Season 3 Episode 15

Trust and Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Forty three hours after the plane goes down, Nathan is in Building 26 in Washington D.C. and makes a phone call. He informs the person at the other end that Claire got on the plane, and some of the prisoners escaped when it broke apart. The Past Hiro is on the run as commandos move in on his position. He falls into a ravine and Matt and Mohinder pull him to cover. Hiro explains he lost his powers and Mohinder gets them moving toward the others but Matt warns that the commandos are ready for them. He goes back, his eyes turning white. Peter and Claire are running in a different direction when Noah finds them. Noah says the situation is more complicated then they know and prepares to shoot Peter when he doesn't surrender. Claire asks her father what he's doing and Noah drops the gun. Peter runs off and Claire warns Noah that he won't get away with it. He assures her that nobody will know anything. Missiles strike the plane, wiping out the debris. The Present Nathan informs his person that the Hunter, Danko, interfered with him when he went to investigate the plane crash. The Past Danko insists that he took appropriate steps but Nathan objects, saying they're not assassins. Danko points out that Claire ruined the operation and Nathan tells him that he'll deal with her. Peter finds Tracy, who insists she just wants a normal life. Peter tells her she doesn't have any choice and leads her away. Mohinder, Hiro, and a still white-eyed Matt find a camper. Matt approaches the camper where Usutu is waiting for him. Usutu goes inside and Matt finds the door locked. He breaks open the lock and goes inside, then comes out with paper and pencils. He starts sketching and Mohinder, impatient, goes off with Hiro to find some normal clothing to replace their orange coveralls. The Usutu vision tells Matt to focus. Ando tries to get a ticket to Russellville, Arkansas. Daphne arrives and explains that Matt didn't come home the previous evening. Ando figure that Hiro's disappearance is connected and the answers are in Arkansas. Daphne grabs him and superspeeds the two of them there. Hiro explains to Mohinder that he lost his power. Mohinder advises him to turn himself into the police but Hiro insists he needs to help his friend and that he is a warrior. Mohinder checks on Matt, who has finished sketching several pictures including one of Daphne being shot in the shoulder at the crash site, and another of Hiro and Claire in India. Matt refuses to abandon Daphne and runs back toward the crash site. The Present In Newark, New Jersey, Mary Campbell and her son Luke arrive home, where they live across the street from taxidermist Samson Gray. She notes he spent the night in juvenile hall because he attacked a kid, and he says that the kid called Mary a whore. As they go inside, Mary notices the television is on. She finds a man seated in their chair seemingly watching the news. She grabs a poker and comes around to attack him, only to discover he's Agent Daniel Simmons, gagged and his hands impaled on the chair arms. Sylar comes in behind them and easily disarms her, then shoves both Mary and Luke down into their chairs. He ungags Simmons and notes that the agent didn't tell him what he wanted. Sylar says that Mary is going to help him, and he's going to torture her in front of Simmons. The Past Ando and Daphne arrive at the crash site and spot Claire. Daphne notes that Ando is supposed to kill Hiro in the future, so he can't be dead now. Daphne then races into the camp. One of the commandos discovers his fellow operative down. He moves in and Tracy rattles the bushes, distracting the man long enough for Peter to knock him out. Peter plans to go back disguised as a guard, and explains that he can now only duplicate on power at a time. Peter figures that Nathan is there and is worried because his ass is on the line. Tracy says she has an idea and notes she thinks the same way that Nathan does. As Noah leads Claire away, she asks why he's there. She says she doesn't walk out on her friends and he insists she has no idea what the stakes are. Noah explains he's made arrangements to safeguard his family, but Claire points out she's one of them and so is Nathan. Nathan informs her she'll be sent back to Costa Verde and that he's trying to deal with a serious threat, but she tells him to stop and she doesn't know him or Noah any more. Noah draws Nathan off to the side and reminds him that he was supposed to keep Danko on a tight leash. Nathan assures him that he'll use Danko until he's no longer useful. Daphne arrives at Claire's side and escapes. Nathan insists that they find her and warns Noah that Claire is running out of favors. Noah wonders what would happen if Danko discovered Nathan had powers. Nathan continues to explain that nobody could have anticipated what happened on the hillside. The Past Mohinder and Matt approach the crash site and Ando spots them. Daphne and Claire arrive and Daphne warns she can't carry all of them at once. As she prepares to do recon, a commando shoots her down. The Present Nathan explains that Danko's men went out of control and started gunning down everyone, including Claire. The Past Matt forces one of the shooters to kill the others, and Danko shoots him down. The others escape as Claire regenerates and Danko takes her away. The Present Sylar revives Simmons, who informs him his father in custody. Sylar uses his power to determine he's lying and then considers whether to torture Mary or Luke first. He chooses Mary and admits that they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. He turns to Luke and figures there's some dysfunction, and has determined that their father left years ago. Luke tells Sylar to let his mother go and wonders what Sylar knows about him. Sylar says he knows the rage that Luke is feeling. Luke snarls at him and releases a blast of heat. Amused, Sylar insists they need to talk. The Past Danko takes Claire back to the base camp and says it's her fault. He knows what it takes to kill her, but Nathan stops him. Noah arrives and takes her away, ignoring Nathan. He warns Claire that once Danko gets started, he'll do whatever it takes to bring her down. Noah tells her to go home and live a normal life like she always wanted, and he'll do what he can. Meanwhile, Danko asks Nathan how many more casualties they're going to take, and asks him how he thought it would go. He warns Nathan that if things go south, he can kiss his career behind. Nathan is unimpressed, and takes a call from Tracy. He tells Danko to leave and the soldier leaves. Nathan tells Tracy to surrender and warns it isn't a negotiation. She tells him she has Peter and is willing to trade him for her old life back. Nathan agrees and Tracy tells him to meet her at a mile marker, alone. Peter comes over and Tracy assures him that Nathan is on his way. The Present Sylar has Luke demonstrate his abilities on a candle figurine. He wonders if Luke living so close to his father is coincidence, and points out that he could tell Luke was lying about why he fought the kid at school. Luke insists he's no one and has no friends, and uses drugs. Sylar knows he's lying about the drugs and says that Mary can see what's in his mind: his will. Mary insists she loves her son but Sylar points out that Luke isn't happy. As Sylar talks, Simmons tries to pull his hand free and goes for his gun. Luke microwaves Simmons dead and Mary wonders what he is, as Sylar smiles in satisfaction. Sylar leaves the house and Luke goes after him. He asks Sylar to take him with him but Sylar points out that he lost the one chance to track down his father. Luke says he can tell Sylar more about his father and knows where he is. Sylar realizes he's telling the truth and Luke says he knows why Sylar is looking for his father. He figures Sylar is just like him and trying to figure out why he is why he is. Sylar considers then agrees to take Luke with him, and they steal Mary's car. The Past Night falls and Peter tells Tracy to use her powers and subdue Nathan. She's reluctant but Peter convinces her. She approaches Nathan and prepares to use her power. He points out that she must know he'd figure it was a trap and he insists his offer is good. Tracy realizes she's serious and he insists they think alike but Peter is unpredictable. Peter approaches with a gun and demands to know if Nathan is telling Tracy he's unstable. Noah and Danko are nearby and drawing a bead on them. Peter spots them and takes Nathan hostage. Noah says he doesn't have the shot but Danko tells him to go for it. Peter releases Nathan and flies off into the air with his borrowed power, and the soldiers take Tracy away. Nathan thanks Noah for not taking the shot. The Present Nathan warns that both sides have tasted blood, but Parkman and the others have the next move. The Past The five escapees reunite and dispose of their cell phones to avoid being traced. Mohinder recognize the building in Matt's drawing of India and Hiro, seeing it, insists he needs his powers back. Another picture shows Matt and Mohinder armed with guns. Mohinder wonders if they're supposed to seek justice, but Matt insists that it's just blind fear. He wants them to pay for Daphne and Mohinder says that it isn't him. Peter warns that their lives as they knew them were over, and Matt says they'll take the fight to them. Peter warns that they have no resources and their homes are being watched. Now they'll have to do things they can't even imagine to survive. Sylar and Luke are on the road together. Claire is in her room in Costa Verde and Sandra checks in on her. Sandra thinks she's been scouting colleges and wonders if Claire has made any decisions. Claire says she wants to stay close to home and get a part-time job, and Sandra is thrilled to hear it. After she leaves, Claire gets a call from someone called "Rebel," saying she can still fight back. She responds and Rebel says he or she is a friend and Claire needs to be ready. Nathan finishes his conversation with Angela, who asks if she can do the right thing when Peter comes to her. Angela figures that Nathan is looking for reassurance and absolution. She says he can't have it, and is angry that he pushed her aside to bring in his own team. As she talks, she goes over files of Danko and his involvement in civilian deaths during a coup in Angola. She tells Nathan to leave her out of it and hangs up. Nathan's assistant arrives to tell him that they're ready. Nathan goes to a van where Tracy is being held. She asks to be freed but Nathan tells her it's too late. He warns that people with powers simply can't control their abilities. Tracy says that it's all about his ambition but he tells her not to fight it. As she yells that he's one of us, he has two soldiers drug her and leaves.
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