever

    A comic store, seriously?
    Who are they fooling here? A bloody eclipse started this and this one just paused it?
    Heroes origin story? SERIOUSLY, Heroes origin story?? You mention that on the show??
    The Heroes know that they are enacting a comic book?? seriously??? Are they out of their already retarded minds??

    What sort of **** heroes are these? Even the comic store guy's friend knows about these people more than they themselves!

    I wish i understood that 2+2 = 2! only then this (now) good for nothing story would make any sense to me! And hell yeah im sensible! This show adds upto nothing!

    P.S: Im a big fan of Heroes and I cant stand watching it getting flushed down the drains! And im sure that this stupid episode (irrespective of the fact that its stupid) will give them a lot of directions to think of and make entertaining stuff in the future! But im still sad that Heroes has to come down to filth to actually get things moving! The show has lost its integrity! Its not my favorite show anymore!
  • Step one has commenced and Heroes is back on track to being what it used to be...

    It took them all of season three to fix what the previous writers had screwed up with this show, but step one has happened, with the reveal that Angela and Arther are NOT Sylar's parents(of course we need official proof). What needs to happen now is the revival of Peter's powers, the death of Arther and the resurrection of Adam(one of my favorite characters).

    While these are all personal directions I feel the show needs to take in order to bring back hope to survive, realize that they are just that; Personal opinions. If these are your opinions then you should love this episode.

    If you have other ideas of where the show should go next, I still feel like this episode was a fantastic one. There were many intense moments, including Hiro jumping in to rescue Clair's family and Noah(HRG) chasing Sylar and Elle.

    However it wasn't a perfect episode as I found a few scenes out of place. I won't ruin it, but the final scene with Sylar seemed a little out of character for him, no matter how evil he may have been before. Either way every fan of Heroes should be happy for another week.
  • Spoilers! And lots of ranting...

    THEY KILLED ELLE! What the hell! I can't believe that they killed off my favorite character! They killed off Kristen Bell! Who in their right mind kills off such and awesome character and gets rid of the fabulous Kristen Bell in the same stroke? Heroes has gone mad.
    There really is no arguing with it. I was a huge Sylar fan the entire time, when he was bad and especially when he was good. I loved his and Elle's storyline. And now...
    Sylar needs to die. Just...someone needs to kill him because i can't do it. And what was with the future episode? They had a kid for crying out loud. A KID! Whose gonna be the baby mama now? And on top of that, why the hell did Sylar kill Elle right after trying to save her life and making love to her and all that? The writers of Heroes is just killing me. I'm too upset to write anymore.
  • Our Heroes aren't perfect.

    I think Matt said it best, powers or no powers, our heroes have flaws. Same as last week, I like watching our heroes struggle with their lack of powers. I've always enjoyed watching the comic books tells the story. We need our Hiro back to put things back on an even keel. Or as even keel as we're used too. I love the addition these past two episodes of Frack and Sam, they are perfectly suited as our comic book geeks. Suresh is dealing with more than one demon. Nathan has his own ideas of fixing things and defeating his father. Gabriel tried so hard to be good, but that's just not his way. Our heroes are back to normal, but what's normal?
  • 9.0
    As others have mentioned, there was some nice character developement in this episode.

    Daphne telling Matt about her ailment...then her getting some closure with her Dad.

    I thought Peter and Nathan worked well together with the Haitian and their rescue attempt. Although it appears that Nathan still has issues.

    Now that Claire has felt pain do you think she will mind having her powers back??

    It did appear too convenient that Sylar was Arthur's and Angela's son. It also appears that Sylar is back to his old ways.

    One of my favorite parts of this episode are the scenes in the comic book store. Hiro finding out about the events that take place in the past.

    I am confused about why did he take Claire to the time HRG is given Claire from Hiro's dad. Any and all insight would be appreciated.

    It does appear that Heroes has gotten it's steam back. It's sad that it had to happen so late in the season.
  • Absolutely Horrible!

    I would like to start by saying that I loved this show during the first season. The second season was (I thought) a low point because of the writer's strike. The third season, however, just keeps getting worse and worse.
    An eclipse lasts around 6 minutes, the longest eclipse will last around seven and a half minutes. Obviously the writers of 'Heroes' didn't bother to research this at all! (Note: there is a Wiki page on the subject)
    HRG fights Sylar, drives Claire home, get a rifle, has a conversation and then drives back to where he left Sylar (all last episode during the eclipse). While the eclipse continued in this episode HRG watches and doesn't do anything while Sylar has sex (which is quite an achievement on his part, in under 7 minutes), then there is a shoot out and a chase, bandaging up in a grocery store, more fighting, etc. ALL DURING A SOLAR ECLIPSE!?!?!?! The eclipse wouldn't have even occurred in Haiti, it wouldn't have even been visible everywhere in North America. Bad writing!!!

    Arthur: "Everything is going to change today. Everything."
    Yet nothing really changed, as soon as the eclipse (FINALLY) went away everything went back to as it was before, including the two dead characters!

    Another thing about the horrible fuzzy logic, that 'Heroes' has started to rely on, which really bothers me is the concept that everyone got their powers due to an eclipse that happened about a year ago (according to in-show dialog). How did the older generation get their powers? Do whole groups of people get powers every time there is a solar eclipse? What about all the people who supposedly got their powers through chemical treatments? (ie. Nathan) Why did their powers go away because of the eclipse, they shouldn't have been effected as they did not get their powers from an eclipse in the first place?!?!

    Isaac must have been one hell of a prolific artist to have completed a whole year of 9th Wonders before he died (this is not at all realistic in the world of comics, which are usually delayed because the artists haven't caught up yet). What is going on with the incredibly lame plot about him willing a bike carrier his last comic? If the carrier kept a comic he was supposed to deliver then he is a thief! As well, just before he died they showed him working on a recent issue. When did he have the time to pump out another year's worth?

    I really have too many logistic complaints about this season to list them all here. They need to hire the two writers that they fired back and fire the rest of the idiots in charge! When I watch 'Lost' I expect there to be horrible leaps of logical faith and I expect them to never be resolved/explained (contrary to the creator's of 'Lost' promises). 'Heroes' was so well written in the first season that this season is ever more disappointing when you look back to the greatness that once was. This season is excrement!! However, if you are really enjoying it, may I recommend daytime soap operas. They are brimming with the same unintelligible melodrama and you can enjoy being befuddled on a daily basis.
    I will follow Heroes until the end of season three and then probably abandon it forever unless the writers can get their act together.
  • The eclipse continues and the heroes struggle with being powerless. HRG hunts Elle and Sylar; the Petrelli brothers and the Haitian battle Baron Samedi Hiro and Ando seek answers from the 9th Wonders comics; Claire fights for her life at hospital.

    This episode helped remind me why I am a Heroes addict - because it is a freaking awesome series. The fight scene with Baron Samedi is reason enough to watch this episode. The Haiti storyline is the most fulfilling and the Haitian shines brilliantly. We also see some great dramatic moments as Claire and Daphne deal with their humanity. Without these character moments the show would lose its heart and people would stop caring. The scenes in the comic book store are pleasant, breaking the fourth wall as it did, and hardcore Heroes fans would get an extra chuckle or two. There does seem to be vagueness about the direction of Sylar's character, always played superbly by Zachary Quinto, but hopefully it will be cleared up by the end of this volume. All in all this episode is well worth watching, twice!
  • worst heroes episode yet?

    this very well may be the worst episode of heroes to date. the first part of this two-part episode is slightly better, at least the uprising action gets you intrigued and questioning what will happen next week.

    but this episode just falls horribly flat and is confusing. first of all, the eclipse wouldn't last as long as the action in these two episodes takes. second of all, it wasn't really so clear to me before that an eclipse was the cause for all these heroes learning their abilities...so for them to place such an emphasis on the eclipse being correlated with the emergence of powers seems really to be reaching.

    then there's the fact that nothing HAPPENED in this episode. claire and sylar died but came back -- it's happened before. sylar finally kills elle -- oh well. mohinder thinks he's cured and runs to maya for whatever reason -- only to regain his mutantness when the eclipse ends. daphne and matt have some angsty arguments and make up in the end -- whose side is daphne on again? hiro takes claire into the past...what now?!

    the storyline with the haitian and his brother...came out of nowhere and took up unnecessary air time (in my opinion) from the stories of the central characters. there's so much that could/should be explained and developed in the petrilli family and other characters, and they waste time on another unstoppable dangerous villain? and now nathan is going to join the crusade for giving people artificial abilities? this seems NOT promising.

    all in all, disappointing.
  • exciting

    Part two of the eclipse and the action is heating up. Finally, Heroes has slowed down and it's back to being about the characters. The eclipse is going on and the heroes are still in trouble. Mohinder is trying to work out the cause of the power-loss for Arthur but he doesn't want to because he wants to find Maya, he doesn't need to be cured anymore, and Flint is threatening him at lighter-point, a simple attempt of holding a former power. Tired, Mohinder escapes, out to find Maya. Sandra is tired of seeing Claire bleed out and decides to take her to the hospital, where Claire gets worse. Sam and Frack are beyond amazed to see the comic prophecy come true with Hiro and Ando. All of them join forces to recover Hiro's memory, starting from all of Issac's comics. Daphne explains her shocker: she's crippled. It's an affliction she's had since birth but after the last eclipse, her powers developed. Daphne is still unwilling to trust Matt because she believes Matt doesn't know her but Matt refuses to leave and in a sweet moment, allows Daphne to stay home and sort out matters with her father. How and what Arthur held over her is yet to be explained. Noah continue his revenge on Elle and Sylar, even going as low as shooting at them while they're naked. He shoots Elle but Sylar saves her and they lurch on and try to hide. Noah eventually catches up to them and he gets Sylar and kills him. Even though I knew Sylar wasn't going to stay dead, I didn't expect Noah to actually kill him. Peter and the Haitian attempt to rescue Nathan and others from Baron. Peter shows considerable skill and tact even without his powers. The powers return and the Haitian wipes his brother's memory clean, deed done. It would have been nice if more of that storyline could have been shown. The eclipse ends and the powers return. Matt gets his telekinesis, Daphne gets her speed, Claire returns from the dead, Sylar too. Mohinder gets his powers back when he goes to see Maya and ashamed, he runs away, realizing he's still a monster and goes back to Pinehearst, so they can cure them. Hiro finds out everything that's happened and he doesn't want to remember anymore, once he finds out about his dad. Sam, the skeptic comic, while Frack believes in powers, convinces Hiro to continue on and shows Hiro the true meaning of a hero. Sam also helps Ando and Hiro to try and uncover what will happen next. According to Sam, he heard that before Issac died, he passed on one final story to a biker and if Hiro and Ando can find this biker, they can find what will happen. Frack and Sam also uncover that Hiro needs to find Claire and show her the past, the time Kaito gave Claire to Noah. It was also pointed out that Hiro and Claire have never actually talked to each other. Hiro phases out and Sam finally believes for real. A comic geek has his dream come true. Classic. Noah returns home and Claire is pissed at him for not being there. She still has doubts about her father. Sylar and Elle storm into the house, capturing Noah and Sandra, demanding Claire. Sylar is out to kill Noah. Noah goads him into trusting Daddy. Then, Noah reveals a key detail about Sylar: Sylar is not a Petrelli according to him. Angela and Arthur are using him and his parent issues. Could be plausable but it raises confusion. Is Sylar a Petrelli or not? Sucks for Peter, since he accepted Sylar as his brother. Sylar is thrown off. Luckily, Hiro arrives and displaces Elle and Sylar and whisks Claire off to their past, to see the moment she was handed to Noah. Somehow, it's important to see that moment. Nathan has a change of heart over what he's seen with Baron. He's tired of seeing villains abuse their powers and believes that the formula could work, if it is given only to the right people. Too bad he ignores the part about power corrupting people. Sylar and Elle are displaced on a beach and Elle tries to soothe her lover. Sylar is having second thoughts about being nice. He's tired, tired of being yanked around by who possibly couldn't be his mom and dad, tired of grappling right and wrong, tired of all the dirt he's gotten for trying. And now with his power back, his old hunger's back. Why hold back anymore? Which means. . .Elle's gone, I believe. Too bad. I will miss her. This episode has the correct amount of pace and suspense that would have worked if the rest of the half-season could match it. And this episode brings up a few more questions. Like, heroes getting powers from the eclipse? Apparently, there is proof they exhibited powers long before it. Luckily, the eclipse role is kept ambiguous so it's not too bothering. Since the eclipse is gone, has Peter's powers returned? Is Sylar a Petrelli or not? Can't Sylar just choose a side? I was liking good Sylar but to revert to a villain, again? The episode does get a few bonus points: Sylar and Elle getting together even though it was brief. Claire and Hiro finally meet each other. There was a nice fight scene with Baron, Peter, Nathan, and the Haitian. And it was a nice treat to see Breckin Meyer and Seth Green be the comic geeks who have the greatest treat for them come true. Luckily, they're not done yet. This half-season is winding to a close and one person may already be dead. Spoilers have shown that there may be more to follow.
  • bye bye herpes. i mean heroes

    Im done with this show.

    - No Storyline
    - No consistency with the characters
    - Atricous dialouge
    - Why is Sylar still alive? Whyi s Mohinder still alive? Why should I care for Nethan and Peter?
    - Add one to the "ROFLWORTHY" character deaths. Elle's death couldn't be written any worse.
    - Bad acting
    - Really bad.
    - Really really bad.
    - Hiro still acting like an idiot


    What was the point of the eclipse now? Just 2 filler episodes with some really awful conclusion, lol

    heroes is like herpes now. I mean totally. it does more damage to my brain than it entertains me. It's just a waste of timeslot. Bring back some better shows instead plz.
  • So much better than part one!

    The Eclipse Part 2 was so much better than The Eclipse Part 1. I feel like we are back in the beginning of the series I'm so excited to see the next episode. It will be interesting to see where these new plot developments take us. Hopefully Hiro will now have his memory back and keep saving the world. It appears we are going to start having an actual fight between good and evil. Nathan has gone back to Daddy as expected though I don't know how he can be so stupid as to think that giving everyone powers is a good idea. I'm not happy about Gabriel giving up and going back to being Sylar. Also, HRG needs to get his act together and stop alienating people. Overall, a very good episode!
  • A well written show.

    The second part to The Eclipse was very revealing. We saw how the Heroes would get along without their powers. Relying too much on your super powers can make you weak and vulnerable. I loved the part when Hiro was in the bathroom refusing to come out. When it was pointed out that you do not have to be a Billionaire like Bruce Wayne, or and alien like Superman. You just need to believe in yourself. That was a powerful message. Tim Kring has this wonderful way to let ordinary people know that they are capable of extraordinary things is they only believe in themselves. For locked in each one of us there is a hero waiting to come out. We do not need superpowers, just a belief in ourselves.

    When Clair was pronounced dead then came back after the eclipse was over. I knew deep within this was going to happen. I was reminded of the first season when an autopsy was being performed on her and she came back. Maybe it was just me, but I felt Tim Kring put that in the show to remind of us of Heroes season one, and to let us know that the best is yet to come. Like season one there will be many more surprises in store for us.

    Let us not forget that love does conquer all. Look at Daphne. She was us convinced she was a villain. Matt could have given up on her, he did not. He realized there was good in her and now she reunited herself with her dad. It shows we all have choices. We can change if we truly believe.

    The thing about Nathan is could he turning into his father? Will he become a puppet on a string to do his bidding? Will the future Peter saw come true? Poor Elle, now she is just another victim of Sylar. I wonder if Sylar will go up against Arthur? And we know how Noah loves to screw with peoples minds. Could he be misleading Sylar in an attempt to save his family? Maybe he is the child of Arthur and Angela. Then again, maybe Arthur murdered him. So many possibilities.

    This is why I love the show. It keeps you glued to your seat and makes you think. So very few shows today do this. I am one pleased loyal viewer.
  • If you have A.D.D it might be the perfect show for you. But unfortunately, I don't have A.D.D.

    I really don't know why I watch this show anymore. I really don't. You try and retain hope that this series will get better, you even get optimistic when they give you a halfway decent episode…but then they throw you a stinker like this episode and you just lose all hope. My problems with this episode:

    - The entire Haitian plot. It just came out of nowhere and I wasn't the least bit interested in it at all. Another villain from "Level 5" is dispatched with ease. I mean, geeze, aren't any of these villains worth a damn? Aren't any of them actually a threat? These guys don't even deserve to be locked in a daycare center let alone a maximum security facility.

    - Issac Mendes, once again, is recycled and shoehorned into the plot. And this is even AFTER they created a character that had the same abilities as him! When Sylar died the first time, they probably should have left him dead. When Noah died the first time, they probably should have left him dead. But I find it ironic that the one hero they actually killed and left dead in this series is probably the one character who shouldn't have died in the first place!

    - Sylar kills Elle. Huh? So, what exactly has Sylar been doing all season? Did this "turning good" storyline hold any significance whatsoever? And what the hell was with teasing the Sylar/Elle relationship if you were just going to kill Elle!? Did the writer's just decide to tease a romance in order to piss the fans off? I mean, damn! They were just starting to develop a chemistry together! Plus, why did Sylar even kill Elle? He already HAS her power! This is the first time that Sylar has killed somebody for no reason other than to just kill them…and it makes no sense! If this was season one Sylar I might buy it…he was an insane psychopath. But the writers have spent all of season three trying to shove this "hunger" nonsense down our throats and make Sylar out to be the victim of his own abilities! Sylar is officially the most frustrating character in television history. Seriously…he should have been killed at the end of season one. Zachary Quito probably reads every script with a befuddled expression on his face as he thanks his lucky stars that he found his way into the next Star Trek film.

    - The eclipse lasted a whole day. I mean, I know a lot of people have mentioned this already so I won't dwell on it…but seriously, come on! - Also, speaking of the eclipse, way too many inconsistencies have come out of this storyline. If the eclipse gave everyone their powers, then how did prior generations gain theirs? Why did Nathan, who was given his power through scientific means, also lose his power?

    - Mohinder. Enough said.

    - Claire and Sylar come back to life after dying. Shouldn't their powers not work once they're dead? Aren't these powers supposed to be scientifically based? This felt more like magic to me.

    - Hiro being a ten year old. Seriously…this is just annoying and serves no purpose other than giving Hiro something to do while everything else happens.

    - Speaking of no purpose, this entire eclipse storyline looks to be all for nothing. I mean, what was accomplished? What actually occurred? Claire has a reason to be mad at her father? Sylar is evil again? WOW! My mind is blown by these plot twists!

    - Hiro once again travels into the past. This time with Claire. Can we please stop traveling into the past every episode? The have written and re-written the past so many times that my head is starting to spin. I'd be different if they were clever plot twists. If there was in indication that the writer's had these things in their minds since the start. But they're just making this stuff up as they go! They just come up with a new idea and jump back into the past so they can shoehorn it in…as though it's always been there. And it's just a waste of time too as whatever's revealed next week probably won't matter three weeks from now! Remember the episode "Five Years Gone" from season one? The whole episode is completely pointless now! Same thing goes for a dozen other episodes.

    All in all, this episode basically illustrates all of Heroes weaknesses. Namely, the big one…the writer's seem to be just making it up as they go along. The story has no focus. It's too sporadic, as though a schizophrenic is writing the show. Every week, every character is in a different location, doing a different thing that often times contradicts what they've done before. If the writer's can change the mythology in a heartbeat, change the entire storyline every episode, and have characters do 180's for no reason…why should we even watch?

    Nothing has meaning, and everything feels like filler; which, in turn, makes everything on the show feel pointless. In the end, you just end up seeing the show for what it really is…a bunch of attractive people running around, doing things. It's like Gossip Girls with superpowers. And it's beginning to look like both shows belong to the same demographic as well.
  • I selected Painful to watch because I couldn't think of another way to describe it. Elle better not be dead! But I have a feeling I'm totally wrong there.

    Ok, I've been a Heroes fan from the beginning but lately I can honestly say, I really don't care what happens anymore. I don't know why but this season has been disappointing. And now, once again, interesting characters get killed in the name of "plot advancement" or "character development". It seems more like plot devolution and character assassination to me. HRG and Hiro were the most interesting. Though he failed at least HRG continued to give us good stuff. Only wish he had succeeded in killing Sylar. Sorry, still not a fan of the serial killer with mommy issues. And now it seems he's reverted back to that.

    The thing I find interesting about Hiro is him being 10 fits. Still, it's campy but at least it's fun. I understand the dark overtones and the serious nature of the show but jeez, lighten up a little. This is science fiction after all. I love Dr. Who and they kill more people in a show than Heroes does in a season. I guess I'm wondering do we have to keep loosing interesting characters? It just seems too convenient, like Star Trek and time travel. The writing feels too lazy, like a bad Star Trek movie; i.e. we have our fan base and they won't care what we do. The actors are trying but when you have nothing to work with does it matter? The only one worse was when they went through all that trouble to bring back Adam only to kill him off. Why bother?

    And that's the feeling I'm having with this show if it continues down this path: Why bother?
  • Nathan, Peter, and the Haitian stop Baron Samedi in Haiti. Matt and Daphne get back together. Ando, Sam, and Frack help Hiro remember. Claire's condition worsens. HRG goes after Sylar and Elle.

    Last night's episode was better than part 1. This is why I watch Heroes. HRG using the Eclipse to his advantage to try and take out Sylar and Elle. He does succeed but only for a moment. Then playing with Sylar's mind for a moment, shows how munipulative he can be. Claire suffering from her gun shot wound and turning into an infection. Then dying but reviving after the Eclipse moved.
    The way Hiro teleported into the Bennett home and teleported Sylar and Elle to the beach was funny. Then the way he came and took Claire back 16 years was funny, the way she looked all scared. Nathan deciding to go back to Pinehurst and believing what Arthur wants to do is like Anakin falling into the Dark Side of the Force. This pretty much leaves Peter as the only good Petrelli now. He should really get his power back so he has some ammunition against Pinehurst.
    The way the Haitian just stopped his brother and two other soldiers was ill. He just ran up on them and with his hand on their head knocked them out. I can not wait until next week.
  • Do they have writers? Or just two teams of warring monkeys with typewriters?

    This is ridiculous. Every week the characters go through these huge mood swings. One week Sylar's trying to be good the next he's evil, the next he's good, the next he's evil. Huh? Elle's the same. They make her seem like she wants to be a hero, then she's playing games with Sylar, then she hates him, then she's in love with him, then she tempts him to be bad, then she tells him he's changed and he's good.

    Then there's HRG and Claire. Every week its the same lame story between them. Daddy struggles to balance his duty to protect her and his need to be with her. I wouldn't mind if the show wasn't devolving into "what bad situation can Claire get into this week?"

    Then there's Maya. I cried in joy when she lost her powers and left. Oh wait, but now she's back. Wonderful. And Mohinder must be the most morally flexible person ever. First he's trying to help the Heroes and now when its convenient for it to be so, he's basically evil.

    Then there's Parkman and Speedy - does anyone believe this love story? I mean, I would have bought it but it was so rushed. Also - if she can't walk without her powers, wouldn't she have fallen on the ground when she and Hiro encountered the Haitian at the start of the season?

    Oh yeah, and don't forget Peter and Hiro. How bout we take everyone's favorite characters and just make the frustrating by taking away their power or turning them into a 10 yr old. Really? That was a good idea?

    This show is going downhill fast. I hope the return of Fuller and the break they take in January is enough for them to retool it and make it good like it was in Season 1 and 2.
  • Why did people hate this episode so much??

    I dont understand why this episode was reviewed so bad and called the worst episode yet.. i honestly though it was the absolute best episode yet. It was so tense throughout the whole thing. Once again they showed HRG being a badass and hunting sylar and elle down. This time finally killing sylar (for a little bit anyway).. People were complaining about Hiros story lately but after tonight it just made this season. The whole thing with sam and frack was just badass. The way they kept referring to the comic to see what has happened or going to happen was just so cool. And the way hiro teleported in to save claire was a first (since they never talked in the show yet)

    Overall i think this episode was just amazing. The only slight dissapointment i had was that peter didnt somehow get his abilities back aswell but didnt expect it so it wasnt really a let down. I think people were expecting this episode to answer all their questions when really it was setting us up for the real story coming.. For example.. Sylar now knows who he is and what he wants, but who knows what hell do.. will he go fight arthur? hunt down the petrellis? Go after claire and hrg again?. Nathan Knows who he is as well joining pinehearst.. everyone has chosen a side and its all set up for whats to come. Sorry if this review was messy and confusing.. this episode messed with my head lol (in a good way) and i cant stop thinking about whats going to come next. You bastards need to stop reviewing this so low or your going to kill the best show on tv!!
  • Awesome episode!

    I love this episode! :)
    The best parts were the parts with Sylar. He's really back now. He killed Elle! That's so sad! But it happened how it should happen. Too bad people don't understand it and that's probably why this episode is rated so horribly. It was an exciting episode and I like every second of it. Seems like Hiro found his way how to get his memory back. He took Claire with him and they are now in the past - at the time when Bennet got Claire from Kaito.
    I can't wait to see how it all solves out! I love it! Can't wait for the next episode, "Out Father"! :)
  • amazing!

    amazing episode. Wish there were no commercials though. Would have made it even better! So glad that Claire didn't die. But pretty sure elle is dead. Sylar can never be good! Nathan was bomb when he threw the haitians brother through the car. I just wish Peter would get his powers back as soon as possible because he would have been sick last night. Heres hoping!!! Oh and hiro is was cooler when he is a 10 year old kid. When he intervened on Sylars killing of bennet that was pivotal!!! Except he should have put elle and Sylar on oppisite ends of the world.

    There's not much point in reviewing this episode. We all saw the catastrophe that came upon Heroes last night. What's going on with the writers? Is the Haitian blocking their ability to write?
    Seriously, let's go over the facts: First of all, nobody thought, not for even one second, that Claire or Sylar could die. However, most of the episode was focused on this. Second, during the eclipse made everyone vulnerable, so why not attack Pinehearst before Arthur becomes so powerful again? And, besides, in "It's coming", Arthur played a MAJOR role and I thought he would DO something during this two episodes, but, of course, I was wrong. On the other hand, Elle's death didn't bother me so much, her character was too screwed up by the writers already, so as they clearly couldn't find a way to fix it, they killed her. Sylar was beginning to become a disasters, with all these "I want to be good" thing, but at least now we'll be able to enjoy the bad guy again.
    I felt insulted by the writers with this episode. The storyline was too poor, the actors (most of them) are getting worse week after week, the edition is beyond poor, not to talk about the direction.
    All in all, this was the worst Heroes episodes so far. But hold on, things promise to get even worse...
  • Eclipsed by mounds of suck

    After posting my review for the previous episode, I read a long director's blog from Greg Beeman, a longtime producer for the series. As it turns out, Beeman was equally dubious regarding the eclipse, its effect on the metahumans, and the claim that the previous eclipse gave them all their powers. He pointed out, rather simply, that the powers were already there (and others agreed, pointing to the Twelve as the most obvious examples). Apparently this was a matter of contention within the writers' room, and it's not hard to figure out which side won that battle.

    Therein lies this season's eternal debate. I've been criticized for misinterpreting apparent gaps in continuity, but here we have an example of a producer for the show pointing out the very same issues. And that didn't even begin to cover the lack of character continuity, which is a problem when the whole point of the eclipse (rammed into our brains through the monologue) was to bring out the "truth" at the core of each character.

    Sylar's character was a mess in this episode. At the beginning of the episode, he's contemplating the wonderful virtues of being powerless and no longer feeling the hunger. Whatever happened to the entire second season, when he was equally powerless? He was still a murderous psychopath. The fact that he returns to that state by the end of the episode (and kills without self-interest, which doesn't make sense either) doesn't excuse the lapse in logic.

    There are still shades of the familiar Sylar in the character as presented. Noah points out that Sylar's serious "mommy issues" are still pushing him to question his worth and seek approval, and one could note that a sane person wouldn't allow their beliefs to be shaken so often. Sylar's changed personalities about 14 times in about a week's worth of story time!

    The glaring McGuffin of the eclipse was designed to expose the true Sylar, the one hiding behind a veneer of heroism. The net effect was to render his third season character arc entirely moot. What was the point of it all? To show what might have been, had Sylar not been so psychologically damaged? That he might have learned to analyze and absorb abilities without killing, but now it's too much of an addiction? The character's been all over the map for so long that it's unclear what the intention was.

    Perhaps the problem is the wasted opportunity presented by the eclipse itself. The coming of the eclipse was heralded as a major event, as if it would change everything for the characters and the world they inhabit. Instead, it was little more than a momentary diversion. Nothing that happened during the eclipse seems to have mattered. There were no lasting consequences, except for the apparent killing of Elle (way to waste Kristen Bell).

    Let me be more clear. Whose motivations changed appreciably from what they were before the eclipse? Even Nathan was already on the path; he didn't really need to go all "Authority" based on a side trip to Haiti. Nor was there any chance that Peter was going to be allowed to sacrifice himself to feel heroic. But at the very least, wouldn't it make sense that if the eclipse took away the inability to be harmed or die, as with Claire, that death during that period would be permanent?

    Other moments were hobbled by the massive amount of plot. Whatever point the writers were trying to make with Daphne and her father was completely undermined by the lack of time and effort. Three lines of dialogue and a hug do not constitute meaningful character development. And the Haitian situation suffered from a distinct lack of context. As a result, these supposedly pivotal character moments felt unearned.

    That, in the end, is the central problem: a large majority of the plot twists feel rushed, half-baked, and completely out of nowhere. There's no sense of momentum, no build to an anticipated climax. The story is still so disparate that the coming conflict between Arthur and Angela has no definitive scope. It's just "there". Contrast this to the very similar "The 4000", and how well the writers for that show managed to construct 13-episode arcs season after season, and it's not hard to recognize why so many fans are frustrated.
  • People need to stop worrying about having the story go exactly the way they want. This is still a good show, it holds my attention and it entertains me. It seems that for many of the reviewers that's not enough.

    People need to stop worrying about having the story go exactly the way they want. This is still a good show, it holds my attention and it entertains me. It seems that for many of the reviewers that's not enough.

    In some ways there wasn't much if any progress. The eclipse ends and things are almost back exactly as they were. Instead of looking for redemption, Psyler is a monster again and he decides to kill Elle because the 'hunger' which has returned is overpowering any sense of morals or humanity left in Psyler.

    I found the scenes at the comic book store amusing, and I'm glad they decided to bring in a guest star. It eventually ties in with Hiro's intervention with Claire and her family, and the hook the show ends with is Claire sees herself given away as a child to her father. I'm not sure exactly how or why this should be a hook; I thought Claire already knew her origins.

    I think I get tired of fans saying which characters should and shouldn't die. I think the writers and directors of Heroes need to just buckle down, figure out what makes the best story and go forward. Yes, I do find it annoying when the story doesn't seem to go anywhere. But, I'm still giving this a ten today, because, I still like Heroes more than any other show on TV, even if things don't happen 'exactly the way I want'.

    Heroes is still much more entertaining to me than any other show on TV, and frankly, I don't think it would be easy to make a better TV show. I believe the high budget of this show (over 4 million per episode I believe) makes for a superior presentation and I still think the premise of the show is entertaining. They haven't copied Xmen, Superman, or any other traditional Hero stereotype. The whole series is based on some fresh, new ideas. I hope the writers do spend more time thinking about how the present and the future interact, and perhaps have more episodes based in the future, or the past. I think that's part of what made the first and second season good for me. Seeing what happened to the world when Psyler became president, or when the plague was released, and then showing the heroes interact, trying to stop it. For example, Hiro's timeline in the house if Isaac Mendez. Apparently he spent years in the future trying to prevent a horrible reality of his best friend Ando's death.

    I still have to wonder what happened to the poor Irish girl that was left in a horrible future. It seems Peter has forgotten about her...

    Hopefully the writing staff decides to close up some of these naughty loose ends...
  • What the hell is going on with Sylar's character development?...

    Without the ending,the episode gets a 9 because I thought it was pretty good. And then comes the disaster...And I'm asking...are there writers in this show or not? we have spent half of this season witnessing a change in Sylar's character. Feelings of redemption and remorse and blah blah blah...he saved Peter when he fell down the window, he found a way to control his hunger, he found out that he can obtain powers without killing, he found a girlfriend. And everything is thrown in the garbage can. This is the first time that Sylar kills someone in cold blood, without the excuse of the hunger for power and honestly, now there is no turning back. He is a villain, end of story.And he has to die a bloody death.And what was the excuse? nothing...I'm terribly terribly disappointed. You cannot add so much depth in a character and then make him again a mindless animal. It's ridiculous and it makes viewers feel stupid. Personally if I see in the future episodes even the slightest attempt to make him good again, I will LOL. And he was my favorite character...you ruined the character,you criminals...
  • Even though noone died during the eclipse, it still had its consequences. A good episode.

    This episode was pretty exciting, just like the first part. When Heroes don't have their powers, some of them show their real selves. Like the caring Gabriel/Sylar (before he regains his powers and Noah tells him the truth (or is it the truth?) about Arthur and Angela), or the weak and fragile Daphne.

    The main storyline of the episode I think, is the one with Noah, Sylar and Elle. It was nice to see Noah again, remembering how he didn't do much in previous episodes. He was pretty badass in this storyline, hunting and seemingly killing Sylar. Oh, and it's good to see Sylar revert to his former season 1 loner self in the end of the episode after Noah's speech. That's how we love him: alone, angry, blood-thursty and nobody to trust. Farewell, Elle. You just hung out with the wrong guy.

    Even though I found it enjoyable, I thought Peter, Nathan and the Haitian's storyline was a bit of a filler. But the results are here: The Haitian joins the fight and Nathan turns to the enemy. Once again, as Peter said, he is just a puppet, and he's been too naive for his own good before, so I buy it.

    Claire in the hospital, I thought I'd never see this :) . The storyline wasn't very exciting, but it was, in a good way, really uncharacteristic for the girl who heals herself to wind up at a hospital. Too bad we didn't get to see Sandra and Claire getting out of the hospital, hence the 9,5 instead of 10 in my rating.

    I won't go on with Matt and Daphne's storyline, nor with Mohinder's. Except that Matt, once again, proves he is a very nice guy.

    And Hiro. My expectations of Hiro as a comic relief was largely met. Add to this the two comic book geeks who see the characters from their favorite comic book go in and out their store and know a lot about the Heroes. Looked like two of the Heroes fans met the characters from the show. I was amused :) . And the way Hiro handled Sylar and Elle ("Bad man" :))) ) was funny to watch too.

    So, for those who say nothing happened in this two-parter, we're not talking about status quo, far from it. This two-parter gave advancement to the story. Let's make a little list:
    * The Haitian joins the fight and Nathan turns to the enemy.
    * Sylar becomes the season 1 Sylar again, apparently killing Elle in the process.
    * Daphne doesn't get to say "You don't know me" to Matt anymore :) .
    * Hiro more or less recovers his memory.
    * Matt, Daphne and Ando are set on a mission: to find the fanboy Isaac gave his sketchbook and the last "9th Wonders" to in the episode ".07%".
    * And I can't wait to see what will happen to Hiro and Claire in the past. She might change her entire life there. Also, Hiro and Claire meet for the first time since Claire was a baby. Kirby Plaza doesn't count, says Sam, they didn't even talk back there.

    Overall... well, see the bottom line.
  • So Sylar and Elle did it and then he kind of well... killed her I think I actually hope not First of all in this one nobody has powers the Petrelli brothers go fight for the greater good or something somewhere Claire dies but her powers get back and lives

    I hped so much that this would be one of their best actually, and well... it really was not! First of all is nobody else like completely shocked by the fact that Sylar kills Elle in the end (and I really hope he doesn't or something) but I was really looking forward to a nice Gabriel for a while... Nothing's sexier than a bad boy gone good... well maybe not good but not choping everyone's head bad. Besides I really really like him and he kind of makes it hard... And I like Kristen Bell, a lot! Well at least if she's no longer in this show they could finally make a fourth season of Veronica Mars!!! Or maybe the movie...

    Anyway the other stuff were like developement of characters and all but nothing really worth discussing.

    I hope they do better because I could warm up a little more to the show if the writers, producers and all made it easier
  • This episode deserves better ratings. People complain about it before they really think it through. Some plot holes(like HRG shooting). But story progresses. Please read.

    First of Syler. Why did he kill elle? Did you guys see Elle's face when HRG was telling syler that he was being TOYED with. Elle knew HRG was right, her face was in shame and guilt. Syler caught on this. He exploded. He was being used by everyone and his hunger coudnt be controlled. He killed Elle out of not thinking straight/rescent discovery/revenge. even a confident hero/villian is not perfect. They will give in to their weaknesse(hunger) when hell breaks through their head. The elipse showed that Heroes can be heroes WITHOUT their powers.

    Nathans talk with Peter was spectacular. We know his true intentions and he finally admits to it!!

    HRG did a great job this episode. He acted as a company man and killed syler. Claire? comon. act like a hero. u said u will! Finally realized she can't be a hero after her death?

    I like Hiro's comic book thing. Brought him back to his roots. And the "lost comic book" LOVED that part. that is every comic book guys dream. Finding the missing issue!!! Glad they encorporated that in Heroes. The bad part of this 2 parter: What was the point of the elipse. Nothing really 'stands out". except heroes can be heroes without their powers. We see people how they really are when their powers are gone? How their powers influence who they are and what they do. I dont know. Nathans and Daphne's story can use some work. Didnt really belaieve them. Does ando have a power now? Becuase of the eclipse? Shoudnt new people get powers now??

    The ending? What kind of ending is that? Claire already knew she was adopted? What was the point of that? I dont get it. Please explain on next episode?

    All in all. good episode. They need to fix some things.
  • I think the reason for the worst TV.com rating for a Heroes episode is this: What was the point of the eclipse?

    What was the point of the eclipse?

    We knew Claire and Sylar wouldn't die so what was the point showing them die? It led some interesting scenes but all in all was a waste of time. I did enjoy this episode especially Hiro's storyline and I suppose Matt and Daphne's to a point but the Haiti storyline was filler, Peter is beyond annoying, Nathan is as selfish as ever and he cant even see it, Mohinder's a pu**y, why bring back Maya for a 5 second scene?? And the actress must have got paid buckets load to film that scene as well which is even more annoying...And who else is sick of Mrs Bennet's twitching eyes everytime something dramatic happens?
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