Season 1 Episode 13

The Fix

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on NBC
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Hiro continues to search for a sword while being chased by mysterious figures. An invisible man named Claude has something to teach one of the heroes. D.L. takes on new family responsibilities, and Matt opens up to his wife. H.R.G. continues to focus on the captive Sylar. Claire seeks out the Haitian and then her birth parents. Mohinder looks for those on the list, and receives a surprise visitor. A psychiatrist offers to help Niki.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes hiro is still looking for the sword that he is supposed to have and he is beeing chased by shadow figures and clair is still tring to get information and so she decides to track down the haition to get info about her birth mom and hrg is still holding the captive slyer and matt opens up to his wife and this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower and i thought the story on this one was very intensemoreless
  • Peter awakes from coma and meets Claude, Nathan visits Mohinder to help him find Peter, Claire seeks her biological mother, Matt gets suspended but gets exciting news from his wife and Niki realizes that her family needs her and cooperates with the policemoreless

    This is one of the episodes where nothing much happens and its only purpose is to move the plot. Regardless, all of our stories move just one step forward with no real changes.

    Claire meets with the Haitian and asks about her biological parents. The Haitian idmits he knows nothing of her father and the only thing she knows about her mother is that she died in a fire 14 years ago. After some research, Claire manages to track down her mother (who is surprisingly alive; you will understand why once you see her ability).

    Hiro on the other hand is on his way to meet Mr Linderman to retrieve the real sword of Takezo Kensei in order to restore his powers. On the way some guys put them in a van telling them that their boss wants to see them and stop this mission of theirs. In the end we find out that the mystery boss is in fact Hiro's father.

    Matt gets suspended for six months after the events of the previous chapter. Returning home he finds some exciting news; that his wife is pregnant (something that will be more thoroughly expanded in both volume 2 and volume 4).

    Peter meets with Claude (the invisible man) and asks him to teach him how to control his ability. Relunctant at first, Claude decides to teach him after he hears that Peter will be responsible for the explosion of New York City. Meanwhile, Nathan visits Mohinder to find his brother but Mohinder tells him he wish he could find him himself because Peter may be the most important of all the special people. When both Nathan and Mohinder find Peter in his appartment, Peter escapes (with the assistance of Claude).

    Niki is still behind bars. After she accepted psychological evaluation in the previous chapter, Niki refuses to let Jessica talk to the psychiatrist but soon she realizes that her family needs her and she cooperates. DL is having problems taking care of Micah as he is not given a job (because he is an ex-con). Micah however finds another way to provide money; by using his ability.

    Finally, Mr Bennet is testing Sylar but Sylar dies in the process (or at least it seems). When Mr Bennet enters Sylar's cell to see him, he sees the body of the doctor instead and a Sylar alive and well inside the cell (This scene becomes better in the following chapter).

    Note: Keep in mind that the whole volume 1 lasts for 1 month (real time: 2nd October until November 5th). Always try to keep time in your head when you are watching Heroes because things might get confusing especially in later volumes when time is not given expressly. Enjoy!moreless
  • Nothing too special

    When some last episode have given major developments then this one was little slow and did not had not so much happening around.

    The pearl was Claire who called her biological mother. That sounds like exciting storyline.

    Other than this.. Hiro got himself into trouble and now without powers some men got them and drove it to Hiro's father. What?

    And a lot of focus was put on Niki again and even if that storyline felt much better than usual, it was still weird and off the pace.

    Ok.. so, not too bad episode as there was movement but nothing major special too. I did love how Peter fooled everyone when he became invisible.moreless
  • One million of us

    Aaaahhh!!! Otra vez con los 8 millones de personajes!!! Ahora apareció el hombre invisible (era obvio), la mamá de Claire (seguramente la causante del incendio en el que supuestamente murieron) y el padre de Hiro (quién es? el jefe del padre de Claire?). Todo bien pero paren un poco, el hilo de la historia se pierde, nunca se llega a destino porque se pierde demasiado tiempo introduciendo new characters.

    Que cosa! Es un paso adelante, dos pasos adelante, un paso atrás. Tres pasos adelante, un paso adelante, dos pasos atrás. Pero que se le va a hacer, igual está buena y atrapa.moreless
  • Not bad at all.

    Hiro and Ando end up getting caught, and Mr.Linderman turns out to be... Hiro's dad? Huge plot twist, I didn't even see it coming. Super surprising, and Hiro's character just keeps getting more and more noble. We'll just see if he can defy his own father to justify his mission. Claude (the invisible guy I think) is going to teach Peter how to control his powers. D.L. is being a father to Micah now, and apparently Micah uses his own power to get cash. Lots of cash. Matt opens up to his wife about his power, but is sentenced to a six month suspension from his job as a policeman. Claire tries to find her birth mother, who apparently can set things on fire, or cause fires, idk. A psychiatrist is offering to help Niki with Jessica, but it isn't working out so well. And finally, Claire's dad makes a huge mistake with Sylar. The last line killed me "How's Claire?" Not the best episode so far, but it was pretty terrific to me.moreless
Paula Newsome

Paula Newsome

Dr. Witherson

Guest Star

Brad Greenquist

Brad Greenquist

Kaito's Assistant

Guest Star

Alex Fernandez

Alex Fernandez

LAPD Captain Baldwin

Guest Star

James Kyson

James Kyson

Ando Masahashi

Recurring Role

Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig

Meredith Gordon

Recurring Role

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Gabriel Gray/Sylar

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The number plate on Hiro's fathers limosine was NCC 1701,(George Takei who played Sulu in STTOS which featured USS Enterprise NCC 1701)

    • The cash that Micah dumps out of his backpack is "stage money" (fake). The bills clearly show the 20 denomination but carry the portrait of Ben Franklin from the 100. The image on the back is also from the the 100, Independence Hall not the White House as should be on the 20.

    • On this episode Zack says that the Manatee is also known as the Sea Cow, which is a nickname used for all species from the Order Sirenia. This is because of the animals' diet, which mainly consists of seagrasses. There was also a recently extinct species, called the Steller's Sea Cow. The closest extant relative of this species was the dugong, with manatees being slightly more distantly related. Manatees can still be found, although - as Claire marks - they are in danger of extinction.

    • This episode is the second time we have heard "That's how we roll". Hiro made the quote in this episode, but the first time was made by Ando in "Better Halves".

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Matt: Yes, I will call the plumber today.
      Janice: Are you always gonna be in my head?
      Matt: Well, I can't control this thing.
      Janice: You can't or you won't?

    • Claude: I told you not to follow me.
      Peter: I need help. You live up here?
      Claude: You're not a fast learner, eh, mate?
      Peter: I took care of a man who owned this building. His name was Charles Deveaux.
      Claude: Never heard of him.
      Peter: You don't think that's strange? I worked here. The place where you live and keep your birds.
      Claude: I don't keep anything. I let 'em out once a day, they come back. Sounds like free will to me.
      Peter: I need to learn how to control this. Like you do.
      Claude: What are you talking about? It can't be controlled.
      Peter: There has to be some way. If, if I don't, New York explodes. Okay? I explode.
      Claude: An exploding man, where'd you get that idea?
      Peter: My dreams. This place. I found you for a reason. I think you're the one that has to teach me how to stop this.
      Claude: There's no such thing. No teaching. No Sunday school for the special. What I can do, you can't learn. You wake up in the morning, it's there. If you've got thin soup, then that's your supper. Sorry, mate, that's the way it is.
      Peter: I'm trying not to die. There's got to be something you can do.
      Claude: I can kill you myself right now. Solve your exploding problem here. Maybe that's why you dreamt me. Don't bother looking for me. You won't find me here again.

    • Hiro: My power is lost until I get the sword. It focused the samurai Kensei's power. It will do the same for me.
      Ando: But Hiro, if you have no power, how can we steal the sword?
      Hiro: I will find a way. That sword is my destiny. A samurai's weapon must be used with honor. And respect. This sword has many lessons to teach.
      Ando: Swords are for killing. That's why they're sharp.
      Hiro: Maybe I use the sword to kill bomb-man. Is it my destiny to kill this man?

    • Nathan: Dr. Suresh? Do you remember me?
      Mohinder: Nathan Petrelli.
      Nathan: You yelled at my car.
      Mohinder: Yes, we met under unfortunate circumstances. I believe I came off as a deranged lunatic.

    • Mohinder: Peter's specific DNA allows for a blend. Like colors in a mosaic, resequencing itself to mimic the abilities of those around him.
      Nathan: Like a chameleon.
      Mohinder: More like a sponge. It's precisely why I've been studying him.
      Nathan: Could his condition become dangerous, to himself or to other people?
      Mohinder: If he absorbs too much or comes into contact with an unstable ability, then most definitely yes.
      Nathan: Can you fix it?

    • Claire: My dad lied to me about my entire life; my biological parents, my ability, you can't just hide things like that! There's got to be something on there.
      Zack: If your dad's the guy you're describing I don't think he's gonna keep his secrets on the family computer.

    • Haitian: Is your father becoming suspicious.
      Claire: No. And it's kind of a problem. Every word out of my mouth is a lie. I have to laugh and smile and look him in the eye – my own father. It's breaking my heart.
      Haitian: Would you prefer I took your memory?
      Claire: I need to know that one thing in my life is real.

    • Claude: This your place?
      Peter: Yeah.
      Claude: A guy with family connections like yours could do a lot better.
      Peter: I left the family business. I'm a nurse now.
      Claude: A nurse who's an empath. Very cute.
      Peter: Empath? What's that mean?
      Claude: It means you're a pain in my ass, Mate.

    • Nathan: Where did he go?
      Bodyguard: Who?
      Nathan: You're supposed to watch the door.
      Mohinder: (pointing to open window) My God, did he just?

    • Peter: I know you want to help me. You're my big brother and you fix everything but you can't. You can't fix this one this time.
      Nathan: Let's just sit down. We can figure this out.
      Peter: Okay.
      Nathan: Okay?
      Peter: Okay. (Peter runs away)

    • Nathan: There's got to be another way, Peter. Let me help you.
      Peter: You can't.

    • Peter: I found you for a reason. I think you're the one who has to teach me how to stop this.
      Claude: There's no such thing. No teaching. No Sunday school for the special. What I can do, you can't learn. You wake up in the morning and its there. If you got thin soup then that's your supper. Sorry, Mate. That's the way it is.

    • Hiro: (in English to Henchman) Where are you taking us?
      Ando: (Japanese) Why isn't he talking to us?
      Hiro: (Japanese) Maybe...he is not the Big Boss. (in English to Henchman) Tell your boss I'm on very important mission.
      Henchman: I know all about your so-called mission to save the world, Mr. Nakamura. You think you have a power, and that you can use it to make a difference. (Japanese) You are...wrong.
      Hiro: (Japanese) Who are you?
      Henchman: (Japanese) I work for someone...who has true power. A man who knows what you're up to. And wants you...to stop. (English) Two first class tickets. Non-stop to Tokyo.
      Ando: (English) First class?
      Hiro: (Japanese) Ando, do not be tempted. Those tickets are a test...of our devotion to our mission. You cannot bribe a hero. My heart is true. My spirit unbreakable. When I meet your Big Boss, I will tell him the same thing!
      Henchman: (Japanese) Oh -- he won't like that. Not one bit.

    • Zack: There was a fire 14 years ago in Kermit Texas. Kermit why does that name sound so familar?
      Claire: Cause of the frog.

    • Peter: You?
      Claude: You can see me.
      Peter: You-- (Claude grabs Peter by the neck)
      Claude: Nobody can see me! I'm invisible! Who are you!? How can you see me!?
      Peter: (Choked) I don't know. I just do what you can do.
      (Claude lets him down)
      Claude: Fantastic. One of those.
      Peter: One of those. What do you mean? You know someone else like me!? Hey, wait. Where are you going? You need to explain this! I saw you. I saw you in my dream. Who are you?
      Claude: I'm no one. I'm the invisible man. I'm Claude Rains. Now get away from me! Forget you ever saw me!
      Peter: Yeah, but, you know! What's happening to me? What is this? I found you. I need you to help me.
      Claude: Why would I wanna do that?
      Peter: Because, we're in danger. This entire city is in danger. It was in my dream. People die. We die. I don't know when, but it happens.
      Claude: Then you better leave town.
      Peter: Hey, where are you going!? You can't hide from me!
      Claude: I'm the invisible man; I can walk 'round the corner and disappear forever.
      Peter: Yeah, but I can see you. I'm gonna follow you.
      Claude: Smarter men than you have tried and have paid for it. You stay away from me. And don't follow me!

    • (Mohinder's voiceover at the beginning of the episode)
      Mohinder: When we embrace what lies within, our potential has no limit. The future is filled with promise; the present rife with expectation. When we deny our instinct, and struggle against our deepest urges, uncertainty begins. Where does this path lead? When will the changes end? Is this transformation a gift or a curse? For those who fear what lies ahead, the most important question of all - can we ever really change what we are?

    • Claire: Do you know who my real parents are?
      Haitian: Of your father, I know nothing.
      Claire: And my mother?
      Haitian: Only that she died in an explosion, here in Texas, 14 years ago.
      Claire: My mother died. Are you sure?
      Haitian: Your father told me many years ago. He had no reason to lie. This is the last conversation we have about this. Now, you need to go back home and forget about your real parents.

    • Ando: And why is everyone always chasing us?
      Hiro: Because I'm special.
      Ando: Well, I'm not special
      Ando: And I'm tired of getting chased.

    • (at the sight of his father)
      Hiro: (subtitled) GULP!

    • Peter: I can handle it.
      Claude: Yeah, thats what they all say.
      Peter: They? How many people have you taught, before me?
      Claude: Come on, mate; I'll steal us a cab.

    • Micah: You know how you and Mom have a secret? Well... I have a secret too.

    • Ando: You came back for me.
      Hiro: This is how we roll.

  • NOTES (6)

    • The symbol that is on the sword Hiro's after and on Jessica's back is seen worn around the Haitian's neck. This symbol is also seen in many recent Heroes episodes usually in the background (e.g. in Isaac's paintings and on Suresh's list!). This may be the symbol for RNA (similar to DNA).

    • The Symbol:
      There were no new appearances of the symbol in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      Germany: January 2, 2008 on RTL2
      Czech Republic: March 27, 2008 on Prima
      Slovakia: August 11, 2008 on Markiza

    • Powers Developments:
      Hiro Nakamura: Hiro tries to use his powers in this episode but is unable. He believes he needs the sword in order to use his powers again.

    • New Heroes:
      Meredith Gordon: Meredith is Claire's biological mother. She has the ability to ignite fire with her bare hands.

    • Cast and Crew Listed During Episode:
      Jack Coleman
      Noah Gray-Cabey
      Greg Grunberg
      Ali Larter
      Masi Oka
      Hayden Panettiere
      Adrian Pasdar
      Sendhil Ramamurthy
      Leonard Roberts
      Milo Ventimiglia

      Guest Starring:
      Jessalyn Gilsig
      James Kyson Lee
      Zachary Quinto
      Ashley Crow
      Thomas Dekker
      Lisa Lackey
      Paula Newsome
      Jimmy Jean-Louis
      Brad Greenquist
      Colby French
      Alex Fernandez
      Jesse Corti
      with George Takei
      and Christopher Eccleston

      Music by:
      Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman
      with the voice of Shenkar

      Co-Producer: Aron Eli Coleite
      Co-Producer: Lori Motyer
      Produced By: Jim Chory
      Supervising Producers:
      Adam Armus & Kay Foster
      Co-Executive Producer: Bryan Fuller
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      Co-Executive Producer: Jesse Alexander
      Co-Executive Producer: Greg Beeman
      Executive Producer: Allan Arkush
      Executive Producer: Dennis Hammer
      Executive Producer: Tim Kring
      Written by: Natalie Chaidez
      Directed by: Terrence O'Hara

      Dominic Testa: Attendant

      Casting by:
      Jason La Padura, CSA
      & Natalie Hart, CSA
      Keri Owens

      Associate Producer: Mike Ketelsen
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      Director of Photography: John Aronson
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      Unit Production Manager: Cathy Mickel Gibson
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      Costume Designer: Debra McGuire
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      Promotional Consideration Furnished by:
      Nissan North America
      Dell, Inc.
      Tailwind Productions
      NBC Universal

      To read about the existance of this note and to contribute ones like it read this thread.


    • Invisible Man: Fantastic!

      The Invisible Man is played by Christopher Eccleston. Eccleston played the lead role in Doctor Who as the 9th Doctor. The 9th Doctor always said "Fantastic."

    • Zach: There was a fire 14 years ago in Kermit Texas. Kermit why does that name sound so familar?
      Claire: Cause of the frog.

      When Claire talks about a frog she is talking about the muppet Kermit the Frog.

    • In a conversation with Mr. Bennet, Claire Bennet says "When I'm sixty-four..." which is a reference to the hit song by the Beatles, When I'm Sixty-Four.

    • Hiro calling his captor's leader "The Big Boss" may be a reference to Konami's Metal Gear Solid video games. Also, "Big Boss" in the Metal Gear series was the main character's father.

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