Season 3 Episode 22

Turn and Face the Strange

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • I haven't seen an episode this good in a long time. Everything was so well written, the intertwining plotlines were fantastic and it had me guessing the whole time. Bryan Fuller you are the king of kings.

    All you can really say about is wow, just wow. As soon as it starts you KNOW Bryan Fuller was completely in charge of episode, I seriously can't comprehend how freakin amazing it was.

    The main focus of this episode are these two intertwining mini-plotlines; Matt Parkman destroys(figuratively) Danko and Sylar destroys Bennet. They both focus on the same thing- the two destroyers attempt to ruin the destroyees via their loved ones. This was fantastic, because it was a very different way of how people exact revenge in the show normally- Be waiting in their house with a gun or "Sylar"ing them. It was a great way to show that these seemingly emotionless "hitmen" (Noah and Danko are pretty alike) actually care about other people, that they have feelings, and can be broken down. The way Bennet found out about Sylar and him mistaking Mrs Bennet for Sylar was pretty sad, i have to admit. Great scene though.

    Hiro and Ando. CLASSIC Hiro and Ando. Bryan Fuller you are the awesomest dude working on the show, period. He gave us the Hiro and Ando humour we've loved ever since the first episode. 1: Baby cries and "Touch and go"'s the car to make it stop.
    2: Get picked up a Japanese guy with a thick texan accent, baby "touch and go"'s the truck aswell.
    3: Ando pulls the funniest face i've ever seen (seriously, it had me in stitches) and that makes the baby happy so the car goes.

    HirAndo(just made that up on the spot, i'm sick of typing Hiro and Ando, there i did it again)'s plotline also melds with parkmans which keeps it clean.

    At the moment it seems that theres very few plotlines now; Petrelli's + Bennet and possibly Suresh, HirAndo and Parkmans, Danko and Sylar. This way its great as they don't need to rush things to bring them all together.

    Angela's burial site at Coyote Sands is really intriguing, we'll definetely find out why its there next episode.
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