Season 3 Episode 22

Turn and Face the Strange

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Good strong episode. Mindgames, reunions and a mysterious government project, who could ask for more?

    Very enjoyable, Sylar's mindgame is lots of fun but does mean our only inside man is on the run, there's no-one left inside the team who's on our side. Good, strong episode.

    Matt wants payback and is focusing on Danko. Who would have thought? The psychopath has a girlfriend… okay, maybe not. Matt came pretty close but he's just not a killer. What happened got the job done without anyone having to die. Elena left, Danko's alone and miserable.

    Out of nowhere, an answer: Noah mentions that Sylar survived Primatech when the glass in his head melted in the fire. Noah's too curious for his own good – Danko lied about Sylar being dead and concludes they're working together. Noah's day gets considerably worse – Sandra appears to want a divorce. She is a remarkable woman and the saddest thing is I don't think he even knew that until recently. Granted, it is actually Sylar trying to destroy him, but the reason Noah doesn't realize that is because it's mostly true. I think Sandra still loves him but after this, that probably won't occur to him. He's not a bad guy, just too good at his job and more than a little obsessive. The only mistake Sylar made was not trying to copy Sandra's signature, Noah's torment doesn't last long. But off one hook and onto another – Sandra really is here and Noah puts a gun to her head! Blame Sylar as much as he wants, it wouldn't have worked if Noah hadn't played his part. A particular stroke of genius on Sylar's part.

    Noah constantly manages to surprise, he pretends to be Sylar and gets Danko to admit he's working with him. Sylar's actually a member of a team which, surprisingly, has been having a lot of wins recently. Danko plays Noah as well as Sylar does – gets him to kill a government agent so now Noah will have to run. It really is Sylar – did Noah hit the wrong spot or does the bullet theory just not work?

    Matt's son's power has a downside, when he's unhappy, things stop working. Hiro and Ando are in the same gas station with Claire and Nathan and they don't notice each other! Moments later, you see Nathan and Claire fly over the car! Very cool. Little Matt knows when his father is here, all the cars start driving around by themselves, that's so sweet!

    Coyote Sands was the location of a government project which Chandra Suresh was involved with. All that's left is a group of ramshackle buildings. The Petrelli reunion isn't as warm and fuzzy as we hoped, Peter takes one look at Nathan and stalks off. Thankfully, Nathan completely understands his reaction. Good news is the entire family is together again.

    Very fun episode, Sylar's mindgames are great and just shows what kind of twisted genius he is. The Petrelli family reunited and looks like the next episode will dig up (apparently literally) Angela's skeletons.