Season 3 Episode 15

Trust and Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Keeps getting better and better!

    I liked this episode it was great but I view all the Heroes episodes as a great thrill to watch. We now know that Nathan has become a complete bugger and decided to lock up his old mates due to him viewing them as dangerous but here's the catch, he's one of em too! Why the hell did he want an army of them then? Well it now turns out since the plane with out super powered friends crashed all the heroes are now free and trying to escape but now as Peter put it 'their lives as they knew them are over...' Bit of a bummer but they have super powers so it all evens out in the end. While the heroes try and figure out a plan to escape and Hiro wishes for his powers back as do I :(, it seems that bloke with the gun, HRG and Noah are trying to figure out how to get them back blah blah blah. Sylar also got himself a new sidekick whom I found the most interesting part of the episode. Yes Luke is this cool new character who is like a young Sylar but he ain't got the serial killer part down yet and his ability is microwave emission. Sounds lame but in actual fact is a power I would be proud to have :D. So yeah its a cool episode I liked and Luke is proving to be one of my particular favourites so don't kill him off like you do with other cool characters I like >:(.