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  • Season 2 Episode 8: Four Months Ago...

  • Why didn't DL just phase through the bullet when he was shot? He was fast enough to phase through the guy's punch, and he didn't pull his gun out any faster than that.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: The Line

  • Ivan's wife, Katarina, speaks with a heavy non-Russian and non-Ukrainian accent. Although they live in the Ukraine, the family speaks Russian amongst themselves, which is not a goof, as much of population of the Ukraine still speak Russian as a result of the Ukraine being part of the USSR before 1991.

  • When Mr. Bennet shoots Ivan, Ivan in the chair goes flying back and hits the wall.
    In reality this has been proven to not be able to happen. This is just a Hollywood special effect.

  • When Peter teleported to the future in the background there is an Bill Board for the comic 9th Wonders, the one featuring St. Joan.

  • In the first scene we see a crime site with a chalk's line around where a body was. In reality, police does not do that, since the chalk contaminate the crime site (for forensic investigators). Also, the Irish Gárdaí don't use yellow crime scene tape but blue and white.

  • Even though Peter claims to have teleported to Times Square in 2008, the billboards are all dated. e.g. a billboard for the Broadway musical "The Wedding Singer" is shown even though that show closed in 2006. Additionally the "Bar Code" building should not say anything there. Also, the TKTS booth should be under construction.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Fight or Flight

  • The scene of Micah playing the piano may have been inspired by the fact that Noah Gray-Cabey is a piano prodigy. He began playing complicated and intricate pieces by ear at the age of three.

  • Alan Blumenfeld and Greg Grunberg (Maury and Matt Parkman) has appeared on screen as father and son before, on the WB teen drama, Felicity, in which Greg Grunberg was a star. The two appeared together on season 4 of the series.

  • The movie Monica copies the martial arts moves from is Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, starring Jason Scott Lee.

  • When Monica changes the channel on the TV to find an action movie, among the fictional networks seen are the Living Room Channel (either a women's channel like Lifetime or SoapNet mainly for soap operas), the Gulf News Channel (likely a local news channel for New Orleans), the All-Cartoon Channel (similar to Cartoon Network), and Brava (likely an offshoot of Bravo for independent movies).

  • According to Peter's passport he is born on 23rd December 1979.

  • In the 'nightmare' fighting scene between Nathan and Matt, Matt realizes it's not real and holds onto Nathan's face to tell him to 'wake up'. We first see Matt's hand wearing a watch holding onto Nathan's face even though it is in Nathan's nightmare. Nathan begins to strangle his burnt self but it still Matt's hand on his face. However the next shot we see the hand is now Nathan's burnt self hand (no watch different sleeve).

  • On Peter Petrelli's passport, his gender is marked "F" for female.

  • The church Peter paints at the end is the Basilique Notre-Dame in the old Port of Montreal. It was built in 1824.

  • Season 2 Episode 4: The Kindness of Strangers

  • When Claire walks away from the lockers after West asked her out, you can see the "microphone kit" bulges out under her blouse at the small of her back.

  • The Wrestling event being watched by Micah and Damon was from Wrestlemania 22 in April 2006 where Rey Mysterio captured the World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat match vs Randy Orton (seen in clip) and Kurt Angle (not seen). This being the Pay-Per-View event does not fit in with the time line of the show as in "The Line" when Peter picks up the evacuation notice for June 14, 2008 he says "This is next year".

  • Goof: Monica says "half the people in this county are living in FEMA trailers." Louisiana has parishes, not counties.

  • Goof: When Claire hands the cheerleading form to her dad, it's folded in half; when the camera changes, it's not folded anymore.

  • The time on Sylar's watch was 11:53 which in the evening would be "Seven Minutes To Midnight" the name of a Season One episode.

  • In the photo of the Company's founders, the arc behind them is higher than any of the founders. However, in all previous episodes in which Charles Deveaux's building roof appeared, this arc is much smaller.

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