Season 1 Episode 21

The Hard Part

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 07, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • During the last focusing of Hiro's broken katana, you can see at the end of the broken katana blade piece that Hiro holds in his left hand, that it's not even made out of metal, it's plastic or fiberglass.

    • When Ando shows Hiro the comic, he appears murdered directly by Sylar. However, in "5 Years Gone", Future Peter said that he died in the nuclear explosion.

    • When Peter and Claire are talking about Peter going nuclear, he closes the door so that it is ajar. When the view switches to Claire and back to Peter the door is open wider than it was in the previous shot.

    • Continuity error: In "Seven Minutes to Midnight", Mohinder is said to have been born two years after his sister died. Now it is revealed that it was only a matter of months.

    • When they are about to enter Isaac's apartment, Ando shows to Hiro the comic book page in which Hiro's drawn thrusting his sword into Sylar's abdomen. If you pay a lot of attention on the close-up of that page, you can see that although the page beside it is partially folded, the drawing is obviously of Hiro saving a little girl from being hit by a car, a drawing already published in another "9th Wonders" issue and not related to Hiro in the future.

    • The text on the windshield of the car that Bennet, Parkman and Sprague is taking first says Automatic but later in the same scene it says Low Mileage 1 Owner.

    • Goof: when Peter is sketching in the book he's filling in the picture with a color pencil and when they cut from the picture to him he's holding a normal sketch pencil.

    • Mohinder (about the company): As far as I can tell, you're all a bunch of untrustworthy goondas.

      'Goonda' is the Hindi word for member of a crime gang, thug, troublemaker.

  • Quotes

    • Sylar: You were right mom, I am meant to be special just like you wanted. I can be anything, I can even be President.

    • Hiro: I can't kill a man who is asking for forgiveness. It's not the Bushido code. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    • Peter: Look, I found you in Odessa, we saved each other, you end up being my niece. This isn't just random, okay? This is destiny.
      Claire: My father sacrificed himself so I could have a life, not a destiny. You can't save me, Peter, not this time.
      Peter: And Nathan can?
      Claire: Nathan can keep me safe.
      Peter: Safe? You can't get hurt! You're here to save the world.
      Claire: How?!

    • Sylar: I think I'm going to do something bad.
      Mohinder: You're a murderer, you don't get the luxury of regret.
      Sylar: You don't understand. I think I'm going to kill a lot more people. A lot more. I understood it before, the killing. I had a reason; to take what others didn't deserve. It was natural selection.
      Mohinder: What are you talking about?
      Sylar: An apocalypse. A massacre. Half the city gone in an instant. They mean nothing. They're innocent. There's no gain, so why would I do it? What possible reason would I have for killing so many?

    • Niki: (after being dragged through a wall) You do that again I will kill you.
      D.L.: You're lucky I didn't leave your ass stuck in a wall after what you've done.

    • Molly: (as Mohinder draws a blood sample) You're different from the other doctors. They're much better at this.

    • Sylar: It's just…maybe I don't have to be special. That it's okay just to be a normal watchmaker. Can't you just tell me that's enough?
      Virginia Gray: Why would I tell you that when I know you could be so much more?

    • Peter: I'm terrified. I have to find a nuclear man and I don't know if I can contain all that power.
      Claire: Then run the other way!
      Peter: I can't.
      Claire: Why not?
      Peter: Because if we save ourselves, who's gonna save everyone else?

    • Ando: Are you sure you are ready? For this? (showing 9th Wonders were Hiro kills Sylar)
      Hiro: A hero's journey takes him down many dark paths before returning to light

    • Nathan: So this Ted Sprague guy blew up your house? (Claire looks at Peter behind Nathan, who nods)
      Claire: Yeah. Pretty much.
      Peter: See, maybe I'm not the bomb. Maybe this Ted Sprague guy is.
      Nathan: But in your dream, you blew up New York.
      Peter: I also had a dream I could fly, and we both know how that turned out for you.
      Claire: You can fly? (Quietly) That's cool.

    • Peter: What's wrong?
      Claire: I'm not normal. I tried to pretend that I was and I just hurt everyone; my mom, my dad. I ruined everything because of what I am. I hated it. But you – when I met you I finally felt like I was part of something.
      Peter: It's funny. I felt the same thing when I met you.

    • Hiro: Future Hiro killed so much, he forgot it should be hard.

    • Peter: Claire!!!
      Ted: What's he doing?
      Mr. Bennet: He's absorbing your ability.
      Matt: He's gotta make it stop!

    • Sylar: You were right mom. I am meant to be special just like you wanted. I can be anything. I can even be president.

    • Micah: Who are you? How did you do that?
      Candace: I can make you see anything I want. Makes kinda hard to get away, huh?
      Micah: Where's my mom?
      Candace: (Mutes the sound on the TV) Look, I don't want to hurt you. I like you. But if you don't listen to what Mr. Linderman says. Well, I'll show you things that will seriously mess you up for life. So, you need to behave. Okay?

    • Hiro: Now the hard part... (Japanese)
      Ando: Why are you smiling? (Japanese)
      Hiro: It's exciting. This is our chance to change the future. (Japanese)
      Ando: But how? How will we know what to do? (Japanese)
      Hiro: I have Mr. Isaac's comic book. It's not finished. (Japanese)
      It only has the pictures, not the words. (Japanese)
      Ando: We could be talking about anything. (Japanese)
      Hiro: Let's go ask Mr. Isaac! He'll know what we say! (Japanese)
      Don't worry New York! We will save you!

    • Angela: (To Nathan): Can you be the one we need?

    • Claire (To Peter): My destiny is not to shoot you. The universe can not be that lame.

  • Notes

    • International Air Dates:
      Germany: February 27, 2008 on RTL2
      Czech Republic: May 22, 2008 on Prima
      Slovakia: September 8, 2008 on Markiza

    • New Heroes:
      Molly Walker: She has the power to locate anyone on earth, like a human tracking device.

    • Power Developments:
      Candice Wilmer: Her power to create illusions can not only shapeshift her into anyone she's seen, it can also shapeshift the area around her, although the extension of the area affected remains unknown.

    • The Symbol:
      There were no new appearances of the symbol in this episode.

  • Allusions