Season 3 Episode 22

Turn and Face the Strange

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Good strong episode. Mindgames, reunions and a mysterious government project, who could ask for more?

    Very enjoyable, Sylar's mindgame is lots of fun but does mean our only inside man is on the run, there's no-one left inside the team who's on our side. Good, strong episode.

    Matt wants payback and is focusing on Danko. Who would have thought? The psychopath has a girlfriend… okay, maybe not. Matt came pretty close but he's just not a killer. What happened got the job done without anyone having to die. Elena left, Danko's alone and miserable.

    Out of nowhere, an answer: Noah mentions that Sylar survived Primatech when the glass in his head melted in the fire. Noah's too curious for his own good – Danko lied about Sylar being dead and concludes they're working together. Noah's day gets considerably worse – Sandra appears to want a divorce. She is a remarkable woman and the saddest thing is I don't think he even knew that until recently. Granted, it is actually Sylar trying to destroy him, but the reason Noah doesn't realize that is because it's mostly true. I think Sandra still loves him but after this, that probably won't occur to him. He's not a bad guy, just too good at his job and more than a little obsessive. The only mistake Sylar made was not trying to copy Sandra's signature, Noah's torment doesn't last long. But off one hook and onto another – Sandra really is here and Noah puts a gun to her head! Blame Sylar as much as he wants, it wouldn't have worked if Noah hadn't played his part. A particular stroke of genius on Sylar's part.

    Noah constantly manages to surprise, he pretends to be Sylar and gets Danko to admit he's working with him. Sylar's actually a member of a team which, surprisingly, has been having a lot of wins recently. Danko plays Noah as well as Sylar does – gets him to kill a government agent so now Noah will have to run. It really is Sylar – did Noah hit the wrong spot or does the bullet theory just not work?

    Matt's son's power has a downside, when he's unhappy, things stop working. Hiro and Ando are in the same gas station with Claire and Nathan and they don't notice each other! Moments later, you see Nathan and Claire fly over the car! Very cool. Little Matt knows when his father is here, all the cars start driving around by themselves, that's so sweet!

    Coyote Sands was the location of a government project which Chandra Suresh was involved with. All that's left is a group of ramshackle buildings. The Petrelli reunion isn't as warm and fuzzy as we hoped, Peter takes one look at Nathan and stalks off. Thankfully, Nathan completely understands his reaction. Good news is the entire family is together again.

    Very fun episode, Sylar's mindgames are great and just shows what kind of twisted genius he is. The Petrelli family reunited and looks like the next episode will dig up (apparently literally) Angela's skeletons.
  • I haven't seen an episode this good in a long time. Everything was so well written, the intertwining plotlines were fantastic and it had me guessing the whole time. Bryan Fuller you are the king of kings.

    All you can really say about is wow, just wow. As soon as it starts you KNOW Bryan Fuller was completely in charge of episode, I seriously can't comprehend how freakin amazing it was.

    The main focus of this episode are these two intertwining mini-plotlines; Matt Parkman destroys(figuratively) Danko and Sylar destroys Bennet. They both focus on the same thing- the two destroyers attempt to ruin the destroyees via their loved ones. This was fantastic, because it was a very different way of how people exact revenge in the show normally- Be waiting in their house with a gun or "Sylar"ing them. It was a great way to show that these seemingly emotionless "hitmen" (Noah and Danko are pretty alike) actually care about other people, that they have feelings, and can be broken down. The way Bennet found out about Sylar and him mistaking Mrs Bennet for Sylar was pretty sad, i have to admit. Great scene though.

    Hiro and Ando. CLASSIC Hiro and Ando. Bryan Fuller you are the awesomest dude working on the show, period. He gave us the Hiro and Ando humour we've loved ever since the first episode. 1: Baby cries and "Touch and go"'s the car to make it stop.
    2: Get picked up a Japanese guy with a thick texan accent, baby "touch and go"'s the truck aswell.
    3: Ando pulls the funniest face i've ever seen (seriously, it had me in stitches) and that makes the baby happy so the car goes.

    HirAndo(just made that up on the spot, i'm sick of typing Hiro and Ando, there i did it again)'s plotline also melds with parkmans which keeps it clean.

    At the moment it seems that theres very few plotlines now; Petrelli's + Bennet and possibly Suresh, HirAndo and Parkmans, Danko and Sylar. This way its great as they don't need to rush things to bring them all together.

    Angela's burial site at Coyote Sands is really intriguing, we'll definetely find out why its there next episode.
  • A return to action, and another great episode. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    So when this episode finally rolled around, I was pretty excited to see what havoc Sylars new power could cause, and I didn't have to wait too long to find out. Noah might have found out that Sylar is still alive, but he has no clue of his new power, which is bad news for him. But Noah is not the only person who gets themselves into some trouble this episode, and it was interesting to see the various plots turning more interesting this episode. This episode really went above and beyond what I thought it would, and I am really happy that last week's episode was a onetime thing. I mean, it wasn't bad, it felt like it was created to sort of smooth things over with some of the characters, like calm before the storm. And not that I don't like that, I thought it was a good idea, I just didn't enjoy it as much as this episode. I was just hating how the end turned up, not because I didn't like the story, but because I dreaded the fact that I had to wait until next Monday to find out what the heck this big secret is. A great episode that bring back the excitement I saw in previous episodes of this season, hopefully this pattern continues.
  • Watch out! Noah thinks you're Sylar!!!

    This episode was so well written, I think it's one of the best episodes. Of course some idiot will give this a 2/10 harshly changing the score. Reasons this episode was awesome:
    1)Noah almost killing his wife
    2)Ando's stupid face scenes
    3)A country Asian person
    4)Angela having a huge past yet to be revealed
    5)Sylar can die if he's not in his origional form (I think)
    6)Matt almost killed Danko's girlfriend
    7)Danko being exposed to his girlfriend
    8)Hiro freezing time when a bullet is right in front of Matt
    9)Mohinder monolougue at the end
    10)Sylar disguised as Claire's mom

    It turns out Bryan Fuller might be a genious. Heroes will be even stronger next volume, I can feel it.
  • If an episode not written by Bryan Fuller is this amazing, I wonder what will happen next week.

    This episode was different. It had me guessing the entire way. It had action, it was emotional, twists in every corner, Ando was hilarious, and Hiro saves Matt Parkman life. Sylar is more bad ass then ever. HRG becomes parinoid trying to kill Sylar. This episode had so much going on it was like watching Shoot em up, or Crank. There was hearts broken, tears shed and mysteries to be discovered. This episode had it all. I have not one complaint about this episode. The Next 3 episodes I hope will make up for the bad of season 3. This is the time for all Heroes fans who have given up on the show to give it one more chance. There is still 1 or 2 Bryan Fuller episodes. I think next week is one of them because he said there would be one as good as Company Man. After all the weeks of fustration, this has been a good couple of weeks. If you missed out on Shades of Gray, Cold Snap, not so much Into Asylum, and expecially this one, then stop reading and go to NBC.com and watch them.
  • wow, wow, wow

    Some of my favorite scenes this week were between Sandra and Noah. Ashley Crow continues to be a dramatic force on this show, and I'm glad the writers decided to keep her on board and continue to use her. As a writer myself, I have never been a Heroes fan that constantly compares the show to season one, but this episode really felt surprising and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Sylar continues to amaze me with his malevolence. He's become a much more manipulative person, rather than bluntly killing his foes. And I'm so looking forward to his identity crisis in "I Am Sylar." I love that the writers are showing real consequences to powers. Sylar is like the Sami Brady of Heroes... We want him to get his comeuppance, but we love to see him dust himself off and come back for more mayhem.

    Overall, perfect 10. I still don't understand why these episodes are rated so low.
  • All I can say is wow. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It's been 30 minutes since the episode wrapped and my heart is still pounding.

    I wasn't sure what to expect from this episode. I knew that they wouldn't get around to the story line of Angela's past until "1961", so I didn't really expect a whole lot. But it sure did exceed my expectations. The highlights of the episode:
    The Hiro and Ando scenes were funny and continued to be the comic relief that I enjoyed. The emotions of Matt Parkman was very moving and was fitting for the character. It was good to see a little bit of Danko outside the government operation and Zeljko did a great job of showing Danko's sadness when his girlfriend Alena found out who he really was. I loved how Sylar got to Mr. Bennet without physically harming him just. And Jack Coleman did a fantastic job as Mr. Bennet and portraying his desperation to prove Sylar was still alive and take him down. I was surprised to find out Agent Donner was Sylar. I really thought that Danko was. The whole suspense of who and where Sylar is had me on the edge of my seat and the best part of the episode.

    The acting was great, the writing was sweet and the whole feel of the episode was outstanding.

    The ending of the episode and the preview of the next already has me salivating. I really enjoy where Angela's character and the rest of the Petrelli family is heading. Next Monday can't get here quick enough. There's one more final thing for me to say: GO HEROES!!!!!!!
  • This was the best episode of any show (especially Heroes) I have seen in quite a long time. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, sometimes laughing my head off, sometimes sacred. Truly amazing...

    This episode really exceeded my expectations in every way possible. There was some action, some humour, some fear and some character progress. It was flawless in my opinion.

    Ever since Sylar got his new power, I knew straight away that he won't be the Sylar we know anymore. He won't just show up and tear the top of your head off. Now he can use his new power to really add a new dimension to destroying someones life. When he impersonated Sandra, I felt very sorry for Bennet. But then I felt even more sorry for both Bennet and (the real) Sandra as well as scared when he put the gun to her head and roughed her up a bit. I felt so sorry for him because he had lost the only ounce of faith his wife had in him.

    As for Matt, his quest to cause Danko the same pain he caused him when he killed Daphne was very typical of Matt, but that didn't make the stand-off scene any less thrilling. When Danko took the gun, I really thought he would pull the trigger, but what I didn't expect was for Hiro to stop time just in time (wow that sounded weird) to save Matt's life. And I was very happy indeed for Matt when he met his son. It was a magical moment...

    Hiro and Ando really had a purpose in this episode, and that was to get Baby Matt to Adult Matt safely. Their journey was very humourous, what with the Asian truck driver from texas, the fact the the baby kept stopping the car, and Ando making the funniest face I have ever scene. It was very entertaining and succesfully kept the episode from being too emotional.

    And finally, the meeting of the Petrelli family at the Coyote Sands, even though short, was very effective at creating the mystery of who the people buried were and why they are so important now. From the trailer for the next episode, I absolutely cannot wait for next week. HEROES IS BACK!! YATTA!
  • OMg.....its time i actually admit it...HEROES is JUST for BRYAN FULLER !!!!

    man......heroes is just becoming unbelievably amazing. I even dont know where to start. The shape shifting ability just gave this show the feeling of twisting minds. This episode made me use my brain for like 30 miN!!!:P i barely feel this way wen im watching something, but HEROES isnt anything, this is the way it should be. I dont even think the almighty SEASON 1 every1 is talking about had such tense moments. Now im not saying season wasnt on top of the earth, but this episode rly deserved atleast a 9.5, but i dont rly care like before. There was a time(between volume 3-4) were i was afraid that heroes may be canceled cause of the bad reviews....but now, man...everything has changed, FOR GOOD! People, if u still rate heroes' episodes this way, that would be because ur jealous of fuller's ability:P This episode deserves a 10, not a 9.5 sry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i changed my mind:p. man heroes is the best best of the bestest!!!!
  • Getting better each time...

    I started watching Heroes after being away from it since season 1. I do not know what all the bs is about...I find it is getting better now. This episode is shows that it is building toward the end while trying to tie up loose ends. I loved the fact the Noah is not trusting Danko on anything and realized that the body was NOT Sylar, but in the end, it cost him Sandra's trust...which was what Sylar wanted to begin with. Hiro and Ando are so cute with Matt jr. Matt sr. wants Danko to feel what he has felt so he get his girlfriend to go with him to Danko's apartment and uses his telepath abilities to force Danko to tell Alena what sort of man he is. Matt thinks he has it in him to shoot Alena, but I knew he could not. Hiro shows up at the right moment to freeze everything to take him out of there and introduce him to his son.

    The most interesting part is Angela, Peter, Nathan, Claire, and Noah arriving at Coyote Sands. To see the past...
  • awesome

    Just when I think Heroes can't surprise me, in comes a wonderfully terrific episode like this one. It is easily one of the best this season, a tour de force that is twisted, strange, exciting, suspenseful, and humorous. Whatever is going behind the scenes, keep it up, crew. Hiro and Ando are still trying to get to Matt. Their choice of a ride happens to be a Southern Japanese man. Wow. That I've never seen before. Way to go, Heroes. He agrees to take Hiro and Ando to Matt. Unfortunately, Hiro and Ando discover little-Matt's power-glitch. Turns out his power is driven by emotion. When he's happy, he supercharges inanimate powers/objects. When he's sad, stuff goes kapoot. Southern-Japanese guy dumps Hiro-Ando-Little-Matt, leaving them rideless. Matt is furious over Daphne's death. He wants Danko's blood, he wants to see the man suffer. Mohinder tries to reason with him but Matt won't hear it. He thanks Mohinder and calls him his friend (guess their spat in Cold Wars is resolved) and leaves. At Building 26, Noah is still in shock over Sylar's "death". He doesn't believe it, doesn't want to believe it. He wanted to spill Sylar's blood. Danko assures him he got him. Or not. Sylar's having a little fun with his shapeshifting. Danko is scared that Sylar's rattling Noah too much, Danko's not an idiot to realize Noah can't be messed with. Sylar smirks. Whatever joy-trip he's getting with Danko is put on hold. Time for some revenge on his nemesis. He wants to see Noah suffer. Noah is interrupted by Sandra, demanding to know where Claire is and to find her right away. Noah tries to tell her Sylar's still alive but she doesn't care. Once again, she chews him out on family-first. Noah continues his vendetta and investigates the Sylar-body Danko brought in. His first clue? 'Sylar' didn't regenerate. Angela phones Noah, asking him to meet her at , the place of her vision. It's really important that she go there. Noah refuses again. Matt trails Danko when he finds Danko with a woman. Hum. Guess Danko is human after all. Matt catches up with the foreign-girlfriend. After deliberation, he refuses to kill her but when she finds him, he decides to glean information. His probes and questions lead him to the fact that Danko's been pretending to be someone else. This someone else has two kids and a home in Chicago. F.G. really loves Danko and it hurts Matt even more to realize that Danko loves someone but yet he took away Matt's love. Mohinder goes back to his Brooklyn apartment (yessssss. So good to see it again) to collect himself and get his old data. I guess he feels it's time to resume his quest to find heroes. His landlord confronts over the bridage barging in due to Mohinder. They took all of Mohinder's father's data in the apartment but the landlord left some of the files in storage. He leaves Mohinder alone after Mohinder promises he will leave by the next day. Hiro-Ando try to comfort Little-Matt and Ando is forced to make silly faces all the way so Hiro can keep driving. They phone Mohinder and figure out where Matt's going. On the drive there, Nathan and Claire fly past them, looking to meet up with Angela and Peter. Wonderful Season One-like moment. Sandra serves Noah divorce papers, telling him it's over, she's through with his lies, and she doesn't love him anymore. Noah is stricken. Worst, that was actually Sylar. He did say he wanted to destroy Noah and using his family? Y-ouch. Evil. Noah observes 'Sandra's' signature and realizes it doesn't match Sandra's and the autoposy DNA is confirmed to him as the shapeshifer's. Noah storms into Sandra's apartment, thinking she's Sylar. He pulls a gun on her, pins her to a table, despite her protests. Poor Sandra. A call from Lyle asking about Mr. Muggle's pills makes Noah realize it is Sandra. He lets go, anguished and torn. He tries to explain to Sandra about Sylar but it's not good enough. Sylar was lucky enough to pinpoint Noah's current predicament and make it worst. Noah pulling the gun on her was enough. She shoves Noah out the door. Danko comes home, Matt pointing a gun to him and F.G. He reveals to F.G. just who Danko really is and the fact that he killed Daphne. F.G. is tramatized. Danko is enraged, furious that Matt dragged his girlfriend into this, but hey, he strapped Matt to a bomb and killed his girlfriend. What did he expect Matt to do? He tries to convince F.G. that Matt is lying, that he's not evil, but she no longer trust him. She sees him as the monster he really is. Matt threatens to shot F.G. Danko goads him to do it. Nice guy. Not even his girlfriend's life will stop him from hunting heroes. His vendetta on them is so strong, it is everything to him. Way to win points. Matt relents, understanding that Danko won't stop and that F.G.'s death won't bring back Daphne. Danko holds his gun to him and Matt surrenders to his fate. The gun shot is frozen by Hiro (phone books are wonderful things) and he chairs Matt away. Funny. Danko's shot grazes the chimney. F.G. leaves, Danko wounded. He really did love her but his life caught up to him. He limps back to Building 26. Noah pretends to be Sylar in disguise and Danko confirms his suspicions that Danko-Sylar are a team. He holds Danko at gunpoint, seething, rightly asking just what Danko felt was going to happen, that Sylar was going to kill all the heroes and then he would invite Danko home to share cherry pie? No. Once Sylar's through with his plan, Danko won't be left standing. He demands Sylar's whereabouts and Danko fesses to Sylar current disguise. Noah stops a brigade team and outs the one Danko fessed as Sylar. He demands Sylar reveal himself but the man acts confused. When Noah looks for Danko's confirmation, Danko all of a sudden doesn't know what he's talking about. Not waiting, Noah shoots the soldier and watches him bleed on the floor. Danko checks the pulse. None. Noah looks to be crazy and he just shot an innocent man in front of the team. Noah flees, flinging pedestrians out of his way. Hiro gently admonishes Matt and Matt says he regrets his actions but he has nothing to live for. Not so. Hiro and Ando reveal Little-Matt to Matt. Father and son meet and little-Matt smiles at Daddy. Awwwwwwwww!!! Turns out Soldier was Sylar. He just faked his death for a good time. Meanwhile, Danko got rid of his last internal threat. All good? Not for him. He phone F.G. and explains that the man he pretended to be is who he wants to be but can't be. He begs her to come back but good guess says she won't. Mohinder finds an old picture of his dad and reads of his involvement in Angela's current location. Peter and her land in the site. Nathan and Claire soon follow. Peter of course, is furious over his brother. Nathan doesn't deny or defend himself. Peter storms off but Claire pulls him back while Angela explains that they need to pull together as a family. It's important they dig up the secrets of the site, for some reason. Noah joins them, Claire reunited with both fathers, while the first find of the site is a mass grave. Wow. Really, really good episode. See what happens writers when you put the characters first? Wonderful things. Matt's meet with Little-Matt was beautiful. Daphne may be gone but at least he has his child to look after. Mohinder's relationship with his father comes back (yea!) and Mohinder looks to be taking up his old scientist mantle. Hoorah! Even though the shapeshifting power has extreme destructive potential, it was a strange but wonderful twist to see Sylar as his Season One villainous self, a shadowy threat that you don't know how or where he'll strike. It was painful to watch Noah's family life unravel and how painful he took it when he realized he almost killed his wife. Danko is shown to be human and he doesn't even like himself that much. He'd rather pretend to be someone else. I'd really like to know what happened to make him hate heroes so much. I'd like to see the Petrellis reconnect. I'd like to see what Matt will do with little-Matt. And I'd like to know what happened at Angela's old site and fingers crossed it's very important to the storyline. Emotional, heartbreaking, heartwarming, strange, exciting, suspenseful, what can I say other than this episode rocked. Keep it up, Heroes, keep it up.
  • Exactly how many times is Danko going to stare down the barrel of a gun before someone finally pulls the trigger?

    By my count, Danko has been held at gunpoint this season four time and each time, he has escaped because the character who has the gun has a change of heart or something. I'm afraid this is becoming a cliche this season and I wish they would either pull the trigger or stop doing it.

    Still, despite my frustration with the snail's pace that this story had been progressing, this season is slowly returning to the Heroes I fell in love with during the first season. There are less black and white characters and more delicious shades of gray.

    Even Hiro and Ando are starting to redeem themselves after being reduced to idiotic buffoons the last two years. Sylar's new powers have definitely got possibilities for mischief, and Bennett just can't catch a break.

    Things are improving, but this episode felt like the storyline was catching its breath instead of continuing to run towards the finish line.
  • Personal Favorite...

    Turn and Face the Strange surprised me in a way I was not expecting it to. I was a fan of Cold Snap and Into Asylum, but this episode has managed to push past Five Years Gone, past How to Stop and Exploding Man, and even past Company Man to take its spot as my all time favorite episode.

    In Cold Snap we saw Danko take Matt's love from him, and this week Matt decided to take revenge. Going from a cop to potential murderer, Matt tracked down Danko's girlfriend, just to kill her. It was fantastic seeing Matt forced to this point, as it only made Danko all the more evil. Ultimately, Matt did not kill her, instead he forced Danko to admit the truth of his work to her, and in doing so, caused him to lose his love anyway. It was heartbreaking to see these scenes, especaialy as Matt contemplated murdering an inconcent woman.

    Once again, Hiro and Ando provided the episode's comic relief as they made their way to DC while trying to keep Baby Matt from turning off their car. It was funny and lighhearted, but still served a purpose, and the writers did not get too carried away with idiotic jokes. Another plus.

    Then my favorite storyline: HRG. Sylar decides to destroy HRG's life by impersonating his wife, just to crush him. It was cruel of Sylar, and painful to watch HRG so torn apart. Fortunately, Noah Bennet begins to wise up, and discovers that Sylar is alive and can shapeshift. So he tracks down Sandra believing that she is still Sylar, and puts a gun to her head. I have to say this scene was one of Heroes' saddest scenes ever. Both of them were so scared, and I was not sure if she was going to be killed. Thankfully, HRG discovers the truth, but not before losing whatever trust Sandra still had in him, as she lay on the ground crying, just moments after pleading for her life.

    Though brief, Suresh's story was interesting, and added a new mystery to Fugitives: What was Project: ICARUS. This set the stage for 1961 next week, along with Angela's story whcih brought her, Peter, Nathan, Claire, and HRG all to Coyote Sands, to dsicover the truth. A long dig led to the discovery of several bodies, only adding to the mystery.

    All together the episode was flawless, and I don't foresee 1961 going wrong anywhere. Let's hope all of the remaining episodes are this good.
  • A lot of head-games going on in this episode. An almost frantic pace at places, matching the intended tone.

    Sylar harbors a grudge against Noah Bennet, apparently. He goes out of his way to make the man's life misery - and rather cleverly succeeds. Danko is helping him in a few places, though - perhaps to protect his own hide.

    In the meanwhile, Matt is on a mission to teach Danko a meaning of pain. Misery surely loves company. Matt goes pretty far, but in the end, it is nice to see he has some reason left in himself. Also, with Hiro and Ando bringing him good news and new hope, perhaps it will be time for him to step out of the circle of pain and loss. (Yay for the Stop and Go Baby. Also, gotta love the faces Ando kept pulling.)

    The ending with the Petrelli family seemed hurried - a lot. Perhaps in the next episode they will explain what the digging-out-corpses is all about, and what is the big secret Angela is now prepared to share with his family.

    Nice to see Peter and Nathan together again. "Let him vent." Awesome!
  • Back to the beginning...

    I said it last week and I'm saying it again this week, Sylar's shape shifting abilities are just scary and he's going to do nothing but cause heartache and cruelty. But that is Sylar. I found it interesting to see Danko actually appear to be normal, caring individual in regards to Elena. I loved to see HRG tricking Danko but unfortunately for HRG the damage has been done in destroying what's left of his marriage. He defintely should have listened to Angela. Matt's learning about his "go baby" son was just enough to turn him around and it was great to see. Hiro and Ando are heroes in more ways than one. We're heading back to where this all started in Coyote Sands and Angela's willingness to reveal such ugliness just tells me that this war is far from over and it's going to get much worse.
  • I love the temporary twists...

    Heroes is still in that slump of making me excited, but not for the show, for the reveal that there's only 3 episodes left to deal with. However I was entertained by the constant flip flops of who is Sylar and who isn't. After so many times you'd think it would get old and predictable, but I found it keeping me on my toes more often than I would be normally. At the very least that's what the show should be doing in every episode. The break down of Noah's mind was an interesting direction and I can't wait to see how he acts from here on out, or for that matter, how he reacts to Sylar and Danko when he confronts them again.
  • Syler what a bastard!!

    Syler is using his new ability very well .. he really destroyed Benet !!!
    i am a little late with watching the last episodes so i dont know whats gonna happen next .. but from this episode a new story has begun .. that what happened in the past .. and who are all these dead people !!!
    Barkmin has a son .. how lovely .. and what is his son has to do with the story now ?? .. Sorish is digging in his father work and i think he is going to meet our friends in the dead people place ..
  • Matt tries to take revenge from Danko himself for killing Daphne, Sylar plays mind games with Noah's life, Hiro and Ando continue on their quest to reunite the two Matt Parkmans and Angela gathers our Heroes to make a great revelation at Coyote Sands.

    The story here is really amazing but I do have to idmit not without its faults. The main problems of the Heroes writers is that they don't have everything they have written up to these point written down somewhere at least in the back of their heads. Starting with timing, I clearly still believe the Heroes universe is around 2007 (still two years behind real time). There hasn't been an indication of the timeline for ages now.
    Regardless, the actors are awesome and their performances excellent. In this chapter the highlight is that of Ashley Crow (Sandra Bennet) for portraying Sandra-shifted Sylar. She is excellent. Furthermore, Greg Grunberg lives up to the hype as he convinced me more in this episode that he had any feelings for Daphne, that when she actually died two episodes ago.
    Zachary Quinto (Sylar) is also great but the real deal is HRG in this one when he as well lives up the expectations by delivering an HRG who is impersonating Sylar. The writers finally grasp the chance to show off some of the powers they have in the show without making it look like an X-Men movie. Sylar's shapeshifting ability is amazing and one that has been missing from the show. Now to the story part of the review, Noah comes back to the good guys, Sylar succeeds in getting his way with Noah by destroying his marriage and Danko's background (at least a small part of it) is revealed. Finally, Hiro and Ando reunite the two Matts and Angela's story is about to be unfolded in the following chapter and a small introduction is being placed at the end of this one. Enjoy!
  • The season is coming to a end and it is building up to a awesome ending...

    This was another good episode its been a great volume and the show is back to being one of my favourites. Everyones lives seem to be a mess in this episode it seems to feel a bit like a filler episode before the last three episodes but it was good fun watching it. The episode seems to centre around Mr Bennet who takes a load of risks to find out the truth and this was the best story of the episode. The ending was very intresting wonder what that is all about. There was loads of family reunions in the episode. This was a good episode but it wasn't as good as the last few episodes.
  • Getting much better!

    Its about time this show will get some good writing!
    Hope it stay in track. I think Heroes just started to become a real TV series and not a bunch of crap!
    Noah and Syler faceoff with Syler poses as Noah's wife was great. Just don't want to see Syler walking around in a women clothing...he should have waited with shapesifting until he got to change what he was wearing...

    Noah aiming a gun at Sandra was great...especially with the pills or the dog...really good! Danko and Parkman plot lien was great. I can see Parkman becoming bitter after Daphni is dead.The Hiro save was great and the whole standoff was realy well plotted. The show is geting darker with Ando and Hiro keeping it light...

    The whole Noah situation in the end was amazing. He really lost it when he shot that agent even if he thought it was Syler. I think it will never be back to the first season but lately the show is getting better!

    Stay on this path heroes...
  • 'Turn and Face the Strange' picks up the pace somewhat after last week's slightly frustrating navel-gazing, but it's not without its problems.

    Thankfully, 'Turn and Face the Strange' picks up the pace somewhat after last week's slightly frustrating navel-gazing, but it's not without its problems. Yet again, the plot feels like an overblown run around, with character allegiances shifting for no apparently good reason. So someone has yet another, all-too-easy confrontation with Danko (you'd think the man would at least change his locks or, you know, move house after Petrelli AND Sylar have been able to find him... what does he do, advertise in the local press?!) and lets him go. Oh sure, we all get that Matt Parkman isn't a killer but how about taking the morally ambiguous ground for once? Being brave and not making the obvious narrative decision? And then, just to make matters worse, Hiro arrives just in the nick of flaming time and saves the day, fixing Matt's apparently 'broken' character with a visit from his bairn! A bairn, who, I might add, is responsible for one of the most vacuous plots we've ever seen in the whole 'Ando makes a funny face' trope. I get that this was an attempt at injecting some irreverent humour into the show, building on the 'cutesy' appeal of the Japanese characters, but let's call a spade a spade here... it stunk, no two ways about it. I'm also rather dubious about Angela's sudden revelation and need to gather everyone at this random, abandoned place so they can 'finally know the truth'. Um, how many times has that sentence been uttered in the show's three year run? Frankly, I'm sick of 'peeling the onion', as it were, finding that there's some secret, probably not so major and really rather throwaway, revelation about the characters' pasts that we weren't previously privy to (and that, usually, retcons what has already been established). What's with the grave-digging, too? Is it really necessary? Why isn't Angela mucking in? And why do they all obey her every, generally evil and malicious, whim? Sigh. Sounds like I hated this one, doesn't it? Well, I didn't really. Greg Grunberg is excellent when he's confronting Zelkjo, Jack Coleman is given HRG's best material in aeons as he gets to go super-paranoid on his poor wife's ass and the shapeshifting development continues to show great promise for Sylar's storyline, which Zachary Quinto clearly relishes. I just wish they'd take a little more time to think their stories through before executing them. With a smidgeon of extra attention, the frustrating gripes could be ironed out.
  • Daphne's old nemesis brings a very special delivery to her grieving boyfriend.

    This emotional roller coster starts with the goodbye scene between Matt and Mohinder in which the professor could tell just how devastated Matt was by the way he called him his friend, perhaps for the very last time. Unaware to all of this, Daphne's "nemesis" is bringing back the son Matt didn't know existed as if a posthumous way to call her his friend.

    Meanwhile, in a rather twisted move, Sylar enjoys the freedom his new alliance provides him by messing up with Noah's marriage just like Matt is messing up with Danko's head, both of them losing the only woman who meant something to them before Matt almost loses his life on the suicide mission set out to follow Daphne's fate.

    However, the speedster didn't take a bullet for Matt so he would waste his life like this, a fact that her nemesis reminds him just as soon as Hiro introduces both Parkmans to one another.
  • Characters continue on their proper tracks

    This episode was another "well done" check mark for "Heroes". It had a good "feel" to it that I got from watching "Cold Snap". Character is the key and everyone continues on a positive path. Danko is skeptic al about his alliance with Sylar but the serial killer is having tons of fun impersonating various people, including Sandra Bennett. Sylar's in the driver's seat which means he's at his most deadly and ruthless when he knows people by their weakness. And his plan to "destroy" Noah Bennett by tearing his marriage in two is certainly working. Like other fans, I hope the separation is only temporary. Ashley Crow and Jack Coleman play their characters so well on this show that it would be a shame to see the Bennetts break apart for good.

    Speaking of alliances, Hiro and Ando reunite just in time to help Matt. The ex-cop is wounded over Daphne's inhuman death and seeks revenge by going after Danko. Eventually it leads to Matt nearly putting the trigger on Danko's girlfriend and compromising his judgment. Just as Matt is about to destroy his last hope, Hiro gives him a reason to keep living: Matt Parkman Jr. I went "awww" when Matt picks up his baby boy high above his head and beams with delight to know he's a father. It's such a simple but beautiful gesture that keeps "Heroes" on the right path by reminding us that these are ordinary people seeking to find understanding and connection amidst the chaos that occurs in their unusual lives.

    It was just great to see everyone in character: Sylar being sadistic and cruel, Noah Bennett acting swift and tense, Hiro & Ando being charming, and Matt trying to play logic into his own terms. Since next week appears to bring us into a full Petrelli circle, it's refreshing to see where the other characters are heading. Meanwhile the Petrellis appear to be digging up more than just a few skeletons…
  • A step backward

    After the previous episode, I noted that the return of a strong and popular writer can have a synergistic effect on the rest of the writers' room, even if there are no other major changes. This episode seems to provide a counter-example. Instead of stepping up to the plate, the writers seemed to fall back into old habits.

    Perhaps the worst was Matt Parkman's decision to strike back at Danko by attacking Danko's love interest Alena. The writers use Alena as an object to be used, and she is never given definition beyond her relationship with Danko. It seems to be an excuse for pushing Danko into an even more disturbing direction, thus undermining Matt's intentions completely, but that's beside the point.

    The point is that the writers were already on thin ice. Daphne was killed to service Matt's character. This renders her character little more than fodder to drive Matt forward. Matt's subsequent decision only compounds the offense. Daphne and Alena became objects to be possessed, used, and avenged. I won't pretend to be the most consistent ally of feminism, but some things are too obvious and egregious to ignore.

    It is likely to become a reason for Danko to step up his villainous game, which is unfortunate, because it's an external pressure. Since his introduction, Danko has been lacking a strong internal reason for pursuing his anti-metahuman crusade. Unlike Noah Bennett, who was rendered as a man with clear motivations during the first season, Danko is two-dimensional. That makes him less than compelling.

    Noah's contest of wills with Sylar may have been designed to push him towards working directly with the heroes, but it also exposed all the ugly treatment that Sandra had to endure over the years. This was never much of a secret, of course, since her memory was erased on a regular basis. It's no wonder Sandra wants a divorce!

    An inordinate amount of time was also spent on Hiro and Ando's travels with Baby Matt Parkman. Bringing Matt his son is clearly meant to stop him from falling further into the darkness, but that means that Hiro and Ando are once again used as comic relief. Hiro and Ando deserve a much better subplot than they've been given since the first season.

    The bottom line is that this episode slipped back a bit from the progress they made in recent weeks, and this tempers my enthusiasm for the remainder of the season. It also confirms what fans should have realized from the get-go: Bryan Fuller was not the perfect savior of "Heroes", and no one writer is going to resolve all the issues in the writers' room.
  • OK now it's much better...

    I'm relieved I must say. After ,well, how should I call it... disastrous last episode this one is much much better. In "Into Asylum" nothing happened. Really. Fans was writting reviews about it that it was charcter development, real drama and other bla, bla bla like this. But for me was just plain borring and unnecessary for the story (just read my review for last episode). But - thankfully - it was only one "hick up" in this season. In "Turn and face the stranger" Heroes are back on track - lots of plot twist, emotions, hero actions, tension and many more. Everything what Heroes fan like me like the best (mmm, yummy..). I can't wait untill next episode - this episode left me with "I want more" feeling (which is I believe better then the last episode which made me barf a little ;) ).
  • The Bennets get some strong stuff, but that's about it here.

    I'll be quick, cause it's late, and I'm tired:

    Loved everything with Bennett, his wife and the Shapeshifting Sylar. He's breaking down, and I felt his paranoia at who was really who! But it would have been more compelling if Bennett actually did kill an innocent man. I feel they copped out by revealing it was Sylar anyway.

    After hoping Hiro, Ando, and the baby would be some fun to explore, it was really just kinda stale. The trucker was funny. And it was nice to see Parkman learn he has a son. Cause I didn't much like him trying to mess with Danko. Parkman should be better than that. Hate the "buried secrets", stuff. I don't care about the Petrellis anymore and I certainly can't stand when characters won't answer simple questions:

    Nathan: "Who else is buried here?"
    Angela: "Just dig, you'll see. During sweeps!"
    Enough with the riddles! Just give me a straight answer for one damn question for a change!
  • Someone close to Danko is put in the line of fire as he spearheads the anti-superhuman operation. Meanwhile, Noah's marriage continues to crumble while Hiro and Ando continue their journey to save Matt. Angela faces some demons from her past.

    Someone close to Danko is put in the line of fire as he spearheads the anti-superhuman operation. Meanwhile, Noah's marriage continues to crumble while Hiro and Ando continue their journey to save Matt. Angela faces some demons from her past. A huge improvement over last weeks horrible episode, but still not up to my expectation level surprisingly enough. Parkman hunts down someone close to Danko. It helped build Danko's character a little bit, but Matt was way out of character here. Everyone knew that he wasn't going to do anything - so I don't really see why they needed to strectch out Matt's revenege plot. I laughed quite a bit with Stop and Go baby. The show is becoming a lot funnier with Hiro and Ando. Ando's face was priceless. Nothing else to really say about the episode. The show just needs to hurry to the end and let Fuller fix things in the next season.
  • Why was that baby Packman's child?

    First I don't understand why was that baby Packman's baby. A cute baby, by the way.I like him laughing.

    Second , packman went crazy with that girl, armed with a gun, menacing an innocent woman, he had no right to do that. I just lost my respect for him. But in the other episodes too, this started when he was extracting info from other people's heads he was too overzealous,he didn't just capture thoughts from people he invaded their mind, this packman is not a good person anymore,he's way out of control, sorry. Claire looked nice as always.Very young,went to Peter , well I think they should discover that Peter was adopted or something,so they can get together in the movie too.

    The Bennet family were good at lines, you could feel the tension between them,good actors both.
  • Still riding the myopic coattails of Season 1

    Seriously, if anyone had missed, say, the last 6 episodes would you even be lost? This show still hasn't been able to capture the intrigue that made it such a success. The characters are just annoying now because instead of using their powers, they just 'have' powers. And frankly, the show just isn't compelling enough to watch everyone just sneaking around. The story has not advanced since Episode 15, Escape From Guantanamo Bay. I can't decide who is more annoying now, Suresh or Noah. All this flip-flopping is making me sick. How many more episodes need to be dedicated to Danko? The 1-Step-Forward, 2-Steps-Back aspect of EVERY storyline is getting out of control. Do we really need a back-story for every incident in every storyline? Why have Ando and Hiro been reduced to clown-shoes? Remember Future Hiro, how fricken sweet he was? Now him and Ando are making faces at infants- we need a warrior! How about Peter versus Sylar, the epic battle in the future? Taking away characters' abilities makes them boring and uninteresting. Agree or disagree, it's time to tune this show out. Time to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.