Season 2 Episode 6

The Line

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • Hiro betrays Takezo and history itself, Claire manages to become a cheerleader with a trick, Noah finds the rest of the paintings, Maya and group reach the USA and Mohinder helps Monica and gets a new partner.

    The sixth chapter of the second volume. Claire isn't accepted to the cheerleading team and realizes that she has to be in the team in order for the lie to her father to be consistent. With West's help, Claire manages to public humiliate Debbie the cheerleader captain who is suspended from the cheerleading team and Claire joins it.
    Noah is in Odessa Ukraine and visits an old friend (who appearantly was the one that trained him and Claude back in the days) in order to find the missing paintings of Isaac Mendez before the Company. When tortured (by the Haitian's newfound skill to selectively erase memories), he confesses the place where the paintings are hidden and Noah kills him so they can't be track down by the Company. At the warehouse Noah finds the remaining 6 paintings and try to figure out the possible future that awaits them.
    Hiro and Takezo along with Yaeko find Yaeko's father who informs them that White Beard wanted him so that he can make weapons and overthrow the Emperor. In an attempt to leave the camp before they are found Hiro teleports with Yaeko and is forced to reveal his power, how he portraited Takezo Kensei so that Yaeko like him and his love for her. When the two kiss, Takezo witnesses that kiss. In a confrontation of Takezo and Hiro about the feelings Hiro has been hiding, Takezo betrays Hiro, Yaeko and her father and turns them over to White Beard.
    Mohinder helps Monica realize her ability in full and is asked by Bob to give Monica the Shanti virus so that they can experiment with it. Mohinder refuses and destroys the viles with the virus. Bob later apologizes to Mohinder for asking him to do such a thing and introduces him to his new partner Niki (who appearantly is cured) who will be watching his every move. Monica returns home and Bob gives her an ipod with moves she will be able to copycat.
    Maya with Alejandro and Sylar reach the American border (finally) but are stopped by the border police. At a moment of anxiety, Maya releases her deadly ability and the three of them manage to escape and reach American soil unharmed. In a fight between Sylar and Alejandro, Maya defends Sylar. Then Sylar tells Alejandro (in English of course which he can't understand) his plans for his sister.
    Peter and Caitlin travel to Montreal in hopes of discovering something about Peter's past and the woman that killed Caitlin's sister. There in a room they find a note with his name and a man named Adam Monroe as the writer of it (the same man whose file Bob was holding in the Company and for whom he told Mohinder he is dangerous). At a moment of confusion Peter travels in the future (14 June 2008) where he and Caitlin witness an abandoned and empty New York appearantly from a virus.
    Overall it is a good episode. The highlights are Peter's visit to the future where we see the result of the virus being released into the general population and Takezo's change of character in this episode (and the reason for it). Key facts: Adam Monroe will play a major role for the rest of the volume. Also notice Maya's first use of her ability with her will and how Sylar is slowly turning Maya away from her brother. Sylar's talk with Alejandro is a memorable ("shiny new toy"). Enjoy!
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