Season 4 Episode 12

The Fifth Stage

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2009 on NBC

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  • "I can't hold on anymore Pete." "Yes you can, Nathan. That's why you came and found me." "I found you... because I wanted to crucify you in Times Square"

    They've been killing Nathan each season - or at least trying - but now they finally did it for real. Well, for now, anyway. (Yes, I hope they bring him back somehow, but within reason!)

    While Nathan has been a pain in the ass and poorly written much of the time, his bond with his brother Peter has always been something to look forward to. Even when the times were tough, they somehow managed to find each other in the end (Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar are simply amazing when they are on screen together; that chemistry works better than clockwork).

    I think I have never before cried while watching Heroes, but tonight... I cried when the Petrelli brothers said goodbye to each other.

    Nathan: "I love you."

    Peter: "I love you Nathan."

    Those words never get old!

    The scenes with Peter and Sylar were amazing. Especially the elevator scene... a slashers dream... They had such anger and brutality in them, and there was actual emotion in the scenes.

    Anyway, there was a lot more going on than the loss of one of the characters that has been on the show since the very beginning: Noah's plot was kind of boring, although I liked the guy who could multiply himself, and even though Claire seems to have found a new home for herself, those two plotlines just didn't have anything special in themselves compared to the Peter vs. Sylar vs. Nathan.

    It makes me wonder, though... In this episode Samuel said:

    "It's not her I'm after."

    If he is thinking of growing his own power, I keep wondering whom he is really waiting for if Claire was not his target. Sylar, perhaps, but they haven't been after him since he escaped from the carnival. I keep thinking maybe it is Peter: if you're trying to amplify your power, who better for the job than an empath - albeit a broken one? After all, Sylar kills for his power, but Peter merely needs to touch you these days...

    I guess we'll have to wait and see - just like I keep waiting for some ugly truth coming out and shocking Claire out of the happy place she seems to have found for herself.

    (There were some unseen scenes shown to us during Samuel's final speech Hiro, Mohinder and Ando running in a forest, Tracy, and Sylar putting on his cap. Maybe those are from the next episode?)
  • Tim Kring eases us into the winter hiatus with a contemplative episode.

    Tim Kring eases us into the winter hiatus with a contemplative episode that ponders doing things rather than actually doing them; which, to be frank, is no bad thing. There's much to be said for some of the chin-stroking that goes on here, particularly as it provides us with the opportunity to say a decent goodbye to poor Nathan Petrelli, a character who has been thoroughly bastardised over the course of the show's four seasons, flipping allegiances faster than, well, a very fast thing and constantly becoming mired in a shedload of underwhelming narrative developments. When Sylar murdered the poor bastard at the end of season three, while the end result was more than welcome (even if they took it all back seconds later), its suddenness rankled somewhat. We'd spent a good three years with the guy, growing fond of his admittedly rather screwed up relationship with his brother and even coming to love his apparent inability to reconcile his possession of extraordinary abilities with his inherent lust for power and recognition. Put simply, we cared about him and to see him done away in a such an off-hand manner was a little disconcerting.

    Now, however, we've had the chance to watch his culmination in slow motion. It's been on the cards since the first episode of the volume, and with 'The Fifth Stage' we've reached the logical end of a very winding road. Peter gets the chance to say the things that we need him to say, and the pair acknowledge their love for one another, which, for all its cheesiness, is actually rather moving. Ventimiglia thankfully keeps his emotions in check, delivering a relatively composed performance, and Pasdar does an admirable job of conveying Nathan's weariness, his resignation to his fate. It makes for a very compelling sequence, one of the best the show's offered in a long time, so it's a bit of a shame that it's marred somewhat by the horrible slow motion shot of Nathan falling from the top of the Deveaux building. Without the effects budget that they've had in previous years, this fails spectacularly, on so many levels, and really should have been left to the imagination. Oh sure, they wanted to get across the fact that Sylar is still alive, and it was a neat idea (just not execution), but surely this could have been achieved another way? It just looks tacky and really detracts from the emotional impact of the moment.

    Elsewhere, Kring delves into the inner workings of the Carnival, which certainly is good to see. The physical space has become a character of its own over the course of the season, and the insights we get into the day to day routine of the face that the 'specials' put on for the general public are intriguing. Claire's journey is actually rather interesting, breathing new life into her character and opening up a number of possibilities for the future. Perhaps we'll finally be rid of the girl who 'just wants so desperately to be normal'?! Naturally, Robert Knepper makes all of this ten times more engaging by his mere presence (despite his shockingly bad attempt at an Irish accent), and there are some fascinating suggestions regarding the future of his 'enterprise'. It's somewhat unnerving, but also fascinating, to see the character revert to the innocent, almost subservient and apparently wise, persona that he'd adopted in the earlier hours of the season, especially after a few episodes in which his darker side is suggested so prominently. And how about the 'multiplier', eh? Granted, this has its ropey production moments - usually when there's several of the guy on screen - but the concept is strong enough to avoid any major problems. The only other storyline on offer is Bennet's continual dalliance with Lauren which isn't particularly exciting in itself, but at least it's tied up with the arc plot and is kept in its appropriate place as the C-storyline.

    As is the norm for Heroes these days, 'The Fifth Stage' isn't anything exceptional but it does maintain the satisfactory marriage of character development and arc plot progression that we've been treated to in weeks past, and offers a number of well written, memorable scenes that will have a considerable impact on hours to come. Going into the Christmas break, Kring has proved that there's still life in the old dog yet... but exactly how much remains to be seen.
  • Heroes is really becoming boring

    After the great first season heroes started to lose its way. 3rd season was really bad but 4th season is getting more boring and it seems like that there is not much to tell.

    We are watching new heroes over and over again but still 4-5 of them are interesting because the series still based on peter, hiro and cheerleader stuff. 3rd Sylar vs Peter?? Oh no i really would like the producers to go back 2nd season and restart all over again...

    Father figure, the deep releationship between peter and sylar but all is lost and it seems like a soup opera sometimes
  • I'm not even sure I want to watch Heroes without Nathan.

    Peter took the Haitian's power – that's a first. When we first met Peter, he was the sweet gentle one, the black sheep of the extremely ruthless Petrelli family. He's come a long way since then – I never thought he would torture someone, even if that someone is Sylar. Nathan is actually dead. I may well lose interest now, Peter and Nathan are my favourite characters and their brotherly bond was my favourite thing in the series.

    Of all people to run into at the carnival, there's Doyle. What's with Claire hugging him?! Samuel played Claire and she walked right into it.

    It ends where it begins – with Samuel's speech. He is compelling and very charismatic.

    Adrian Pasdar is actually out of the series – from the interviews, Adrian wasn't even told they were killing Nathan off. That's disgraceful, not to mention he was my favourite character. I say 'was' because I actually am not upset… which says exactly how much they've ruined Nathan's character for me.
  • Change show from HEROES to ZEROES

    Alright folks, If it hasnt already been said, its going to be said now. Unfortunately, this show is showing signs it has lost it. The last 2 seasons were a miserable drudge and at the rate this is going...its going to be the identical third twin. Enough of Sylar, enough of Peters lame powers, enough of Hiro's "A hero must......".That they have to show him stopping time and running to another spot.............. is saying we're too stupid to get it. Enough enough enough.

    Go back to the first season - when no one knew what was going ot happen next, when the more power some one got, the more the story changed for the better. When the storyline actually wasnt stupid.

    My confidence and patience is waning thin. Few episodes and I will otherwise be done.
  • Maybe Nathan returns to life...

    The Fifth Stage on my opinion was a good episode.
    Of course Sylar couldn't die because Heroes needs a villain.
    I don't like Noah on this season. I think he is so slowly and a little boring.
    I thought about Claire's blood... her blood regenerate human bodys and why Nathan's body is already there? Maybe they're going to make a blood transfusion and so he could return to life. Another thing is about what Samuel said on this episode. He said he's not interesting just on Claire... maybe he wants her father... and the first thing he needs to do is convince Claire to stay on carnival with them.
  • I hated to see this episode end!

    Samuel was successful. He recruited Clair. He finally got what he wanted. To me this family of his looks more like a cult. I wonder what he wants to do? Possibly world domination? Having the normal people at his mercy? Clair is not the one he wants. Question is. Who does he want? The obvious answer is Noah, but I learnt not to expect the obvious. Perhaps he is after Clair's new friend. Who knows?

    I really felt for Peter. Confronting Sylar to get back his brother. Imagine what he felt when he had to let him go. Nathan falls on the car and Sylar gets off. It is not over. Peter now has to face Sylar. Lucky the Haitian allowed him to absorb his powers. I fell they will have a final showdown. Here is another question. Is Nathan gone for good? Perhaps to help Peter he will come back one last time to put an end to Sylar.

    I still feel a confrontation between Sylar and Samuel to see who is the ultimate villain is a good idea. Sylar is slick, but everyone knows he is evil and he leaves behind him bodies of fallen heroes. Samuel destroys, no one knows of the deaths he has caused. The guy from the carnival learnt the hard way not to tangle with him. I can't wait until January to see what happens. One last thing. I bought Heroes Season 3 on DVD. That is my Christmas treat to myself. Until next time people…

    Seasons Greeting and a Happy New Year!!!
  • A hero falls. Again.

    This episode was a long time coming, especially given that the producers sent out a press release, detailing the final demise of one of the original characters. That the character in question was already technically dead was a bit of a cheat, and I'm still wondering why the producers would think that this episode should be framed as something extraordinary.

    That's not to say that the episode was bad. In many respects, it was a solid entry for the fourth season, continuing the slow and steady pace of the story. While a lot of people saw nothing worth following in the season premiere, I still think this season has been better than anyone could have expected. It's not incredible, but I am enjoying many of the new elements and the format that has emerged.

    After a couple of episodes that seemed to take Samuel in the wrong direction, the writers brought him back on track. I think it's entirely possible to cast Samuel as something of a Magneto analogue, especially given his ability, while still giving him a self-interested basis for his actions. Whether or not he's invoking sincerity about leading his fellow metahumans to some sort of "promised land" for personal gain can be irrelevant, if the writers approach it correctly.

    I keep thinking back to how Samuel was portrayed in the earlier episodes of the season: dedicated to his family, but willing to step over the moral line to achieve his goals. It's possible for Samuel to demonstrate a balance, and it all has to do with his endgame. If he is willing to do all of this to gain enormous power, what comes next?

    If it's just a matter of gaining the power to have the power, then building a sense of community and family as a safe haven for metahumans is a reasonable means to an end. He could look at his current actions as the cost for everyone to get what they really want and need. As much as it seems like he's borrowing from his brother's playbook when it comes to using the carnival as a sanctuary for their own kind, Samuel could believe it what he's doing.

    At the same time, he could have much darker intentions. If he wants to create a place where metahumans can be themselves without a need to condescend to mundane human demands, that could be a prelude to forcing a state of independence. Samuel's own words suggest that he might use his enhanced ability to make demands. That could be his endgame, and having soldiers like Eli and Claire would only help his cause. In that light, creating a "family" develops loyalty.

    I still think that Sylar is likely to derail Samuel's plans, especially now that Nathan is no longer a factor. It's just a matter of how quickly Sylar can arrive at the carnival. Peter's decision to let Nathan go may have made a certain amount of emotional sense, but Peter had to be aware that he was essentially letting Sylar run free. While I have some hope that a likely conclusion to the series at the end of the season will push the writers to deliver a solid battle between Sylar and the "heroes", I'm not sure why Peter wouldn't have used Nathan's last few moments to absorb Nathan's flying ability, carry Nathan/Sylar as far over the ocean as possible, and then let him drop.

    That wasn't the only illogical moment in the episode. Noah's character arc this season has been less than interesting, even taking into account his potential relationship with Lauren, and this hasn't changed. But why would Noah and Lauren be shocked when Eli just leaves with the files and doesn't stick around to kill them? Eli plainly states that he is there for something and would prefer to take it without resistance. Maybe Noah and Lauren were still too distracted by their personal drama!

    This is the last appearance in the series by Adrian Pasdar, which is probably a bit overdue. That took a little bit away from the overall impact of the final moments between Peter and Nathan, along with a surprisingly subdued approach to the scene. I must, however, give Pasdar credit for his final performance. His ability to switch between Nathan's weariness and Sylar's menace was a highlight of the episode, especially in counterpoint to Samuel's careful manipulations.
  • Supernatural the Petrelli style.

    Like one of the best episodes of Supernatural, a younger brother is trying to save the older one from the unexpected effects of coming back to life and, for one brief second, we almost bought the writers's perspective that this man could still be Nathan even though we all know Nathan has been dead for months and this was mereley a chance for Peter to say goodbye, along with the haitian's power - and not his help - Peter leaves to "save" his brother while Samuel acts as the writers's proxy as he reveals the news are grim and the Carnivale may the last generation of people with special abilities featured on this show. However, no matter how many anvils this once-upon-a-great-show throws at us about the Carnivale situation not supposed to be permanent, Claire's deepest desires to become the undestructible cheerleader again, brand new superpowers in public display are not enough to convince us the show is back on track along with the old roof where Peter flied for the first time in front of his brother, a fact both brothers realize just as soon as Nathan realizes he can no longer stay within another man's body.

    And so Peter gets his goodbye at the same time his niece gets a brand new family and the Carnivale a brand new member.
  • What The H......I thought if Rene (Hatian) was in the neighborhood. No one whould could ever use his or her power. THEN WHAT THE H... was happening in the hospital when Peter was in an elevator with Sylar.

    Let's Face it people, Heroes IS DEAD. Even the writers themselves don't even know anymore what to write. The whole deal with Nathan and Sylar was something of a boring experience. Peter (ounce the most powerful of them all) now the most weak one. And I must say, I won't accept the fact Peter is nothing more the a chameleon now. Bringing me back to the fact that it was possible when Nathan popt out of Sylar. Even if someone with Haitian powers was present. And sorry, am I the only one who thought that dropping Nathan/Sylar from a building wasn't a GOOD choice to begin with. IT was always clear that Sylar would come back when he (Again why then and not earlier) was out of reach of the power of the Haitian (in this case Peter).

    Sorry writers of Heroes. Bud you already lost me when COMPLETE seasons of Heroes Were about noting else then Claire and HER problems. It seems this time they are mixing it with the story lines of Peter and Noah. Either way Heroes should have stopped after one season. From season two until now it was nothing more then a roller coaster ride without any form of a destination. And I really don't understand why this happened, was it because Heroes went from zero to hero overnight. And nobody (even the Writers them self's) Had any idea what to do next. So thumbs up in the air, and hope for the best. At least, that's mine opinion.
  • it's boring!

    This show is starting to bore me out. They don't evolve with their plot, it's like they have writers block. And what it's wrong with Claire? How can she be so naive? Come on, she gives up a nice life and college and living in a carnival? No matter what Samuel says … her life will be secluded, moving around all the time and getting told what to do by Samuel. She says she wants normal but every time she gets bored and goes after adventure. Can the writers find an aim to this show and convince us that it is worth watching! I used to love the show now I can't wait for the episode to be over. I don't have the patience to watch the whole thing.
  • Nathan's last stand is a powerful one.

    Now, this 10 is for why I watched The Fifth Stage: Nathan's death. In other areas Claire joins the Carnival and Noah gets his bag-n-tag work stolen.

    Now for the good part. Peter is pissed at Sylar, he wants his brother back. Peter leaves his mother after packing tons of tranquilizers. As Peter is leaving in an elevator with a fellow nurse, the nurse shoves Peter into a wall. I forgot Sylar could shapeshift for evil!!!! Peter gests slammed again, but luckily Peter grabs a large plank of wood and knocks out a Haitianed Sylar. As Sylar lays heal-less, Peter nails Sylar to the floor demanding his brother. Sylar refuses only to get nailed even more and beat beyond his power. A bloodied Nathan and Peter laugh in triumph. "Is it really you?"

    Standing on the same building that Peter fell off in Genesis, Nathan and Peter share some final words. Peter wishes Nathan could stay and fight Sylar, but Sylar is killing Nathan. Nathan even shares some deadly Sylar-esque words to Peter. In an effort to commit suicide Nathan jumps off the building saved by Peter's grasp. In an emotional scene the two brothers that have turned on each other more than once, reveal that they truly love each other. Nathan slips away. Okay that was bad green-screening Heroes. Try better next time. Once he crashes Sylar points his finger warningly at Peter.

    I loved every minute of the Sylar/Peter/Nathan scenes, but the rest was a slow moving Claire/Gretchen Carnival search. Claire stays, as Gretchen's car shows the reflection of a teleporting Carnival.

    Samuel is ready to gather more "Heroes" in a speech done in the same matter on the very first episode of the season. Joseph's grave. Once the Carnival grows they will return once more.
  • I don't know

    I don't really know what to make of this episode. In some ways it was extremly important; it's got to convince us to tune in when the show returns after Christmas while also providing some sort of closure. The Biggest closure here was of course the Nathen/Sylar plot. And I loved every second of it. Peter taking the Haition's powers was very clever; of course the only one left powerful enough to defeat Sylar is Reny. Peter was also very clever in gaining the upper hand over Sylar. It wasn't the massive power battle we've all wanted to see for God knows how long but it was still quite a satisfying fist fight. I especially liked Sylar not being in control for once. And of course Nathen is now finally dead. Was it actually him Peter was talking to? It definately wasn't Sylar. For all purposes of the episode, I'm going to say in a small way it was. At least it was the memory of him saying goodbye to his brother. A superb emotional scene and well acted; reminded me of the relationship Sam and Dean share off Supernatural (and that is huge praise). Nathen is gone and I will miss him. And Sylar is back. Where is there to go with him now? Will Peter hunt him down for revenge? There's only one way he will truley defeat him... and we all know what that is. I think there is only one place Sylar will go...

    The Sullivan Bros. Carnival. Samuel is very clever. Wooing Claire like that was pretty ingenious, especially taking that beating. When he finally gathers everyone he'll practically be a God. An interesting premise. Sadly, this episode moved quite slowley but at least Claire was out of College. Can she not be back there when the show returns? I'd much rather see her at the Carnival. If Sylar comes to visit. As for Samuel... as intriguing as ever. His motivations laid bare. He's a pretty bad dude but a smart one. Can't wait to see more. And then there's Noah and the blonde chick. *sigh. Oh well, I suppose she's not that overly uninteresting and her presence now makes her appearence in "Once upon a time in Texas" seem more deserving. And it was good to see Noah kicking some ass (one dude shot is better than nothing). So... after 11 weeks what do I say overall? This season has had bucket loads of Claire time (which unfortunately was not that much cop. I can see parrallels with Buffy season 4... there is a reason she wasn't back in season 5), Sylar time (of which I have loved every minuite, once again kudos to Zach Quinto), HRG time (mostly boring this year unfortunately but still potential to be a good charactor) and then some Hiro, Matt, Peter and Tracey time. Ando and Angela have barley been seen at all which I don't get. If you are going to have such a huge cast you can't just focus on half of them and forget the other half. We had Mohinder for 2 episodes (obviously they really ran out of stuff for him) and Nathen was also barley in it, although this episode does reedem that. So... overall a slow but engaging mid season final. I will be tuning in next year. Still not up in the brilliance of season 1 but I can't see that happening now. Ultimately... not bad at all. See you in the new year Heroes!
  • wow

    The fifth stage of grief is acceptance. Peter has gone through most of the season in pure denial over his brother's death and in this episode, he takes extreme measures to save that little piece of Nathan inside Sylar while Samuel is at his seductive best manuevering Claire towards his designs and Noah wrestles with the Carnivale and his new love life. And before I continue on, since most of us know, I'll just get it out in the open. Goodbye Nathan. This time for good. Best of luck to Adrian Pasdar in everything he does. Lydia storms up to Samuel, reaching an impasse. She won't rat him out over Joseph's murder as long as her daughter's safe. Samuel smiles, one less hitch in his plan, and takes steps for replanning. With Edgar gone, he tasks a body-copier to retrieve some Primatech files from Noah's possession. Lauren walks into Noah's apartment, planning on a movie for their first official date, when she sees Noah's clippings over Samuel's track-record. Noah explains his suspicions about Carnivale and wants to crack the mystery of the compass. He tries to show Lauren the compass but finds Claire stole it. Lauren knows movies are cancelled and offers to use her CIA connections to track Claire. Noah finally got himself an equal. Claire and Gretchen finally stop at Carnivale. Claire starts having second thoughts and tells Gretchen they can leave, she can leave, because Psycho-Becky might be hanging around. Gretchen assures Claire that she's sticking with her. Samuel greets the two, pleased to see Claire. He shows them around Carnivale and the two get a glimpse of how carnival-heroes operate. Samuel marvels that all of them have a great freedom by hiding out right in the open, free to use their powers, normal people none the wiser. He offers Gretchen and Claire popcorn and invites them to stay as long as they like but begs Claire to look around for awhile and observe, at least until her popcorn runs out. At the hospital, Angela approaches Peter, trying to call him off from his Sylar-hunt. She urges him to accept that his brother's gone, Sylar's little pow-pow at Thanksgiving dinner forcing her to realize how wrong she was at trying to save "Nathan". Peter refuses to listen, believing a part of Nathan is still alive. He storms to look for Sylar, informing his mother if he can't save "Nathan", then he can take revenge on Sylar. Peter proves he's no fool and calls on a favor from the Haitain's to absorb his powers to take on Sylar. YESSSSS! Turns out Peter needn't have bothered looking for Sylar, for Sylar comes to him, confronting him in an elevator, disguised as a nurse. HAAAAAAAAAAA! Sylar hurls Peter through the basement, Peter doubling back to collect himself. Sylar's a "little" annoyed Peter's harrassing him and probably more than a little pissed off due that a dead guy's "mind" is lodged inside his and that guy's "has-been" hero-brother thinks he has the stones to take Sylar on. He sneers over Peter's inability but Peter proves he's still Sylar's better. He takes Sylar from behind, Sylar shocked to see his powers deactivated, Peter taking his turn to taunt. The two have it out in a raw fight until finally Peter pins Sylar to a crate. Sylar asks what Peter plans on doing, beat him up until he forces "Nathan" back out? Peter replies something like that, swiping a nail gun, and crucifies Sylar. Ugggh. Sylar screams in agony, his healing power neutered. Peter promises to let up if Sylar will bring back "Nathan", body and soul. Sylar retorts that the deal's one-sided, Nathan's technically dead, hissing at Peter to let his brother go. Peter continues nailing Sylar, opting for Plan B. He yells at "Nathan" to wake up and with Sylar weakened, "Nathan" returns, Peter happy he has his "brother" back. Lauren tries to calm Noah down, assuring him Claire's being a typical teenager. Noah laments it's more than that, pining over his failure as a father and a husband, saying he pushes everyone close to him away, including Lauren. Noah awkwardly admits their previous "relationship" and it gets awkwarder when Noah has to inform Lauren that she had the Haitain erase her mind over their failed liason. Lauren's amused she did that to herself, but then gets pissed when she realizes now that Noah's divorced and on the prowl, now he decides he can get back with her. Uh-oh. Both are "spared" by Copy-Guy, demanding Noah give him what he wants. His doubles surround the area (how did they get in? windows?). Noah shoots a copy, and he and Lauren flee in the bathroom, Noah grabbing a spare gun, Lauren musing he hasn't changed too much. Hey, it helps to be prepared in case a double-guy invades your house. Noah suggests they shoot "everyone" but find Copy-Guy's fled, Lauren seeing Noah's Primatech files missing. Gretchen and Claire munch on popcorn, exploring the carnival. They meet Lydia in her best "mystic-woman" persona. She reveals her powers to sense what the person needs to see, asking Claire to touch her back. Lydia shows Claire that she wants to be indestructable, not just physically, but mentally. Then, who should Claire bump into than Doyle, the Doyle, very much reformed and calmed down, speaking Samuel's praises and promising to talk to Claire later. Gretchen-Claire next see a telekinetic rig a game by a d-bag ex-football player that shoved past a little girl. Telekinetic then rigs the game in the girl's favor and offers her the big prize. Awwwwww! Claire finds it endearing while Gretchen finds it disgusting. She's turned off by the carnie's lifestyle and begs Claire to go. Claire doesn't want to leave and Samuel is happy to oblige, offering her a place around the campfire while he tells the kids bedtime stories. He nudges Claire to tell her own story and Claire recaps her own adventures in Season One, albeit in frog-version, while Gretchen warns Samuel not to mess with her friend, Samuel shruging it off. The kids applaud, Samuel sending them off to bed after much begging and groaning. Samuel seduces Claire with his stories of family and carnival-life. Gretchen confronts him over what Telekinetic did and Samuel replies he's just practicing karma. Football-guy shows, angry that the carnies rigged his game. Hey, a stuffed teddy isn't that great of a prize, dude. Samuel plays up as a sympathizing proprietor but refuses to give the guy his money back, so Football-guy beats him to a pulp, Samuel playing the victim in front of Claire. Claire comes to Samuel's rescue, taking a cut from a broken bottle, and the guy runs off scared when Claire regenerates. Claire tends to Samuel, asking why he didn't fight back. Samuel replied he had to do what was best for the "family". After he's cleaned up, he tells Claire that he needs her help for "domesticating" the carnies or something like that, inviting Claire to stay for a few days. Claire takes up his offer while Gretchen decides to leave, wishing Claire the best, understanding that Claire is happy here in a way she never was, she belongs to something Gretchen wishes she could be a part of but can't. Samuel and Lydia observe their goodbye, Samuel promising Lydia that everything he set in motion, even Joseph's death, will serve the greater good. Lydia still has doubts and questions why Samuel wants Claire. Samuel replies it's not Claire he wants. "Nathan" regenerates from Peter's "nicks", Peter thrilled to have his brother back. "Nathan" however, knows otherwise, and its obvious Sylar's tearing him apart from the inside. To celebrate, Peter decides to take "Nathan" back to Claude's loft, back to the place where Peter showed off his powers to Nathan. Peter observes how Nathan kept on denying his powers back then and "Nathan" caps it off as Campaign Year, denial was in at the time. One of the greatest lines in Heroes' history. Peter laments over how Nathan's always been there for him. "Nathan" finally stops pretending to be happy and asks Peter how they can go on like this. He's not Peter's brother, no matter how much Peter wants him to be, he's just an illusion of memories, personality posing itself as Nathan. Sylar's still in there and he's destroying "Nathan". He can't hold Sylar back much longer. Peter reasons "Nathan" came to him so Peter could save him. Sylar pushs through, sneering he came to Peter so he could crucify him in Times Square. Peter holds onto "Nathan", begging "Nathan" to fight Sylar off, "Nathan" realizing Peter will never let him go, he loves his brother too much, and Sylar will use that to destroy him. "Nathan" does them both a favor, leaping off the railing. Peter grabs on, "Nathan" slipping away physically and mentally. He tells Peter it's okay to let him go, that he'll be the greatest hero of them all, Peter couldn't have been a better brother, saying he loves Peter, for the last time. "I love you too, Nathan"-Peter realizes he has to let go. "Nathan" falls, Sylar shattering through. He hits a car but gets back up, waving a mock goodbye to Peter, Peter too distraught and too ill-powered to go after him. Samuel gives a closing-monologue over how the carnies will soon have a home as soon as new heroes come in, Claire buying it with everyone else. Peter returns to Angela, mother-son bonding in shared grief. Gretchen rides off, Carnivale poofing away, and it turns out Samuel played Claire for a sap and didn't let Football Guy get away after all. About this episode, all I can say is, wow, and that's underselling it. This was THE best episode in a long time, hands-down. I REALLY love Lauren Gilmore and I hope she stays. She and Noah make a wonderful couple, and she shows Noah that she is his perfect match. FINALLY, after a half-season of teases, we finally get a glimpse of the "other" heroes' lifestyle and how hiding out in plain sight works wonders when you're a superhero in a carrnival. And I love how it beautifully contrasts with how carefully guarded our heroes are at preserving their true potential. No wonder it looks so glamorous. Gretchen was being a major pain-in-the-butt to Claire and I know why. She doesn't understand heroes and probably doesn't want to understand. I just have to say, I just wish there was a normal human being that accepted heroes as they were and be really cool and surprised about it instead of either wanting to hunt them down, beat them to a pulp, and denying anything's out of the ordinary. I love how bada@@ Claire was handling the bottle-cut. And all it took was our resident villain. However, Samuel doesn't want her?!? That does more than slightly annoy me. Then why is he so interested in her? Does it have to do with Noah? Or something else? Probably Noah. I am a little confused over Samuel's "plan" to establish a home around Joseph's grave, where all his "family" will converge. Does he plan on sinking the earth there or what? But anyways, Samuel's a pretty awesome villain, either way and he was at his slick, oily, Iagoish best. I wish we could have had more "Nathan"/Sylar-Peter but what we did get was outstanding. Incredible. I loooooooooved the raw fight between Sylar and Peter. Some will decry its lack of "pyrotechnics" but honestly, I think this is the best fight Heroes has ever showed. Sylar was in full wonderful and menacing, nasty-as-spit Season-One mode, all mirth and playfulness gone. Nothing expensed for your longtime nemesis. And Peter!!! MAN! I looooooooved how bada@@ he was taking on Sylar. The nailgun? WOW, whoa! Brutal. Peter's got some skills. Even though I knew what going to happen, I still shed a few tears at the "brother's" goodbye. "Nathan". He loved his "brother" so much, he was willing to sacrifice himself for his brother's sake. It was heartbreaking, heartshattering when he told Peter it was okay to let him go. There can be speculation over whether "Nathan" was really a part of Nathan's soul and I believe he was, to a certain quotated extent. And Peter! Poor Peter. He wanted to save his brother so bad but he ended failing miserably. He lost his brother twice. That can't be easy on anyone. This is the first time he is without his brother. The Petrelli brothers are really no more. Horrible. This will scar Peter forever, he won't handle it well, he'll do whatever he can to bring down Sylar once and for all. I at least hope Angela and Peter can grow closer, Angela finally fully bonding with her only son. Powerful. Tragic. And Sylar's little "see-you-later" to Peter before he fled? Whoa. If it's even possible, Peter now despises him even more. I'm not sure what lies store for the future but Heroes ended this year on a very high note. I look forward to more.
  • Great episode but moving a bit slow.

    It was interesting to watch Claire being introduced to the carnival, but the whole time I was thinking this would have been such a better story line for Elle Bishop. Killing off Elle was one of heroes worst mistakes throughout season 3. And after the death of her father and no one else to turn to, I think this carnival story would have been great for her. And it would also be a lot more logical with Elle. Claire and Tracy are both great characters to but neither seem the type to actually live in the carnival. However, it looks like they wont have to if they build a city for people with powers, which would be amazing. I like the direction the show is heading, but some of the scenes involving Claire really bored me. Imagine how crazy the relationship would have been between Elle and Samuel, it would have been one of the best storyline of the show. Sorry I'm just a little ticked they killed Elle off so stupidly in season 3. The scenes involving Peter and Nathan were quite enjoyable and Nathan's death scene was very touching. However, i really hope Peter receives his original ability because its boring to watch him only have one power now. Also where were Tracy, Matt, and Hiro? I would have liked to see a little tease of where their characters are at right now at least. Nevertheless, this episode set up the second half of this season very well. Lets just hope this season starts to move a little fatter pace, its starting to get kinda slow and if this is the shows last season (I hope its not) lets have it go out with a bang!