Season 3 Episode 22

Turn and Face the Strange

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • All I can say is wow. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It's been 30 minutes since the episode wrapped and my heart is still pounding.

    I wasn't sure what to expect from this episode. I knew that they wouldn't get around to the story line of Angela's past until "1961", so I didn't really expect a whole lot. But it sure did exceed my expectations. The highlights of the episode:
    The Hiro and Ando scenes were funny and continued to be the comic relief that I enjoyed. The emotions of Matt Parkman was very moving and was fitting for the character. It was good to see a little bit of Danko outside the government operation and Zeljko did a great job of showing Danko's sadness when his girlfriend Alena found out who he really was. I loved how Sylar got to Mr. Bennet without physically harming him just. And Jack Coleman did a fantastic job as Mr. Bennet and portraying his desperation to prove Sylar was still alive and take him down. I was surprised to find out Agent Donner was Sylar. I really thought that Danko was. The whole suspense of who and where Sylar is had me on the edge of my seat and the best part of the episode.

    The acting was great, the writing was sweet and the whole feel of the episode was outstanding.

    The ending of the episode and the preview of the next already has me salivating. I really enjoy where Angela's character and the rest of the Petrelli family is heading. Next Monday can't get here quick enough. There's one more final thing for me to say: GO HEROES!!!!!!!