Season 3 Episode 15

Trust and Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on NBC
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Our heroes truly become fugitives, and they are on the run from one of their own. Sylar begins the search for his father, and Matt's paintings reveal a dark fate.

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  • I think that this season is really worth to watch, all of the excitement & stuff is really great

    For this episode i believe it is the best episode which has been aired since it will be the key to understand the upcoming episodes in the series. After what happened to Matt, he will be 100% changed as he will seek revenge for the death of Daphne. As for Claire she will begin to fight too & face her own father to prove him that he is wrong.

    As for Hiro he will begin his search to get his powers back & try to help this from ever happening.

    Peter now will try to lead along with Mohinder all of the fugitives to fight for their own lives back.moreless
  • Good Solid Episode. Jumps around a lot making it hard to follow at times, but comes together in the end.

    Pretty solid episode with the heroes and villain's on the run from Nathan Petrelli and his band of mercenaries. From the beginning Nathan is on the phone discussing the situation with someone in different scenes throughout the episode and it turns out to be Angela Petrelli. Nathan is asking her to take care of Peter when he comes to her as he always does.

    The heroes are being hunted and killed by a group of mercenaries working for Nathan Petrelli. Daphne is shot and killed in the process. Parkman has visions and paints them. Peter rounds up the heroes and tells them that they can fight back and must fight back.

    Sylar finds a family that knows where his father is and the son (Luke)agrees to take him to him if he can go with Sylar. Luke takes the keys to his mothers car and they go after Sylar's father.

    Claire is rescued by HGR from the mercenaries in the beginning and sent home. She starts getting text messages from someone who says they can fight back. It is presumably Peter Petrelli.

    As stated earlier a pretty solid episode, jumping around a lot, causing it to be hard to follow at times, but still leaves you able to follow the plot of the episode.moreless
  • What a difference a simple production staff change makes, eh?

    What a difference a simple production staff change makes, eh? Please welcome into the fray Mr. Mark Verherden, the man responsible for penning some of the greatest (among many great) episodes of Battlestar Galactica in the last couple of years; thankfully, he's now been poached by Kring and is setting his mind to scribing beauties like 'Trust and Blood'. Granted, there's nothing particularly awe-inspiring about the plot: the premise retains the air of simplicity struck up in last week's volume premiere, focusing on individual efforts to escape the clutches of the dreaded Nathan/Andre Drazen machine (oh and Sylar's hunt to find his father) but this is, in itself, breathing life into the tapestry of the show. Verherden's script just orchestrates the whole thing with such flair and panache that you can't help but be impressed. I mean, check out the dialogue man! How much of an improvement is this! Aside from a slightly mawkish final scene between Peter, Hiro, Ando, Matt and Mohinder, the clumsy one-liners delivered cheesily to camera and coming across forced and unbelievable are gone. In their place, we have intelligent conversation (such as the social debate between Nathan and his Hunter) and words that flow from the actors' mouths and,, more importantly, that are damn well in character. Matt, Hiro and Mohinder's lines as a trio in particular are indicative of this but, to be honest, it's difficult to pinpoint specific examples because the quality permeates the entire script.

    Verherden is a master at making something interesting out of the apparently mundane. His narrative doesn't simply coast along on fabulaic auto-pilot, revealing events in a standard syntagmatic fashion. Instead, he interjects the plot's development with flashes of a future (in terms of the story chronology) piece, in which Nathan is relaying the details of 'Trust and Blood's contemporary sequences to an unknown listener, later revealed to be the sinister Angela. This not only gives credence to some of Nathan's actions and begins to allow us to see why he's turned into a mini-Hitler (just without the blood-lust... yet), it also lends the narrative an original sheen that has perhaps been missing from previous episodes. It displaces the viewer for it is outside of the chronological story development and that's just the kind of thing the show should be doing more: surprising us in whatever ways possible.

    Speaking of surprises, poor poor Daphne. Gone bye bye... well, we think. And we barely knew her. I quite enjoyed her character and I question the sense in getting rid of someone with so much potential so flippantly (shock value, much?) but, there again, the desired effect is achieved: it gives us all the opportunity to sit bolt upright and scream "you what?" at the TV. There's also the final scene with Tracey which seems a little ominous... what are they doing to her/where are they taking her? Nathan remarks 'don't fight it' and the anchoring/presentation of the scene seems to suggest there is something significantly bad going on: is it just that she's being carted off to some concentration camp or are they actually going to kill her? Nicely ambiguous that one. And so, for that matter, is Sylar's story which finally, after all these weeks, is actually becoming interesting again. His screen time is kept to just the right level and his dialogue is replete with the kind of unrelenting, warped malice that made us all love to hate him back in season one. No cheesy one-liners, no questioning his own innate evilness... just backwards psychology and manipulative b*****ddom. Zachary Quinto is wonderful when he's psychoanalysing the crazed mother/son relationship and thankfully, the child that he's been given to play off seems to be a very competent young actor too... so no cringe worthy moments to come, hopefully. I like this development in all honesty because it really is something completely new. It offers u a whole wealth of possibilities for Sylar's previously stilted narrative... oh, and how cool was the torture? That **** looked nasty...

    Last week, I wrote that that I was fearful that 'Fugitives' might end up becoming a victim of its own simplicity, turning into one long, drawn out chase narrative that could bore the tweed off a Physics lecturer. While 'Trust and Blood' keeps the story simple, certainly, it circumnavigates this problem by keeping the writing strong, believable and, most importantly of all, finding fresh ways to present it. Well done Kring: poaching Verherden was a masterstroke. Now just get him to write the rest of the season. Ta.moreless
  • Keeps getting better and better!

    I liked this episode it was great but I view all the Heroes episodes as a great thrill to watch. We now know that Nathan has become a complete bugger and decided to lock up his old mates due to him viewing them as dangerous but here's the catch, he's one of em too! Why the hell did he want an army of them then? Well it now turns out since the plane with out super powered friends crashed all the heroes are now free and trying to escape but now as Peter put it 'their lives as they knew them are over...' Bit of a bummer but they have super powers so it all evens out in the end. While the heroes try and figure out a plan to escape and Hiro wishes for his powers back as do I :(, it seems that bloke with the gun, HRG and Noah are trying to figure out how to get them back blah blah blah. Sylar also got himself a new sidekick whom I found the most interesting part of the episode. Yes Luke is this cool new character who is like a young Sylar but he ain't got the serial killer part down yet and his ability is microwave emission. Sounds lame but in actual fact is a power I would be proud to have :D. So yeah its a cool episode I liked and Luke is proving to be one of my particular favourites so don't kill him off like you do with other cool characters I like >:(.moreless
  • Nicely framed by Nathan's phone call we get an interesting but not particularly great episode

    After the Plane crash caused by Peter's downgraded power, everyone survives and makes a run for it. Except for they don't really make a run for it hanging around the crash-site a lot just long enough for Daphne to arrive with Ando and be shot dead. This is one of the best scenes as Parkman then has one of the shooters turn on the rest. However he's not very good at grieving which kind of misses the point of their relationship. She gets a mention 'let's do this for Daphne' (or something or other) a little later on but no other signs. I like Peter's downgraded power, it makes sense that the formula wouldn't just give him his previous power back. It downgraded Mohinder slightly as well by taking away 'the fly' aspect but retaining the superstrength. This could mean now that Peter is a different person to Season 1, his power could develop differently. Or at least have the potential to. Truthfully I felt that Arthur, Sylar, Peter and even Monica all had such similar powers that they were probably derived from the same base power, but before it manifested itself it developed in different ways depending on the person. This could be the base power Peter currently has.

    So everyone is on the run now except for Tracy who's captured and Claire who has been shipped home. She can't trust either of her daddies right now either. Nor should that kid with the melting/boiling power trust Sylar but it could be interesting if they become the terrible twosome. My brother suggested that he could be Sylar's younger sibling, please No! We've had enough of the family antics with the last Volume - this isn't Eastenders people.moreless
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Dan Byrd

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Claire receives a text message from someone named "Rebel." At first, "Rebel" only has the capitalized R, but in the close-up, "Rebel" is in all caps.

    • When Angela looks in the dossier on the Hunter, the news clipping reporting deaths in Angola misspells "Civilian" as "Civilain."

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Ando: Nemesis?
      Daphne: It's me.
      Ando: How did you find me?
      Daphne: Hiro told me about your "super-secret" hideout.
      Ando: Of course. Best way to keep a secret is tell everyone.

    • Noah: You still haven't told me how you were on that plane, Claire.
      Claire: (scoffs) I was grabbed by your goon squad. Dad number two tried to send me home, but I don't walk out on my friends. Or help people sick enough to do something like this.
      Noah: You have no idea how big this mission is and what these people will do once you're on their radar.
      Claire: Don't. I'm not gonna be your excuse anymore. You know these guys. Peter, Matt, Hiro Nakamura. Of all people, you chain them up like animals.
      Noah: I have made certain arrangements. Arrangements which will guarantee your safety and the safety of this family, but these abilities have got to be controlled.
      Clarie: I have an ability. Does that mean that I have to be controlled?
      Noah: No, Claire. You're missing the...
      Claire: I'm one of them. (looks at Nathan) And so is he.
      Nathan: Transportation's set. Young lady, you're headed back to Costa Verde.
      Claire: So that's it? I just dance away to college, pretend everything's all hunky-dory?
      Nathan: Something like that, yeah.
      Claire: So, I get a pass. And everyone I know just disappears. Except for Senator Skyboy, of course, because he's got everything under control.
      Nathan: I'm walking a fine line here. Balancing the security of this country against a serious threat.
      Claire: Stop. I don't even know who you are anymore. (looks at Noah) Either one of you.

    • Nathan: (on the phone) You know me. You know I didn't want any of this. Containment. Protecting them from themselves. That was always my goal. Now Peter is loose, Parkman, the others. Both sides have tasted blood. The next move is theirs.

    • Mohinder: You need to see these.
      Peter: Where'd you get these?
      Mohinder: Matt. He drew them right after the crash. He has Isaac's gift. I recognize this building. It's the Divya Velukkai in New Delhi.
      Hiro: India? The warrior must have his sword. I must regain my powers. Help defeat this menace. It is my destiny to go there.
      Ando: It is?
      Mohinder: (to Matt) Perhaps it's ours to seek justice.
      Matt: I don't want it. What they're doing to us isn't justice. It's just stupid. It's blind fear.
      Mohinder: If you don't want to see them punished, what do you want?
      Matt: I want 'em to pay. For Daphne.
      Mohinder: Matt, that's not us. It's not you.

    • Peter: Let's get one thing straight. Our lives as we know them are over. We can't go back to anything that we knew.
      Ando: Then, what do we do?
      Matt: We bring the fight to them. With everything we've got.
      Peter: It won't be easy. Credit cards, bank accounts, they're gone. Homes are going to be watched. Can't trust the phones. We've got to find a way to defend ourselves. We leave everything. We do what it takes to survive. Things we can't even imagine. Remember, they're going to come for us. And when that day comes, we have to be ready.

    • Sylar: Does your mother have a car?
      Luke: (pulls a set of keys out of his pocket) Not any more.

    • Sylar: (to Luke) And I let you live. Which is kind of a big deal for me.

    • Sylar: Agent Simmons, Mary is losing her patience. Isn't it your job to protect her from monsters like me?

    • Tracy: I know Nathan too, and not like a brother. I know the way he thinks.
      Peter: Because you slept with him?
      Tracy: And I think the same way.

    • Sylar: Special Agent Simmons says hello. His people trained him very well. He hardly flinched at all when he lost a finger or two.

    • Sylar: (looking through some mail) You're either Mary Campbell or Current Occupant.

    • Matt: Hiro, how did you get here? Did you get your powers back?
      Hiro: No. I'm powerless. The hero's path is never easy.
      Mohinder: If we stay here, we're dead. We have to keep moving.
      Hiro: Yes. Save the others.
      Mohinder: Where are they?
      Hiro: I saw them running. Peter Petrelli, the cheerleader. It is our duty to save them.
      Matt: Don't you get it? Powers alone aren't gonna cut it with these guys. They were ready for us. All of us.
      Hiro: Then what do we do?

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: April 17, 2009 on Universal Channel
      Australia: April 30, 2009 on Channel 7
      Belgium: April 30, 2009 on VT4
      Germany: December 9, 2009 on RTL II
      Finland: May 15, 2010 on Sub
      Czech Republic: September 10, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: August 3, 2012 on Markiza

    • Power Developments:
      Luke Campbell: Luke can emit microwaves, capable of melting or burning objects, interfering with pacemakers, and boiling the liquid in a human being and killing them.