Season 3 Episode 22

Turn and Face the Strange

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

In Building 26, Noah goes to examine Sylar's body. Danko assures him that he's dead and Noah admits he's impressed. Noah says that the steel spike in Sylar's head is a good idea because the last time it was glass, which melted in the Primatech fire. Danko wonders if Noah really wanted to capture him. They're interrupted when a visitor arrives for Noah: his wife. Noah is surprised to hear that Sandra is in DC, but Danko has her sent up.

Hiro and Ando are on the road and unable to call Matt on the phone. Every number they have for him is disconnected. They know he is somewhere on the East Coast and Hiro insists it's their duty to find him and reunite him with his son. Matt Jr. starts crying and the car stops. All of the power systems are dead.

Mohinder meets with Matt and tells him he has bought tickets to India. He is preparing to go to his apartment to recover his papers. Matt declines the offer to go along and says that he is prepared to go after Danko and make him feel what he's done. When Mohinder tries to stop him, Matt thanks him for being a good friend and then says goodbye.

Sandra meets with Noah, who wonders why she is there. She explains that agents burst into her house and he hasn't told her anything. He assures her that Claire is safe but she refuses to believe him. Sandra demands to see her daughter and he explains that while they think Sylar is dead, he doesn't think it feels right. Sandra can't understand his priorities. Danko introduces himself and she accuses him of watching her, and he quickly leaves. Noah tells her to go back to Costa Verde but she tells him where she's staying and that she won't leave until Noah finds Claire.

Danko goes to the restroom and reveals that he is a shapeshifted Sylar, and that he is enjoying using Danko's body. As Sylar reverts to his own body, Danko warns that he's playing a dangerous game but Sylar says that he's going to destroy Noah rather than simply kill him.

Angela calls Noah and tells him that she's had a dream about Coyote Sands. Noah isn't sure what happened there twenty years ago, and she says that the Petrellis are all heading there and they need him. Noah tells her about Sylar and says there's only one way to be sure, but she warns him to get out. He discovers that they're taking "Sylar's" to be cremated and he goes after it, ignoring Angela.

Mohinder breaks into his apartment and discovers that all of his papers are gone. The landlord comes in and tells him that the government agents took everything. Mohinder assures him no one is watching and that if he tries to betray him, Mohinder will implicate him as well. The landlord says that Chandra left some files in storage in the basement and Mohinder demands to see them.

Ando and Hiro try to hitch a ride. A Japanese truck driver, Sam Douglas, pulls up and offers them a lift. As the truck pulls out, Matt Jr. starts crying and the power systems shut down. Hiro and Ando realize that when Matt Jr. is angry, he shuts down powers. When he's happy, he supplies power.

As Danko emerges from Building 26, Matt covertly watches him and starts telepathically projecting paranoia. He then implants a mental suggestion that Danko check on the person closest to him, while he follows.

Noah arrives at the crematorium and orders the agents to aim at the back of "Sylar's" head. He removes the spike that Danko has placed there, but "Sylar" doesn't revive. Noah realizes that it's a trick and orders a priority DNA analysis, then wonders whose corpse it is.

Matt follows Danko to a suburban home where he embraces a young woman, Alena.

Sandra visits Noah's apartment with important business. She tells Noah that Claire is fine and called a half hour ago, and then asks him to sign divorce papers. Noah asks her not to throw away their marriage but Sandra says it's a cover, not a marriage. She doesn't believe his promises that he's almost finished and will try to resolve things, and insists she doesn't love him any more. Sandra accuses him of being a liar and a betrayer and says it's over. Sandra leaves and goes into an alleyway, where "she" reverts to Sylar.

Sam drops off Hiro, Ando, and their "magic baby" back at the truck rather than risk his load. They try to cheer up the baby so he'll repower their vehicle. Ando finally manages to calm him down and is forced to remain in the back maintaining his funny face while Hiro drives.

Danko promises Alena that he'll be back soon from Chicago and get her to Washington. He leaves and Matt sneaks into the house. He prepares to shoot her in the back but can't bring himself to do it. As he turns to go, Alena sees him and asks who he is. He apologizes but she accuses the escort service of sending him to get her. Alena told the service not to send anyone. Matt realizes that Danko is her client and telepathically pushes her into believing he's a friend and co-worker of Danko. She invites him to stay so they can become acquainted.

At Building 26, Noah goes over the divorce papers and then compares the signature on the papers to the one on file. He calls about the DNA sample and learns that the corpse is that of James Martin, the shapeshfiter. He realizes that Sylar now has shapeshifting ability.

Alena explains that she's known Danko for a year and that she thinks he sells school books. She mentions that Danko has a wife and two children in Chicago, and that he plans to leave them and be with her eventually. Matt insists that he doesn't deserve her and she needs to get away while she still can. Alena orders him out but Matt offers to show him what he means.

Hiro finally contacts Mohinder and asks for Matt's location. Mohinder warns that Matt ha changed and is on dangerous course, and tells Hiro where Matt was last headed. The car refuses to start until Ando makes his face again for Matt Jr. They leave, unaware that Nathan and Claire are nearby and trying to find Coyote Sands on the map. Neither one of them know why Angela want them to meet her there.

Mohinder discovers that his father was trying to track down a government project from the 1960s, Operation Icarus, which took place at Coyote Sands. Chandra ended up working there.

Sandra enters her hotel room and Noah holds a gun to her head. He tells her that if she says anything further, she dies. Noah doesn't believe her when she insists she is who she is, and slams her down onto the table. Noah believes she's Sylar and has absorbed whatever powers necessary to maintain the imposture. Her phone rings and Noah answers it, and ends up talking to Lyle. He asks for a pill about Mr. Muggles and Sandra provides the location. Noah hangs up, realizing Sandra is the real Sandra. Furious, Sandra tells him to get out despite his explanation that Sylar is trying to turn them against each other. She says she believes him but it's too late, and locks the door behind him.

Matt takes Alena goes to see Danko at his private apartment. The telepath forces them both inside at gunpoint and Danko tries to explain. Matt says he knows all about people obsessed by their work who try to find any imaginary happiness they can, and tells Alena that Danko kills people for a living. He telepathically forces Danko to tell Alena the truth: he hunts people for the government and killed Daphne. A shocked Alena asks why he lied and he admits he knew she couldn't have loved someone who did such things. Matt realizes that Danko truly loved Alena, then prepares to shoot her to hurt Danko. Danko tells him to go ahead but it won't make a difference. Matt says that Danko has left him no room for mercy, then drops the gun. Danko goes for his gun and Matt tells him to finish it. Danko pulls the trigger, but everything freezes as Hiro arrives to stop time. He puts Matt on a chair and wheels him out. Danko runs outside but they're long gone. Alena calls him a monster and walks out.

Noah, without his glasses, arrives at work and enters Danko's office. He closes the blinds and tells Danko that he's Sylar. He turns over Bennet's old Primatech files, and Danko admits he's not surprised. Noah draws his gun and tells him who he really is, then takes Danko's gun. He warns Danko that Sylar would have taken Danko out as soon as he got bored, and he wants Sylar in return for overlooking Danko's betrayal. Danko admits that Sylar has been going out as Agent Donner of Team Six, and he'll be back in an hour. Noah settles in to wait.

Matt tells Hiro that he didn't need to be rescued, but Hiro insists that they have to better than their opponents. He takes Matt to Ando and introduces him to his son. Hiro insists that the boy needs his father and Matt can't give in. Matt holds his baby as powered up toy cars run around them.

"Donner" and his team arrive and Noah arrives to offer him congratulations. He then draws a gun on him, but Danko says he has no idea what Noah is talking about. When "Donner" mentions the divorce, Noah is convinced. One of the agents tries to disarm him and the gun goes off. "Donner" drops to the floor, dead, and he doesn't heal. Realizing he's been tricked, Noah takes Danko hostage long enough to escape out into the street.

As his agents pursue Noah, Danko explains to "Donner" that he had to direct Noah somewhere. Sylar gets up and spits out the bullet, and points out that Danko could have got him killed. Danko says he didn't want to risk one of his own agents, and wasn't aware that Sylar could bleed. Sylar says he squeezed out a little extra for show.

Noah calls Sandra to say he loves her and misses his family. He warns that he's burning all his old numbers and will call her when it's safe.

Mohinder packs his papers and traces all of the power manifestations to Coyote Sands.

Hiro and Ando buy supplies and rejoin Matt as he bonds with his son.

Danko calls Alena and tries to explain. She lets the answering machine take the call as he explains the man he pretended to be is who he really wants to be, but he needs her. Alena leaves in a cab.

Angela and Peter arrive at Coyote Sands. She says it's the place where their story really begins. Nathan and Claire arrive and Angela says that the family needs to come together. When Nathan asks what happened there, Angela says that she didn't want them to see what happened there. To prepare for the future, they have to see the past. She hands them shovels and tells them to dig. They find the first of what Angela warns are many skeletons. A SUV approaches and Noah gets out.