Season 3 Episode 11

The Eclipse: Part 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2008 on NBC

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  • Spoilers! And lots of ranting...

    THEY KILLED ELLE! What the hell! I can't believe that they killed off my favorite character! They killed off Kristen Bell! Who in their right mind kills off such and awesome character and gets rid of the fabulous Kristen Bell in the same stroke? Heroes has gone mad.
    There really is no arguing with it. I was a huge Sylar fan the entire time, when he was bad and especially when he was good. I loved his and Elle's storyline. And now...
    Sylar needs to die. Just...someone needs to kill him because i can't do it. And what was with the future episode? They had a kid for crying out loud. A KID! Whose gonna be the baby mama now? And on top of that, why the hell did Sylar kill Elle right after trying to save her life and making love to her and all that? The writers of Heroes is just killing me. I'm too upset to write anymore.