Season 3 Episode 22

Turn and Face the Strange

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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    Turn and Face the Strange surprised me in a way I was not expecting it to. I was a fan of Cold Snap and Into Asylum, but this episode has managed to push past Five Years Gone, past How to Stop and Exploding Man, and even past Company Man to take its spot as my all time favorite episode.

    In Cold Snap we saw Danko take Matt's love from him, and this week Matt decided to take revenge. Going from a cop to potential murderer, Matt tracked down Danko's girlfriend, just to kill her. It was fantastic seeing Matt forced to this point, as it only made Danko all the more evil. Ultimately, Matt did not kill her, instead he forced Danko to admit the truth of his work to her, and in doing so, caused him to lose his love anyway. It was heartbreaking to see these scenes, especaialy as Matt contemplated murdering an inconcent woman.

    Once again, Hiro and Ando provided the episode's comic relief as they made their way to DC while trying to keep Baby Matt from turning off their car. It was funny and lighhearted, but still served a purpose, and the writers did not get too carried away with idiotic jokes. Another plus.

    Then my favorite storyline: HRG. Sylar decides to destroy HRG's life by impersonating his wife, just to crush him. It was cruel of Sylar, and painful to watch HRG so torn apart. Fortunately, Noah Bennet begins to wise up, and discovers that Sylar is alive and can shapeshift. So he tracks down Sandra believing that she is still Sylar, and puts a gun to her head. I have to say this scene was one of Heroes' saddest scenes ever. Both of them were so scared, and I was not sure if she was going to be killed. Thankfully, HRG discovers the truth, but not before losing whatever trust Sandra still had in him, as she lay on the ground crying, just moments after pleading for her life.

    Though brief, Suresh's story was interesting, and added a new mystery to Fugitives: What was Project: ICARUS. This set the stage for 1961 next week, along with Angela's story whcih brought her, Peter, Nathan, Claire, and HRG all to Coyote Sands, to dsicover the truth. A long dig led to the discovery of several bodies, only adding to the mystery.

    All together the episode was flawless, and I don't foresee 1961 going wrong anywhere. Let's hope all of the remaining episodes are this good.