Season 3 Episode 15

Trust and Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Noah: You still haven't told me how you were on that plane, Claire.
      Claire: (scoffs) I was grabbed by your goon squad. Dad number two tried to send me home, but I don't walk out on my friends. Or help people sick enough to do something like this.
      Noah: You have no idea how big this mission is and what these people will do once you're on their radar.
      Claire: Don't. I'm not gonna be your excuse anymore. You know these guys. Peter, Matt, Hiro Nakamura. Of all people, you chain them up like animals.
      Noah: I have made certain arrangements. Arrangements which will guarantee your safety and the safety of this family, but these abilities have got to be controlled.
      Clarie: I have an ability. Does that mean that I have to be controlled?
      Noah: No, Claire. You're missing the...
      Claire: I'm one of them. (looks at Nathan) And so is he.
      Nathan: Transportation's set. Young lady, you're headed back to Costa Verde.
      Claire: So that's it? I just dance away to college, pretend everything's all hunky-dory?
      Nathan: Something like that, yeah.
      Claire: So, I get a pass. And everyone I know just disappears. Except for Senator Skyboy, of course, because he's got everything under control.
      Nathan: I'm walking a fine line here. Balancing the security of this country against a serious threat.
      Claire: Stop. I don't even know who you are anymore. (looks at Noah) Either one of you.

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