Season 2 Episode 6

The Line

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Ivan's wife, Katarina, speaks with a heavy non-Russian and non-Ukrainian accent. Although they live in the Ukraine, the family speaks Russian amongst themselves, which is not a goof, as much of population of the Ukraine still speak Russian as a result of the Ukraine being part of the USSR before 1991.

    • When Mr. Bennet shoots Ivan, Ivan in the chair goes flying back and hits the wall.
      In reality this has been proven to not be able to happen. This is just a Hollywood special effect.

    • When Peter teleported to the future in the background there is an Bill Board for the comic 9th Wonders, the one featuring St. Joan.

    • In the first scene we see a crime site with a chalk's line around where a body was. In reality, police does not do that, since the chalk contaminate the crime site (for forensic investigators). Also, the Irish Gárdaí don't use yellow crime scene tape but blue and white.

    • Even though Peter claims to have teleported to Times Square in 2008, the billboards are all dated. e.g. a billboard for the Broadway musical "The Wedding Singer" is shown even though that show closed in 2006. Additionally the "Bar Code" building should not say anything there. Also, the TKTS booth should be under construction.

  • Quotes

    • Noah: Take the car. But do one thing for me?
      Claire: Sure?
      Noah: Lock the doors this time.

    • Maya: You want to be different?
      Sylar: I want to be special, unique. An ability doesn't have to be a burden, Maya. It can be wonderful.

    • Bob: I owe you an apology. What I asked you to do was wrong. I've been with the Company for 30 years. We've been through a lot of turmoil and made a lot of difficult choices, some I regret to this day. But right now I'm dealing with someone who's a real danger, to us, to everyone, and I'm afraid in my zeal to deal with him I overstepped my bounds.
      Mohinder: The file you were holding. Adam Monroe.
      Bob: Yes. You're valuable to us, Dr. Suresh. Not just for your blood or your knowledge, but to keep us in line.

    • Noah: You taught me well, my friend. You said make it look as if we were never there. So now, we weren't. Instead there was a simple home invasion, a senseless murder…
      Ivan: I am offering you a way out! You can stop running. Shoot me and there is no turning back. You'll condemn yourself to hell!
      Noah: (fires) I know.

    • Hiro: It happened by accident.
      Kensei: You accidentally kissed her?
      Hiro: I accidentally fell in love with her, and she with me. I'm so sorry.
      Kensei: So you've been lying to me all along. First you show me that I can be harmed by no weapon and then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could.

    • Bob: (hands her an iPod) It's fully loaded. Anything from martial arts to plumbing, any skill you want, is now at your fingertips.
      Monica: Wow. Support, advice and now gifts. You're like my own personal Oprah.
      Bob: You have an amazing gift. So, look around. Seems to me like this town could use a little amazing.

    • Peter: The world is in danger. What am I supposed to do?
      Caitlin: We'll figure it out.
      Peter: Please tell me who I am, what the future holds.

    • Claire: I told you. My dad's really over protective about the whole dating thing. He told me I couldn't date until I was 21.
      West: So?
      Claire: So, I have to listen to my parents. Don't you?
      West: Claire, I can fly. Kinda makes the parental guidance thing a non-issue.

    • May: Claire, you were amazing. Really. I don't know what Debbie is thinking.
      Debbie: What I'm thinking, is that Costa Verde High deserve cheerleaders that are extraordinary, and you Claire, are simply not extraordinary.

    • Maya: I will get something for your lip.
      (goes behind the car)
      Sylar: (to Alejandro, in English) I know you don't understand me, but I wanna tell you I'm helping you. It's a delicious power... You see, when I get my ability back, I'm gonna kill you. And your sister. And I'm gonna take it all. And if I don't get my ability back, it's not a total loss. Maya's learning quickly, she's a shiny new toy... and she's all mine.

    • Maya: God delivered Gabriel to us, Alejandro. We should put our faith in him.

    • Caitlin: I'm going with you.
      Peter: No. I'm not risking your life too.
      Caitlin: We were both in that Montreal painting. I think I'm supposed to go with you, Peter . Besides, when you find Ricky's killer, I want to be there.
      Peter: What for?
      Caitlin: To kill the bitch.

  • Notes

    • The Symbol:
      The symbol appears over the door at the building in Montreal from Peter's painting.

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: November 8, 2007 on Channel 7
      New Zealand: November 26, 2007 on TV3
      Latin America: February 22, 2008 on Universal Channel
      India: February 26, 2008 on Star World
      Belgium: April 7, 2008 on VT4
      United Kingdom: May 22, 2008 on BBC3
      Norway: October 12, 2008 on NRK3
      Germany: October 22, 2008 on RTL2
      Finland: May 10, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: October 16, 2009 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 26, 2010 on Markiza

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      "All For Swinging You Around" by the The New Pornographers.

    • The episode ended with a memoriam to Tim Susco. Tim Susco was a location manager on the series who died August 15, 2007.

    • Powers Developments:
      The Haitian: Can remove a specific memory. Before, he could only delete backwards from the last memory.
      Peter Petrelli: Has inadvertantly learned that he can travel in time.

    • New Heroes:
      Adam Monroe: (mentioned by Mohinder and his name is written on a file Bob was carrying) He's probably the one behind the hero killings, as we learn Bob and the Company fear him and are trying to stop him. Power unknown. Appearently he's Peter's friend and they fought the Company together.

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