Season 3 Episode 15

Trust and Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Nicely framed by Nathan's phone call we get an interesting but not particularly great episode

    After the Plane crash caused by Peter's downgraded power, everyone survives and makes a run for it. Except for they don't really make a run for it hanging around the crash-site a lot just long enough for Daphne to arrive with Ando and be shot dead. This is one of the best scenes as Parkman then has one of the shooters turn on the rest. However he's not very good at grieving which kind of misses the point of their relationship. She gets a mention 'let's do this for Daphne' (or something or other) a little later on but no other signs. I like Peter's downgraded power, it makes sense that the formula wouldn't just give him his previous power back. It downgraded Mohinder slightly as well by taking away 'the fly' aspect but retaining the superstrength. This could mean now that Peter is a different person to Season 1, his power could develop differently. Or at least have the potential to. Truthfully I felt that Arthur, Sylar, Peter and even Monica all had such similar powers that they were probably derived from the same base power, but before it manifested itself it developed in different ways depending on the person. This could be the base power Peter currently has.

    So everyone is on the run now except for Tracy who's captured and Claire who has been shipped home. She can't trust either of her daddies right now either. Nor should that kid with the melting/boiling power trust Sylar but it could be interesting if they become the terrible twosome. My brother suggested that he could be Sylar's younger sibling, please No! We've had enough of the family antics with the last Volume - this isn't Eastenders people.