Season 3 Episode 15

Trust and Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • I think that this season is really worth to watch, all of the excitement & stuff is really great

    For this episode i believe it is the best episode which has been aired since it will be the key to understand the upcoming episodes in the series. After what happened to Matt, he will be 100% changed as he will seek revenge for the death of Daphne. As for Claire she will begin to fight too & face her own father to prove him that he is wrong.
    As for Hiro he will begin his search to get his powers back & try to help this from ever happening.
    Peter now will try to lead along with Mohinder all of the fugitives to fight for their own lives back.
  • Good Solid Episode. Jumps around a lot making it hard to follow at times, but comes together in the end.

    Pretty solid episode with the heroes and villain's on the run from Nathan Petrelli and his band of mercenaries. From the beginning Nathan is on the phone discussing the situation with someone in different scenes throughout the episode and it turns out to be Angela Petrelli. Nathan is asking her to take care of Peter when he comes to her as he always does.

    The heroes are being hunted and killed by a group of mercenaries working for Nathan Petrelli. Daphne is shot and killed in the process. Parkman has visions and paints them. Peter rounds up the heroes and tells them that they can fight back and must fight back.

    Sylar finds a family that knows where his father is and the son (Luke)agrees to take him to him if he can go with Sylar. Luke takes the keys to his mothers car and they go after Sylar's father.

    Claire is rescued by HGR from the mercenaries in the beginning and sent home. She starts getting text messages from someone who says they can fight back. It is presumably Peter Petrelli.

    As stated earlier a pretty solid episode, jumping around a lot, causing it to be hard to follow at times, but still leaves you able to follow the plot of the episode.
  • What a difference a simple production staff change makes, eh?

    What a difference a simple production staff change makes, eh? Please welcome into the fray Mr. Mark Verherden, the man responsible for penning some of the greatest (among many great) episodes of Battlestar Galactica in the last couple of years; thankfully, he's now been poached by Kring and is setting his mind to scribing beauties like 'Trust and Blood'. Granted, there's nothing particularly awe-inspiring about the plot: the premise retains the air of simplicity struck up in last week's volume premiere, focusing on individual efforts to escape the clutches of the dreaded Nathan/Andre Drazen machine (oh and Sylar's hunt to find his father) but this is, in itself, breathing life into the tapestry of the show. Verherden's script just orchestrates the whole thing with such flair and panache that you can't help but be impressed. I mean, check out the dialogue man! How much of an improvement is this! Aside from a slightly mawkish final scene between Peter, Hiro, Ando, Matt and Mohinder, the clumsy one-liners delivered cheesily to camera and coming across forced and unbelievable are gone. In their place, we have intelligent conversation (such as the social debate between Nathan and his Hunter) and words that flow from the actors' mouths and,, more importantly, that are damn well in character. Matt, Hiro and Mohinder's lines as a trio in particular are indicative of this but, to be honest, it's difficult to pinpoint specific examples because the quality permeates the entire script.

    Verherden is a master at making something interesting out of the apparently mundane. His narrative doesn't simply coast along on fabulaic auto-pilot, revealing events in a standard syntagmatic fashion. Instead, he interjects the plot's development with flashes of a future (in terms of the story chronology) piece, in which Nathan is relaying the details of 'Trust and Blood's contemporary sequences to an unknown listener, later revealed to be the sinister Angela. This not only gives credence to some of Nathan's actions and begins to allow us to see why he's turned into a mini-Hitler (just without the blood-lust... yet), it also lends the narrative an original sheen that has perhaps been missing from previous episodes. It displaces the viewer for it is outside of the chronological story development and that's just the kind of thing the show should be doing more: surprising us in whatever ways possible.

    Speaking of surprises, poor poor Daphne. Gone bye bye... well, we think. And we barely knew her. I quite enjoyed her character and I question the sense in getting rid of someone with so much potential so flippantly (shock value, much?) but, there again, the desired effect is achieved: it gives us all the opportunity to sit bolt upright and scream "you what?" at the TV. There's also the final scene with Tracey which seems a little ominous... what are they doing to her/where are they taking her? Nathan remarks 'don't fight it' and the anchoring/presentation of the scene seems to suggest there is something significantly bad going on: is it just that she's being carted off to some concentration camp or are they actually going to kill her? Nicely ambiguous that one. And so, for that matter, is Sylar's story which finally, after all these weeks, is actually becoming interesting again. His screen time is kept to just the right level and his dialogue is replete with the kind of unrelenting, warped malice that made us all love to hate him back in season one. No cheesy one-liners, no questioning his own innate evilness... just backwards psychology and manipulative b*****ddom. Zachary Quinto is wonderful when he's psychoanalysing the crazed mother/son relationship and thankfully, the child that he's been given to play off seems to be a very competent young actor too... so no cringe worthy moments to come, hopefully. I like this development in all honesty because it really is something completely new. It offers u a whole wealth of possibilities for Sylar's previously stilted narrative... oh, and how cool was the torture? That **** looked nasty...

    Last week, I wrote that that I was fearful that 'Fugitives' might end up becoming a victim of its own simplicity, turning into one long, drawn out chase narrative that could bore the tweed off a Physics lecturer. While 'Trust and Blood' keeps the story simple, certainly, it circumnavigates this problem by keeping the writing strong, believable and, most importantly of all, finding fresh ways to present it. Well done Kring: poaching Verherden was a masterstroke. Now just get him to write the rest of the season. Ta.
  • Keeps getting better and better!

    I liked this episode it was great but I view all the Heroes episodes as a great thrill to watch. We now know that Nathan has become a complete bugger and decided to lock up his old mates due to him viewing them as dangerous but here's the catch, he's one of em too! Why the hell did he want an army of them then? Well it now turns out since the plane with out super powered friends crashed all the heroes are now free and trying to escape but now as Peter put it 'their lives as they knew them are over...' Bit of a bummer but they have super powers so it all evens out in the end. While the heroes try and figure out a plan to escape and Hiro wishes for his powers back as do I :(, it seems that bloke with the gun, HRG and Noah are trying to figure out how to get them back blah blah blah. Sylar also got himself a new sidekick whom I found the most interesting part of the episode. Yes Luke is this cool new character who is like a young Sylar but he ain't got the serial killer part down yet and his ability is microwave emission. Sounds lame but in actual fact is a power I would be proud to have :D. So yeah its a cool episode I liked and Luke is proving to be one of my particular favourites so don't kill him off like you do with other cool characters I like >:(.
  • Nicely framed by Nathan's phone call we get an interesting but not particularly great episode

    After the Plane crash caused by Peter's downgraded power, everyone survives and makes a run for it. Except for they don't really make a run for it hanging around the crash-site a lot just long enough for Daphne to arrive with Ando and be shot dead. This is one of the best scenes as Parkman then has one of the shooters turn on the rest. However he's not very good at grieving which kind of misses the point of their relationship. She gets a mention 'let's do this for Daphne' (or something or other) a little later on but no other signs. I like Peter's downgraded power, it makes sense that the formula wouldn't just give him his previous power back. It downgraded Mohinder slightly as well by taking away 'the fly' aspect but retaining the superstrength. This could mean now that Peter is a different person to Season 1, his power could develop differently. Or at least have the potential to. Truthfully I felt that Arthur, Sylar, Peter and even Monica all had such similar powers that they were probably derived from the same base power, but before it manifested itself it developed in different ways depending on the person. This could be the base power Peter currently has.

    So everyone is on the run now except for Tracy who's captured and Claire who has been shipped home. She can't trust either of her daddies right now either. Nor should that kid with the melting/boiling power trust Sylar but it could be interesting if they become the terrible twosome. My brother suggested that he could be Sylar's younger sibling, please No! We've had enough of the family antics with the last Volume - this isn't Eastenders people.
  • Trust and blood is a very good episode

    First off, being that i am a HUGE Sylar fan, im really enjoying this season because of both his increased amount of time on the screen but also because his storyline is the most intruiging to me. I also really enjoy the battle of brothers, Peter vs. Nathan. I also enjoy Matt Parkman turning into a prophet because hes such a great character and i fell extremely bad for you because of Daphnes death. I also like that Sylar has a brand new sidekick who is a firestarter. Heroes has taken on a prison break season 2 feel and i really like it!
  • set-up set-up set-up.

    set-up set-up set-up. When will they realize they the writers are losing viewers and ratings because of weak plot. This episode went absolutely no where,leaving me blue-balled and thirsting for more. Did they just flat out run out of ideas? If they killed off Daphne it will be a huge loss for the show, she was an easily likable character. She had a multilayered character that conflicted her old "nemesis" ways with her new found true heroics. This quality, sadly enough, is lacking in most of the characters.

    More and more I'm seeing this go the X-Men way. Is Sylar forming an army or something.

    Final word...GET SOME DIRECTION!
  • Very disappointing episode that went nowhere. It makes me fear the future of this show.

    The new season so far is starting to feel a bit like Prison break, but by that I don't mean to say it's copying them. It doesn't really bother me that the idea is similar, I think it's an interesting new twist to the story we have seen so far. It's nice to see a very different situation with this show now, and so far I am enjoying this season. I have to admit, the start of a Heroes season is usually not the best, I just hope this season starts to get good later just like seasons past. Warning spoilers contained below.

    So already in this episode we have a character die, which I guess I expected, but just not how it happened. What I didn't expect and what was kind of stupid was Sylar's talk with the family he was taking hostage. It almost felt like he was a talk show host for some show, kind of unrealistic that a mother would be talking so normally while being held hostage by a person with powers such as Sylar. Not really sure who the kid was, and what he has to do with this whole story, but it seems Sylar is trying to turn him bad, though I don't know why he doesn't just take his power like he does with other people. Overall I didn't really like this episode, nothing really happened except that now people with special powers are supposedly teaming up to fight back against Nathan. I really hope the next episode is better than this, because if they continue this way, I fear the show will go downhill very fast.
  • It's finally like season 1 again :)

    God, I love it! I love it, I love it, I love it! I haven't been that into the show since season 1. :) And Vol. 2 was a waste, vol, 3 had some really good episodes as well as some awful ones, but now Vol. 4 really looks great. Once again I felt really sorry for Peter. He is the most amazing character in the show. And he is always, always trying to do the right thing. And now he really is like Peter from season 1. And I loved seeing him whit Tracy, since Tracy is my second favorite character. She betrayed him, yeah, but it was Nathan who messed with her head. Maybe if I was in her place I would have done the same. And she was right about what she told Nathan in the last minutes… And now the things are really getting to the way they were in "Five Years Gone". The two big differences are that now Mohinder is not working with Nathan and that Nikki died earlier, so now she wouldn't be able to be Peter's girlfriend :D
  • wow...its not even season 1 anymore.....

    Great job writers great job, i rly dunno wats wrong with people reviewing and criticising,this is a bit btr than season 1, i mean it stop bragging about season one, first season and this crap, wth guyz the episode was completely sweet, except that daphne died, i rly liked her powers, but u know sacrifices had to be taken :P. But i rly loved the episode, and i like the new role of sylar. i also somewhat wished that claire would stay with the heroes atleast....but np i think all are coming back right now, thnx to peter. Overall the episode was gr8, i honestly give it a 9.4, but u guyz just make me give it a 10 to push up the ratings.....
  • The beginning of a quest.

    This is getting pretty good this couple of episodes introduced us to what can be a volume with lots of potential. First, I would like to say it's good that they killed Daphne because she wasn't adding to much to the show , and it shows the audience the threat es real it could have been any of the other main characters. Peter looks like he is going to be the leader of the resistance and that's great it's about time for him to take a step forward and assume his role and confront his brother. Sylar gets a sidekick who is as twisted and neurotic as him. I think Dan Byrd is a good actor I watched him in a couple of movies and in Greek and Aliens in America he would probably add an extra touch to the show , though once Sylar finds his father , he is gonna kill Luke and take his power. I cant' understand yet what side is Noah on , he is like struggleing between which side to take.The Hunter is a great character and he will give our Heroes more problems than even Nathan.
  • Review

    I liked this episode, not as much as I liked the opening to the volume but I still thought it was a solid start to the volume. I like that we are getting a lot of characters interacting with one another, which is something that I think that season two and the beginning of season three didn't have. I like that Sylar has his own storyline this season and I am very interested to see how the kid works out for him. I kind of saw it coming and was happy to see the kid get to tag along after he killed his own father. There were two things that i didn't like in this episode. Matt Parkman drawing things over and over again still seems not needed for the show and I didn't like both how they killed off Daphney and Matts seemingly poor response in trying to save her. Seems like her was over her the second after he realized he couldn't save her and now all of a sudden he is motivated by revenege.
  • this series is getting better the

    well i must admit its a shame that peter's power became like that but I'm sure that he regains his old abillity in time.....
    im hoping that hiro gets his power back too he was like the strongest of them all after peter & sylar
    speaking of sylar now he is my favorite charachter of the show....
    im hoping to see some cool fights in the next episodes what really bothers me about this series is most of the heroes are really soft people who just can't bare to use their power
    im waiting to see who is sylar's dad i already have some opinions but i doubt them....but he must have a great power....i Think
  • The aftermath, the huntings and the speedster demise.

    Nathan's phone call introduces the audience to the consequences of the plane crash; while characters like Ando & Hiro get separated by it, characters like Matt & Mohinder are brought together as if they would've never been apart which allows a few of the most touching scenes of the episode such as the one that takes place once Mohinder must drag Matt away from Daphne's corpse. Indeed, the speedster has died 4 years prior to her deadline which forced the hand ...or rather mind, of what should've been her spouse in order to kill the hunters that gunned her down.

    No better luck has Tracy, outsmarted by Nathan if only because the magnificent bastard is willing to compromise in ways she never imagined, ironic considering how even Sylar gets an ally he bonds with at the very core. However, it's Peter the one who gathers them all, throughout Matt's painting the goals they must reach to strike back to the very brother Peter now must face as if a sworn enemy.

    Great episode i liked it a lot....I don't like Nathan anymore he is such an idiot sold er girlfriend and was ready to sell brother what is wrong with?....I think why Peter didn't kill him when he ahd chance....I think he loves him and its natural he is his brother so we can't blame.....I wonder how many powers Peter can use at the moment :D.....he has great powers during all TVshow don't you agree?I wonder when Hiro will return his powers?...if he is gonna return them someday...I want next episode very badly...it has to be great episode and i can't wait already
  • Things finally turning around. Betrayels, The heroes on the run, and major plot and character development

    I don't know why the ratings are so low for this episode. This is def not one of the worst episodes. I actually found it to be rather good!! Can't beleive I said that. They took out the only other way to get time-travelin in the show. Nice! no more going forward/backward in time. It was getting really old/dumb!! They dumbed down Peters ability. HRG is finally understandable. We finally know why he is doing what he is doing(to protec claire...duh). He is finally interesting again!! NICE!! When the soldier was about to shoot Claire it was obvious why HRG decided to help Nathan. He had to protect his daughter. Mohinder/hiro/Peter tagteam is good. However, I really do wish this paint the future when eating some random stuff is done with. It makes no sence!!! There better be a good explanation. I'm not really sure where they are taking this season but its def not like seasons 1-3. However, the same old paint the future protect it scenario came back. I dont mind that, but its getting a little old? The military seem ruthless which is great for an enemy arc. Syler is doing great. We can totally see his character devlopment. We know he is not PURE evil, there is still some good in him. Nathan, though, is pure evil. I want to know WHY he turned into this person, There better be a good reason because he seemed rather ruthless when dealing with his ex gf and his own family. peter FINALLY shows some character development. He flat out shows his hatred to Nathan!! I loved that part. Tracey was great in her part. Some improvements:Fix Claire up please(she is still really annoying), bring back Mohinder's character, Explain why nathan is doing what he is doing, Make Hiro MATURE(he is still a 10 yr old.), stop with the painting the future, and some other small things. If all that gets fixed, I think Heroes can back on track

    I think we got our main Heroes this season together. Hiro, Ando, Peter, Mohinder, and Parkman. So far this season is showing a GREAT improvement. Lets just hope the next few episodes can keep this up.

    Remember guys, we cant expect Heroes to fix ALL its mistakes. It got rid of time-traveling and thats a pretty good start!!!
  • This was a good ep which made me look forward to the next episodes of `Heroes`.

    In "Trust and Blood" we find out that the future actually started a couple of months ago, with the assassination attempt at Nathan`s life. Peter shot him so he wouldn`t tell the truth to the whole world, so that they wouldn`t be hunted down, ... or something ..., but that`s the same thing that makes Nathan think he should round up all of the "gifted" and put them in a deep state of sleep... or something (then again). This gives the seed of a grey future in which two enemy groups, both of questionable morality, battle it out ... or something. Family love is a battle field... I also want to mention that I feel sorry for Parker, he has the toughest luck in the ladies department. Yes, the woman who can run on water is dead (in this timeline). I`m keeping my fingers crossed for them in an alternate future.
    Not accounting of the tone in which I wrote this review, I really enjoyed this episode. It made me think happy thoughts about the future of this show.
  • Hahaha take that critics ! Heroes is better than ever !

    So you know how all the fans are whining and saying Heroes is going down the drain and all that crap, well all that's going to change. Volume 3 was awesome in my oponion but volume 4 is looking hoooot !! First, more screen time for Ali Larter and she has delivered. I loved her in this episode. She was emotional and hesitated more than ounce. The episode was exciting. Shocking in many scenes like Daphne dying. Matt's reaction wasn't what I expected but I'm sure he will grieve as the show moves forward. Nathan's new personality is off the hook. I love seeing good characters go evil like Willow from Buffy the vampire slayer. Claire gets messages from a stranger which adds mystery to the show which is something I really like ! Sylar's tries not to kill people but tortures them and now he gets a sidekick :P In conclusion exciting,shocking and exactly what I want from Heroes.
  • i'm close to being done with "heroes"!

    i've about had it! i've been sticking with this show for 1 ½ increasingly painful to watch seasons now for the sake of wonderful season 1 because i thought and hoped that what once had been so incredibly good couldn't turn that bad all at once. i guess, i was mistaken.

    last week's episode might not have been too bad even though nowhere close to season 1's quality but this week's episode was a real bummer! what the hell! the dialogues were plain awful and stilted. decent or even good actors and actresses seemed to be stumbling through the scenes cluelessly. what once was charming in hiro (who, alongside ando, used to be the last character i still cared for) has become uninteresting and lame since by now he is completely lacking the somewhat sweet boyish enthusiasm he used to have. it's like pushing the button in the belly of a doll, repeating "i want to be a superhero. i must save the world." the same goes with claire. in my opinion she's becoming really, really annoying. this show is getting too uninspired, soulless, illogical and awkward for my taste and if they're not going to perform a miracle soon and bring it back to its old quality i'm soon going to quit it for good.

    After months of bellow average storyline, I truly feel like the writers are remembering their roots. I felt like the first half of the epsisode was not as good as it should have been and there were anti-climatic moments, such as Daphne being shot. All of this is forgiven by the second half though. The heroes again feel like real people pulled into something bigger than them. I loved Sylar's storyline but I wish that we had seen Luke's mother confess her hatred towards her son after Luke killed Agent Simmons. Claire's story was also fun and exciting, for the first time in ages, and I loved the idea that both Nathan and HRG are trying to portect. My favortite Claire moment came when the Hunter tried to kill her and Nathan stopped her. Speaking of the Hunter, I think he is the best thing that's happened to Heroes since Nathan saved Peter in Season 1 finale. The final moments of this episode had me at the edge of my seat, particularly when the Heroes gathered. The cut to Sylar and then to Costa Verde completed this scene and the music perfected it. The Rebel text messages had me facinated, and I suspect that upcoming character Alex is behind it. The last scenes with Nathan and Angela were fantastic and provided the episode with its defining moment. The Tracy scene was great too and altough I wish the episode ended with a cliff hanger, I was pleased. I am quite excited to see next week's episode and very excited about the upcoming episode "Cold Wars!"
  • The Heroes begin to unite against Nathan and the government

    What I like about this episode is that it seemed to set up future storyline's nicely. We needed an event to pull all the Heroes together.

    Not really sure why the killed off Daphne. I hope she's not really dead by some odd unexplainable way (not sure how else they could explain the bullets not killing her) I like her character, she brought an energy to the show that was great. If they wanted to motivate Parkman they could have locked her up in some facility. I think the result would have been the same.

    Hiro needs to get some power back. I think his quest to find his power could distract from the main story.

    I'm glad Sylar got someone to talk with. I'm hoping Luke his half bro. I'm thinking Luke's going to end up being killed by the government, making Sylar more willing to work with the other Heroes. Peter did say they would have to do things they never considered before. So I'm waiting for Peter and Sylar to become BFF (really kidding).

    I don't think Nathan is evil, just extremely misguided. What I loved about Nathan in season one we weren't sure whether or not he was good or not. I think Nathan will redeem himself in the end.

    As for the rebel, well it could be anyone. A perfect way to bring back a cast aside character or bringing someone back from the dead.
  • Every single main character survives the plane crash. Surprised?

    I guess this episode was another step in the right direction, but it still had some major flaws - and I didn't expect to be dissing Heroes once again this early.

    Claire was awful in this episode. I don't know if it was the actress, or her hair (what is up with that by the way?) or I was just in an irritable mood, but every time Claire was in this episode she annoyed me. Heaps.

    Seeing Mohinder, Hiro and Matt working together was great, but seeing the resurrected 'paint the future' power depict a character's death was... not original at all, and I think I'm pretty sick of that actually. Why did they bother killing Hiro if that is the only way they kill characters these days? By showing us the death in a painting before hand, rather than letting it come as a surprise. Daphne being shot was basically meaningless, although I doubt she is dead.

    Tracey and Peter's scenes in this episode were, however, awesome. It's great to see Tracey get some well deserved screentime, and Peter's character is more likable than he has been for a few seasons. Nathan as the season's big bad is working for me, and this new "Hunter" guy seems pretty heartless. It's also good to watch HRG play the role of a bad guy again.

    Also, the phone conversations throughout this episode seemed a little strange. I mean, it just wasn't very like Heroes to do something like that, and seeing Angela on the end of the phone wasn't surprising either. The episode ended on a high note, and the mysterious "Rebel" looks set to be an interesting story line. Not as many flaws as the previous season, but they're accumulating and I'm really hoping this show doesn't crash and burn too soon.
  • I like how the story is going. but I see that there is some irrelevant events that are happening.

    I like how the story is going.
    but I see that there are some irrelevant events that are happening.
    When peter got his powers back he absorbed Nathan's power as soon as he gave himself the power shot.
    Why does he need to touch a person with powers to get his powers??
    Hope it becomes better explained later

    And how come no one heard that Naithan is one of them, while it was said loudly occasionally in the episode.

    It was great to show how some heroes used their powers against the hunters.

    This new kid was able to get out of Sylar's control by just pushing it harder on himself?? How could this happen??

    looking forward to see what will happen with Sylar.
  • This show is starting to grab for straws. I don't see any sign of a turn around from this episode in near future.

    Well the hope of a turn around for Heroes lasted only one episode. They started off the fugitives volume with a pretty good idea. But after the plane crash in this episode once again the characters seem to be running around aimlessly.

    I do not recall in any other show in which characters are thrown in and out of the show so quickly and randomly and without any clear purpose. Don't even get me started on their abilities. Parkman now has Isaac's ability, Peter now has a one touch and grab someone else's ability(weak), oh and Ando has some unknown ability that can magnify another heroes ability which was not even used in the first two episodes. Now they have a kid who can melt things and Tracy who freezes things. Not very interesting.

    Sylar is still trying to resolve his daddy issues. Of course Nathan and Mama Petrelli are once again scheming some evil plan. Bottom line there doesn't seem to be anything fresh or original coming out of this show. There is no sense of mystery or suspense left in this show like the first season. Now it is all like been there and done that.Of course like all the Heroes fans I am still hoping for a turn around but it seems more and more likely that it will never happen.
  • HEROES Rev.

    Following a chain of unexpected events, the Heroes are on the run from Nathan and the Hunter. A series of prophetic paintings reveals the tragic fate of someone close to Matt. Elsewhere, Sylar continues the search for his father and encounters an outcast with information and an ability of his own. After the last episode the big question is could the latest episodes keep it up well I think it has kept it up with this episode. It was no suprise none of the Heroes died in the plane crash a bit unrealistic but it was a good and entertaining episode I loved seeing them on the run. Daphne died which was a bit sudden becuase I liked the character she wasnt nothing speacil but she was a good adition to the show and I though her death was not on. Like what Matt did after this it was very cool and shocking. Sylar got a little apprentice which was good to see cant wait to see how it turns out. I love Peter's little speech and his team of Heroes and Nathan is really evil. I like the new character The Hunter. This was a good episode on par with the last episode hope it picks up though with some outstanding episodes.
  • The war has begun. Blood has been spilled on both sides and there's no going back.

    The episode starts 43 hours later… we've got fugitives! Check out the board behind Nathan with all the photos. Who got out? Matt, Mohinder, Hiro, Peter, Claire, Tracy. Bennet lets Peter go but keeps Claire with him. The crash site is blown up. It's turned into 'us vs them', even Mohinder tells Hiro to turn himself in, he's not one of 'us' anymore.

    Danko tells Nathan the fugitives are now terrorists, shoot to kill. Nathan's plan just to detain them just blew up in his face.

    Peter intends going back for Nathan and we learn the extent of his powers now – he can only have one power at a time. Daphne tells Ando Matt's missing and they go to the rescue, except Matt's painting shows Daphne shot. While Nathan and Bennet argue about Claire, Daphne rescues Claire.

    Then the unthinkable happens – fight or flight kicks in: when Daphne is shot, Claire tries to protect her and is also shot, Matt gets inside the shooter's head and turns him on his men, who is then taken down by Danko and Claire is recaptured. Nathan is using his rapidly dwindling credit to keep Claire free but he's running out of time.

    Sylar starts playing house, trying to get one of the soldiers to talk but instead finds a teenager with a microwave ability. Nathan doesn't realize this, he knows too little about the future, but more and more people are getting abilities, it can't be stopped by taking out some of the key players, this is evolution. The kid accidentally kills the soldier and wants to leave with Sylar, the one person who can understand his ability, even teach him to use it. We all know what happened to Sylar's last partner.

    Tracy phones Nathan to ransom Peter to Nathan, who immediately is willing to negotiate. Peter, on the other hand, "He's not my brother anymore, Tracy." But Nathan's not doing this for warm brotherly love, he brought Bennet and Danko with him. Bennet won't shoot Peter, Claire would never forgive him and deep down, I think Bennet knows this is wrong. Even with a gun to his head, Nathan refuses to negotiate and Peter flies away, leaving Tracy to be taken. "This is the beginning." Have I mentioned how sexy Peter is when he's dangerous?! Nathan thanks Bennet for not killing Peter. Is our Nathan still in there? "Both sides have tasted blood, the next move is theirs."

    The players are already aligning with Peter. It's starting. Peter is already taking up his mantle as leader and everyone is listening to him. They must abandon their old lives and prepare for the war that's coming.

    Knowing the mess he's made, Nathan phones Mommy for reassurance but she tells him to get lost. He thought he didn't need her and now that he does, it's too late. Peter won't trust Angela, mother or not, he knows what she's capable of.

    Seems there's a mystery player who's on our side, someone who calls themselves 'Rebel'.

    I have to admit, I was a little worried at the beginning of season 3, wasn't sure where the story was headed and it even seemed as if it was a repeat of the 'save the world' storyline of season 1 but I'm not worried anymore. I love where this is going, the war that's coming, even Peter vs Nathan. I'm very relieved.
  • After the plane crash, our Heroes run from Nathan's men. Tracy and Peter join forces, Matt finds that a dark fate awaits a person close to him, Claire is given a free pass once again and Sylar finds someone who knows where his father is.

    The second chapter of the fourth volume is clearly an improvement over the first one. After the plane crash, seen in the previous chapter, our Heroes run away from Nathan's men to avoid being captured. Peter and Claire run away when Noah catches up and threatens Peter. He lets him go but takes Claire with him. Peter leaves and finds a scared Tracy who he convinces to fight back and together find a way to escape. When they ambush one of Nathan's men, Tracy communicates with Nathan and arranges a meeting. She agrees to give Peter to Nathan and in exchange she would be left alone. Nathan agrees. At the meeting point, things turn ugly, when Tracy thinks Nathan is really trying not to hurt them but help them. Peter manages to escape with Nathan's power and with a little help from Noah (Noah pretends he can't shoot Peter and so he lets him escape, despite the Hunter's objections). Tracy is taken away.
    Hiro, Mohinder and Matt join forces when Matt goes into trance mode and starts drawing pictures that might help them escape. The only picture that Matt first notices is that of a blonde woman being shot and is non-other than Daphne. Thinking he can save her from being shot, he runs back to the plane crash place followed by Hiro and Mohinder.
    Meanwhile, Daphne meets up with Ando who exchange thoughts and realize that maybe both Hiro and Matt might be in the same danger and need to be saved. So, they join forces and arrive at Arkansas using Daphne's superspeed. There, Daphne sees Claire who was previously captured by Noah. There she superspeeds and saves her. Matt, Ando, Hiro, Mohinder, Daphne and Claire reunite but Nathan's men find them and commence shooting. Daphne is shot and so is Claire and Matt saves them by using his telepathy. Claire is re-captured by the Hunter and brought back to Costa Verde. There she receives a hopeful message by an unknown person who tells her that there is still hope and to keep her eyes open.
    All of these, are told by Nathan to Angela 43 hours later, who tells him that he has brought this on himself.
    Finally, Sylar is at the house next to his father's and tries to get some answers concerning his father's whereabouts from Agent Simmons (the guy who almost killed during last episode). When the inhbitants of the house, Mary Campbell and her son Luke return home, things turn ugly. Luke reveals a power of his own (microwave emission) to Sylar and even saves Sylar from Agent Simmons when the latter tries to shoot him. With Agent Simmons gone, Sylar realizes there is no way to find his dad and leaves. Luke follows him and tells him to take him with him as he can't stay at home now (he killed Agent Simmons with his power). Also, he reveals he knows where Sylar's dad is (something that is varified by Sylar's lie detection power) and so Sylar takes him along.
    A quite impressive episode. I found it better than the previous one. I like the whole idea of our Heroes coming together and agree to run away. Sylar's story (although a different part than the rest) is also excellent and Dan Byrd is excellent as Luke Campbell. But the highlight of this episode and of the whole volume if I may is Zeljko Ivanec (aka the Hunter) whose portrayal is magnificent. Key facts: Angela's and Noah's involvement in the fugitives story which might be more than you think. Also, notice the message sent to Claire at the end of the episode by an unknown person. That person will be revealed later on and is one you already know. Enjoy!
  • I won't say this is one of the best episodes of the series but it's most certainly an improvement over episode 1 of this volume. Much better dialogue, story and it felt far more relevent.

    Mohinder, Matt, Tracey, Peter, Hiro, Claire and Noah were all on the plane when it went down and thank goodness they all survived. Though that's no shock, like they're going to kill one of them. (Sidebar, I love how Mohinder was so envious for a power. Finally gave himself one and it mutated him and now that it's under control he's resisting others who have powers. His talk with Peter in the cab was a good example of that, but when he saved Peter it was kind of like he was embracing his new path...as Hiro and Ando must do the same dum dum dum).

    So they are on the lamb being guided by Matt's new ability and being chased by Nathan and this hunter fellow, who isn't so buddy-buddy with Nathan as I thought they might be. Could be because hunter boy has such a hatred for people with abilities, one guess why. I might be wrong but when Angela was on the phone with Nathan and she pulled out the file with the picture of the hunter one thing came to my mind. Like Nathan, he maybe might be hating on his own kind. Could be wrong but I don't know...though if that's the case then he and Nathan will be a volatile team. Anyway as a result of all the heroes getting pushed back together we get some interesting teams.

    Ando and Daphne & Claire are all on a mission to save their fallen brethren. Daphne gets shot in the process and Matt gets all kids of mad, though I doubt she's dead, and the rest of the gang really go on the lamb and fight back against Nathan's crazed new agenda. Aka their lives as they know them are over, as Peter puts it. Except Tracey, who is captured by Nathan (karma) after teaming up with Peter. And Claire, who did try to help everyone at first but is now safely as home getting text messages from lame name...I mean code name 'rebel;. Insert eye roll here. Seems Noah has his own separate relationship with Nathan and the hunter. He and Nathan seem to have agreed that Claire gets a free pass, not sure the hunter will honor that but who knows. Does Peter not know Tracey is a crazed witch? I mean okay it's not like I wanted to see Nathan and his goon squad pick her up because I have a feeling they're not just going to just lock these people up, like maybe there's more to it then that, but why did he think he could trust her? It's probably irrelevant at this point but just the same Peter seems to take twenty steps forward and fifteen back. He finally realizes Nathan isn't his brother any more but he's willing to trust the untrustworthy to get to him? Not surprised that didn't work. But at the very least he has the same mentality he has always had. Do what's right, no matter what the cost. Sometimes he struggles with that when it comes to family but he's always been one for self sacrificing. It's no different now.

    Speaking of Peter I don't totally understand how Mohinder retained his power after injecting himself with the formula while Peter is kind of back to season 1 power wise, he absorbs one power at a time but then loses one every time he gets another? Has he always needed physical contact? I'm trying to remember if that's what happened in season 1 and I'm not sure. Eventually he learned control, he could tap into any power he wanted, multiple ones at the same time. Something appears to be missing. Matt can paint the future now (seems like everyones abilities are hopping and skipping all over the place, it reminds me of last volume when Claire for some reason stopped feeling pain)? I mean in a way it makes sense but just like with his African spirit guide dude (who is appearing to him somehow) it just seems like a way to keep the 'paint the future' power in the show. When Matt first went to Africa in the beginning of volume three and he went on a vision quest it made sense. Whether it was through his African spirit guides power or through his own, if Matt has mind powers of all kinds then it kind of makes sense that his mind could go to the future. We've seen he can generate all kinds of things and all his dad could do, it added up. But now I guess it's the same thing, his mind can see the future and he just happens to paint it but this is third character to have that power. So Nathan wants everyone to have powers, no wait he wants to lock people with powers up, no wait he only wants to lock some people with powers up, no wait he wants to protect them from themselves. It's Noah all over again. And while on some level I do understand it, these powers can be dangerous and affect people in very horrible ways (aka Sylar) it still doesn't give them the right to do the stuff they do. Especially to those people like Peter, Mohinder, Matt, Hiro. They've never done anything wrong, at least not in the way Nathan and Noah seem to think. But we've seen from the beginning that Noah had a weird way of drawing the line between the dangerous people who deserved to be locked up or killed and the ones who should just be tracked and tagged. No surprise Nathan has the same mentality considering his power, in most ways it's pretty passive. He couldn't do to much damage with it even if he wanted to.

    I still don't fully get what Nathan is doing though. I mean I understand he is trying to catch everyone with an ability and lock them away, kind of the whole if you can't join them (like he wanted to do with Arthur) beat them mentality. But then he doesn't want Claire captured, he doesn't reveal he's a super powered individul, he tries to strike a deal with Tracey but then traps her. Some of it doesn't add up to me. I mean he said that he wanted to lock them up to protect them from themselves which is Noah 101, dilude yourself into thinking your're protecting them and the world but what you're really doing is seeing them as monsters who need to be caged.

    It's the company all over again. So then why lock up people like Tracey? As they both said they think alike, in fact he could probably trust her. They have the same mental problems. She can be dangerous but other then an accidental death here and there she's never really killed anyone. She was on his team so it really just seems like the company mentality as I said. People are to dangerous for their own good so they need to be caged like animals. Sylar isn't helping that logic but awhile back Nathan wanted to give everyone abilities more then anything. Underneath all the BS, the company mentality and everything else it seems like fear. Fear of power, Nathan never had any real power. Not really so he's jealous and threatened of those that do. Not to mention afraid because they could squash him like a bug. Noah was the same way, so was the company (it was ran by people with powers to capture the people with real power). I'm not saying I don't get some of the fear, Sylar is a wild card that is unchecked and poised to essentially be a living god with unlimited powers. He's already closer then Peter or even Arthur ever came. And some of the other powers. Mind control, time travel, human locater system, radioactivity. I understand where the fear comes from I think all the heroes do too. It all loops back to the company. Look at it this way Sylar, though he killed before the company got to him, might have ended his life or potentially been okay if the company hadn't intervened and turned him into a monster. Yes some people with abilities make mistakes, wrong calls and bad choices but it's all the people who fear. Those who founded The Company like Angela, Linderman and Adam. Pinehearst, Arthur, Nathan and Tracey. Sylar was partly created by this fear so they all have only themselves to blame. Does Nathan not see this? He managed to at the end of season 1. What the hell happened? He's always been a fool, he inherited that lovely trait from his mother and father. He's always been a tool, his want and fear of power has seen to that since day one. But he's become something worse. One of those people like Angela and Noah who think that they are somehow entitled to control those more powerful then them because they fear them. It's pure insanity. I mean you're talking about people like Sylar, Matt, Mohinder, Peter. They'll kill you and eat you for dinner, in Sylar's case maybe literally. That's part of why I think Nathan isn't just trying to lock them up. I mean look at the company. Sometimes they locked people up but from they also drugged them, in some cases did experiments (Sylar, Elle). I seriously doubt that Nathan's big plan is just to lock them up. He's afraid of them, thinks they need to be protected from themselves and the world, he think they're animals. You lock an animal in a cage okay I buy that but what about rabid animals? The ones that will try again and again to bite your hand off? In all those stories weren't they traditionally shot? I really think Nathan is just creating the company 2.0. Now with more experimenting and testing and all manner of awful things. Or maybe even something else, if Nathan wants power and he has captured those who have it we come back to volume three when he wanted to give everyone powers. Who's to say that isn't actually a part of this too? If you can't join them, beat them and if you can't beat them join them and it just keeps going back and forth till Nathan gets what he wants. And if that's the ultimate goal then this all makes perfect sense. Contain them, test them and torture them till a way is found to give everyone powers and even the playing field like Nathan originally wanted. In the world they're in right now Nathan sees them as dangerous but if everyone is playing with the same hand, if everyone is dangerous....

    It's so weird how the biggest danger to those with powers is actually others with powers, I never really noticed before but it's always been that way. Humans can hardly touch them most of the time, it's only when people abilities are involved that things can get hairy. In the other story line Sylar is off menacing and mutilating (this episode kind of reminded me of the season 1 episodes in a very loose way, the heroes are off having their super connected lives and Sylar is off spreading terror). So snow globe lady and the man he thought was father weren't his parents, they raised him and everything but technically it appears they were his uncle and aunt. The man who raised him has a brother and that's his dad. So he goes to the house where he thinks his dad is, he mushes some of Nathan's bad guys (how many did he send 10? Ha, they didn't even make a dent in his stride). Then pops in on the neighbors for a chat. Coincidence of coincidences he meets someone else with a power. A young boy named Luke. Now I don't know if we've got a fate situation happening here but can you say Sylar the younger years. I mean my god it borders on the same situation. Troubled youth (though more then anything Sylar was unhappy in life), nothing mother, MIA dad, wanting to be more, wanting answers and to top it all off the kid actually lives next door to Sylar's biological father (again very reminiscent of the season 1 super connected stuff that they've been trying to bring back since the start of season 3). Now granted we've only seen Luke for one episode so we don't know that much about him but I'm assuming he's got daddy issues too. Especially because after Sylar took he and mommy hostage and Luke saw what he was potentially going to do to them (drive screw drivers through their hands. OUCH!) he still saved him. Screw driver hands got loose and Luke used his microwave ability to curdle him. Needless to say Sylar was pleased. So much so that he spared his life. But I don't think that's really why he did it. Regardless of what Luke did why wouldn't he want his power?

    He did, that's the simple answer but the more complicated answer is that he saw himself in Luke. Just as Luke saw himself and answers in Sylar. I'm going to take a wild leap and assume the kid has a screw loose, like maybe he's killed other people before or something (just listen to the two ticking watches at the end there). He probably doesn't have anything like the hunger but killing can mess you up can make you into a monster, even if you didn't kill on purpose. Can make you identify with someone who just trapped and tortured people right in front of you. Looks like Sylar just found himself a protege.

    And I think he'll welcome him. I don't think he'll kill him, I don't even think he'll take his power (by cutting his head open or by absorbing it). I think he'll keep him and not just because he can see a lot of himself in the boy. But because now he has his own little pet to mold and create into whatever image he wants. As much as he says people aren't really capable of change and he's nothing more then a monster he knows he isn't, he knows there's more in him then that. He knows it's not totally his fault and he knows he's giving into the hunger when he could at least try to fight it. He's done it before.

    With a reflection like that why wouldn't he want to create someone just as terrible as he is. For all his flak about saying this person and that person is a monster like he is he's never really met a monster that rivals himself. So why not make one. Why not make someone so terrible, so awful that you don't have to look at your own reflection. Not to mention from a strategic stand point he might come in handy in pinch, take a fall for Sylar. A nice little body guard to give Sylar an extra boost and advantage in sticky situations. I mean you don't send your king out on the first move, you play a rook. It's completely beneficial on a lot of different levels to keep him around and very very good writing/planning on the shows part for Sylar. I stand by my statement that Sylar is their star character. They give him all the best stuff, put him to the best use and always make him compelling as hell whether he's good or evil.

    Speaking of which we still see glimpses of volume 3 Sylar, just like in season 1. He didn't always kill every single person he came across in season 1. He claimed that he only killed people who got in his way and people with abilities. Not just passersby on the street. He didn't kill the man who raised him in the first episode of this volume, he seems to have forgotten that he wanted to kill Angela and seek vengeance on the company and those that made him. More then anything he seems to want answers, he thinks he can get them from his father, answers about why he is the way he is. That doesn't sound evil to me.
  • As a Heroes fan that I am, I have to admit this episode wasn't the best thing ever. But it sets things up for some interesting action-packed episodes to follow... at least, potentially.

    My review pretty much goes for the two first Volume 4 episodes, but especially for this one, obviously.

    After a crazed Volume 3 that relied heavily on massive use of super-powers, treasons that weren't the easiest thing to keep track of, and a complete detachment from "the real world", this volume takes a 180 degree turn.

    I can't keep myself from noticing most heroes actually get smarter when their powers are stripped or otherwise unavailable to them. This is obviously the case in this episode. Must be those two months spent in the real world. And Peter's new power, much weaker than his old one, should make him an enjoyable main character once again.

    The story seems smarter and more believable now too. No more saving the world, no more visions of the future or supervillains, it's all about survival now. And for once, the Big Bad of the volume didn't just pop out of nowhere, we saw Nathan growing up to the plan he puts into execution since the end of "The Eclipse" two-parter (see, those episodes DID have a point, I tried to show it in my review and got a lot of "thumbs down", oh well).

    For now, I can't see how Sylar's separate storyline is relevant, but I'll give it time, hopefully it will join the main story arc in an exciting way. Good thing he is back to his old ways. Not sure yet how I feel about his new sidekick.

    And by the end of this episode (which, truth be told, didn't seem that exciting to me on its own) I think I can only expect greatness, while being afraid I'm not going to get it. "Villains" had a phenomenal start, then became... well, just ordinary. I just hope "Fugitives" will turn out better. After all, as we learned, the Heroes writers learn on their mistakes: after a rather stale Volume 2, we got a crazy Volume 3. Let's hope they don't push it too far again. I'll just say this: the story has a good potential, let's hope the writers will stay focused on the main plot.

    And one more thing: "They killed Daphne! The bastards!"... I kinda liked her.
  • The Heroes escape another disaster, without any dead good-guys... AGAIN!!

    Blah! That's all i have to say about this episode. Because to be honest, I'm struggling to create any definite opinion on it.

    Plane Crash = Waste Of Time

    In honesty, everything that was shown in this episode could have been done in like twenty or so minutes, and not much happened.

    Considering all of the Heroes escaped, except from Tracy, and Claire was once again exempt from Nathan's agenda, was there really any need for the plane crash at all. And Daphne is not dead, it is so obvious. At least I'm convinced she's not.

    They should have just had all the Heroes attacked in Episode One, and all escape, bar Tracy. And if Daphne is or isn't dead, they could have just had the Hunter take her, and either killed her, or imprisoned her whilst making Matt think she's dead. Not only would it have had the same result, but it would have meant we could avoid an episode which I assume was only added to bump season 3's episode numbers up.

    And Claire! What happened? I know she's always been a little whiny, but they're taking the crap now. It's like Volume Three didn't even happen. Once again, she's complaining that she can't fight back and help. Either give her something new to whine about, or teach the gal how to kick some ass.

    And with the dudes, all they accomplished was meeting up and getting some paintings from Matt before splitting up again. Once again, was a planecrash necessary for that?

    Aside from the whole event being pointless, and the fact it could have been done in so much better ways, what has happened has been good. The twenty or so minutes actually worth watching have left some good storylines for the season. Well except for Claire, maybe, which i'm disappointed at because I do really like her.

    So 20 minutes of actual development in Heroes "Trust and Blood" = yay
    The rest = ...... eh!
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