Season 2 Episode 4

The Kindness of Strangers

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on NBC
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Monica starts to exhibit new abilities while working with Micah, Nana, and Damon. Nana is the grandmother of Micah, Monica, and Damon. They all currently reside in New Orleans. Matt asks Molly to locate the man in her dreams. He may be the newest threat to the Heroes. Maya and Alejandro continue their trek to the U.S. Both Claire and her father are suspicious of one another. Angela reveals a lot of her secrets.moreless

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  • Beautiful

    This show is getting better by each episode. This one, was fantastic, I would classify it on the top of my favourite Heroes episode list! Still, I've seen some bothering scenes! I like Claire's new bf, but I don't want to see her dad dead because of this! I mean, Claire is becoming distant from her father, because of what he had done in the past, and this thing doesn't sounds too good! He did bad things, but that was happening when he was part of the "movement"! I hope that painting will remain just a simple painting and nothing more! And ... wow, finally Nathan took of his bearb :D Now he can start doing his job, but not like in 1st season, i hope now he will do the right things!moreless
  • A hero is revealed in the Dawson family; Maya and the group make a short stop continuing with one person less; Matt joins forces with Nathan to uncover Kaito's killer and he finds someone familiar; Claire hides her relationship with West from Noah.moreless

    The fourth chapter is quite exciting. Maya's story starts to get even more interesting when she, her brother and Derek find a person lying in the middle of the road. That person turns out to be non other than Sylar. Talking with him, Maya senses she is blessed by God as Sylar (he introduces himself as Gabriel Gray) reveals that not only he has read Dr Suresh's book that Maya has but also that he knows him in person (notice how Sylar doesn't reveal that the Suresh Maya is talking about is actually dead). Furthermore, Sylar tells her that he also wants to go to New York, but doesn't reveal why. Later on, while making a small stop, Derek reads the newspaper and finds out that Maya and Alejandro are murderers. Sylar reaction of course is not the one you would expect. He kills Derek and tells Maya that Derek tried to turned them in. When Sylar witnesses first hand Maya's deadly ability he feels it might be his destiny after all.

    Matt interrogates Angela once more at the hospital (after the attack she has suffered which is revealed it was done by herself) and Angela confesses she has done the crime; kill Kaito. After reading her mind, Matt is not convinced. A conversation between him and Nathan makes them both realize that they should join forces to uncover the secrets her mother has been keeping. While looking at Nathan's appartment they find a photo of a group of twelve with many people we have already seen (most of which are dead). In the photo, we recognise Angela, Mr Petrelli, Linderman, Charles Deveaux, Kaito, Bob and a man Matt recognises himself. His own father who has abandoned him when he was thirteen (after he gave him 120 dollars). The next step is to ask Molly to find this man, which Matt does. Molly reveals that the man Matt is looking for is the man of her nightmares; the nightmare man as she calls him. After much hesitation, Molly accepts to find him but with dire consequences. Molly goes into a coma.

    Micah still is trying to adjust to his new life and he tries to gain his cousin's Damon's sympathy by helping him watch cableview TV. Meanwhile, Monica, Damon's sister and Micah's cousin, unbeknownst to her has an ability of her own. She is able to copy any move or skill she witnesses (which of course is within her limits). She does that twice in this episode, one by making a flower like tomato and two when she stops a mugger from taking the money from the cashier by making move 169 from wrestling. Her life is explained in this episode as she lives with her grandma Nana and her brother Damon (and now with Micah as well) in New Orleans, she lost her mother in the Katrina typhoon, she works at a burger place and she wants to get a better job to be able to provide money to her family.

    Claire lies to her family that she goes to the library when in fact she is meeting with West. In fears that Claire might find the boyfriend that is seen in the painting with his death, Noah asks his daughter not to date anyone for now. Claire realizes that a bigger lie should be put into place so she says that she is trying out with the cheerleaders. Her father has his own secrets and is told by the Haitian that they should go to Odessa, Ukraine to retrieve the rest of Isaac Mendez's paintings.

    Overall this episode is great. The introduction of Monica was way overdue in the volume but better late than never. The issue with Monica is that she has not appeared into any other volume other than this one and so her story is not expanded to its great potential. I've read forums that say Monica might be one of the alive still characters that fans want to return but still the writers haven't found the opportunity to. Key facts: the man that seemed to stronger than Molly's boogeyman in chapter 23 of the last volume is revealed to be Matt's father. Also, we find out about Nathan and Matt's life during the past four months where Nathan was abandoned by his wife and kids (and she ordered Nathan never to see the boys again). He also has reflections in the mirror of himself with a burned face assuming that happened in the events of the previous volume. Matt reveals that the son Janice was expecting turned out not to be his baby but the man Janice slept with and Matt's work partner (I forgot his name). Lastly, Sylar skill at lying is shown here at its fullest and everything seems to go according to the way he pleases him most. The irony with Maya mentioning Archangel Gabriel when hearing Sylar's name is amazing. Enjoy!moreless
  • Yet another hero.

    Tim Kring is now looking in to Micah's life in New Orleans. Well not really Micah's life. But his cousin, Monica which is yet another hero. I like her power too. Unluckily Peter & Nikki weren't in this episode. I want to know what happens. Looked more in to Matt's plot. I wonder what's going to happen to Molly. Great cliffhanger by the way. Turns out Matt's dad was Molly's nightmare & he was with Petrelli & Nakamura. Maya & Alegandro's plot just got a whole lot more interesting when they find Sylar & of course he is tricking them when he kills Derek to stay with them. Still liking Claire's plot and how HRG's futures is falling in to place. Great effects when Claire fell off the Hollywood sign. Amazing how they did that. Great episode.moreless
  • The season is progressing episode after episode. Stil cant get used to the Twins sub-plot.

    Nathan visits his sons at school, telling them their grandmother was in the hospital. When he visits his mother with Matt, she confesses to being the one that pushed Kaito Nakamura off the building. Matt, however, reads her thoughts and advises Nathan that her confession is false. He shows Nathan the defaced photographs of Angela and Kaito and Nathan provides Matt with a copy of the complete photograph. The photo shows Daniel Linderman, both of Nathan's parents,Mohinder Suresh's boss Bob, Charles Deveaux, Kaito Nakamura, two unidentified men, three unidentified women and a man Matt identifies as his father, Maury.Later, Nathan has a nightmarish vision of himself with horrible burns over his body.

    Maya and Alejandro are traveling by car with the American prisoner, Derek. The trio spots a body in the middle of the road. It is a disoriented Sylar, who joins them. Maya explains to Sylar that she and her brother are journeying to New York to find Chandra Suresh, but Alejandro is wary of his presence. However, at a stop in Mexico, Derek sees a newspaper identifying the twins as murderers and tries to plan with Sylar to turn them in to the police. Sylar shows the twins the headline and asks if the picture is of them. Alejandro tells Maya to deny it, but she admits that they are the suspects. On the verge of tears, Maya nearly kills Sylar but her brother stops her powers from activating. Realizing that the twins both have abilities, Sylar agrees to help them get to New York. As they speed off, Derek is seen dead by a pay phone in a pool of his own blood, killed by Sylar. Micah awakens to a splash of water from his cousin Damon. Damon asks his grandmother and sister Monica for $65 to watch WWE Wrestlemania 22 on Pay-Per-View, though both refuse. Later, Micah uses his technopathy to "hot-wire" the television to put on the wrestling match, which earns his cousin's respect.

    Monica is trying to enter a management training program for the burger restaurant where she works. Subconsciously during work, she recreates a perfect tomato rose, more complex than the one she saw on the cooking show her grandmother was watching. As she thinks of a way to get her life back on track, the manager calls her back, informing her that she did not get the promotion. On closing duty the next day, she stops a robbery at her restaurant with a wrestling move that she saw on the pay-per-view that Damon was watching.

    Claire goes on another date with West against her father's wishes, where they share another kiss over the Hollywood sign. After convincing Claire to open up to him and jump from the sign, West catches her as she falls to prove that he'll be there to catch her should she ever need him physically or emotionally. In order to cover up her relationship, she tells her father that she has joined the school's cheerleading team.

    Noah is concerned about Claire seeing a love interest, since he worries that such relations would endanger the family and his own life, as seen in the eighth of Isaac's paintings. He later meets with The Haitian, who proposes they go on a trip to Odessa, Ukraine to find the rest of Isaac Mendez's paintings. Noah tries to think of an excuse for his absence.

    Matt asks Molly to locate his father from the photograph. In a fit of screaming, Molly throws the picture down and says that Matt's father is the "nightmare man" that kept finding her. Mohinder and Matt argue about getting Molly involved, until Molly says she'll do it for Matt. After pinpointing his location, she is caught and her body appears to be taken over as she calls out "Matt" as the father seeing the son for the first time in years. She then lapses into a state of shock. Matt tries desperately to revive her, only to hear Molly in his mind, screaming for help.moreless
  • We get to know Monica better! She's great!

    Angela confesses to a murder she didn't commit. She's obviously afraid of something or someone. Claire and West spend some time together - they go out on a date. Nathan begins to put his life back together but he's still seeing his burn downed face in the mirror. Matt learns Molly's "Nightmare Man" is someone familiar - it's Matt's father. Maya and Alejandro pick up a stranger to whom they can relate - it's Sylar! He tells them he knows Dr. Suresh and he'll help them. Micah's cousin, Monica, takes care of their New Orleans family and seems like she has an ability. Noah becomes suspicious of his daughter.moreless
Carlon Jeffery

Carlon Jeffery

Damon Dawson

Guest Star

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Monica's Boss

Guest Star

Barry Shabaka Henley

Barry Shabaka Henley

Detective Fuller

Guest Star

Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols

Nana Dawson

Recurring Role

Adair Tishler

Adair Tishler

Molly Walker

Recurring Role

Cristine Rose

Cristine Rose

Angela Petrelli

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Claire walks away from the lockers after West asked her out, you can see the "microphone kit" bulges out under her blouse at the small of her back.

    • The Wrestling event being watched by Micah and Damon was from Wrestlemania 22 in April 2006 where Rey Mysterio captured the World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat match vs Randy Orton (seen in clip) and Kurt Angle (not seen). This being the Pay-Per-View event does not fit in with the time line of the show as in "The Line" when Peter picks up the evacuation notice for June 14, 2008 he says "This is next year".

    • Goof: Monica says "half the people in this county are living in FEMA trailers." Louisiana has parishes, not counties.

    • Goof: When Claire hands the cheerleading form to her dad, it's folded in half; when the camera changes, it's not folded anymore.

    • The time on Sylar's watch was 11:53 which in the evening would be "Seven Minutes To Midnight" the name of a Season One episode.

    • In the photo of the Company's founders, the arc behind them is higher than any of the founders. However, in all previous episodes in which Charles Deveaux's building roof appeared, this arc is much smaller.

    • The wrestling move performed by Monica on the would-be robber is called the 6-1-9 and is the signature move of WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio. It is called that becuase it is the area code of San Diego where the wrestler is from.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • (while hugging Monica, Micah puts his hand on her back and closes his eyes)
      Monica: Hey. Are you okay?
      Micah: Yeah. I just wish I could fix your dreams for you.

    • (Mr. and Mrs. Bennet watch Claire closely as she comes into the kitchen)
      Claire: Is there something on my face?
      Mr. Bennet: Claire, your mother and I need to talk to you - about boys.
      Claire: Oh, please, not the sex talk again! It was painful enough the first time.

    • Monica: (To Damon about wrestling) Half the people in this county are living in FEMA trailers and you wanna spend good money to watch grown men jump around in their underwear.
      Nana: You can walk down Bourbon St. for that.

    • Nathan: You reading my mind right now?
      Parkman: No. (pauses) Yes. Sorry.

    • Nathan: You didn't kill Kaito Nakamura. I know that.
      Angela: I have done so many bad things in my life it really doesn't matter what crime I confess to.
      Nathan: Let me help you.
      Angela: No, what you want is redemption and you're not gonna get it by helping me. You'll just get killed and I can't bear to lose another son.

    • Monica: It's not right. One storm comes rolling through here and blows away my whole life. My mother, my college education, my dreams.

    • Parkman: (to Nathan) Six months ago I was a cop in L.A. Married, expecting a child, then all of a sudden this stuff started happening. Turned everything upside down. I'm just looking for answers.

    • West: I offer to take you anywhere and this is all you can come up with?
      Claire: (sitting atop the Hollywood sign) What can I say? I'm a cheap date.

    • Claire: I wanna trust you.
      West: Then jump.
      Claire: What?
      West: Trust begins with a leap. Cheesy, but true.
      Claire: Ah, no, it'll be gross. My arms pop out of their sockets and sometimes my feet come out facing each other. It's not cute.

    • Molly: (about Parkman's dad) Please don't make me look for him. Please don't make me look.
      Parkman: I don't understand. Why not?
      Molly: (whispering) He's the man in my dreams. He is the nightmare man.

    • West: (to Claire) What lie did you use to get out of the house? 'Cause I'm guessing you didn't say you were flying around in the arms of some kid from school.

    • Claire: Please, let me have this one thing. I've done everything else you've asked me to; I've given up my friends and my life. I just need this one thing that's normal.
      Mr. Bennet: I had no idea that cheerleading meant that much to you.
      Claire: Took me by surprise, too.

    • (After talking to Sylar about Suresh and going to NY, Sylar offers to help)
      Sylar: You've helped me. Now I can return the favor. I can...I can take you to him. I can help you find him.
      (Maya translates for Alejandro)
      Maya: Thank you! I don't know what to say! I don't even know your name.
      Sylar: It's Gabriel. Gabriel Gray.
      Maya: Gabriel... Oh! Like the angel.
      Sylar: Yeah. Just like the angel.

    • Mohinder: So this is all about helping Molly? Because to me it sounds like a 13 year old boy trying to make his daddy pay for leaving.
      Parkman: And you know everything about daddy issues.
      Mohinder: Yeah, I do.

    • West: Then, it's those marks on my neck, right? You think I was abducted by aliens? I told you it was a guy with horn rimmed glasses.
      Claire: It's my dad.... He's just really over protective about the dating thing.
      West: Then let me talk to him.
      Clarie: I don't think that's a good idea.

    • Mr. Bennet: (about Claire) Has she met someone? A boy maybe? If the wrong person comes into her life it could be ....problematic for all of us.
      Mrs. Bennet: What makes you so sure it's a boy?
      Mr. Bennet: What makes you so sure it isn't?

    • West: Claire, these fears you have of someone finding out about you, of feeling different forever, I have them too. You can share them with me but I can't help you if you don't trust me.
      Claire: Ok.
      Claire jumps off the Hollywood sign and West catches her.
      Claire: You caught me.
      West: Of course I did.
      Claire: But I would've been fine.
      West: I know you can heal Claire but I never want to see you hurt.
      The two kiss.

    • (after applying Rey Mysterio's 619 to a robber)
      Monica: Did you just see...?
      Boss: Where'd you learn that?
      Monica: On TV!

    • Dawson: Watcha looking at?
      Micah: Nothing. It's just. I think I know a way to get your pay-per-view.

    • Nathan: You asked me for help once. Now just let me help you.
      Angela: Just because you shaved doesn't mean you're clean and sober.

    • Mohinder: So what are we
      supposed to do? (about Molly's nightmares)
      Matt: I don't know. You're the scientist.
      Mohinder: That doesn't exactly make me an expert on nightmares.
      Matt: That makes two of us.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The Symbol:
      The symbol appears in Molly's eyes when she reveals that Matt's dad is the nightmare-man.

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: October 25, 2007 on Channel 7
      New Zealand: November 12, 2007 on TV3
      Latin America: February 8, 2008 on Universal Channel
      India: February 12, 2008 on Star World
      Ireland: February 25, 2008 on Channel 6
      Belgium: March 24, 2008 on VT4
      United Kingdom: May 8, 2008 on BBC3
      Sweden: September 11, 2008 on TV4
      Norway: September 28, 2008 on NRK3
      Germany: October 8, 2008 on RTL2
      Finland: April 26, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: October 2, 2009 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 19, 2010 on Markiza

    • Power Developments:
      Monica Dawson: After witnessing any physical motion, Monica is able to replicate it perfectly. Examples are when she cuts a tomato in the shape of a rose perfectly and later thwarts a robbery with a wrestling move called the 619, both of which she saw on TV.

    • New Heroes:
      Monica Dawson: A restaurant worker in her 20s who lost her mother, home, and dreams in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. She is D.L. Hawkins' niece and Micah's cousin.


    • Maya and Sylar talk about Gabriel the angel.

      This is in reference to one of the archangels named Gabriel from The Bible, who is sometimes regarded as the angel of death.

    • Episode Title: "The Kindness of Strangers"

      This is a reference to a line in the play and movie A Streetcar Named Desire.