Season 3 Episode 11

The Eclipse: Part 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2008 on NBC

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  • The second part of an epic episode, only greatness can come from it.

    The second part of an epic episode, only greatness can come from it. Warning spoilers contained below.

    This episode continued the great story where it left off last episode, and in it we see the reality of having no powers. Sylar and Claire both die, just as the eclipse starts to go away, and we are left seeing Noah for what he is. He kills Sylar, slits his throat, and for what? Revenge. I guess he can't forgive, even Elle learned to forgive Sylar, but I guess it was easier for her since her father sort of played her all along. I found it kind of shocking when Noah tells Sylar he isn't Arthur's son, and that he is using him like a puppet. Now, I know, it was possible, but who is telling the truth? Noah could have just said that to save his life, I mean we know he is a good liar. But right as we think Noah is in deep trouble, in comes Hiro. He takes Sylar away, as well as Elle, and then he takes Claire. Not sure where he put Sylar and Elle, but we know where he is taking Claire. What I hated to see, but what I figured could happen, happed near the end of this episode. Sylar becomes evil again, and kills Elle. I guess he just couldn't control his hunger any longer, at least for now, but who knows about the future. I mean in one future, he was able to control it. What I can't understand now though, is Arthur, he took Peters powers, but seems to have no trouble controlling Sylar's ability, his hunger. I mean, we could guess he knows about it, and knows how to control it, but still, he shows no struggle whatsoever with it. At the end of the episode, we get a nice piece of information. Claire was Noah's assignment, probably because Hiro's dad knew she was the third piece of the equation. So what we now see, and what I figured a while back, is that Noah might have got attached to Claire but is probably protecting her for more than just love. This was a great episode, it's just too bad it ended so soon. Well I mean it was just as long as most episodes, but it felt short. Can't wait to see the next episode for sure.