Season 2 Episode 10

Truth & Consequences

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • Peter tracks down with Adam the woman who created the Shanti virus, Claire changes after the "death" of her father, Niki returns to Micah but more trouble comes her way, Hiro goes back in time to find out what happened between his father and Adam.

    The chapter before the volume finale. This works as a prologue to the next chapter and prepares us for the events of it. Maya, Sylar and Alejandro are in Virginia on their way to see Dr Suresh. At a lake, Sylar teaches Maya to control her ability without Alejandro's help and convinces her to let her brother go to live his life. Alejandro discovers that Sylar has killed his mother something which Sylar doesn't deny. Thus he earns Maya's trust who tells her brother he should go as only her and Sylar will go to Mohinder (since she can control her power now). At night time, Alejandro - realizing Sylar's plan - attacks Sylar who kills him. Maya is unaware that her brother is killed. Sylar and Maya arrive at Mohinder's appartment and Sylar makes a phonecall to Mohinder letting him know of his arrival.
    Niki returns home and catches up with her son telling him that she has a virus. Meanwhile, Micah's backpack is taken by his cousin to sell the rare comic book and inside there is also DL's badge from when her rescued the little girl (seen in chapter 8: four months ago). Seeing how sad Micah's gotten, Monica decides to take the backpack back and he gets Micah's help. While there, Monica is taken by the gang members (to whom Micah's cousin gave the comic book) and Micah runs to get help. Meanwhile, Niki gets news from Mohinder that he actually has the cure for the virus (using Claire's blood).
    Peter is with Adam in Montreal trying to find out what is happening. Adam reveals who created the virus - Peter saw into the future eradicating 93% of the world's population - and together they go to Maine and visit Victoria Pratt. She doesn't welcome them with open arms and she attacks Peter and then Adam when she sees Adam. Tied up, Victoria tries to convince Peter that Adam is the bad guy but Peter refuses to believe her (mainly because Adam healed his brother) and reaching into her head he finds the location of the virus, in Odessa, Texas. When Victoria manages to untie herself Adam shoots her. Meanwhile, Hiro searches his father's documents and finds a photo of Adam, Victoria and his father back in 1977. Trying to find what happen he travels back in 1977 and sees that Adam tried to release the virus, Victoria created but Kaito didn't destroy it back then thinking it was safe. Returning back in the present he goes to Odessa, Texas to destroy the virus and there he sees Peter and Adam. In the end, Peter protecting Adam defends himself against a raging Hiro.
    Claire still upset over her father's death, tries to make everything she can to remove her pain. West can't help her. While scattering her father's (presumed) ashes Claire notices Elle watching her. Approaching her, Claire lets her know of her intention to tell anybody about them so they can stop hiding. Here Claire shows a more powerful side of her that we have never seen before.
    Overall a very good episode. I liked how Claire became so offensive. Sylar is back to his old ways better than ever. Maya's power became cooler now. I liked how Peter's and Hiro's story connected in the most fascinating way through different perspectives. The showdown of Hiro and Peter made us guessing (back then) if one of them would die. Everything comes together in the nicest way in the next chapter which is the last of this volume. Key facts: Notice Bob's behaviour towards his daughter and compare with Noah and Claire. Also, Claire's blood brought someone back from the dead. For me it was a mistake to make her blood to have such properties because it created problems for the continuance of the plot in season 3. Regardless, the next episode is amazing. Enjoy!
  • The cure.

    Maya & Alejandro finally get some airtime with Sylar. Claire mourning after her father's death. Pretty boring in the beginning since we know HRG is still alive with Claire's blood. But the final showdown with Elle was amazing. "You'll be the ones running" Amazing line. Meanwhile a bunch of gangbangers steal Micah's medal & comics, Monica tries to help him & gets captured. Hiro goes to Primatech, Texas when he finds Peter, and wants to kill Adam, I cannot believe Pete is protecting Adam. I can't wait to see Hiro & Peter's showdown. A great episode with a great cliffhanger. Perfect!
  • Come On Hiro!!!

    Peter and Adam track down Victoria Pratt in Searsmont, Maine, to learn the location of the Shanti virus. When she sees Peter is working with Adam, she shoots them both and prepares to decapitate Adam, until Peter knocks her out. Once she is conscious, Peter reads her mind and discovers the virus is in Odessa, Texas. Pratt tries to shoot Peter, but Adam reacts and kills her.

    Claire and her family are greeted by Bob, who gives them what he claims are the ashes of Noah Bennet. Bob assigns his daughter, Elle, to watch Claire. Claire confronts Elle and threatens to blow the whistle about the Company.

    Bennet and Mohinder argue over the use of Claire's blood to revive Noah. Claire's blood reinforces the antibodies in Mohinder's blood, making the cure for the virus viable again. Mohinder then insists that Bob assists him in destroying all variations of the virus.

    Nikki returns to New Orleans and tells her son, Micah that she is infected with a virus. Seeking comfort, Micah goes to get D.L.'s medal, but discovers that his cousin stole it. Later, Monica wakes Micah and attempts to recover it, but is kidnapped by the gang that it was passed on to.

    Maya and Sylar are bonding over a picnic in a park. Maya manages to control her ability successfully when Sylar deliberately goads her in attempt to help her. Alejandro is reading a newspaper clipping about Sylar's murder of his mother, and protests Maya's wish to see Mohinder with Sylar. Alejandro later attacks Sylar, but Sylar uses a knife to kill him.

    Hiro Nakamura informs Ando that the man that killed his father was Takezo Kensei and the two research Kaito's files to learn about Kensei's identity of Adam Monroe and his detention in 1977. Hiro then vows to avenge his father's murder.

    At the end of the episode, Sylar reaches New York with Maya, and phones Mohinder, who is en-route to New Orleans, with the cure to the virus. Sylar tells Mohinder that he has Molly, and won't leave her until Mohinder sees Maya.

    Moments after Peter and Adam arrive at Primetech, Hiro arrives, stops time and charges at Peter, trying to attack Adam, to avenge his fathers death.
  • Things finally start happening.

    This episode is interesting to say the least. Claire mourning a father that's still alive seemed like a waste of time, but I suppose it's necessary to move the story further and to make her enraged enough to snap at the end, though I still think it would make more sense if Noah had died completely to at least have something big happen.

    As for Mohinder coming up with the cure, and Peter and Adam chasing the virus, while Hiro time travels several times in a race to find out about his old friend's scheme, the plots mingle quite well as anything can happen.

    Sylar finally does something in this episode, which is good because the choice to bring him back from the dead was iffy enough already and the fact that he's been a dull character throughout the second season didn't help his plot. Heroes seems to have a habit of refusing to permanently kill off any character. Regardless, one Mexican down, and his sister to go, as Sylar blackmails Mohinder at least makes the episode entertaining, which is more than I can say for most of the boring season, but with Peter being an accessory to Adam's latest kill and being an ignorant bad guy keeps the show interesting and a showdown between the two people that saved the world last season should lead to an interesting end to a mediocre volume.
  • Not ass good as last week

    Awesome episode none the less but last weeks was the best of season two and its hard for a episode to follow that. second half of the season has been great and i cant wait for the series finale its going to be awesome. Hereos is well back on track nd Im so hhappy about it because I was begining to worry about the future of this series, the future looks bright and i'm happy stories are starting to tie in. hope we see a impressive fiale and third season. I just hope Adam doesnt die, hes great. i cant wait.
  • A great episode that suffers slightly from not flowing at times, making it a little bitty

    This season of Heroes has been quite slow and nothing much of long term consequence is happening it seems other than the Shanti virus and what seems to be a faction of evil characters and good characters developing. However one of the biggest disappointments is the fact that a lot of the new characters do not have unique powers. Adam has Claire's healing ability and Peter Pan (Claire's boyfriend I forget his name) can fly like Nathan. Monica's power is also just a variation on Peter's as well.

    Lack of character and plot progression has occurred as well. Maya and her brother who in the space of ten episodes we have learned why they are on the run. Only now does there travelling companion Sylar start to take action by developing her power so she doesn't need her brother. This is good as we get rid of a pretty useless character. Secondly is Elle and her dad Bob who we know runs The Company, and are a major counterpoint to the Bennetts, Elle with her electric power having turned out Evil. Whoopty doo still not much information other than Bob was in the past involved with the elder faction of Heroes. Adam Monroe (Kensei in feudal Japan), has lived for centuries and is evil planning to infect the Earth with the Shanti virus (which I like as a threat on a whole) and Parkman has a power increase.

    This episode actually starts to move things forward with Hiro and Mohinder (both still in mega serious mode) out to destroy the virus and Adam and his gullible sidekick Peter out to find it (Adam plans to release it). I enjoyed this progression and the fact that Claire's blood was the antidote and Sylar finally gets to Mohinder's apartment with his protege/future victim Maya in tow. Despite this episode feeling slightly like they were trying to fit too much into 45 minutes making it slightly bitty (the soundtrack might have something to do with this also as it kept stopping and starting as it went between scenes) it is a good setup for the Finale which unlike last season's I hope will not disappoint.
  • "Watch who you're shoving, pom-pom."

    Claire and her family try to move on. Elle attempts to regain Bob's trust. Mohinder tries to find a cure for Niki's mutated virus. Monica uses her ability to become a hero. Sylar's manipulation of Maya and Alejandro takes a devastating turn. Peter and Adam find some answers. Hiro and Ando learn more about the past. Niki reunites with Micah. Claire wants to discover her abilities to the world. Hiro returns from 1977 and retrieves his sword from Ando, determined to avenge his father's murder. He says that he must go to Odessa, Texas and teleports away. Adam and Peter arrive at Primatech to destroy the virus. Time stops around Peter who looks around and sees Hiro. Both are surprised to see the other. Hiro tells Peter that Adam killed his father, and that Hiro must try to kill Adam. Peter, believing Adam wants to destroy the virus, defends Adam and surprises Hiro by threatening him with a jolt of electricity. Hiro lets out a battle cry and charges at Peter with the sword.
  • Comment may contain spoilers

    As Peter and Adam go look for the mysterious woman in the Company group photo, Hiro goes back in time in 1977 as this woman and his father Kaito has Adam arrested for fooling with this Shanti virus. This woman and Kaito argue about it with her wanting it destroyed. Instead, it's kept under wraps for the next 30 years. In Costa Verde, Calif., Bob comes back to the Bennett household to give Noah's "ashes" and offer his condolences. He is not welcome. In Viriginia, Sylar and Maya are sitting near a lake when he tells her she can control her powers. To prove it, he says something that makes her almost want to kill him but she stops in time. Her brother, Alejandro, doesn't trust Sylar since he told him he's going to kill him and tries to convince his sister the same thing when he shows the article that reported Sylar's killing his mother. Sylar's confession convinces Maya it was in self-defense and since she's a killer also she sides with him. After she temporarily leaves, Sylar does kill her brother and just as Maya knocks, he comes out shirtless and manages to kiss her outside his door with her dead brother not far behind! Ewww! Okay, with that out of the way let's go on...Micah wants to show his late father's medal plaque to his New Orleans' relatives but the backpack it's in is stolen. Turns out his male cousin gave or sold it to a gang. Micah almost beats him up but Monica convinces him to go to the gang to get it back. After she watches someone on a picture phone climbing up some walls, she executes her plan. Unfortunately, when the gang shows up, they find her hiding place and kidnap her. Micah attempts to rescue her. It's at this time that Mohinder calls Niki and tells her he's found a cure for her condition. Niki goes to Micah's room only to find he's gone. Mohinder has also been taking care of Noah who knows he's been revived with Claire's blood. He's not happy about that. Peter and Adam find this woman, Victoria Pratt (Joanna Cassidy), who refuses to reveal where the virus is even after being tied up and held at gun point by both. Peter finds out when he reads her mind. Adam then shoots her after she is freed. As Claire spreads her father's "ashes" she expresses regret in not listening to him and tells West she wants her memory of him erased. He talks her out of it. We find out Elle has been parked nearby where Claire threatens her by smashing her window then as her hand heals in front of her also says she'll tell the world about her powers and blame her for her father's death. Back in Japan, Hiro promises to avenge his father's death and teleports to the Primatech Papaer building where he stops time and sees Peter with Adam. Only Peter is still moving as Hiro tells him not to trust Adam, Peter says he has no choice as Hiro moves in for the kill...Wow! Except for the Sylar/Maya storyline, this was a very awesome episode! Nice to see Claire mourning her father. Also nice to see two blondes facing off against each other. Should be exciting to see! Oh, and one more thing to mention: Last we see of Sylar and Maya, they were in Molly's apartment on the phone with Mohinder. Uh-oh! Hope next weeks "finale" (with the writers' strike still on, who knows when the next episodes after one more week will air) ties most of the loose ends. Until next time...
  • A very exciting episode with a great conclusion, and set up for the next episode.

    Adam and Peter interrogate Victoria Pratt and find the location of the Shanti Virus, which is back at Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas. They let Victoria go, but she attempts to kill them both, and Adam shoots her in the head as a way to eliminate the founders of the Company. He drops her picture with his Helix crest on it written in her blood. Hiro founds out that Takezo Kensei killed his father and his real name is Adam Monroe by going back in time, and prepares to deal with him. Alejandro attempts to protect Maya from Sylar's evil scheme, but it results in him getting killed by Sylar and getting closer to Maya. This episode was overall great, with a lot of excitement. It had one of the better conclusions of the episodes, with an awesome confrontation between Hiro and Peter at the end which I really enjoyed.
  • Yet another amazing episode that ends with a tense moment.

    Peter confronts Victoria in order to find out what is going on, and Hiro tries to track down his fathers killer to stop him once and for all. When Maya decides to leave her brother for Sylar, I knew this was bad news, Sylar might not have his powers, but he knows how to manipulate people to get what he wants, and now that Maya can control her ability, she doesn't need her brother. Peter still foolishly follows Adam, and now I know Adam is lying and most likely the one who wants to kill everyone, I just hope Hiro reaches Peter in time. The other thing I was a bit worried about was Monica, she gets in trouble while trying to help Micah get his fathers medal back, and as kind as it was of her, it was quite stupid as well. It was pretty hard to watch Claire after seeing her dad die, she was so sorry for what she said to him, but she doesn't know his is alive, I just wonder how crushed she will be to find out he is alive after accepting his death. Sylar gets a hold of Molly and uses her as bait to get to Suresh, which means Sylar might make Suresh bring his powers back somehow. We also see that Peter refuses to leave Adam, I just hope that next episode Hiro doesn't get himself killed because he is the only person who can explain things to Peter at this point.
  • great episode

    Peter tracks down a woman in a company photo who worked on a virus. Peter goes to Primatech in Odessa Texas and find the virus, but Adam Munroe has other plans in mind. Hiro travels back to the past to find out how Adam got involved with the company. Dr. Suresh discovers a way to cure the virus and save Nikki. Maya gets tricked by Sylar, he makes her think that Alejandro is no longer any use for her. The writers came up with another excited episode. So much is shown, the continue looks really interesting, I can't wait for the next one.
  • The one before the last. *sigh*

    Micah! Momma is home! Yes, and we get to watch Monica put her powers to good, and make them comic books come true! I love Monica, I think her character is very cute and her powers beyond awesome. Lets just hope she escapes the bad guys next episode.

    Sylar creeps his sneaky hands into poor stupid little Maya's heart, and rips it out with out her noticing. Alejandro dies within the treacherous hands of the super cockroach-Sylar. This happens after Alejandro warns Maya of how Sylar MURDERED his mother, and repeatedly begged to get rid of him. Maya does an excellent job at trusting the devil. Well, at least she's learnt to control her powers.Thanks Sylar! They reach New York City finally, to get some action with Mohinder Suresh.

    We learn more about the virus, and Adam's evil plan to wipe out almost all of man kind with his side kick Peter. Peter, another character blinded by evil, follows Adam to Texas where he faces off (well starts to)Hiro.

    Another fabulous episode, great ending, great everything.
  • One more until the Finale.

    It was a good episode, it's still a set up for the Finale. I really enjoyed Sylar/Mya, that relationship is twisted but in a really good way. Victoria was a big disappointment as noted by V-G in the discussion thread. I loved watching Micah pop that kid in the mouth. Mohindy...I wish he would get killed already, he's a company man and a complete sell out. Peter is confused and misguided and it's starting to get annoying. Poor Claire, she thinks her father is dead and it appears that Niki might live BUT there is still a strain of virus that could kill them all.
  • A good representative of the unevenness of this season.

    This episode, like many this season, has been filled with subplots that work and those that don't. When those that don't sit out a week, we tend to get a better episode like the previous one. Unfortunately this is another uneven episode, where the storylines that don't work bog down the episode as a whole. The strike's impact on the writing is clear, as some threads get cut before they have any time to begin. One can hope the strike hiatus will strengthen the show as well.

    Any idea that Adam is a good guy should be dashed by the end of this episode. Previous episodes established that The Company found him to be a threat for his near immortality. In this episode Hiro finds out he was locked up for trying to release the virus to the general public. Of course he thinks he'll survive (and it's likely he and possibly only other regenerators will) and perhaps hopes to rebuild the new society of survivors with him as the new leader. The centuries of life, likely propelled in part by Hiro's betrayal, have lead him to believe that saving the world is to eradicate most of the people living on it.

    Adam's motives make Peter a patsy in his plan. Peter's driven by a sense of destiny and saving the world. His thoughts are also on Caitlin, stuck in the possible plague ridden future. He feels guilty about bringing her there and being unable to retrieve her. So with Adam's promises to save the world and Caitlin with it, in addition to the goodwill earned by Adam's blood healing Nathan, it makes sense that Peter would be duped. Some have wondered why he wouldn't just read Adam's mind to know his motivations, but it seems out of character for Peter to be that thorough. Of course that leads to the showdown at the end of the episode between himself and Hiro.

    Victoria is likely the biggest victim of the strike on the writing this season. The original plan must've involved a multi-episode arc at least for an established actress, but that was simplified, making her not more than a plot device to keep Adam and Peter from getting to the virus before the mid-way finale. Her story ends before it has any chance to begin, leaving Joanna Cassidy with little to do.

    It almost would've been better just to keep Hiro's sojourn to 1977 in the episode. It establishes Adam's motives and why Victoria would want to be in hiding. Unfortunately the problem in this scene is the horrible actor they cast as the young version of Kaito. As ridiculous as it might've been, it would've been better to have Masi Oka do his George Takei impression. An actor playing his character's father at a younger age worked on "The X-Files".

    One interesting point comes when Adam tells Peter that getting shot in the head or otherwise decapitated is the only way a person with regenerative abilities can die. The big question is how exactly does Adam know that? The only hint comes with the tie-in graphic novels (where he encounters a person who can clone himself), but his encounters with other people should be mentioned on the show, since that information shouldn't be regulated to supplementary media.

    The episode falters, as it has in the past, when the focus moves towards those not affected by the virus plot. Case in point: Monica and Micah's adventure retrieving DL's medals. Compared to avoiding the extinction of mankind, it's really hard to care about this one. The Sanders are the most glaring example of the show's original premise of featuring a different ensemble every season. Nothing they've done this season has justified keeping them around. Not even Monica and the underutilized Nichelle Nichols (just what purpose does she serve that couldn't be served by Monica?) have helped move it out of neutral.

    The plot is made worse by the lack of consistency in Monica's powers, or at least her ability to know when to use them. Considering she knows martial arts and wrestling maneuvers and can replicate them exactly, the idea that she would climb to the ceiling and staying in a space between the supports rather than fighting the thugs is far fetched at best.

    Also, the discussion on secret identities could've been useful, but is instead rendered pointless by Monica going in the worst disguise ever. Of course she cites Superman's now infamous non-disguise of glasses, but come on! She couldn't even find a mask at a party store or use make up to hide her looks?

    Monica's abduction serves ultimately to complicate Niki getting cured. However, with Sylar back in New York and holding Molly and clueless Maya hostage, that purpose is served, making Monica's subplot even more useless.

    Considering Alejandro isn't credited as a lead character, his exit has been predictable, even inevitable. Also, with Maya able to control her power, Alejandro is no longer necessary to keep in the storyline. It's also been building up as hostilities have grown between Sylar and Alejandro, who sees the serial killer as who he really is even before finding the article linking Sylar to his mother's death (the fact that Maya has been developing feelings for Sylar isn't making it any easier).

    Unfortunately, like many hated new characters on established shows, his death is seen more to appease the unhappy than another step in Maya's arc. Did anyone notice Alejandro speaking English outside of some "Heroes" blog saying so? Did anyone care to know how he learned to speak it and why he didn't do so until that moment?

    The growing problems between Bob and Elle continue as Bob chastises his daughter for making herself vulnerable to get shot. Last episode illuminated the differences between Bennet and Bob as far as parenting goes. Only now does Elle start to realize how horrible her father has been to her, placing The Company's goals above her safety and well being.

    The rift between her and her father seems to set up the major turn her character will undergo. It doesn't seem likely she'll deflect like Bennet considering her screwed up psychology. Whatever her motions are will be determined by self-interest rather than a greater good. She seems motivated to make nice with her father, but with his cards revealed, who knows where she'll side ultimately.

    Claire's decision to go public with her powers may be more harmful than she thinks. Obviously the "death" of her father and her desire for justice have clouded her judgment. She needs to take notice of the secret identity discussion in the New Orleans storyline (the only worthwhile contribution it has in this episode), knowing that exposing her power makes her family, like superheroes in other franchises, vulnerable to nefarious agents.

    Bennet's survival appears to be keeping him out of the action of the story for now. Why they'd bring him back from the dead isn't clear, as it seems like it'd be more reasonable for them to leave him the way he was. The Company also wants to perpetuate the myth that he's dead to his family. So do they want him working in secret? Claire's plans will have a major effect on that.

    Overall, this episode is a great example of this uneven season. While those subplots connected to the main story work, those orphaned from the main action suffer. The strike also had a big effect on the storyline, causing some stuff to be rushed to a conclusion faster than they should have. If only they did that in the first couple episodes of the season!
  • I agree with most, this episode was just ok, too much is happening in a haphazard format that seems rushed and thrown together.

    Over all this episode was rushed and a lot of things happened that I didn't like, like Peter being so stupid when everyone around him is telling him to wake up and smell the coffee. Also Maya all of a sudden just falls for sylar? Give me a break, that is a story line I really don't care for because it appears transparent: Sylar lost his powers and so he is going to track down Mohindar and make him restore his powers *yawn*. The HRG story line was good though and I have to say I really like Elle or however you spell her name and Bob. Bob has developed into a great replacement for HRG who used to be the guy we loved to hate.
  • Maya is stupid!!!!!

    Okay, good episode..... Mohinder is getting dumber by the minute..... Just open your eyes to the reality, man!!!! Is Alejandro really dead??? I can't believe how stupid Maya is to believe Sylar.... And did Alejandro just learn English overnight??? The paper he was reading that he printed out of the internet was in English and he was telling Maya what it was about, and then later when he confronts Sylar he spoke English, so what's the deal??? Did he always speak the language and was pretending??? I wonder..... I still don't know what to think about Adam.... He seems like a bad guy sometimes and a good guy sometimes..... I do believe he is the one killing all the people in the picture but maybe there's another reason beyong they locked him up for 30 years..... Oh boy I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!
  • Eve before the fall finale!

    A lot of things are going on in the next to the fall finale. I call it the fall finale in case the writers strike is settled and I don't think it will. Peter flies to Texas in search for the virus. Hiro is looking for whoever killed his father. Claire is still moaning over her father's dead, or so she though. Syler kills one of the wonder twins. all that will lead up the finale next week. Kristin Bell is the best thing in the second season of the series. But my heart is still with Claire. Next week, the finale. Be there!
  • Characterization, dialogue, pacing...this episode strikes me as a departure from what I've come to expect from Heroes.

    This season wasn't as amazing as the first, but I haven't found it difficult to put up with the odd digression every once in a while, as long as the show kept giving me glimpses of its past glory (and, therefore, hope for future episodes). However, though it did have its exciting moments, "Truth & Consequences" was mostly a major disappointment. This episode marks the first time I have felt at all worried about the future of the series.

    My number one complaint: Sylar. Maya and Alejandro's new storyline was unique and promising at first, but the introduction of Sylar into their lives has interfered with the trajectory of that plot. Unless Sylar has some superhuman ability to make people into gullible idiots, Maya's behavior makes no sense. Sylar's speech and behavior so ooze villainy, it's hard to believe any rational human being would trust him. This alliance could be explained more reasonably, but the writers have chosen to make her into a fool...and without Alejandro, her story seems to have even less promise.

    Additionally, the dialogue in the past few episodes has been sounding a little corny, but that's nothing compared to this week. I find myself taken out of the story because a line is so cliched, or a character has just said something I can't imagine anyone saying. It does remind me of reading a comic book, but not in a good way.

    This episode also cemented my confusion about where the plot is going. The pacing of Peter's story and Claire's story in particular strikes me as erratic and jumpy, and rather than feeling like I'm on a thrilling roller coaster ride like last year, I just want the season to cut to the chase. At least this episode provided more insight into the main plot and made good use of some of my favorite characters...and I remain hopeful that the finale will shatter my reservations about the series, even after this week's missteps.
  • Awesome

    This episode was great! all the plots were good (except for the Nikki plot that was okay) but besides that they were all good. I was kind of shocked that Maya would choose Sylar over her brother. They have known Sylar for five episodes and she has known her brother for her entire life and she picked Sylar. That was a little weak. I kind of miss Alexandro he was kind of cool. I liked how Peter is going to fight Hiro. Peter really needs to wake up and if he needs to save the world he needs to defeat Adam not Hiro. I hope Hiro can stop Peter and defeat Adam otherwise the virus could be released.

  • Lets down the entire season

    The writers guild strike is really hurting this show and has not been more apparant as in this episode. A disjointed jumbled mishmash of nothing much.

    Several pivotal scenes poorly handled. Severe deficiencies in dialog scripting and the level of acting skills displayed is just atrocious. Probably hard for the characters to really feel their roles when the writing is so poor

    Corporate greed for the lose. Heroes is the best thing I've seen on TV in over 10 years very disapointing to see a squabble over a few cents per DVD ruining it

    Cut the writers in on DVD sales and lets get back to making decent TV
  • Uneventful filler for next week...

    This episode really did little to progress the storyline, and just seemed to go in circles.

    Alejandro died, quite surprisingly, and I have to feel sorry for the guy, considering the totally irrational actions of his sister, who is now an accomplice to Sylar in what is sure to be a bloody endeavour. Sylar, holding Molly captive, causes us to ask - what the hell happened to Matt? Is he going to be one of the two kicking the bucket next week?

    Perhaps the most interesting part of this episode was learning more about the renegerative abilities of the heroes - the fact that once their head goes, it doesn't grow back.

    The end was pretty laughable with Hiro running at "Peter Puturelli".

    Next week should be a considerably better episode, given that two Heroes are to die. I personally will hope for Nikki and Hiro, but given how Hiro is insanely popular with views, I guess only Nikki is likely.
  • Peter is gullible, Maya is gullible, Suresh is gullible .. starting to get annoying.

    Well I am so glad that Noah is alive and I hope he gets out and starts doing some damage ... without leaving any clues this time because he's the only one who has a handle on the big picture and is ruthless enough to pursue it without angsting or switching sides whenever a better story is told!!
    I liked Claire better this time round 'specially the way she stepped up to electro girl and I actually like West's character now.. from my point of view they've developed into quite a cool combo I just wish some of the others like peter, Maya and Suresh would gain super powered insight or at least common sense. Hiro instead of saying "Hey Peter Adam is here to steal 138 virus and I time travelled to find out that fact." surely that short sentence would have made more sense than "Adam killed my father so I am going to kill him"... I thought Hiro's ultimate agenda was to save the world not pursue a personal vendetta.
    Adam releases the woman and Peter doesn't question how that happened after asking "What are you doing?" Peter shrugs her death off as one of those things - doesn't question Adam at all - he comes off a little naive and stupid.
    Suresh - well he changes sides at the drop of the hat but his desire to "cure" people of this genetic mutation absorbs him completely. I so hope he never gets it in his head that freckles or hairy armpits are undesirable because he'd lead the research into stopping that. Suresh aided and abetted Sylar in identifying mutants and killing them. He's the perfect antidote for 'the hero strain' because he is adamant in designing a cure and would probably save Molly at the expense of a few expendable others.
    Maya gets her brother murdered because she's so desperately pathetic... ditches her twin bro' like a hot potato. I hope Sylar eats her brains.
    I know this is a ramble - but instead of increasing tension it's proving frustrating and I only watched this because the next Dexter episode hasn't aired yet, The closer is on hiatus, BSG hasn't started yet, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me got cancelled. Blast and double blast... Yup I'll be watching the next episode but probably when I run out of other stuff to watch.
  • Awesome!!!

    Peter and Adam go to Victoria Pratt's house and find out where the virus is located. Adam kills her. Hiro travels to the past and finds out more about his father, Victoria, Adam and the virus. Claire is grieving over the loss of her dad. Bob tells Elle to watch Claire. Mohinder finds a cure for Niki, Claire's blood. Niki returns to Micah and he wants to show her D.L.'s medal, but it's gone along with his expensive comics. Monica and Micah sneak out to retrieve the backpack with the medal and comics, but Monica gets captured by the thieves. Sylar convinces Maya that Alejandro isn't important and they kiss, after Sylar secretly kills Alejandro. Sylar and Maya arrive in Mohinder's apartment with Molly. Hiro goes to Texas to destroy the virus and meets Peter where they start to duel.

    This was a great episode! I actually think that the Niki/Micah/Monica plot was the best! I didn't like Claire's plot, even though it was sad. Sylar's plot was also sad, but more eventful! This episode gets a 10! I can't wait for the finale!!!
  • A good episode, but compared to the past few, it was a huge step down.

    So after last episode's bang, this week was bound to step down for awhile, but it's fine because it wasn't that bad anyway, though I do expect more during November Sweeps.

    She comes back home to Micah. She is also relieved when Mohidner gives her some good news, but now she has a bigger problem to worry about. Where did Micah go? Not bad, I like Monica and the girl acting for her, I was also impressed with Noah Gray-Cabey's acting, it wasn't excellent, but he impressed me still.

    He joins Adam and together they hunt down one more member of Angela's old crew. They find a girl who is living in the mountains or something, and they manage to get some information from her. But one of them doesn't make it out alive. Not impressive, but it was a fair plot.

    He goes back to thirty years ago when his father still looked really young. He learns a few things from back then and is astonished with the information he has received. He then has a dual with another character at the end of the episode.

    Downwards from the past episode, they basically take care of Noah's ashes, but Hayden shows off her stuff and Elle looks like she's scared!

    Let's just say that he was up to no good and that could have affected anyone!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Ando): Why is saving the world always your responsibility?
  • "Then you have chosen the wrong side."

    The big problem with season two of HEROES is that many of the earlier episodes were slow and unrewarding. More often than not, viewers were faced with forty minutes of - well, not much at all really - and then two minutes of story advancement. Things suddenly seemed to improve with "Four Months Ago" and continued to improve up until "Cautionary Tales", an episode which finally lived up to the brilliance of last season. It is unfortunate then that "Truth & Consequences" - which not only follows the season's best episode but also comes right before the season final - should be so mediocre.

    Whilst the previous episode had momentum, "Truth & Consequences" feels like a series of filler scenes used by the writers to kill time before the final. We have a flashback to the 1970's which tells us everything we need to know about Victoria Pratt (mentioned in last week's episode) and what is going on. However, we then have a long scene with Victoria Pratt, Adam and Peter... which tells us the exact same information. This scene also features Adam explaining how he can be killed in a very unsubtle way.

    Monica and Micah have a storyline which doesn't appear to be connected to the main season plot, the plodding Maya and Alejandro storyline has a degree of closure (much to the relief of most HEROES fans), and Claire cries about what happened in "Truth & Consequences".

    The only time that this episode becomes truly exciting is with the scene it closes with.

    I sincerely hope that the season final is more exciting than this. It needs to be in order to attract viewers back for the third season.
  • You have lost a viewer!!!

    I am done with this show. I will come to tv.com to read up on what is going on but I will not waste my time downloading it (I live in the U.K.). The Sylar/Mya storyline is so mother freakin annoying. Why does she understand English and the brother does not. He can't speak it but he can read the online article. This show really does have too much going on. Is every season going to be a "save the world" theme? Hiro is totally getting on my nerves too. I don't know I think the show has lost it.

  • Sylar kills again, Elle drinks a slurpy, Mohinder gets manipulated again, and Micah talks to street lights and fails to get his comic books back.

    I really hated the end. Why, oh why does Hiro, who runs his mouth at every occasion, not simply ask 'why are you with Adam' or 'Let me show you what I've seen.' It's obvious that the writers have no idea of how to handle Peter now. I see him having to lose his powers at the end of the season. So much promise, I keep hoping for better with each episode, but always end up disappointed.

    The problem is that none of the individual story lines are very compelling at the moment. Worse, we can never spend more than 5 minutes with each. Thus we have to endure weeks at a time until something meaningful happens that moves the story forward....
  • I was expecting much more out of this episode. Heroes is starting to look like a train wreck. You can't look away, even though you know how horribly it all ends. This episode was easily one of the worst of the series.

    It was all way too rushed. You can tell that because of the strike they are having to rush things to tie it all up in the next episode. The pacing wasn't just bad -- it was non-existent.

    The scene with Claire and HRG's ashes wasn't even emotional.. It was just flat out silly. Her brother sits there holding the dog at his father's funeral with a blank look on his face. Why is West in this scene? Better Question: Why is West even in this show at all?

    The scenes with Sylar seemed blatantly out of character for him. Unless of course he is really just manipulating Maya, which is probably what he is doing. The only redeeming part of this episode was when the first half of the Telemundo twins died at Sylar's hands. Good riddance, Alejandro. You won't be missed. Now if we can only get him to kill Maya, West, and the rest of the worthless characters..

    Doh'inder has done it again by leaving Molly completely unguarded (doing this, I might add, AFTER selling his soul to the Company to keep her safe) For whatever reason, Parkman and Nathan don't exist in this episode. Peter and Adam.. where to start? First off they have totally worthless scenes with the Victoria Pratt lady. Why was she added if she was going to die in the same episode she debuts? She seems little more than a plot device for Adam and Peter to get to the virus quicker. How did Adam know where she was hiding (last episode Angela told us that Pratt was in hiding)? Sounds like a plot hole to me.

    The guy doing Kaito's voice in the past was just god awful. He didn't even sound remotely Japanese. You can tell this episode is bad because most of the scenes previewed for it actually occur in Powerless (the next episode). It was so bad that they didn't even want to advertise it with its own scenes, because it was so damn boring.

    Season 1 of Heroes is now starting to look like a city on a far away hill. If this were any other show, I'd say this episode was amazing. But Heroes cannot escape its own shadow right now.

    I'd like to say I see the finale being better.. but I'd be lying. If the finale is like this, I unfortunately expect Heroes to be canceled before Season 3.
  • Sylar kills again.

    It was cool to see Sylar kill Alejandro and then kiss Maya. I guess Sylar could take his powers but they are a little useless since Maya thinks she can control her power now, I guess he could still use them though.

    I'm glad that Mohinder saved HRG, he shouldn't come back until next season though. It would just be better that way, and I don't think he'll be coming back next week anyway, Claire was probably imagining what she saw in the previews.

    I liked Peter and Adam's storyline, well, I always like Peter...so yeah. I liked seeing him defend Adam at the end against Hiro, and it will be interesting to see where it goes next week.
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