Season 2 Episode 6

The Line

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • Hiro betrays Takezo and history itself, Claire manages to become a cheerleader with a trick, Noah finds the rest of the paintings, Maya and group reach the USA and Mohinder helps Monica and gets a new partner.

    The sixth chapter of the second volume. Claire isn't accepted to the cheerleading team and realizes that she has to be in the team in order for the lie to her father to be consistent. With West's help, Claire manages to public humiliate Debbie the cheerleader captain who is suspended from the cheerleading team and Claire joins it.
    Noah is in Odessa Ukraine and visits an old friend (who appearantly was the one that trained him and Claude back in the days) in order to find the missing paintings of Isaac Mendez before the Company. When tortured (by the Haitian's newfound skill to selectively erase memories), he confesses the place where the paintings are hidden and Noah kills him so they can't be track down by the Company. At the warehouse Noah finds the remaining 6 paintings and try to figure out the possible future that awaits them.
    Hiro and Takezo along with Yaeko find Yaeko's father who informs them that White Beard wanted him so that he can make weapons and overthrow the Emperor. In an attempt to leave the camp before they are found Hiro teleports with Yaeko and is forced to reveal his power, how he portraited Takezo Kensei so that Yaeko like him and his love for her. When the two kiss, Takezo witnesses that kiss. In a confrontation of Takezo and Hiro about the feelings Hiro has been hiding, Takezo betrays Hiro, Yaeko and her father and turns them over to White Beard.
    Mohinder helps Monica realize her ability in full and is asked by Bob to give Monica the Shanti virus so that they can experiment with it. Mohinder refuses and destroys the viles with the virus. Bob later apologizes to Mohinder for asking him to do such a thing and introduces him to his new partner Niki (who appearantly is cured) who will be watching his every move. Monica returns home and Bob gives her an ipod with moves she will be able to copycat.
    Maya with Alejandro and Sylar reach the American border (finally) but are stopped by the border police. At a moment of anxiety, Maya releases her deadly ability and the three of them manage to escape and reach American soil unharmed. In a fight between Sylar and Alejandro, Maya defends Sylar. Then Sylar tells Alejandro (in English of course which he can't understand) his plans for his sister.
    Peter and Caitlin travel to Montreal in hopes of discovering something about Peter's past and the woman that killed Caitlin's sister. There in a room they find a note with his name and a man named Adam Monroe as the writer of it (the same man whose file Bob was holding in the Company and for whom he told Mohinder he is dangerous). At a moment of confusion Peter travels in the future (14 June 2008) where he and Caitlin witness an abandoned and empty New York appearantly from a virus.
    Overall it is a good episode. The highlights are Peter's visit to the future where we see the result of the virus being released into the general population and Takezo's change of character in this episode (and the reason for it). Key facts: Adam Monroe will play a major role for the rest of the volume. Also notice Maya's first use of her ability with her will and how Sylar is slowly turning Maya away from her brother. Sylar's talk with Alejandro is a memorable ("shiny new toy"). Enjoy!
  • June 14th.

    Seems like the city has another threat coming it's way on June 14th. Guessing that's the season finale. Can't wait. Hiro's boring love story continues. That plot ruins the whole episode in my opinion. But there were some good things too. Monica getting exercised by the company. Claire reprises her role & deals with cheerleaders. Plot could of been better. But still entertaining. Nikki is is Suresh's partner, did not expect that coming. Sylar turns out to still be evil. Poor Alejandro. I'm really starting to dislike Maya for not trusting her own brother. Elle does not reprise her role. Wonder if she will be in the next episode. HRG finds all the paintings. Yes!
  • Brilliant Episode. Loved the ending.

    Peter decides that he must follow the painting and the ticket to Montreal, and Caitlin insists on going with him because she wants revenge for her brother Ricky's death.

    Claire tries out for the cheerleading team, where she is off-handedly dismissed by Debbie, despite being the best candidate. West convinces Claire to humiliate Debbie so that she can use cheerleading as a cover for their relationship.

    Debbie is drinking with the other cheerleaders as Claire comes and asks to speak with her in private. After Debbie's second refusal to let Claire join the squad, West appears in a ski mask and picks up Claire, dropping her and ostensibly killing her. Debbie runs as West gives chase.

    The police come to Costa Verde High School, where a frantic Debbie tells them that a masked flying man chased her and killed Claire. Claire appears, having regenerated, and tells them that she doesn't know what Debbie is talking about. The police find Debbie's alcohol and arrest her. Claire and West sneak away to talk, and another cheerleader tells Claire that she is now in the squad since Debbie has been suspended from school for drinking on campus.

    Mohinder is testing Monica's ability by way of gymnast tapes. Bob appears and tells Mohinder to give her an experimental variation of the virus, one which should disable her powers. Mohinder refuses, since the virus can mutate and become resistant or infect the general population. Mohinder then calls Bennet, who advises him to do it in the interest of their plan to take down the Company and citing the fact that they have Molly.

    Mohinder speaks with Monica again, but when confronted with the actual deed, Mohinder instead destroys the syringe. Bob tells him that someone else will do it if he will not, so Mohinder destroys the cabinet filled with their samples of the virus. Bob later thanks Mohinder, telling them that they need him for his morality as well as his blood and knowledge, "to keep [them] in line." Bob tells Mohinder that he will be getting a partner to make sure "there are no further misunderstandings."

    Mohinder is checking up on Molly as Niki reveals that she is now his new partner, and that she owes the Company a great deal. Bob also speaks with Monica, encouraging her to use her powers in a positive manner while she remains in New Orleans. He gives her an iPod with videos of various skills for her to learn.

    Maya and Alejandro are traveling with Sylar to the border. Alejandro wants to leave Sylar and use a coyote to help them cross, believing him to be untrustworthy. Maya argues that they need Sylar and that he has been sent by God. They cross the border where they are stopped by citizen border control. Sylar encourages Maya to use her power to get past, stopping Alejandro from negating her power. The three drive away as the assailants fall. Alejandro later gives Maya an ultimatum: either Sylar goes or he does. She convinces Alejandro to allow Sylar to stay, but he tells her that the next time her power activates, he will let Sylar die. When Maya isn't watching, Sylar tells Alejandro that he intends to kill them and steal their powers, or at least to use Maya, citing his original power as a means to control her. Alejandro, who doesn't speak English, can't understand his threats.

    Bennet and the Haitian are in Odessa, Ukraine where they find Ivan, an old mentor of Noah and Claude. They threaten to take away memories of his family unless he tells them where to find the other paintings from the series of eight. Ivan refuses, and they begin by taking away his memories of the day he met his wife.

    Ivan finally crumbles when threatened with the memories of his dead daughter. Ivan mentions that the paintings are "where we tagged the liquid man". Noah then shoots him, to cover up the interrogation as a simple robbery. They find the paintings. Four of them depict Claire unconscious on the stairs, a hand holding a vial (similar to the injection), Niki beating on a door, and a shocked Peter standing in front of a window, a frowning man behind him in the lower-right corner, and a biohazard symbol overlaid on the lower-left corner. The final three, in order, depict Hiro and Kensei fighting, Mohinder with a broken nose and a smoking gun, and Noah's death.

    Ando reads more of the scrolls as Hiro reveals that he, Kensei and Yaeko have attacked Whitebeard's camp. They rescue Yaeko's father, who tells them that Whitebeard has guns, which he plans to use to overthrow the emperor. They are making their escape when Hiro teleports himself and Yaeko away to escape gunfire. She realizes that he was the one who saved her from the brigands and they kiss. Kensei sees this and betrays Hiro, siding with Whitebeard as they take Yaeko and her father away.

    Peter and Caitlin arrive in Montreal to find a note from Adam Monroe. Moments later, Peter accidentally teleports them to New York, where the streets are deserted and they see evacuation orders dated June 14, 2008 everywhere. The episode ends as they realize that they are a year in the future.
  • "First you show me that I can be harmed by no weapon, and then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could."

    Mohinder makes a tough decision while working for the Company - he's kinda of double agent. Peter and Caitlin make two journeys to solve Ricky's death. Noah and the Haitian seek out Isaac's last paintings. Monica finds help in understanding her ability - Mohinder helps her. West helps Claire try to join cheerleading. Maya, Alejandro and Sylar make their way to America. Hiro and Kensei hit a snag in their journey. Niki is assigned to Mohinder by the Company as his partner. Peter finds a massage from Adam who's telling him that he and Peter were right about the Company, and that the world is in danger.
  • Another one..

    Peter and Caitlin go to Montreal after they find a plane ticket to there among Peter's possessions. Kensei betrays Hiro after Hiro kisses Kensei's love Yaeko. Another average episode for "Heroes". I don't really like Hiro's character at all in season two, I think it was kind of rushed, to be honest. But I can't wait to see him back with Ando. I must say I really do miss them to being together. My favourite part of this episode was the end part. I still love "Heroes", but it beens to get better. Bring on next episode, hopefully it is much better than this episode.
  • Good episode.

    It was a very good episode "The Line" but I expected much more from this episode. Peter wasn't in the episode much his story as suddenly got very good. HRG scenes were brilliant back to his old ways, didn't expect him to pull the trigger. Hiro story was again dissappointing I dont get whats going on there. Claire and West was actually a improvement but still its a pretty averaage season for there characters. No Elle, Nathan and Matt was a dissapointment, thought they were the characters that made last week so good. Nikki and Suresh could be a great new partnership. Overal the episode was still good and better than many prevous weeks apart from "Fight or Flight".
  • Another great installment of an amazing series

    I always loved heroes but this episode got me addicted. I always watched it on the television but this episode was the one that made me finally write a review.

    I thought how west and claire are together and doing what they did to that cheerleader was really funny and touching at the same time. they seem to get on really well and i dread the episode where he finds out! but i do hope they continue to stay together.

    overall i really enjoyed this episode and i can't wait til i find out more about the last couple of months that we missed!
  • This episode had a really strange feel to it, but it was a great episode none the less.

    So we see that West might be a bad influence for Claire as she is talked into doing something that could possibly get her in big trouble. We also see that Sylar plans to use Maya for his plans if he doesn't get his powers back, but wants to kill her and her brother so he can take their powers. I think it is good that Sylar doesn't have his powers anymore, but I am kind of curious about where he plans to go to get his powers back, as it's obvious he can't really go to Suresh. Another thing that shocked me was Claire's dad's choice to not take an offer to save himself and to instead kill the only chance he might have had. I mean I know he probably couldn't trust the company he is trying to take down, but he his actions do seem strange, even for a man that will probably die no matter what he does. Hiro's actions shocked me as well when he kisses Yaeko and possible changes history forever. I am not sure what he will do now, all the good he made now has gone back to the way it was, so how will Hiro save the future that he helped and also might destroy? When Peter finds out a bit more about his old life, I started to wonder if he would ever get his old memories back, but it seems that whatever he does, he is meant to stop New York from becoming what it does in the paintings of the future.
  • then there was a cheerleader...

    Catlin and Peter go to Montreal to find out what is really going on, while Mohinder is left with the order to inject Monica with the Shanti virus. Elsewhere, Sylar slowly begins to gain Maya's trust. A very naive character, might I add. Claire has silly teen drama problems going on, nothing special. An unimportant part of the show but its there for "flavor" perhaps. Hiro confesses his love,and betrays Kenzei's trust. But Kenzei stabs him in the back instead. Oh goody. When will he come back to the present anyway?

    I'll have to say I was disappointed with this episode, nothing thrilling really happened, but it was rather informative.
  • A weak episode...leading into November.

    It's all about November Sweeps. It isn't save the cheerleader, save the world but we can not ignore the power to see the future, whether it's with Isaac's paintings or Hiro's time travel, I know it seems like a repeat of last year but how could it not be. There is another dark destiny that needs to be avoided and it will take the Heroes to stop it. This episode was a set up for the upcoming month. Last week Matt and Nathan carried the episode and this week HRG and Mohinder carried it. Peter and Claire don't have to carry this show. The upcoming episodes will be better but this episode was still good. I think people have legitimate complaints to make if they want to. I for one am sick of all the time travel, I don't mind it if it's temporary and hopefully it will be temporary with Peter. Hiro needs to come back already!!
  • A good episode all in all but not so exciting...

    This was an okay episode. I was not too impressed with any of it except Claire's little stunt. That was pretty cool. I really hate Hiro's storyline. It is so boring, I just wanna fast foward it, but I know I will lose info if I do. I am beginning to understand a little bit about the company and what it is that HGR and the haitian are trying to do. There are too many characters this season and I think that might be the reason why it is really not as interesting as season one. I missed Nathan on this episode and hope he comes back.
  • Crossing the line of viewer patience and goodwill.

    Several characters crossed the titular LINE ...this episode of HEROES...The the show is still a complete mess, of multiple stories that just don't go anywhere.

    Bennet and the Hatian tortured and killed a former mentor in order to get there hands on Issacs series of 8 paintings
    but it was neither exciting or even revealing Maya killed some people, we know her brother isn't gonna stick around to revive...but its not like this plotline seems to have anykind of purpose and its still basically doing the same thing its been doing again and again since the season premiere

    Claire used her power for something we've never seen her do...a clever prank on her cheerleading rival (who's a$$ was the best part of the episode)...this could have been an event that at least took the character in a new nastier direction but in the end she regrets what she'd done

    Hiro's lame fedual japan/princess bride rip off plot, actually took a slightly suprising turn, with Hiro kissing Yakeo and causing Kensei get angry and switch sides...like alot of plotlines on this show, this has one has been to convulted and nowhere near enough attention has been given to it for us as an audience to connect with the relationships....but at least this time there is the promise that it could get interesting in....especially when Kensei invetiably meets Kensei in the future

    and crossing the line into repitition and stupidity Peter and Caitlin accidently time traveled to an alternate future post apocolyptic NYC were the group failed to save the world
    ...ummm were have we seen this before...come on guys at least be like 24 and wait until Season 6 or so to start recycling old scripts
  • Pretty good!

    Mr. Bennet interrogates a former friend and co-worker to find the paintings that Mohinder showed him. West convinces Claire to get back at Debbie in a sort of nasty way. Peter and Caitlin go to the place of Peter's drawing. Mohinder does some tests on Monica and Bob tries to get him to give her the cure. He doesn't do it and convinces Bob to do the same. Niki is Mohinder's new partner. Hiro and Yaeko kiss while Kensai watches. Kensai ends up betraying Hiro, Yaeko and her father. Ando wants to find out more from Hiro as the scrolls come to an end. Sylar helps Maya and Alejandro cross the border. Alejandro still doesn't trust Sylar, and Sylar tells him his plan in English so he can't understand. He's going to kill them.

    This was a great episode! I am a little glad that Kensai is a bad guy because I didn't like him anyway. I still hate Sylar. I don't like West either. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • Hiro's story with Takezo Kensei takes a major turn, we learn more about HRG's agenda, Maya and Alejandro get into their first major conflict with Sylar, and Claire and West play games with a drunken cheerleader.

    This episode didn't have a lot going on in the sense that it forwarded any of the main story arcs, but I still liked it a lot for many different reasons.

    It seemed like all the storylines in this episode were minuscule compared to the big picture, but they were still wholly entertaining thanks to the acting and writing involved. I loved the prank that Claire and West played on the cheerleading squad captain to teach her a lesson. It was funny and clever.

    I also loved the developments in Hiro's story in the past. I'm one of the few people who actually doesn't mind seeing Hiro stuck in 17th century Japan. He's always been one of my favorite characters in the show, and with each new thing that has happened to him, he seems to be gradually progressing to the new mature Hiro that we caught a glimpse of in Season One. And he was totally badass.

    The scene with Peter and Caitlin at the end of this episode was pretty disturbing. I wasn't sure whether Matt's father had gotten ahold of them or whether this was one of Peter's many powers.

    The most intriguing aspect of this episode to me was HRG's agenda. He is one of the most interesting characters on the show, because it seems like all of his actions constantly change between being good and bad. Sometimes he'll do something and it seems like he has everyone's best interests at heart and is only interested in trying to help his family. And then you have what he did in this episode, which is basically kill one of his old friends because he wouldn't give him some information. I still don't really know what to think about him.

    All in all, this was a good episode, and very entertaining. Hopefully all of these storylines will continue to flesh out and connect, giving all of us Heroes fans a reason to keep watching.
  • New York is in danger again.

    While some character plots are still being really overdrawn, two of the best characters, Hiro and Claire, having plots that are no longer interesting, this episode is still an improvement on the slow start of the season.

    Hiro should have been brought back to the present as soon as he'd fixed the past and screwing it up again just seems like an excuse to continue his overused journey in the past. The betrayal at the end of the plot was pretty interesting however and maybe his story will get better.

    Claire spending the whole plot trying to become a cheerleader waskind of useless for her character, just for an excuse to her father, and the whole forbidden love story is getting old. Hopefully they'll get into the dangerous stuff soon.

    Noah killing his old friend was a shock and shows that he isn't the softie that he appeared to become, which is good, and the paintings bring an air of mystery to it.

    Mohinder's plot was pretty good, as it shows he hasn't been brainwashed by the company just yet, and refused to possibly harm a Hero just to help Molly. But by the end of the episode it seemed like nothing had happened with the plot anyway and he's back where he was before.

    Peter going to the future was pretty interesting, though New York being in danger again seems a little repetitive.

    Sylar is still a mistake bringing back since he clearly died last season, and him being powerless is a little interesting as his brain eating doesn't work anymore, but while he was a great villain in season one, he's kind of lost some of the charm.

    Overall, this episode was good, but the plots still seem kind of familiar and drawn out.
  • I love this series. It's the greatest.

    This is getting better and better. I can actually say i can't predict what is going to happen. And that is unic. They always get new characters when it gets the least bit boring or try to kill a heroe or kill bad guys (which i have to admit i like). I can't wait till the next episode appears. I love heroes, stories and japanese. And this series has it all. I am looking forward to another heroe family reunion, another journey in time provided by Hiro and the evolution of Takezo Kensei, which i love. I wish Peter good luck with his recovery. All that is left for me to say is: Peace and out.
  • Hiro, Come Home! All is forgiven!

    I gave this week's episode of "Heroes" a 9.5. .05 away from a 10. I haven't given a 10 to "Heroes" all season. Let's hope the November sweeps will help. first, claire's adapted dad is in Russia beating the crap ot of someone for imfornation. A few weeks ago he was working at a priting center. man, how times had changed. Claire is back cheerleading. Hopefully, it'll last for awhile. Meanwhile syler has theatened the twins as it crossed in America. Syler won't changed. He's more evil then ever. Next week, another glimpse of the future. Again, it won't be pretty.
  • great episode

    Peter decides to go to Montreal to follow the clues he found in his box. When he gets there he can't figure out what he's supposed to do. Claire fails the cheerleader try outs after the head cheerleader doesn't get impressed by her routine. West convinces Claire to get even with her. Claire does something to embarrass the head cheerleader. Mohinder is asked to inject a hero with a medicine that will remove her powers, but Mohinder's conscience prevents him from doing so. It's a really exciting episode, it's to be continued as always, but there's so much happening in this one episode. I can't wait for the next one.
  • I hope this season steps it up a bit 'cause it's really starting to get painfully drawn out.

    I love Heroes - the first season rocked and maybe my expectations for Season 2 were a bit high. All the survivors from Episode 1 who fought tooth and nail, survived by the skin of their teeth, got hunted by the Company - i'ts like it never happened. Claire of all people just can't understand why her life and the life of her family is in danger - duh!!! House blown up, mother's memories erased, Dad shot in front of her, her real father and uncle turning into a sky rocket. I have to say I really like Claire she's gusty but her boyfriend is an arrogant twerp who flies just like her real Dad. Kinda sick of that story line in fact I wander off and do other stuff while they're on.

    Peter's standard reply "I don't know".

    Sylar is a cockroach and I take it the creation of all the new heroes is to provide fodder for Sylar???? I like Sylar he's honest about the fact that he's a cold blooded parasite whereas Maya is naive.. is he going to eat her brain... and Alejandro (?) he's cool I hope Sylar doesn't eat his brain.

    Mohinder is still naive and doesn't he get sick of giving the company everything they need. I mean he provided Sylar with an a la carte choice of abilities, tries to 'cure' people who in quite a few instances just want him to go away and turns to the very people who nearly smoked NY city at the drop of the hat.

    Hiro - what's going on with him!!!! The cop who can read minds - well not a big help at the moment. The mimic, everytime she does something (and it's pretty sharp I must say) she reminds me of Trinity - Neo "Can you fly that thing" Trinity "Not yet" (Or something like that just before she downloads to get the instructions on how to fly that chopper)

    All new Heroes angsting in the same way that the new Heroes in S1 angsted! Be really great if we got a story line where someone apart from Sylar was totally cool with who and what they got and work it rather than pretend they don't have it, or stress over having it or wondering why they're different. Claire's boyfriend doesn't count because he just likes belittling people because he can fly.

    Noah and the Haitian absolutely save the series in my book. Kind of weird that the guy without the abilities is the one whose making the moves to make things happen. He's great, he has a mission and a plan and just don't get in his way ... cold very cold!!!!!

    I hope it gets better!!!
  • I don't get it.

    This is a great series. This was a great episode. I hate it when people who don't read comic books get all frustrated when a show based on comic books acts like a comic book. They want it to be exciting nonstop every minute on every episode when that just isn't the way it works. There can be a comic book(s) in a series that will have really nothing exciting happen in it at all. It will drop clues to what is coming and set up future chapters, but without these episodes no one would understand the great exceptional episodes.
  • Alright, but the writers need to step up if they want to save the series from imploding.

    As the season progresses, "Heroes" finds itself at a crossroads. The current path of the season is leading them towards disaster. While this season is no where as horrible as some believe, the episodes have been mediocre. For every plot that hits the right notes, another plot stands still. All it'll take to turn around this series is one episode that advances all the stories instead of just featuring them to fill time, but they haven't gotten there yet.

    After too long, Maya, Alejandro and Sylar finally make it to America. Hopefully this means the writers will start incorporating real place locations into the action to give the story some sense of direction. In theory they could've stayed in Mexico for a long time since we had no idea where in Mexico they were.

    Sylar's proving to be a bad influence as Alejandro notices, but Maya dismisses it as she appears to be having feelings for him. Because of that, Maya crosses a figurative line where she willingly loses control to kill the minute men waiting for them on the border so they could evade capture. The only thing keeping the top of the twins' skulls intact is that Sylar has yet to regain his power. Luckily for him Maya, who may be sliding over to the dark side, is overriding Alejandro's concern. It won't be long before he regains them, and the twins find themselves in serious danger.

    Hiro's story finally makes some progress (although Ando is still reading!) Having Hiro go for the girl, while I still don't buy that he's fallen for her, complicates issues with Kensei. This could be the turning point where he becomes the villain, as Hiro realizes what tampering with time can do. Considering the present storyline features Hiro and Kensei battling as one of Isaac's final paintings, it wouldn't be hard to believe Kensei pops up in the present sometime after Hiro gets back.

    West has to be a sociopath. Early in the episode, he claims superiority over others who don't have powers, which doesn't help his standing with the show's fan base that hates him. In this episode he threatens to expose both himself and Claire for the sake of "teaching [Debbie] a lesson". Granted, Debbie is obnoxious and cruel, but West goes too far, where we almost feel sorry for the girl. West's antics this season have gone far enough where they should either make him a full fledged villain or get rid of him altogether.

    Bennet's scenes interrogating his former mentor were the high point of the episode. While Bennet has switched sides, he crosses that eponymous line again trying to locate the pictures, bring down The Company and save himself. Having The Haitian remove all of Ivan's happy memories, only to kill him in the end, is stone cold. Ivan's last words could be foreshadowing Bennet being very dark for the foreseeable future. To revisit this other side in all its ugliness shows the duality that has made him one of the show's creative high points.

    Finally we get a glimpse of the other six paintings in the series and surprisingly, not all of them feature a dead body. This is going to make preventing them trickier as the clues aren't as obvious as expected. It seems like there may be some type of narrative from one painting to another, although some of the connections between others aren't as clear.

    One, looking at high res screen shots, may be Claire lying on the steps after West dropped her in this episode. If that's the case, then what does it have to do with the other seven paintings as it pertains to the deaths of the Group of 12? If this has anything to do narratively, would this prank set off a chain reaction much larger than either West or Claire could predict? Perhaps this points to West being Kaito's killer, which explains the lack of a second body at the crime scene. If this is the case, then it could be argued that West may be the son of one of the Twelve.

    In another, a hand is holding a vial. Considering Bob's work, this could be the "cure" that they're testing on evolved humans to inhibit the powers. Alternatively, this could be the virus, which could wipe out most of the population according to the future Peter and Caitlin travel to. It's likely the hand belongs to Bob and he may be killed in the lab, releasing the virus in the process.

    A few other paintings follow this possible plague future. The first features two male figures in a jail like setting and a biohazard sign in the background. One of those men looks like Peter, except for a scar resembling that sign. The other guy is too vague; looks a little like Bela Lugosi in Dracula. Niki, as confirmed by producers, is seen in another painting pounding on a door. This could be a quarantine mandated by the releasing of the virus, leaving those with abilities persecuted similarly to the alternate timeline of "Five Years Gone".

    The penultimate painting is Mohinder firing a gun, pointed out towards the viewer of the painting. With the final painting being Bennet lying dead with a presumed bullet hole through one of his lenses, Mohinder could be Bennet's killer. Considering the conflicts they've had over how they should deal with Molly, it could escalate when the conflict reaches a head.

    Mohinder's position as double agent was threatened when he brought Molly to The Company to help her in her comatose state. Now it goes further when faced with the idea of experimenting upon people without their consent. He can either maintain his cover and place Monica and others in danger or take a stand and possibly throw all their work bringing down The Company away. It seems that Mohinder gets lucky with Bob's 180, but with Niki as his new partner, whose alter ego has no reservations crossing any moral lines, things could become very interesting.

    At some point in the episode, Bob's motivations change significantly. He goes from demanding Mohinder inject Monica with the "cure" to giving her an iPod loaded with action videos to train her and bringing her home. It's likely this is connected to the threat of the Group of Twelve killer. Perhaps he's hoping to do some good like Kaito did before his demise.

    Hopefully they explain what happened to Peter during the four months in between seasons soon. So many theories have arisen that it is getting hard to keep it all clear. Now it is revealed that a man named Adam was involved with Peter. It's likely that this Adam is Adam Monroe, whose name showed up on a file Bob had. Supplementary "Heroes" material confirms Adam as one of the twelve (one of the two unidentified men in the picture). Perhaps he is turning against the company to combat the threat of the virus assumedly in a way to make up for past sins like other characters. Adam could've been someone powerful enough to control Peter's steps from a distance, leaving clues along the way. It's just frustrating more hasn't been revealed at this point.

    The twist at the end certainly warrants some criticism. Peter and Caitlin getting transported to sometime in 2008 is just like Hiro's first major time-space travel to NYC the day the bomb went off. Considering two characters have this ability, it's not hard to believe it would happen occasionally. It was an effective method to show us what the stakes were, but to try it again in the second season could be seen as desperate. Not to mention the possibility that they'd spend a whole episode in this possible future reeks of ripping off "Five Years Gone", which was itself an homage to the X-Men story "Days of Future Past".

    Days after this episode aired, the mini-series/spin-off "Origins" was canceled or at best, put on indefinite hiatus. Considering how much NBC hyped this as part of their 07-08 schedule, one could say that this is another instance of how badly "Heroes" has fallen in its sophomore year. The writers' strike likely had some effect on this as well, but the diminished ratings for the season have probably more to do with why this project was scrapped. In the media, the lower ratings have been shown side by side with the critical backlash this season has been getting. Although I don't think these episodes have been as horrible as some think, all these events must be taken seriously, as other viewers aren't as patient. "Heroes" is going to have to step up in its game if they want to control the damage the first batch of episodes has caused the franchise before it takes the whole series down with it. However, the kind of slump "Heroes" is in can be turned around by one episode.
  • I personally disagree that Heroes has gone down hill and i thought this episode proved it.

    Like i said, i disagree that Heroes is gone down hill. I thought that this episode was the best so far in series two. I thought the drama between Noah Bennet and old mentor Ivan was incredible, the characters are finally getting somewhere. Peter and Caitlin are really not my favorite couple, but they're in the future! The trailer for the next episode looks truely brillant. I thought that Claire and West got a bit carried away but this makes you ask more questions - Is West evil? working for the company? bla bla ..
    I'm also curious about this Adam character that Peter found a note from. Niki and Mohinder working together, Is Niki turning? My previous comment about 'the characters finally getting somewhere' what i meant was that in the beginning of every new season is a little on the slow side, which is my opinion is fine because it always leads somewhere. Episode 7 - 11 are supposted to be the best episodes in Heroes history and from what i know this is probably true.

    Overall i thought the episode was infact the best in series 2 so far, i really did like it.
  • Not bad, though I'm still looking for more.

    This episode was good, but it wasn't what I'd expect from Heroes, for me, like most of the season, this episode was lacking in quite a number of aspects. For example, no Kristen Bell? And how about that whole, "I'm in the future thing again and something is going to happen." Peter doesn't need that again.

    Peter and Caitlin
    Well, they continue to seek revenge against Elle, but they are in no hopes of locating her, though they get message and a free trip to New York, I guess.

    The Haitian and Noah
    They go over to the house of a man named Ivan and they demand the paintings from him. They continue to torture him, but the question is, "will he give in?"

    Alejandro, Maya and Gabriel
    They try to cross the boarder and one of them dies! I won't just say which one, but they do manage to cross the boarder, that's for sure.

    Monica, Mohinder, Bob and Nikki
    Bob asks Mohinder to do something to Monica, and he refuses to do so, so they come to an agreement and decide to let go of her. Meanwhile, Mohinder gets a new partner and she's creepy.

    Ando, Hiro, Takezo and Yaeko
    Ando continues to read the scrolls, but is frightened when the story ends with a cliffhanger. Meanwhile, Hiro kisses Yaeko and causes a bad future for Yaeko and Takezo.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Monica): Wow. Support, advice and now gifts. You're like my own personal Oprah.
  • I disliked this episode so much that I have to avoid the Heroes forums.

    It's really, REALLY annoying me that Peter won't go home. Now he's in Canada with his little girlfriend instead of in New York. It's extremely disappointing to me that Hiro won't go home to the present where he belongs. I really don't understand why he won't go back to the present. I thought it was really stupid that Yaeko was so impressed with Hiro that she forgot all about her father's life being in danger. That was not written well. The kiss...while her father is in enemy territory...that was awful.

    I am truly sick of Claire and West. I liked Claire before this guy came along. Okay, it was funny when he scared the other cheerleader, but really, their storyline is so stupid. How many times can Claire deal with snotty cheerleaders? I did like that we see just how evil Noah Bennet really is. He truly is my favorite bad guy. I'd almost forgotten how bad he is but I'm loving that he's going back to his old ways. I know that people who love Heroes blindly are going to disagree with my review but as much as I love this show, I can't overlook it's flaws. The seasons began well and has been sinking for the past few weeks. I'll keep watching faithfully. Hopefully they'll get back to some really good episodes.
  • It didn't get too revealing until the end. You could not have watched the whole episode, watch the last 10 mintues and still know what was going on.

    I feel that this wasn't a phenomonal Heroes episode which is why I didn't give it a 10 this week. It didn't deserve one. Kill Claire, go ahead just have Sylar kill her and I will be jumping for joy. Seriously she needs to go, her and her friggin crappy storyline ruin half the episode. We don't care about her being in High School we care about plot development and things actually related to the plot. She has nothing to do with anything. There was no Nathan or Matt which i what gave the last episode some pizazz since we saw Mr.Parkman. There was about 5 mintues for Peter and Niki. Mohinder bores me. About the only thing I liked was seeing Hiro and even that wasn't too interesting. I probably would have given it a lower score but I just can't bare to do that to my beloved Heroes. I love it, its jut hat this episode was maybe a slip-up.
  • OMG! Peter and Caitlin in the future!

    I though this episode was mainly boring and unoriginal, until the end at least. I was ready to give this around a 6 or 7, but the cliffhanger was just amazing and so unexpected. Even Syalr wasn't that great, although I liked how he told Alejandro about how he would kill Maya, but Alejandro can't speak English :lol:. Claire just keeps getting more boring... and boring... and boring... and it just continues like that. Hiro, is the other storyline that I don't like. The writers really should make and episode devoted to Matt, Nathan, Peter, Caitlin, and Sylar (with his powers back). I would be willing to give that one a 10 anyday, because it contains all of my fav charcters and storylines.
  • Really a wild ride episode!

    This episode again I am glad that it has moved away from way, way, too much Claire. As it seems that everybody has been complaining about her getting so much airtime despite being the breakout character! We see Peter goes off on a quest. As HGH aka Mr Bennett is trying to find some paintings that mean something to the Heroes thing. While Hiro is beginning to have feelings for Muresh a new character. As bad boy Sylar is not to be trusted. As Sylar is a you know what. But we love him like that. West tells Claire to stand up for herself. And that they do make a really good couple. Glad that the show is not back on track after a few slow episodes this second year.
  • Much better than the last episode! Leading up to what looks like a great next episode...

    O.K so this won't be a long review, all in all the episode had its good and bad qualities.

    After a dissapointing episode last week that basically told us nothing, we are delivered here with the good characters such as Peter, Hiro, Clare, West, Noah, the Hatian and most of all SYLAR!!!

    If I am honest these characters are much much better than the the others ones that were shown in episode 5 (Parkman doesn't really excite me, neither does Monica)

    Most exciting parts in this episode had to be Sylar twisting Maya's mind making her kill those people in order for them to cross the border, and his little speech he gave to Aledjandro: "shes a shiny new toy, and shes all mine..." - brilliant! I am glad that at least someone suspects him, and I am wondering whether he will actually kill Maya and Aledjandro....

    Hiro's story started a little boring but it has gotten much better and I cannot wait to see him and Kensie battle it out in the next episode, I have a feeling it is going to be a good one!

    Peter and his girlfriend (cant remember her name) ending up in 2008 was a great twist, and I am looking forward to seeing that in the next episode.

    and finally, the paintings were found! The ones I could make out were clare broken on the steps (already happened) Kensie and Hiro battling it out, Mohinder looking as if he has fired a gun, and Noah dead. So does Mohinder shoot Noah? Very exciting stuff!

    Cant wait for the next episode, looks like it's going to be a good one
  • Enough of Hiro !!!

    Is it just me of it seams that the writers lost track of what they were doing ?

    Every episode i watch is more annoing that the previous one.

    I'm skipping the Hiro parts, coz i had enough of that time travel, and Hiro was one of my favorite characters, now his scenes are just boring.

    Clare is also kinda boring, together with some of the others.

    The only interesting thing lately, for me, has been the Peter story, that is new, dramatic and very interesting, but all the rest is just "blah".

    I hope they get it together before i give up on this show that used to be VERY good.
  • ok but needs to kill the clairbear afterschool special story arc

    love the show this season but it could move a little faster though. The Clair story arc is terrible. the hiro kensei swordmakers daughter love triangle twist was cool. I would like to see how far the regeneration ability goes is kensei still alive in modern times is the question im asking. You never know he could be heading the company i guess ill have to wait and see. and the girl with the muscle memory why the hell would she trust these people. would you trust someone who tells you they are going to give you mystery injection and then suddenly says i can't do this in a very angry way and storms off I wouldn't.and big surprise got to save new york AGAIN what the hell every season doesn't have to be about saving new york i wonder what giant disaster is going to hit new york next season .overall i thought it was a good episode
    but pleeeeez kill the clair storyline quick it sucks. P.S. HAPPY HALLOWEEN
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