Season 3 Episode 22

Turn and Face the Strange

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • This was the best episode of any show (especially Heroes) I have seen in quite a long time. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, sometimes laughing my head off, sometimes sacred. Truly amazing...

    This episode really exceeded my expectations in every way possible. There was some action, some humour, some fear and some character progress. It was flawless in my opinion.

    Ever since Sylar got his new power, I knew straight away that he won't be the Sylar we know anymore. He won't just show up and tear the top of your head off. Now he can use his new power to really add a new dimension to destroying someones life. When he impersonated Sandra, I felt very sorry for Bennet. But then I felt even more sorry for both Bennet and (the real) Sandra as well as scared when he put the gun to her head and roughed her up a bit. I felt so sorry for him because he had lost the only ounce of faith his wife had in him.

    As for Matt, his quest to cause Danko the same pain he caused him when he killed Daphne was very typical of Matt, but that didn't make the stand-off scene any less thrilling. When Danko took the gun, I really thought he would pull the trigger, but what I didn't expect was for Hiro to stop time just in time (wow that sounded weird) to save Matt's life. And I was very happy indeed for Matt when he met his son. It was a magical moment...

    Hiro and Ando really had a purpose in this episode, and that was to get Baby Matt to Adult Matt safely. Their journey was very humourous, what with the Asian truck driver from texas, the fact the the baby kept stopping the car, and Ando making the funniest face I have ever scene. It was very entertaining and succesfully kept the episode from being too emotional.

    And finally, the meeting of the Petrelli family at the Coyote Sands, even though short, was very effective at creating the mystery of who the people buried were and why they are so important now. From the trailer for the next episode, I absolutely cannot wait for next week. HEROES IS BACK!! YATTA!
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