Season 3 Episode 22

Turn and Face the Strange

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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    Just when I think Heroes can't surprise me, in comes a wonderfully terrific episode like this one. It is easily one of the best this season, a tour de force that is twisted, strange, exciting, suspenseful, and humorous. Whatever is going behind the scenes, keep it up, crew. Hiro and Ando are still trying to get to Matt. Their choice of a ride happens to be a Southern Japanese man. Wow. That I've never seen before. Way to go, Heroes. He agrees to take Hiro and Ando to Matt. Unfortunately, Hiro and Ando discover little-Matt's power-glitch. Turns out his power is driven by emotion. When he's happy, he supercharges inanimate powers/objects. When he's sad, stuff goes kapoot. Southern-Japanese guy dumps Hiro-Ando-Little-Matt, leaving them rideless. Matt is furious over Daphne's death. He wants Danko's blood, he wants to see the man suffer. Mohinder tries to reason with him but Matt won't hear it. He thanks Mohinder and calls him his friend (guess their spat in Cold Wars is resolved) and leaves. At Building 26, Noah is still in shock over Sylar's "death". He doesn't believe it, doesn't want to believe it. He wanted to spill Sylar's blood. Danko assures him he got him. Or not. Sylar's having a little fun with his shapeshifting. Danko is scared that Sylar's rattling Noah too much, Danko's not an idiot to realize Noah can't be messed with. Sylar smirks. Whatever joy-trip he's getting with Danko is put on hold. Time for some revenge on his nemesis. He wants to see Noah suffer. Noah is interrupted by Sandra, demanding to know where Claire is and to find her right away. Noah tries to tell her Sylar's still alive but she doesn't care. Once again, she chews him out on family-first. Noah continues his vendetta and investigates the Sylar-body Danko brought in. His first clue? 'Sylar' didn't regenerate. Angela phones Noah, asking him to meet her at , the place of her vision. It's really important that she go there. Noah refuses again. Matt trails Danko when he finds Danko with a woman. Hum. Guess Danko is human after all. Matt catches up with the foreign-girlfriend. After deliberation, he refuses to kill her but when she finds him, he decides to glean information. His probes and questions lead him to the fact that Danko's been pretending to be someone else. This someone else has two kids and a home in Chicago. F.G. really loves Danko and it hurts Matt even more to realize that Danko loves someone but yet he took away Matt's love. Mohinder goes back to his Brooklyn apartment (yessssss. So good to see it again) to collect himself and get his old data. I guess he feels it's time to resume his quest to find heroes. His landlord confronts over the bridage barging in due to Mohinder. They took all of Mohinder's father's data in the apartment but the landlord left some of the files in storage. He leaves Mohinder alone after Mohinder promises he will leave by the next day. Hiro-Ando try to comfort Little-Matt and Ando is forced to make silly faces all the way so Hiro can keep driving. They phone Mohinder and figure out where Matt's going. On the drive there, Nathan and Claire fly past them, looking to meet up with Angela and Peter. Wonderful Season One-like moment. Sandra serves Noah divorce papers, telling him it's over, she's through with his lies, and she doesn't love him anymore. Noah is stricken. Worst, that was actually Sylar. He did say he wanted to destroy Noah and using his family? Y-ouch. Evil. Noah observes 'Sandra's' signature and realizes it doesn't match Sandra's and the autoposy DNA is confirmed to him as the shapeshifer's. Noah storms into Sandra's apartment, thinking she's Sylar. He pulls a gun on her, pins her to a table, despite her protests. Poor Sandra. A call from Lyle asking about Mr. Muggle's pills makes Noah realize it is Sandra. He lets go, anguished and torn. He tries to explain to Sandra about Sylar but it's not good enough. Sylar was lucky enough to pinpoint Noah's current predicament and make it worst. Noah pulling the gun on her was enough. She shoves Noah out the door. Danko comes home, Matt pointing a gun to him and F.G. He reveals to F.G. just who Danko really is and the fact that he killed Daphne. F.G. is tramatized. Danko is enraged, furious that Matt dragged his girlfriend into this, but hey, he strapped Matt to a bomb and killed his girlfriend. What did he expect Matt to do? He tries to convince F.G. that Matt is lying, that he's not evil, but she no longer trust him. She sees him as the monster he really is. Matt threatens to shot F.G. Danko goads him to do it. Nice guy. Not even his girlfriend's life will stop him from hunting heroes. His vendetta on them is so strong, it is everything to him. Way to win points. Matt relents, understanding that Danko won't stop and that F.G.'s death won't bring back Daphne. Danko holds his gun to him and Matt surrenders to his fate. The gun shot is frozen by Hiro (phone books are wonderful things) and he chairs Matt away. Funny. Danko's shot grazes the chimney. F.G. leaves, Danko wounded. He really did love her but his life caught up to him. He limps back to Building 26. Noah pretends to be Sylar in disguise and Danko confirms his suspicions that Danko-Sylar are a team. He holds Danko at gunpoint, seething, rightly asking just what Danko felt was going to happen, that Sylar was going to kill all the heroes and then he would invite Danko home to share cherry pie? No. Once Sylar's through with his plan, Danko won't be left standing. He demands Sylar's whereabouts and Danko fesses to Sylar current disguise. Noah stops a brigade team and outs the one Danko fessed as Sylar. He demands Sylar reveal himself but the man acts confused. When Noah looks for Danko's confirmation, Danko all of a sudden doesn't know what he's talking about. Not waiting, Noah shoots the soldier and watches him bleed on the floor. Danko checks the pulse. None. Noah looks to be crazy and he just shot an innocent man in front of the team. Noah flees, flinging pedestrians out of his way. Hiro gently admonishes Matt and Matt says he regrets his actions but he has nothing to live for. Not so. Hiro and Ando reveal Little-Matt to Matt. Father and son meet and little-Matt smiles at Daddy. Awwwwwwwww!!! Turns out Soldier was Sylar. He just faked his death for a good time. Meanwhile, Danko got rid of his last internal threat. All good? Not for him. He phone F.G. and explains that the man he pretended to be is who he wants to be but can't be. He begs her to come back but good guess says she won't. Mohinder finds an old picture of his dad and reads of his involvement in Angela's current location. Peter and her land in the site. Nathan and Claire soon follow. Peter of course, is furious over his brother. Nathan doesn't deny or defend himself. Peter storms off but Claire pulls him back while Angela explains that they need to pull together as a family. It's important they dig up the secrets of the site, for some reason. Noah joins them, Claire reunited with both fathers, while the first find of the site is a mass grave. Wow. Really, really good episode. See what happens writers when you put the characters first? Wonderful things. Matt's meet with Little-Matt was beautiful. Daphne may be gone but at least he has his child to look after. Mohinder's relationship with his father comes back (yea!) and Mohinder looks to be taking up his old scientist mantle. Hoorah! Even though the shapeshifting power has extreme destructive potential, it was a strange but wonderful twist to see Sylar as his Season One villainous self, a shadowy threat that you don't know how or where he'll strike. It was painful to watch Noah's family life unravel and how painful he took it when he realized he almost killed his wife. Danko is shown to be human and he doesn't even like himself that much. He'd rather pretend to be someone else. I'd really like to know what happened to make him hate heroes so much. I'd like to see the Petrellis reconnect. I'd like to see what Matt will do with little-Matt. And I'd like to know what happened at Angela's old site and fingers crossed it's very important to the storyline. Emotional, heartbreaking, heartwarming, strange, exciting, suspenseful, what can I say other than this episode rocked. Keep it up, Heroes, keep it up.